Bashed and Raped... by Girls!

by Bullied Submissive

Copyright© 2018 by Bullied Submissive

: Teenage Girls take exception to a boy with foot fetish staring at their feet, lure him into an open paddock then viciously assault, rob and rape him. This story contains acts of non-consensual sex and violence, if this is likely to offend you don't bother reading it

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Foot Fetish   Violent   .

It was never my intention to hurt or embarrass anyone. Nor did I ever think I might get hurt myself. Let’s just call it a misjudgement on my behalf. You see, I have a fetish for female feet. Harmless enough. And I can’t help but stare. I’ve always fantasized that I might get caught looking and be hopelessly shamed and embarrassed publicly. Perhaps forced to lick the same feet I had been busted staring at. But that’s just fantasy. In reality I am too careful to make sure I don’t get caught looking. And if someone was to confront me, I’ve got no doubt I would act all innocent.

Well one day this all changed. In fact, I still can’t understand why on Earth I had been so brazen about the whole thing. It wasn’t all that warm a day but I had found myself at a loose end and whenever that is the case I will hop from train to train throughout Melbourne looking for that perfect set of feet that might be on display. I’ll find somewhere to sit where I won’t get noticed looking and take in the view until such time as that person gets off the train, then I’ll go searching for the next pair of feet. As I mentioned, it wasn’t that warm so my search had been relatively frustrating with probably only 3 of every 10 ladies travelling on the train wearing opened toed shoes, heels, thongs, etc.

I hopped on a train heading out of Melbourne toward the Northern suburbs. There was a lady sitting across the row from me with particularly beautiful feet encased in a pair of heels. I had no hope of getting a glimpse of her soles (which for me is the money shot) but she had the most lovely manicured toes so I sat in the bay of seats across the aisle from her and turned my body to face her so that it would seem as if though I was just another bloke in the train. Even though there were six seats between us, including the aisle, I had a very good view of her feet. In the same bay of seats where I sat and seated directly opposite me were two girls in their teens. I could imagine from the way they were dressed and talking that they were the types who you might find behind the toilets at school smoking and stealing lunch money from the smaller kids. It was school holidays at the time so it was entirely feasible that it might be case. Neither of them were what you would call attractive, one a brunette the other blonde.

The train was 80% full as it left the City and became more and more empty as we got further out of town. As we got further down the line I noticed the girl with the beautiful feet become more and more uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, I honestly think she just had the sun in her eyes. But at the time I was convinced that she had noticed me staring at her feet and was becoming quite agitated by the matter. She would shift her weight from one side to the other. Shake her head. Tuck her feet back under the chair, then move them back out again to sit normally. As I said earlier, I never meant to embarrass or hurt anyone so I was quite relieved when she finally got to her stop and got off. I just couldn’t stop myself from looking, whether she had noticed me or not.

Usually, once the person has got off the train that caught my eye initially, I would get off myself a few stops later to see if I could find anyone else whose feet may entertain me for a while. It was all a part of the game. But on this day something else had caught my eye, something that started a sequence of events that I would long regret.

One of the teens I was seated opposite stood up, for what reason I don’t know, adjusted her clothing, and sat back down again. Now I had no interest in either of these girls. One was wearing jeans with white slip on leather shoes that left me no chance of seeing her feet – or so it seemed. The other girl, the blonde, was wearing these black skin-tight tracksuit pants with white tube socks pulled over the top and sneakers. Absolutely no chance of seeing her feet either. What did catch my attention over the next few minutes sowed the seed of my demise. Or maybe the girls noticed me looking at the other lady’s feet and did it deliberately.

The girl wearing the slip ons brought her right leg up underneath her body and tucked it back underneath her so that she was actually sitting on her leg, yet giving me a perfect view of the sole of her foot. There was no way I could not look without being noticed. I suppose I should have got off the train but this was perfect. By this stage the train only had us three and a couple of other people seated well away from us left in our carriage. I figured for her to deliberately change position and sit like that, well maybe she wanted me to look. Perhaps she didn’t mind. I hadn’t heard her or her friend talk about me. Maybe it was a coincidence that she would so publicly display her sole right in front of me. Whatever it was I had to try and adjust my position so that my growing erection could not be noticed through my jeans.

