Mandy's Revenge

by Bullied Submissive

Copyright© 2018 by Bullied Submissive

Sex Story: Mandy degrades and dominates ex-boyfriend's innocent infatuated female friend with unlikely results. This story contains acts of non-consensual sex and some mild violence between females along with heavy themes of degrading humiliation, if this is likely to offend you please do not continue.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Lesbian   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Foot Fetish   Cat-Fighting   Revenge   .

Mel grunted in pain and disgust as her face was forced down onto Mandy’s stinking feet. The hand that held a fistful of Mel’s hair heavily forced her face against Mandy’s foot, making it hard for her to take breath as her little nose, purely by chance, was buried as far into the smelly crevice between Mandy’s big and second toe as possible. Tears started to well as the pressure and pain on her nose continued. She could hear Mandy trash talking clearly.

“How’s it feel, Mel? Can you smell that? These are the disgusting, grimy feet of the girl who has fucked the man you love so often. More than a dozen times. Did your hear that Mel? A dozen fucking times! But this is where you belong, isn’t it. At my feet. Forced to be at my feet. Because you’re just a stupid little girl who couldn’t have the man she wanted but you still had to wreck it for me, didn’t you? God, the sex was great. I’m going to miss it so much. You know it’s all your fault Mel, so you’re going to have to pay. Someone’s going to have to make me cum. You fucking jealous bitch...”

The torment continued. Mel could only struggle against the hand that had a firm grip of her hair and continued to press her face harshly into Mandy’s foot.

Mel was in her early twenties, a plain looking, shy girl from the country. Leigh had caught her eye long ago. They went to the same ballroom dancing studio in Melbourne, Australia and knew each other quite well on a social basis. As I said, Mel looked quite plain. Straight shoulder length brown hair, short stocky build, certainly everything in proportion to where it should be but she just wasn’t the type of girl that Leigh would normally go for. Nope, he set his standards high normally and usually managed to have a very nice looking girlfriend, Mandy being his latest conquest.

Mandy had only just turned 18, some four years younger than Leigh, had left school when she was young and since devoted her time to modelling, among other things. She was a tall brunette, hair hung down below her shoulders and she had the most entrancing blue eyes. To be quite honest, I didn’t think she could make it as a model, everything wasn’t as perfect as it should have been but she did have a very smart portfolio of shots. Certainly if I had attracted her in the same way Leigh obviously did I wouldn’t have thought twice about taking her out. Not compared to plain old Mel.

Before Mandy arrived on the scene, Leigh and Mel’s friendship blossomed. As the weeks dragged on Mel became quite besotted by him. I don’t know if it was just a schoolgirl type crush or if she generally did love him, whatever it was it was apparent that Leigh didn’t have the same feelings. Somehow Mel had to let him know how she felt. So she penned a letter, four or five pages and poured her heart out. In it she wondered whether he would be interested in perhaps taking their friendship a step further. Sure Leigh was nice about it, even a touch compassionate but he just did not find Mel attractive in that way. They remained friends although it must be said that it was always Mel who organised the lunch meetings, dropped in for drinks and generally continued to dote over him.

As the months rolled by and their friendship continued, Mel’s constant companionship started to have its effect. Physically Leigh did not find her attractive. Not at all. But here was someone who genuinely cared for him. Perhaps loved him. She had started to kiss him hello and goodbye each time they met. Nothing sexual, just a greeting kiss on the cheek whenever they met each other. Gradually the relationship continued to grow into something more. Then one day Leigh arrived with Mandy.

I have no idea how they met. They didn’t end up going out for long, maybe six months max. I honestly think the longer Leigh was in this relationship with Mandy, the more guilt ridden he had become about the way he treated Mel. Not that he did anything wrong. He and Mel were never officially partners but he did know she cared deeply for him, yet still allowed himself to begin a relationship with the budding young teenage model.

