Peeping Mom

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2018 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: Chelsea is the curvaceously built mother of handsome, athletic Mack. Against her better judgment, the voluptuous mother has a powerful urge to catch her son in the act of a teenaged boy's favorite pastime.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

One thing Chelsea liked about being divorced was that she took far more long, lazy bubble baths than ever before. It seemed as if her ex never let her get away with taking so much time for herself. Another reason was that her son, Mack, was older and more independent now. It wouldn’t be long before he struck out on his own and left her in that big house by herself. It wouldn’t happen for a couple of years, but she wasn’t looking forward to that day. Mack had been her rock to lean on during the divorce last year, and he’d also started taking care of a lot of things around the house and yard his father used to do. Sometimes it seemed like too much to expect of the wickedly handsome -year-old, yet he took the extra responsibilities on his own, and he seemed both happy and eager to help out.

As she lay back in the warm, sudsy water of her large tub, the pretty, sandy-blonde divorcee thought it must be time to start thinking about opening herself up to a new relationship. She couldn’t rely on Mack forever, and for that matter her pussy could definitely use the kind of attention it wouldn’t be getting from the current man of the house. The curvaceous thirty-six-year-old had always had an extremely healthy appetite for pleasure, and going the last two years with nothing but fingers and toys to satisfy herself was beginning to play on her nerves.

Chelsea knew she was still attractive. Sure, she’d put on some extra weight over the years, but nothing like some of her friends. She’d been working on trimming down, even though that was frustrating her, too. Having gotten into a regular routine of walking and swimming, along with putting a couple of exercise machines in the finished half of the basement, it seemed like her curves only kept getting firmer and not any sleeker or smaller as she hoped.

Despite being thicker than she wanted, at least she still had a pretty good hour glass definition to the shape of body. Her ass was round, and her boobs were firm and full, giving her figure a proportionately busty look. If anything, her tits were probably her best feature, and they still attracted their fair share of attention. All in all, she should have considered herself lucky that she could still wear any kind of outfit she felt like, including yoga pants or short skirts. She still turned plenty of heads, and she’d even caught Mack sneaking looks at her legs or cleavage when he thought he could get away with it.

Chelsea was used to other men checking her out. They’d been doing it for years. But the surprise discovery that her own son had an appreciation for what she had wasn’t even in the same category. With other men, she hardly even noticed anymore, but Mack’s roaming eyes made her heart race in a way she couldn’t explain. It made her smile to think of how attentive he suddenly became if she was out sunbathing or housecleaning in something skimpy.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, slipping her hand between her thighs and calmly rubbed the lips of her smooth pussy while she thought of the way her son took any and every excuse to throw his muscular arms around her and crush his rock-solid body against her full tits. His youthful strength and eagerness always made her head spin.

Her clit started to swell while she rubbed her slit and thought of her son’s barely appropriate hugs. She imagined kissing him and running her hands over his tight, bulging muscles while he shoved his tongue into her mouth. There were many times she was convinced he wanted to kiss her that way. The look in his eyes was hard to mistake. She wondered if he could sense the same look in her eyes.

It never went any farther, though. After all, he was her son and there was a good chance she was completely misreading his attention. It didn’t keep her from imagining what he looked like naked, though, and especially what his ripe, young cock was like. At he was probably getting hard ons constantly, and as she imagined what his body was like she let her finger slip inside her neglected hole.

Mack wasn’t the first male in Chelsea’s family whose cock had become a secret object of fascination. Around the time she was her son’s age, her father had unknowingly inspired her lifelong appreciation of hard, beautiful cocks.

Chelsea had always been a daddy’s girl, and the first time she caught him masturbating in the family garage she was stunned. He didn’t know she could see him, of course, and she had watched him rapidly stroking his big shaft until he squirted his cum all over the bare, cement floor. She could never forget how her panties were soaking wet by the time her father came. She darted as quietly as she could back to her bedroom and fingered herself to a breathless orgasm while she replayed her father’s private moments in her mind.

It wasn’t long before she had pretty much figured out her father’s masturbation habits. He was a fit, handsome man – and still was – and the fact that he jerked off almost daily revealed he was also a very horny man. That’s when Chelsea realized she had probably inherited her eager sex drive from her father. She had probably spied on him jerking off a couple of hundred times before she finally left home, but she’d never lost her treasured mental images of her father’s big, beautiful cock. One of the biggest disappointments in her life was that she couldn’t be the one to make him feel good. To make him feel like a man and spurt his fertile seed.

