Being Blessed

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: Don and his daughter were alone for the weekend. Jayden had an opportunity to be the love of her daddy's life for a couple of days. She did it very successfully.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

Life wasn’t always as comfortable as it was today. In my younger years I had to work long unpaid hours to get the qualifications and experience that now had me in demand. My field of expertise was computers, primarily trouble shooting. To be successful you needed a reputation of being a problem solver, and getting the job done right the first time. Time was money for my clients and if I couldn’t solve their computer problems quickly they lost money. Fortunately, I had good retention and anything I read I recalled immediately as circumstances required. Now, I was not perfect and had my share of failures the first time out but fortunately in all the cases when I went back I did find the solution. Thus my reputation was built and still was growing. It was hard work keeping up with all the changes but I read a lot while traveling from job to job doing my best to keep up with all the new innovations. I had a large pool of experts in many fields that I could call on to consult if I needed their expertise. It was a small closely-knit group all in our own fields but helping each other in times of need. It had worked well for the last thirteen years. Now life was good.

Abbotsville was a city in the Mid-West. My family consisted of Alishia my wife, Jayden my daughter, the pride of my life and our wonder dog Mugs. It was a wonder she thought she was a dog. Mugs was spoilt rotten. Jayden was fourteen going on twenty-two. Over the last six months she had changed greatly both physically and mentally, growing up fast. Her body seemed to have changed overnight from a featureless frame to that of a developing woman. She was now very aware of her looks and like most young women tried to make herself look older with clothing and makeup. She got her looks and body from Alishia; the only thing I seemed to have contributed was her bright blue eyes. She was just less than five feet with long flowing blond hair, which she usually wore in a ponytail. She had long outgrown her training bras. Her young breasts were well formed and very noticeable, at least to me.

Jayden and I were very close. When I returned from a long trip, usually exhausted, she made sure she was on hand to greet me. Lately she greeted me with a very passionate kiss, the kind that really perked you up after a long hard week of demanding work. Jayden always smelt good, with a light pleasant scent and her breathtaking shampoo. Lately she had taken to using lipstick and eye makeup. Her effect on me was always positive. I usually brought her some small item from each city I visited, like a pin or t-shirt with the city’s name. Every time you would think I had given her the crown jewels. I enjoyed my time with her.

I had just arrived from Las Vegas, no not as a gambler but as a computer expert. The job was challenging. Jayden had met me at the door and with her usual kiss and hugs. Her breasts seemed to have really grown in the last week as I could feel them pushing into my chest. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed her closeness and her scent. I felt her body moving against mine then realized she was rubbing her crotch against my growing hard on. When I looked into her face she had a disturbing smile. The little minx was aware what she was doing to me.

After the greeting my thoughts were for a shower and soaking the aches from my body. The warm water felt great. When I dried myself I noticed one of Jayden’s bras hanging out of the clothes hamper. I knew it was not my wife’s as I knew her breasts like the palm of my hand; usually that was where they were when we were alone. This bra was Jayden’s. Accompanying the bra was a pair of matching blue silk thong panties. Examining both I noted that my little girl wasn’t little any more. The cup size was 34C. The material was so soft and now my imagination was really running wild. How I would love to cup Jayden’s boobs in my hands. What really got me hard was the thong. Her scent was heavy, a mixture of perfume and her natural essence. When I realized I was fantasying about my little girl I felt foolish and embarrassed. I returned them back in the hamper but noted the sizes of both; her waist was thirty-two.

At the dinner table that night Jayden was smiling every time our eyes met. It wasn’t the most comfortable meal I have had. In the evening before she went to bed Jayden curled up in my lap while I was watching television. She had showered and was in a very skimpy nighty. You know what effect that had on me considering my discovery in the hamper. I could feel my incestuous erection growing, not caring that she was my own flesh and blood. There was nothing I could do to will it down. Jayden felt it digging into her and moved her body up and down against it.

“Jayden quit doing that.”

“What Daddy?”

She had that all knowing look in her eye. Staring me in the eyes she moved her soft bum up and down my erection. If she weren’t my daughter I would likely do something I would likely regret later. When she leaned over, her open nighty gave me a view of two perfect young breasts topped with large ruby nipples. That was another asset she received from her mother. Alishia’s nipples were nearly an inch long great for sucking. Jayden’s were close to that and were obviously as hard. She knew exactly what she was doing to her poor dad. Teasing the hell out of him!