Who could blame him? Mel was so plain and conservative. I couldn’t imagine her having sex until the night they were married and Leigh wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship at that point of his life, he was only in his early 20’s himself! Yet he hadn’t been going out with Mandy for that long before she allowed him to pop her cherry. Looking back it now appears that Leigh’s attraction for Mandy was purely physical. Why else would he have ended it so quickly with Mandy breaking her heart in the process? She thought he loved her.

Once she had gotten over the initial shock of Leigh breaking up with her, Mandy’s grief turned to anger. She knew Leigh and Mel were good friends, though Leigh had promised her that is all they were. Mandy was certain Mel was the cause of their relationship breaking down. So she schemed. She schemed and plotted her revenge and only a few weeks after breaking up with Leigh had now put her plan into action while the emotion and heartache were both still raw.

Mandy had got to know Mel fairly well in the time that she had gone out with Leigh. After all she was always dropping in on them, calling him, meeting him for lunch. While she was going out with Leigh, Mandy was very quiet, hardly said a word to anyone, probably just really shy, I suppose. Well that’s the impression I had of her anyway, certainly it seemed Leigh was the dominant partner in their relationship and usually what he said went. But in her dealings with Mel, Mandy’s personality traits changed. Especially once she discovered a little about the history between Mel and Leigh.

She had never seen the letter but she knew about it and she also knew how besotted with Leigh Mel had become. Mandy found it very erotic to have plain little Mel hanging around, almost like a cuckold in some respects, while she had the boy. Mandy treated Mel disgracefully in that time bossing her around almost like a slave, after all she had everything Mel had desperately craved in the past few months and in Mandy’s mind this gave her a superiority over Mel. Whenever Mel was around Mandy would be all over Leigh, kissing him, touching him, flirting and consistently demonstrating her status as opposed to Mel’s.

That’s why she didn’t care that Mel would always visit and be generally around, it was an amazing power trip for her to have the Boy as well as the Boy’s girl. So her initial reaction on breaking up with Leigh was just to go and beat the living daylights out of Mel but she decided on a far more sinister and humiliating course of action, a course of action that would bring her great pleasure, help her fulfil two of her favourite fantasies and from which Mel would mentally never recover. Two events specifically had seen her make this decision.

Mel hated feet. She thought they were the dirtiest, grimiest, ugliest part of a person’s body. The mere hint of foot odour would make her gag. Mandy clearly remembered the day she discovered Mel’s horror at being forced to sniff someone’s foot odour. Leigh had playfully shoved his dirty sock in her direction and Mel nearly had a fit. Leigh and Mandy both laughed at her horror, after all he was just mucking around. But Mel went on and on about how she hated feet, hated it if someone even touched her with their feet.

While she wasn’t a lesbian, Mandy couldn’t help but fantasise from that moment about forcing Mel to lick her feet, it would absolutely define their relationship and provide Mel with irrefutable evidence as to who was the dominant woman in their ‘arrangement’. Not only that but she had lost count of the number of times she had bought herself to orgasm dreaming of having sex with Leigh while Mel was tied up and forced to watch. Maybe if the split hadn’t been so sudden, perhaps Leigh might have been a willing partner and these fantasies could have been reality.

The other thing Mandy had recognised was that Mel was bordering on being homophobic. It wasn’t necessarily anything Mel had said but Mandy remembered watching television one night when there was a scene of two women kissing and fondling each other. Mel was absolutely horrified and said the thought of it made her sick as she turned away from the screen so she didn’t have to watch. Now as I say Mandy was no lesbian herself, all her fantasies did involve sex with men but once she and Leigh had broken up she couldn’t believe how turned on she would get fantasising about having Mel’s face trapped between her thighs while being forced to provide her pleasure. Now it was just a matter of putting the plan into action...

Suddenly there was a high pitch squeal. It was a desperate attempt from Mel to try and get herself free of this situation. Although her nose was buried in the crevice between Mandy’s big and second toe, Mel was still able to scream. They were in the driveway of the house where Leigh was staying hidden from the quiet suburban street by a car parked in the drive. But with the driveway right next to the neighbour’s house, Mel thought that if she made enough noise perhaps somebody from in there might hear her and look to see what was happening before coming out to help her.