As the voluptuous blonde drove herself closer to her peak with her fingers, her thoughts went from her son to her father, and then back to her son. Before she knew what was coming over her, she was mauling her heavy tits with her free hand and moaning aloud until those delicious waves of release shivered through her sumptuous body.

Afterwards, she told herself she should call her father. They hadn’t talked in a couple of weeks and she missed his deep, soothing voice. She wished she could watch him stroke that big cock again. He was still in his fifties, and incredibly fit and virile for his age. She missed everything about him.

As she started to let her bath water drain, Chelsea got out of the tub and thought that maybe she could try to watch Mack stroke his dick the way she used to watch her father. He was right there under the same roof, and if he was anything like her or his grandfather, he would need to relieve his glorious body’s nagging tensions every day. And at his age, probably a few times.

The idea made her giggle to herself. Then she started to wonder if Mack ever stroked himself thinking about her. She wondered if he got hard after eagerly fetching all those glasses of ice water for her when she was out sunbathing in something skimpy. Did he imagine feeling her big, smooth boobs? Or sucking on her swollen, sensitive nipples?

Chelsea’s pussy quivered despite the orgasm she just had. She probably should have felt ashamed of wanting to catch her son stroking his hard, young cock, but she didn’t. All she could think about was how. As it was, she didn’t have long to wait.

The first step was to do whatever she could to help put the horny young man into a state where he would need to stroke off urgently. While he was still out playing basketball with his friends, Chelsea put on a dress she rarely ever got to wear. It was a super-tight-fitting T-shirt style dress. It was very low cut on top and had one of the shortest hemlines of anything she owned. Without a bra, the thin fabric gave her prominent boobs plenty of freedom to bounce and sway with her body’s motion. It was white, and set off her deep tan perfectly, also letting the white thong panties she wore underneath to show in the right light.

Mack came home sweaty and shirtless while his mother was in the kitchen putting together a light dinner of salad and fish. She was wearing an apron over her dress, and her son barely hugged her when he went in and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Too sweaty to give you a real hug, Mom,” he said. “Do I have time for a quick shower before dinner.”

“Sure, darling,” she replied with a coy smile. “You have approximately ten minutes. After that your fish will be getting cold.”

“Ewww, who wants cold fish,” he sneered comically.

As he left the room, Chelsea caught his eyes drifting over the top of her apron, trying to see what she had on underneath that would let so much of her chest show.

It seemed to take forever before he came back down, and by that time his mother’s nerves were completely on edge and her nipples were swollen with excitement. At least she’d managed to set the dishes down, and when Mack sat down at his she slowly undid her apron. When she took it off to reveal the dress she was wearing just for him, she was hoping the tremors in her hands didn’t show.

“Is that going to be enough to eat?” she asked as he looked up and stared at her. The poor boy nearly looked like he was in shock, and his mother’s face flushed at the dazed expression in his eyes.

“Damn, Mom,” he said. “You look amazing.”

“Oh, baby, why thank you,” she replied. She tried her best to sound casual, but inside she was so excited she could practically pee in her panties.

When he couldn’t seem to make himself stop staring, Chelsea giggled briefly and did a turn for him so he could see the back, too.

“Holy fuck,” he muttered as his mother sat down with a smile. “Oh, sorry, Mom.”

“That’s okay, baby,” she laughed. “You don’t have to apologize for thinking your mother looks good.”

“Oh, you look more than just good,” he told her. “Wayyyy more than good.”

Chelsea blushed again and wondered if he would ever stop doing that to her. She kept trying to come off as calm and casual, but every time she caught her son’s eyes going back to her cleavage and nipple erections she felt a hot quiver between her thighs. At the same time, she couldn’t help thinking about making him so horny he needed to jerk off. It was exciting to think she could be getting close to her naughty goal.

“So, do you have any plans for tonight?” the nervous mother asked.

“Not really. Just thought I’d hang out and watch a movie or two,” Mack replied, glancing at his mother’s prominently swollen nipples.

“How about going out to see one?” As much as her nerves were making her pulse race, Chelsea thought going out would be a good way to keep teasing her admiring son. It was frightening, but so exciting at the same time.

“That sounds great,” he replied. “I just want to change before we go, though.”

“Oh, sure,” she said, smiling to herself. She couldn’t help wondering if changing was just an excuse to run upstairs and relieve a throbbing hard on brought on by his scantily clad mother.

Mack finished eating quickly and took off for his room, telling his mother he needed a few minutes to change. Leaving everything on the table, she slipped off her shoes and padded silently up the stairs to see where he was. When she reached the top of the stairs, she saw that his bedroom door was hanging wide open, but the bathroom door was closed. Carefully putting her ear to the closed door, Chelsea could hear her son sighing and breathing heavily. She knew those sounds all too well, and there was no question in her mind that her -year-old son was in there vigorously jerking a hard cock after being teased all the way through dinner.