As we continued, the girls spoke in hushed tones. Even though I sat directly opposite and facing them, I could hardly make out what they were saying. The brunette then started to trace her finger along the sole of her foot. I imagine they were probably looking at me to gauge my reaction but my eyes were glued to this girl’s sole. I heard them giggle. I didn’t look up, I couldn’t really move now such was my difficulty in trying to hide my erection. I remember hoping that they were just playing with me, teasing me for their own amusement and when we got to their station that they might just get off and leave me alone to compose myself.

I’ve since discovered that girls of this age, especially if they are in groups, generally won’t be freaked out by someone showing an interest in their feet. In a lot of cases they seem fascinated that someone could be that interested in something that most other people find totally unappealing and disgusting. There have been times since when girls have blatantly displayed their soles at me almost daring me to look. I had never come across this phenomenon before this day though. The brunette continued to slowly trace her finger across her sole as the train continued on its journey. Before too much longer we were at the end of the line. Flashpoint.

I decided to wait until they got off before I even attempted to get up in my current state. My heart was racing as the train pulled into the station. This is the moment I had always fantasized about but still never really expected or even truly hoped it would ever happen. I would have been just as happy if they just got off the train and left me alone. The brunette continued to trace her finger over her sole. I still had a faint hope the girls hadn’t noticed me looking and that she might have been just absent-mindedly playing with her foot. Not even taking any notice of me. I felt my erection ease as the thought entered my mind. Should I glance at them, I could be going through all of this for nothing. If I looked up though and they were looking back at me, it would be awkward – what would I say. What would they say? I am naturally a shy and very submissive person, perhaps that is part of the reason a girl’s feet can do to me what they do.

The train grinded to a halt. We were in the outer north-western suburbs of Melbourne in an area that was still being developed as the urban sprawl gradually eased its way out here. On one side of the train station are a number of houses, brand new, probably ex display some of them, set back a little from the train line across a road. On the other side was another road, widened to include a car park built specifically to service this relatively new station. In the distance was a shopping centre but the only thing between the station and this shopping centre were empty paddocks. I didn’t know the surroundings at all. I lived on the other side of the city, a good 60km from where this train and this girl’s feet had taken me.

Suddenly the girl tracing her finger along her sole stopped and pointed to a spot just near the ball of her foot. She tapped her finger there a couple of times. Don’t worry, I had noticed it too. It was a black spot no bigger than a coin, blemishing her otherwise perfect sole. I couldn’t decide if it was a mark perhaps from the inside of her shoe or whether it was an actual stain in the skin. Whatever it was there could be no doubt now, these girls were clearly playing with me.

“Hey footboy”.

I jumped half out of my skin. Despite everything I hadn’t really expected her to say nor do anything. My mouth was dry, I was half scared out of my wits. All these fantasies now coming true, none of which I particularly ever thought or hoped would. At first I ignored her, almost hoping she might have been talking to someone else. There was no one else on the train. I didn’t want to look up at them, it would have been an acknowledgement that I knew she was talking to me. My mind screamed at me to just stand up and get off the train.

“See this spot here”. She continued to point to the dark spot on her sole.

“I want you to pay me to clean it for me. With your tongue”.

Was she kidding? Pay her! To clean her feet. With my tongue! I continued to sit there, pretending that I couldn’t hear them. I was going to have to do something but I was frozen to the spot. My mind screamed out to just get off the train and leave. Sure they would taunt me but what would that matter. I had an erection though which suggested otherwise.

Suddenly my view was torn away from the brunette pointing at ‘that’ spot on her sole. The blonde had moved alongside me, grabbed a fist full of hair and forced my head back so that I was now looking at the ceiling. I grunted with the suddenness of it all and the pain now coming from the back of my scalp. Still no word could escape my lips. What else was I going to let these girls do to me? Surely this had gone far enough now. My erection was in clear view of both the girls now.

The brunette suddenly came into my view. She had obviously stood up and now looked down at me seated with my head forced back by the blonde.

“Well?” She sneered down at me.

The train had now stopped and pulled into the station. I heard someone getting in at the other end of the carriage obviously to make the return trip back toward the City. I could tell this flustered the girls a little, they no longer had me by themselves. Finally I found my voice.