The hand which was tangled in her hair and forcing her face down onto Mel’s foot suddenly pulled her head back which immediately brought a searing pain to Mel’s scalp. Mel was mid way through her second scream for help when the wind was knocked out of her as the hand pulled her head down viciously backwards forcing her to fall heavily on her back. She was winded for a moment but relieved to have the hand out of hair when the sole of Mandy’s foot briefly came into her vision before being pressed forcibly down on her mouth effectively gagging her for the moment. Instinctively Mel’s hands flew up to the foot covering her mouth to try and get it off her. For the moment she was free and she was going to fight and struggle for her life.

The odds weren’t good though. As soon as she started to struggle to get Mandy’s foot off her so that she could get away she felt another foot pressing menacingly on her crotch. Despite the brief struggle Mandy remained composed.

“Mel,” she stated calmly, “I suggest if you plan to have kids in the future you stop trying to be such a hero. Trace is only one step away from smashing your stupid little cunt to pieces. You and Leigh would have to adopt, now wouldn’t that be a shame?”

Mel stopped struggling for a moment to take in her predicament. Mandy’s foot covered her mouth totally and she struggled to breathe as her nose was partially covered by the arch of Mandy’s sole. Any breath she could take was heavily laboured with the unpleasant scent of Mandy’s smelly foot, seemingly fresh out of her favourite pair of jogging shoes. Mandy was dressed familiarly, in fact anyone had hardly seen her in anything except a pair of army camouflage pants, which she was wearing again today and black tank top. Mel let her gaze wander slowly up Mandy’s leg past her hip and up into her eyes.

Mandy had a good figure, just a little puppy fat around the tummy, nothing a few sit-ups couldn’t fix over a period of a couple of weeks. But she was tall. Probably up near six foot much, much taller than Mel who would have only just been a few inches over 5 foot. However from Mel’s position flat on her back with Mandy’s quite large foot resting heavily on her mouth, she dead-set looked like a giant. Very intimidating. Then again I reckon if you are on your hand and knees, never mind your back, in front of anyone it would be very intimidating. I can’t think of any stronger acts of submission than falling to your hands and knees in front of someone, especially of the same sex. And then being forced to submit to them, there couldn’t be anything worse.

So Mel made one last attempt to get away. Unsuccessful attempt. As soon as she moved Tracy pressed heavily down on her crotch with her bare foot, heavily enough to warn Mel to stop squirming and to cause some pain, not quite heavily enough to cause any damage. Mandy lost her balance for a moment and Mel screamed briefly before Mandy’s big foot trapped her airway shut again, this time with a little more force. Once again Mel used her hands to try and free herself.

“You don’t seem to understand you dumb bitch,” Mandy retained her calmness, “I am one step away from breaking your jaw and Trace is one step away from seriously hurting you. Do you think I’ve come this far, hunted you down like a fucking dog and paid an accomplice to help me that I’m not going to hurt you if you give me half the chance? Use your fucking brains and cooperate Mel so then we don’t have to hurt you. I’m only really after one thing Mel. And that is to use you to give me back what you have taken away from me. I don’t care about Leigh, you can have the stupid arsehole. No what I care about is what Leigh provided. He was my first guy Mel, isn’t that cute? Your boyfriend popped my virginity and made me feel so good that I’m going to have to use you to replace him. You get my drift Mel? It makes me wet just thinking about you having your head trapped between my thighs...”

With that Mel nearly went into hysterics trying to get away. She pushed Mandy away easily but was then doubled over in pain so quickly as Tracy took aim and put an immediate stop to any hopes Mel might have had of an escape plan with a well aimed stomp of her bare heel directly onto Mel’s mound. Mel rolled into a ball and was forced to cough a couple of times as the pain started to centre itself around her lower abdomen. She was absolutely free now, neither girl bothered to hold her or try and pin her down, there was no need, Mel wasn’t going anywhere quickly. But they did have to get her out of the driveway and somewhere a little more private where the humiliation could continue.