“I think you better go to bed before I decide you need a good spanking for being so bold with your daddy.”

“Oh Daddy, give me a break, by the looks of your thing you don’t seem to be really interested in spanking me.”

With that she took off to her bedroom on the run. After a cold shower I went to check in on her.

“Are you asleep Princess?”

“No Daddy.”

“Well I likely will be gone again when you get up in the morning but I will be back early Friday night. I just wanted to say good night and good bye till then.”

“Oh Daddy will you kiss me good night?”

“Certainly Jayden.”

As I walked towards her I could feel my body react. I hoped she didn’t notice. I leaned over her to kiss her cheek but she reached up and encircled my neck and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. Her tongue forced my lips open. Jayden tasted so good, minty toothpaste; my mind was on her other lips wondering if they tasted as good. Jayden grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her right breast. The touch confirmed her nipples were nearly as developed as her mom’s.

“Jayden, what are you doing?”

“Just showing you that you affect me as I affect you, I love you, Daddy.”

I slowly broke the embrace looking at my angel. My body was trembling. It took a ton of will power for me to leave without doing something stupid I would certainly later regret. I slowly backed out of the room.

“Jayden I will see you Friday. Sleep well tonight. Daddy loves you very much.”

When I went to bed I kissed Alishia, gently moving and then mounting her. After she had climaxed I had the strongest ejaculation of sperm, in my mind I was deep in Jayden. When I realized what I was thinking I started to perspire. I did not have a relaxing sleep.

During the flight the next morning I couldn’t concentrate on reading. My mind kept going back to Jayden. I imagined we were lovers. Touching her breasts set everything in motion. Fortunately once I got on a job everything else went by the wayside, by the time the day was over I was exhausted. The building that houses the company I was working for was across from a large mall. I figured there had to be a restaurant there. I was too pooped to drive anywhere for dinner. It was a typical mall full of people. Every time I saw a young blond I was reminded of Jayden. My body twitched thinking about last night. What the hell was wrong with me, thinking of my daughter as a sex object? As I played with my food I looked around. Across from the restaurant was a large Victoria’s Secret. Jayden’s bra and thong rushed into my mind. This wasn’t going to be an easy night. When I left, I walked across the mall into Victoria’s Secret. A young lady approached me and asked.

“May I help you?”

“Yes please. My daughter has a birthday coming soon; I would like to buy a bra and thong set. She is 34C and a thirty-two waist.”

“Well we have a large selection. Wait a moment and I will be right back.”

I looked around as I waited; the mannequins were displaying lingerie I just loved to see on Alishia. I wondered what they would look like on Jayden. I spotted a sheer negligee that came down just below the mannequin’s crotch with no panties. I knew Alishia would love it. When the clerk returned she had five samples of matching bras and thongs. All were lovely colors with lace trim on the bras.

“I will take them all. Do you have plain bags?”

She started to laugh.

“Yes we do just for men.”

“Thank you. By the way do you have that negligee in all sizes?”

“Yes and three different colors.”

“I would like two mediums one in white and one in blue.”

Jayden and her mother had to be close to the same size in negligees. Alishia’s favorite color was white, Jayden’s blue. I left with a large plain white bag and went back to my hotel.

The message light was on. When I called the desk I had a call from Alishia. I called home.

“Hello Alishia you called. Is there anything wrong?”

“No Don. I have an opportunity to fly to the coast and visit Mom. The company has a charter for a conference and they have three spare seats. I would like to go. I would leave Friday night and be back Sunday or early Monday.”

“Well, I can’t see any problem. I will be home early Friday afternoon and won’t leave again till Monday night. How is that?”

“Thanks Don. I will call and confirm one of the free seats. Jayden will take good care of you. She can be your sweet heart for the weekend. She can cook as you know. Maybe you can take your daughter to dinner on Saturday. She would be impressed and she has a new dress.”

“She keeps reminding me that she can cook. The dinner idea sounds good; I will ask her on Friday when I get home.”

After the call I opened the Victoria’s Secret bag. As I handled each piece of lingerie while my mind envisioned Jayden. Her well-curved body would look great modeling each set. Jayden had long well shaped legs. I could only dream of what was between them. That night I slept well remembering the scent of her panties. I kicked myself for not bringing them with me. Again I remembered I was thinking about my daughter and felt embarrassed and foolish.