“I’m sorry if I have upset you”.

I couldn’t believe how pathetic I sounded. The words were forced, almost mumbled.

“Come with us.” Said the brunette. The blonde let go of my hair and stood waiting for me to get up in front of her so that we could go out onto the station. The brunette grabbed my hand and pulled me up to lead me out to the platform. The blonde bounded in front of us to open the door. By now most people who were standing on the platform waiting for the train to go back into the City had got on the train, while the vast majority of people who had got off the train were now on their way back to their cars or bus stops or where ever they were going to continue their journey.

“Hold my hand.” The brunette growled.

We walked along the platform like two lovers. Anyone sitting on the train looking out the window would not have known any different. The blonde walked alongside us.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

As we walked together along the platform toward the exit I began to relax a little. Maybe this would be alright. After all I was fulfilling some of my favourite fantasies. These girls were still in control, as were the faceless women I had fantasized about in the past. They had caught me staring at her feet and taken control of the situation. I started to think the scenario had worked out quite well, despite the aggravation on the train. My adrenaline continued to rush, my erection was still clearly visible through my jeans but my head had cleared somewhat. I told them my name and once again apologised for my behaviour on the train, this time with a little more clarity.

“It would be an honour to clean your sole with my tongue.” I told the brunette.

She looked back at me and smiled. “I know it will be.”

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“Just somewhere a little more private. I’m sure you don’t want people to see you lying on your back licking my feet.” Just the way she said it made the whole act sound so dirty.

At this stage we were walking alongside the road with the open paddocks. People sitting on that side of the train would still have a full view of us through the window walking along the road hand in hand. It was around 2pm in the afternoon and as I mentioned earlier this area was still being developed so there was hardly likely to be any traffic.

“Why don’t you sit down here?”

“Seems like a good spot to me.” I replied as the train rolled out of the station. Once again we were alone, no one could be seen for miles. I had no idea when the next train was due to pull-in and everyone who had got off the train we were in were well gone by now. The privacy I had craved to be able to lick this girl’s feet now became my greatest enemy as I felt a sudden and stunning blow to my ribs.

I grunted and doubled over in pain as the girls erupted into laughter.

“How’s that feel you stupid fuck?” I heard one of them shout at me as I winced. Then bang! Another kick to the mid-section. I coughed a couple of times as I tried to stand up to get away from these two girls. They waited for me to try and regain my balance like the predators they clearly were and then calmly pushed me back down. I fell on my back. As I stumbled back I realised we were getting further and further away from the railway line. My only chance of getting any help would have been from someone walking along that road to catch the next train. The girls knew it as well as I did. I struggled to my feet again and this time they pushed me like a rag doll between them wrestling me further and further away from the train line. They knew what they were doing alright.

Eventually the blonde girl caught my arms and trapped them behind me rendering me pretty much useless in my weakened state. We stood in the middle of this paddock, the blonde girl standing behind me with my arms trapped, me slightly hunched over more or less leaning against the blonde girl trying to support my weight from the dull pain in my ribs. The brunette lifted my chin up and met my gaze.

“Isn’t this how you foot boys like it. Nice and rough. With the girls in total control.” She laughed at her own comment. “You are a pathetic excuse for a male. Who do you think is going to be impressed by you being in love with their fucking feet. Stupid fucking losers like you, that’s who. All the footboys getting together sucking each other off because they can’t get real girlfriends.”

I struggled against the blonde restraining me as I started to regain some strength. Suddenly my whole body exploded in pain. The brunette held her pose with her knee straining against my testicles for a moment to let the instant sink in. I coughed and tried to double over to try and somehow escape the horrific pain which now centred itself in my lower stomach. The blonde continued to hold me upright. Once again the brunette grabbed my chin in her fingers and lifted my head back up to meet her gaze.

She was greeted with tears rising to my eyes as I continued to struggle to breathe.

“Total control.” She whispered to me. “You are ours now and I would recommend you stop being such a dumb cunt and just except what’s coming to you.”

She slapped my face with such force my head was rocked sidewards. “Do you agree?”

I was in no state to speak and just nodded. She lifted my head up by my chin again so that she could look directly at me.