She was pretty sure she could hear him groan “oh god, Mom, fuck” through the door. Then came a series of deep grunts. Chelsea’s pussy swarmed with damp heat as she listened to her son cum. She was dying to see him, but at least she now knew for sure that he was stroking to thoughts of his sexy, loving mother. Hearing him call out to her in those moments of pleasure struck her with a powerful wave of excitement.

Chelsea didn’t know how she managed to sneak quietly back downstairs, slip back into her shoes, and pretend she’d been down there clearing dishes off the table the whole time Mack had been upstairs. He came back into the kitchen with a slightly sheepish expression. It was so subtle she might have missed it if she hadn’t heard what she did through the bathroom door. Knowing her son’s hot secret was such a devious thrill that she felt herself blush every time he looked at her. It was the reason for the sly smile on her face as they walked out to her van.

She handed the keys to her son since she was feeling too jittery to drive. Mack could barely keep his eyes on the road the whole way to the movie complex. The more he kept glancing at his mother’s smooth, tanned legs, the more she shifted in her seat to force the hem of her dress to go higher and show him more. And the more he snuck peeks at her ripe, shapely tits, the more she “absently” worried at the low-cut neckline with her finger to pull more of her cleavage into view. As it was, her nipples were swollen with excitement, and he could barely keep his eyes off them.

Chelsea hadn’t felt so happy or excited in a long time. At the same time, only being able to hear him jerking off was making her all the more determined to see him, too. Being and as obviously impressed by his mother’s curvy features as he was, she was sure he’d need to jerk off all over again by the time they got back home.

The movie theaters were connected to the main shopping mall in their city, and since they had some time to kill before the movie, Chelsea said she wanted to stop by a couple of stores and pick up a few things while they were there. Mack was perfectly agreeable, and his mother took him straight to her favorite lingerie boutique. It was so exciting to see the way his eyes lit up when he realized where his mother was leading him.

As she sorted through various pair of skimpy panties and bras, thong-back leotards with high-cut sides and a few lacy camisoles you could see through, she held up the naughtiest looking ones and asked her son what he thought. She could barely keep her hands steady, but each time Mack gave her his approval.

She bought a few pair of panties and a couple of camisoles, and then asked Mack if he’d carry her bag.

“Thank you so much for helping,” she told him coyly as they meandered back toward the movie theater. “Since you’re the man of the house now you’re the only one I can ask an opinion from.”

“Oh, anytime, Mom. Really.”

He was actually blushing, which only made his mother blush just as badly.

“Since you were so helpful,” she added, “I guess I should at least model them for you so you can see how they look.”

Her son looked at her with wide eyes, but before he could say anything they were already heading in to the ticket line. Chelsea held in the excited giggles she felt. The thought of modeling the items she’d just bought for her son was making her nipples tingle with fresh excitement. She could tell by the look on his face he was dying to say something, but they were in a crowd now and he clearly didn’t want to say what he was thinking.

Within a minute or two, a couple of Mack’s friends from school came in and ended up in line right behind them. He introduced them to Chelsea, and she was excited to see the looks on their faces when they realized she was their friend’s mother. She could tell her son was feeling self-conscious with his friends checking out his scantily clad mother, and also noticing how he was holding on to the bag from a famous lingerie boutique.

When they finally got through the line and headed down the corridor to the theater their movie was in, Mack put a protective arm around his mother’s waist. He had a very serious look on his face. She waited until they got to their seats before asking him about it.

“Are you okay, sweetheart? Is anything wrong?”

“Some friends,” he said, sarcastically. “I did not like the way they were looking at you.”

Chelsea couldn’t keep the smile off her face. “How do you mean?” she asked, taunting him to say more.

“You know. Checking you out in that dress.”

“But you said I look really good in this dress.”

“You do. That’s the problem. Maybe you look too good.”

“Um, sweetheart, do you realize you’ve been looking at me the very same way since dinner? What was it you said? ‘Holy fuck’, I believe.”

“That’s just because I was surprised, that’s all. It’s not like...”

“Not like what, darling?”

At that point, the previews of upcoming attractions started playing, and Mack quit talking. He seemed relieved.

A few minutes into the movie, Chelsea let her hand drop onto her son’s muscular thigh. He was wearing tight jeans and his leg felt so hard and firm. He cast a sidelong look at her when she touched his leg, but he gave her quick smile and then cast his eyes back toward the screen. She was dying to slide her hand up toward his crotch and keep squeezing until his cock started getting hard but she didn’t dare.