The balance of the week went fast; I landed in Abbotsville at two in the afternoon. Alishia had called and told me her flight was at three. After getting my luggage I walked to her departing gate. When she spotted me she waved. It felt good to hold her body and kiss her.

“I just landed and you are taking off. I hope you have a good time. Don’t worry about Jayden and me; I am sure we will survive the three days.”

“Jayden is all primed on being your surrogate wife for the weekend. She is excited about going out for dinner tomorrow night. She has already made a hair appointment for tomorrow morning. I am afraid you are going to have a crazy weekend.”

“I don’t think she will be able to take your place.”

“Don’t count on it.”

As Alishia left the area she was waving and smiling. I was wondering what she meant by that last remark. I watched as her plane climbed in the sky. I got home at three thirty, just before Jayden. I was upstairs in my bedroom when she came bounding in. She looked like a wet dream in her school uniform. Her pleated skirt hugged her hips and her white blouse showed that she did have well-developed breasts. She was in my arms giving me a kiss that equalled the one I got from her mother at the airport. I felt my heat rising. She was so soft in my arms. Jayden ran her hands over my face and neck not as a daughter but like my Alishia did when we made love. I felt a chill running up and down my spine.

“Daddy, where are we going for dinner tomorrow? Wait till you see me in my dress. It is just like Moms.”

“Well we can discuss that when we have dinner. I am famished. All I had to day was a coffee and bagel for breakfast. Do you want some pizza?”

“Okay, I will order one. Large deluxe?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Daddy what did you bring me? I know you have something.”

“Well now that I see you I don’t know if I should give it to you. You might not like it.”

“Daddy quit teasing. You know I like everything you get me. So where is it?”

“Well it is a little different then the usually t-shirt and pins. You have to have enough t-shirts for ten years since you don’t wear them that often.”

“Come on Daddy quit stalling, please, please, please.”

“Ok. I will get it.”

I had the bag tightly rolled up in a side pocket of my suitcase. I was a bit apprehensive to give her the lingerie. I was concerned about how she would react. I handed her bag.

“What is it Daddy?”

“Go to your room and open it. It is a bit personal and I don’t want to start blushing.”

Jayden ran to her room and then I heard her squeal.

“Oh Daddy they are beautiful and all Victoria’s Secret.”

Well at least I did that right. I had just finished dressing after my shower when the doorbell rang. It was the pizza man.

“Jayden the pizza is here. Come and eat while it is still hot.”

Being hungry I grabbed a slice and started eating. I heard Jayden coming down the steps. She had changed to a top and her loose ‘bumming around the house’ pants. I nearly fell when she mauled me into a hug.

“Oh Daddy they are beautiful and all my size. How did you figure that out?”

“Just let’s say daddies know.”

The last thing I wanted to tell her I went through the clothes hamper. Jayden was clinging to me and kissed my pizza filled mouth. She pushed her body into my chest. It was apparent she did not have a bra on. Her breasts were soft like her mother’s.

“Why don’t you just have a piece of pizza instead of sharing mine?”

She broke her strangle hold and sat down. I was looking at Jayden in a different way. How could she have grown up so fast? Instead of a childlike daughter I was looking at a young woman, a very beautiful young woman. The pizza was very good and I felt a lot better now that my stomach wasn’t growling.

“Where would you like to go for dinner tomorrow? We should decide so I can make reservations.”

“How about the “Yee Old School House”?”

The “Yee Old School House” was an old school that was developed into a very expensive dinner and dance club. The meals were fantastic but had a fantastic price tag. What the hell, it won’t break me.

“Ok “Yee Old School House” it is. I will call for a reservation. Would six o’clock be good for you?”

“Yes, six will be fine. I have my hair appointment for three, it will allow me time to come home and dress.”

“I don’t want to rush you. Two hours to get dressed, do you think it is long enough?”

Jayden threw the dishcloth at me, then continued cleaning up. I went upstairs to finish unpacking. I could hear Jayden moving around the house. When I returned to the kitchen she was just finishing up.

“Are you going out tonight?”

“No Daddy, I thought I would stay home with you. Maybe we could get a movie.”

“Ok do you have anything in mind?”

“Something really mushy.”