“How does it feel, cunt? What do you think of my sweet little feet now, huh? Can you imagine them sweating away in my shoes. In total control of your destiny. You know my feet own you. My disgusting, sweaty, smelly feet own your stupid ass right now and they can do whatever they please. I suggest you get down on your knees and kiss them before they do any more damage to you.”

The blonde pushed me to the ground so that my face fell at the feet of the brunette. Suddenly I felt a hand at the back of my head, guiding me to the white slip on shoes of the brunette. The blonde grabbed a fistful of hair and roughly squashed my face onto the brunette girl’s shoe. Then as quickly as I felt the force at the back of my head, it receded and I was left to my own devices to kiss this girl’s shoe. As my lips brushed her shoe, she quickly moved away so that I fell flat on my stomach. She nudged me with her foot so that I rolled back over onto my back.

Soon after I felt a great weight on the palms of my hands. My arms were stretched above my head and as I opened my eyes to look back at what was happening, I noticed the brunette standing comfortably with one foot on each hand smirking down at me. Luckily (or maybe by choice) she was standing clearly in the palms of my hand rather than on my fingers as I am sure she would have crushed them. She motioned with her eyes for me to look back down towards my feet. The blonde was just picking up my feet and stretching them back towards my body leaving my penis and testicles totally vulnerable.

She smiled down at me. It was clear what was about to happen. I started struggling as best I could but found my arms totally immobile. I resorted to pleading.

“Please. I beg you. I’ll do anything you want.” There was no response from the girls, just this macabre smile.

“You’ll do anything we want anyway. You see you have got no choice.” The blonde said as she lifted her foot above my penis. There was no erection now, it was gone long ago. The blonde looked straight into my eyes as she gently put her foot down onto my penis.

“Fucking look at me!” She shouted. I had been looking at what her foot was about to do but quickly looked up at her with a start.

“I want you to look into my eyes. If you look away from me I won’t be so fucking gentle,” she growled.

Not too many of you have probably been in this situation but I can tell you it is bloody hard to hold someone’s stare while their foot is about to crush your balls. I continued to struggle fruitlessly while the blonde slowly applied more and more weight to my testicles. She held a sadistic smile the whole time. I was already wounded down there from when the brunette had kneed me earlier and wasn’t able to take much pain. There were various stages. The first is where you try and be brave, block out the pain as much as possible and take what’s coming to you. I was half way through this stage when she suddenly stomped on me, squashing my testicles back into my body with the heel of her foot. Simultaneously she let go of my legs and the brunette stepped off my hands as I doubled over and vomited in the grass next to me.

One of the girls pulled me up by the hair and grabbed me in a headlock at her side and forced me to walk further into the paddock. I was dribbling from the mouth and had lost control of my faculties for the time being but I do remember glimpsing another train in the platform at one stage. Maybe this was why I was being forced further into the paddock. It was the brunette who had me in the headlock, I couldn’t help but look down at her white slip ons as she marched me through the grass with her arm guiding me in a tight headlock. It was true what she said. Those feet were in control of my destiny. I felt a stirring in my loins despite the pain. Thankfully these thoughts were interrupted when I was tossed back down to the ground.

I lay there helplessly as the girls went through my pockets, grabbing my wallet and also the belt from my jeans.

“55 Dollars. Fuck. You are going to have to do better than that for the privilege of licking my feet.” She pocketed the cash and threw the wallet back down at me. I remember thinking to myself that $55 probably could have brought a couple of two bit whores like these, never mind just licking her feet. Sensibly, I kept those thoughts to myself. Hopefully one day they might read this and know what I was thinking.

I continue to lay at their feet as they discussed what they were going to do with me. Suddenly the belt they had taken from my jeans came whacking down across my stomach. My clothes absorbed most of the blow, then the familiar white slip ons forcibly rolled me over onto my stomach. Almost simultaneously I felt one of the girl’s feet in the small of my back, holding me down. Then I felt my jeans being tugged at, a new humiliation which had never entered my mind. It had been several moments since the girls had last hit me, which had given me time to regather my breath and renew my struggles. As soon as I felt them pulling at my jeans, I panicked and tried to get up. Someone leaning their foot into my back wasn’t going to stop me. I had hardly risen from the ground, when pain once again exploded in my injured ribs.

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