She just kept lightly dragging her fingers over his thigh, and before long he reached over and put his hand on her leg, too. He was touching her right near the hem of her dress, and she was dying to uncross her legs and feel him reach up as high as her wildly tingling pussy. But she didn’t dare do that, either.

The voluptuous mother’s heart was going faster. Her son’s hand felt so big and warm. It didn’t seem like much, but it was enough to make her pussy quiver with sensation. She and Mack just kept watching the movie with their hand on each other’s leg, and she caught him out of the corner of her eye every time he turned his head her way to let his eyes drift over the full swells of her tits and well exposed legs.

At one point, she caught sight of the large bulge in his jeans that gave away the excited swelling of his cock. He looked enormous, and she was dying to slide her hand over that long, thick lump and feel it. But how could she even think of going that far with her own son? The crazy chances she’d already taken just dressing to tease him and trying to catch him jerking off were more than any mother should risk.

The gusset of Chelsea’s skimpy panties was soaked by the time the credits started to roll. Somehow, Mack had managed to bring his hard on under control as they left the theater and walked through the mall toward the parking garage. But his mother was determined to get him back to the same condition. The hornier the sexy young stud was, the better chance she had of seeing him stroke and please himself. If only she could be the one to please him, but that was too much to even take seriously no matter how wet he made her.

Chelsea drove home, and they talked about the movie at first, but she didn’t miss the way her son’s eyes kept going back over the exposed parts of her body. They avoided that part of the conversation they were having just before the movie interrupted them, even though Chelsea could tell Mack was still thinking about it. She knew that look on his face all too well, and all the secretive glances in the world at her body couldn’t hide them. The facts were clear: Mack had been looking at her just as hungrily as his friends had, and now he certainly knew his mother had noticed.

When they got back to the house, Mack followed his mother inside, and Chelsea could feel his enrapt gaze on her shapely ass as she walked up to the door with an extra sway in her hips.

Even though it wasn’t very late yet, Mack said he felt tired and wanted to go up to his room and lie down.

“I guess I’ll do the same thing,” his mother said, a little suspiciously. Yet a vague idea was already forming in her mind.

“Thanks for the movie night, Mom,” he said. “That was really nice.”

“I thought so, too, sweetheart. Let’s do it again soon, okay?”

When Mack said yes, Chelsea went to hug him, making sure to squash her large boobs snugly against his body. She almost snickered out loud when she saw the disoriented look on his face when he went upstairs. It was only a few seconds later that she followed him up, taking the bag from their shopping stop at the mall along with her.

In her room, Chelsea took off her dress, and decided to keep the tiny white thongs panties on she’d been wearing all evening. Then she spread her new camisoles out on the bed and took a moment to decide which one to put on. She decided to go with the white one, since it went well with her panties and also contrasted her tan. It was also lower cut than the others, the lace would let her nipples show in the right light.

Her heart was racing as she pulled it on and arranged the skimpy garment just right to expose as much of her full cleavage as possible. She was probably going crazy, but if that was the case there was no sense in going half way. In her panties and camisole, she went out of her room and turned on the hallway light just before knocking on her son’s bedroom door.

She opened the door and went in before he had a chance to answer, and as she stepped inside Mack was hurriedly pulling his sheet up above his waist. He was so big and hard there was no way to hide the evidence completely. She felt her face grow hot as she realized he’d barely waited before he started playing with that big, horny young cock. And it was still unbelievable to her that he could get that big and that hard just for her.

He had a dim table lamp on in his room, and with the light coming in from the hallway, his mother was lit up perfectly well to give him a good view. His eyes were all over her even though he looked a little annoyed at her barging in on what was supposed to be his private time.

“Hey, Mom. What’s up?” His tone was a little impatient, but his eyes were obviously feasting on his mother’s voluptuous body.

“I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to go out together tonight.”

“You already said so, but I think so too. I really liked it.”

“I’m really glad, darling. That was my first date in a long time.”

He laughed briefly and shifted his weight around, clearly trying to do a better job of hiding his erection under the sheets yet not doing a very good job.

“Oh, and honey,” Chelsea went on, grasping for whatever subject to keep stalling with. “I hope you’re not still upset about that thing with your friends. Don’t take it too seriously, okay?”

“Hmm, well maybe they’re not as good friends as I thought,” he said, frowning. “But to tell the truth, I felt proud of you.”

Chelsea was genuinely surprised. “Really? Baby, that’s so sweet. I guess I could dress a little more conservatively next time, though, if that would make you happy.”