She knew what I thought of tearjerkers. I liked action and mysteries. There was a rental outlet a block from the house. I walked over and got two tapes, one for Jayden and an action movie for me. She wasn’t in the family room when I got back.

“Jayden where are you?”

“In the bath room Daddy. Will you come up here?”

When I opened the door I find Jayden in the tub covered with bubble bath. I just stared in amazement.

“Daddy, bathe me like you used too.”

“Jayden when Daddy last bathed you, you were in training pants; you have changed just a bit since then.”

“Just a bit? Do you like the changes?”

Jayden stood up and the water and suds slowly run down her naked body. What a sight. Jayden’s full breasts stood out from her body with nipples that were close to her mother’s in size. Her tummy was flat and I could see she had a tuft of blond hair just above her pussy. The suds were slowly disappearing as they evaporated. She was watching me watching her. Jayden slowly turned around to show me her beautiful full bottom. Boy was she developed. Now when she faced me all the suds were gone exposing her pussy. I could feel my mutual admiration society rising to the bait.

“Jayden, you are beautiful but I don’t think you Daddy should be bathing you.”

“Don’t you like me Daddy?”

With that comment she spread her legs slightly opening up her luv lips. Her clitoris was out of its hood. My legs were getting weak.

“Jayden you know I shouldn’t be looking at you like this.”

Jayden had the wash cloth in her outstretched hand. I obediently took it. I went to my knees and started bathing her legs. I was level with her heaven. Her luv lips were very full like Alishia’s. I loved to kiss and lick them; Jayden’s were just as lovely and demanding. When I got to the top of her thighs she moved slowly presenting me with her bum. I was fascinated when she leaned over and then spread her cheeks. What a lovely smooth opening. My actions were driven by instinct. I washed ever part of her bum and lingered on her brown star. I felt it with my finger rubbing the tight opening. She sighed with pleasure. What the hell, I leaned over and kissed it then run my tongue over it, rimming her. Her reaction was pushing her opening against my tongue.

“Jayden I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Actually I should stop now before something happens that we both will regret.”

“Oh Daddy it was so nice. I never felt anything like that. I don’t want you to stop.”

She turned around showing me her clitoris, which seemed to have gotten longer. At her age I was surprised at its size. It was sticking out about three quarters of an inch and was as thick as my small finger. I gently washed her pubes and luv lips, spreading them more for my curiosity than for bathing. Jayden was well developed between her legs. Her inner lips were so suckable. I had to use all my self-discipline to keep from kissing and sucking her clitoris. Even with me bathing her precious jewel her scent was evident. What was I doing? I just couldn’t stop. I lathered my hands to do her breasts. Her nipples were hard like gems, hell I wanted to suck on them. When I got to her face she seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. I knew she knew what she was doing to me. I gently washed her face and then rinsed off the suds.

“Now dry me Daddy.”

I toweled off her back and bum and when she turned to me she grabbed my head and forced my nose into her pussy. That killed all my self-discipline. She was dripping pussy nectar and I drank my fill. Jayden’s juice had a mild taste similar to her mother’s. The scent and the taste had me captured. When I latched on to her clitoris she sighed and moaned.

“Daddy lets go to my bedroom. I want you to lick me down there.”

I got off my knees and followed her like a zombie. I knew this was wrong but I didn’t have the will power to resist. My eyes were focused on her lovely soft bum cheeks. I could just see the bottom of her luv lips. When we reached the bedroom Jayden lay on her back and spread her legs wide. I reacted like a thirsty man to cold drink; my face was quickly buried in her pussy. My tongue licked the juice and when I started sucking her clitoris her body stiffened as she climaxed. She continued to push her pussy into my face; I was surprised at the strength of her legs. I pushed her legs up and this allowed me access to her rosebud as well as her pussy. I licked from the tight anus to her clitoris. Jayden must have cum six times.

“Oh Daddy that is enough. I have never cum so hard in my life. Come lie beside me.”

I crawled up beside her and she curled into my body. I stroked her bare body. She felt so good. Then it hit me again she was my daughter. If her mother ever found out I would be an urchin in a very short time. I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I looked down at my angel as she fell into a deep sleep. I was able to move down so my face was at her breasts. I started sucking one nipple then the other. Jayden’s hands moved to my head as she cradled my face to her nipples.

“Daddy don’t stop it feels so relaxing.”

I thought she was asleep. I continued to suck until Jayden breathing leveled off to a deep sleep. I slowly untangled myself and left her bedroom. As I walked to the family room I felt a chill running through my body. I just molested my fourteen-year-old daughter. All the stories I had read about just the same thing start running through my mind. How some of the young ladies were scarred for life, never trusting males again. I hoped that didn’t happen to Jayden. I would know tomorrow morning. Worrying about it wouldn’t help me.

I put in my action movie. As always if I got interested all the thoughts in my mind were replaced as I concentrated on the movie. But when it was over, my guilt came back.

It seemed like it took hours to go to sleep. I was dreaming about Alishia sucking me and woke up in a jolt. Someone was sucking me. Jayden was in bed with me, my cock buried deep in her mouth. She was giving me a slow blowjob. I guessed now I could stop wondering about giving her a trauma because I ate her pussy. I went stiff as strings of cum shot into her throat. She continued to suck until I was drained.

“Oh Daddy you taste good. Why did you leave me? Remember I am your wife for two days.”

I snuggled with her and fell into a deep relaxed sleep. When I woke in the morning Jayden was still curled into my body. My face was buried in her hair. She smelled so good. My hand ran up and down her back. She woke and smiled. She started my day with a soft kiss.

“We have to get up and have breakfast Jayden. Remember you have a hair appointment. I have to pick up my suit at the cleaners.”

There was no modesty now. Jayden got up and walked around totally nude without any embarrassment. Her movements caused my movements. My hero reacted and was ready for round two.

“Jayden I was afraid I went too far last night. I was so relieved when I found you in bed with me.”

“Oh Daddy last night was the best night I spent in my life. I never have experienced the feelings as I did when you loved me. Don’t feel guilty Daddy. I love you for it. I just want one more thing to happen.”

I could feel my blood flood my love muscle. I knew what she was referring to. Jayden wanted to make love. The thought had certainly crossed my mind. But how could I live with myself if I took my daughter’s cherry?

The morning was hectic. After rushing from store to store, shopping for the next week, I returned home just in time to drive Jayden to the hairdressers. I was to pick her up at 3:45. My suit was ready at the cleaners. At the florist I picked up a dozen red roses. I really wanted Jayden to have a good time tonight. She loved roses. I was waiting in the parking lot of the hairdresser when she came out. Her hair was styled in a manner that made her look much older and very appealing.

“Jayden you look good enough to eat.”

“Good but only after we come home from dinner. I don’t want to mess up my hair.”

She was laughing at her own joke. I got a fake lunge at her. We had two hours before our reservation.

“Daddy I have to get dressed. I will meet you in the family room at five thirty.”

I had no idea why it took woman hours to dress because a man could do it in five minutes. I was ready. To kill time I watched the speed channel. I heard footsteps behind me. Jayden was ready.

I couldn’t believe the vision I was seeing. Jayden was wearing a red strapless evening gown. Her lipstick and accessories all matched. I could see she had red high heels shoes. The effect was mesmerizing. She looked years older. I was sure she could pass for eighteen or older.

“Jayden, I can’t believe it is you. What happened to my baby girl?”

“I think you will agree that after last night your baby girl has grown up.”

Even if I was her father, my eyes were on her at every opportunity. As we headed to the restaurant her haunting scent bombarded me. The topless gown showed appealing cleavage, hell I would have stopped anywhere just to bury my face in it. Jayden was just fourteen years old and was already a man killer. I pitied the males in her web when she was sixteen.

“Daddy I feel so grown up going to dinner with you. It is like we are on a date. I can’t wait to tell Shamalee about it on Monday.”

“I trust you are referring to the dinner and nothing else.”

Shamalee was Jayden’s best friend. I have seen her in a two-piece bathing suit. She had been in many of my dreams while traveling. I wondered if she was as mature as Jayden.

Dinner was excellent. Jayden turned many a male’s head when we arrived. The car valet nearly totaled my Yukon attempting to get a better look at Jayden as we entered the restaurant. The setting was very impressive, the service superb. My surrogate wife was breathtaking. She turned out to be the perfect companion. Jayden surprised me with her mature outlook on many subjects that came up at dinner.

“Mom suggested the gown. She says you are a pushover for anyone in a strapless.”

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