Her son quit trying to pretend he wasn’t looking her up and down, and his interested gaze caused her nipples to swell with excitement.

“No, that’s okay,” he told her.

“You didn’t mind? Really?”

He shook his head. Then, with a deep breath to calm her agitated nerves, she asked him if he liked the new camisole she picked up before the movie.

Mack’s eyes went wide. “Oh, yeah, well, it’s really nice. It looks awesome on you.”

“Oh, thank you, baby,” she replied, incredibly pleased. “Do you think it goes well with these panties?”

Her son’s eyes were moving back and forth from her full boobs to her barely covered pussy mound. “Definitely,” he said, with a vacant look on his handsome face.

“Oh thank you, darling. I’m so happy you think so. Well, I guess I should let you get to sleep, and I should do the same thing.”

“Okay, Mom. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

Chelsea then turned as if she were going to leave, but then suddenly bent over toward a non-existent spot on the carpet, turning her thong-clad ass toward her son. “Oh, look,” she said. “I’m going to have to shampoo these carpets.”

She pretended to be rubbing at a spot on the carpet, knowing her son wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off her nearly naked ass. After giving him a good show, she straightened up and left the room, leaving his door ajar. She went across the hall to turn out the light switch and waited in the dark, listening.

It wasn’t a full minute before she could hear her son moaning softly. She snuck quietly back toward his bedroom door and peered in from the hallway. With the light still on in his room, he wouldn’t be able to see her. He had the sheet pushed back down off his body, and his hand was steadily sliding up and down his powerfully engorged cock.

“Oh, Jesus, Mom,” he groaned softly as he pumped his shaft.

Chelsea was stunned. Her son had a magnificently beautiful cock, and there was no question he was hard for her. Her pussy ached with nagging waves of heat, and she slipped her hand into her panties to rub at her slit while she spied on her stroking son.

He was built so much like his grandfather, and she couldn’t believe she was actually catching another of the men in her family in a moment of private pleasure. Before much longer Mack’s rapidly stroking fist was making slicking sounds as he pounded up and down his shaft. He must have been oozing so much precum, and the sound alone started to make his mother’s slit drip heavily with her own cream.

Amazed to have such a good view on Mack’s bed, Chelsea rubbed her clit and soon became lost in the hot excitement of the moment. Before long, her finger was slipping up inside her hole as she stared at her son’s amazing cock, watching every stroke until he arched his back and spurted cum upward across his tight body.

She quietly backed away from Mack’s door and snuck back to her own room. Lying down in bed, she immediately put her fingers back to work on her pussy without even taking off her panties. She pleasured her smooth slit with both hands, pumping a pair of fingers in and out of her hole while rubbing on her clit with the other hand. She hadn’t bothered to close her bedroom door, either. She didn’t care and was actually even hoping her son could hear her masturbating. It only seemed fair. The thought of him watching her and seeing how wet and needful his cock made her drove her arousal to a new level.

Before long, waves of pleasurable release were overtaking her thick, curvy body. Afterward, she felt into a deep, satisfying sleep.

In the morning, Chelsea threw a robe over her new camisole and panties and went downstairs. It felt a little silly to bother with the robe since she’d already let her son see her in that outfit last night, but there was something different about the bright light of the morning.

Mack came in while she was getting out some eggs and bacon to fry up for breakfast. He was shirtless and only wearing a tight pair of boxer briefs that cupped the full package between his legs and made a prominent lump. Chelsea faltered a moment when she saw him. He usually wore at least a T shirt and sweatpants in the morning, but today he was swaggering into the kitchen half naked.

He walked up to his mother and scooped her into a tight hug and kissed her good morning. Something was far from normal, but the blonde mother wasn’t about to complain. She hugged his son back and asked him if he’d slept well.

“Like a baby,” he replied with a smile.

They sat down to some eggs and bacon, and after he finished, Mack said he was going back upstairs to take a shower. This set off Chelsea’s radar as well as his noticeably different attitude. He never made a point of announcing he was taking a shower before, and after he left the kitchen to go back upstairs, his curious mother was quick to follow.

As soon as she hit the top of the stairs, she could hear the shower running, and from the sound she could tell her son hadn’t bothered to close the bathroom door all the way. She padded quietly up to the best spot and peeked in. Her beautifully built son was standing completely naked outside the tub, and he was fondling his bare, rapidly growing cock.

Watching him make himself hard made his mother’s pussy quiver and flush even faster than the night before. The steady growth of that beautiful cock was one of the most amazing things Chelsea had ever seen. And once he was fully hard, Mack spent a moment stroking his rigid shaft before stepping under the shower.

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