Once again Tracy wrapped her fingers in Mel’s hair, this time forcing her to her feet. Mel was openly crying now. Blubbering almost, she started to drool as the horrible pain in her stomach refused to subside. Tracy didn’t care, after all she was just being paid to do a job and showed no mercy at all as she forced Mel into a headlock, all the time keeping a firm grip of hair and forced her to walk, or perhaps more accurately, stumble towards the back of the property. They followed closely behind Mandy who led them to a bungalow in the backyard and paused briefly while she located the hidden key and opened the door, before entering with Tracy roughly throwing Mel to the ground who landed with a thud on her side. Mandy closed the door and locked it.

“Welcome to your new home Mel. You like it, huh?” Mandy nudged Mel with her foot who continued to sob on the floor. “C’mon Mel, you must remember it in here. This is where Leigh brought me when we used to fuck each other. Can you imagine that Mel, just think for a moment. Think about the man you love, the guy you want to have kids with in here,” she paused for a moment and lifted Mel’s head by her hair. “Over there right on that bed with me. How’s that make you feel Mel? I bet you can feel it in the pit of your stomach. A little bit of anger ... or is it envy? I’ve done things with him you could only imagine in your stupid little fantasies. If it weren’t for little old me, it might have been you with him in that bed fulfilling your fantasies. But instead you’re here now as my little fuck-toy.”

Suddenly Mel launched herself at Mandy who could only chuckle as she took one step to her left as Mel grazed the leg of her pants and landed heavily on the floor. Tracy was quick to jump on top of her as she landed and forced her onto her stomach. She roughly grabbed Mel’s hands and quickly tied them together behind her back.

Mel yelled and screamed with all her might, someone had to hear her, surely someone inside the house, one of the neighbours, anyone. Suddenly her voice was muffled again, this time by Tracy’s hand over her mouth. She sat heavily on Mel’s back and used her other hand to pinch Mel’s nose shut. Mel’s eyes widened as her ability to breathe was taken right away from her. She struggled like crazy, shaking her head from side to side and rolling about trying to get Tracy off who just rode her every bump and grind like she was on a bucking rodeo but Tracy’s grip on her face remained as firm as ever and it didn’t take long for Mel’s struggles to weaken. Eventually Tracy let go of her nose and mouth simultaneously so that Mel could take a sharp intake of breath.

“Mel, you’re just making this hard on yourself,” said Mandy who was totally in control of the situation. She got down on the floor and looked Mel in the face, “Now I’m going to have to gag you as well.”

She pinched Mel’s nasal passage closed again and held up a stained pair of cotton panties.

“These won’t smell too bad, I wore them for a few days last week so the smell has probably gone but they look nasty don’t they?”

Mandy pushed the padded part of the fabric out for Mel to see clearly. There was some type of discharge there that looked a little crusty, a pale yellow in colour.

“This is the part of the panties that has been resting against my vagina. I don’t know what that stuff is. Doesn’t look too pleasant though, ha? Anyway I prepared them especially for you, it made me so wet wearing these panties all last week rubbing up against my cunt and arsehole knowing that eventually they were going to end up in your mouth. I couldn’t stop thinking about you as I went to the toilet and pulled them up over me again just knowing where they were going to end up. And when I went jogging or got really sweaty down there I would get home and take them off, they had a bit of a tang to them then, and I would think of you. Then I would think again of you the next day as I put them back on again. After a few days they were too rank for even me to wear so I put them in a plastic bag ready for you. Are you ready for them?”

With that Mandy placed them into Mel’s open mouth making certain that the crusty part rested on her tongue. She shoved them into a point where they wouldn’t go any further and hung comically out of Mel’s mouth. Tracy, who was still sitting on Mel’s back then ripped off a piece of duct tape and effectively trapped them in Mel’s mouth. Mel’s only course of action left was to kick her legs violently into the floor to make as much noise as possible. Within seconds Tracy had restrained them as well and started to tie them together. Mel was now totally immobile. To finish the job completely Tracy folded Mel’s legs back towards her body and tied a piece of rope from Mel’s hands to ankles, effectively leaving her on the floor hog-tied.

Tracy then knelt down behind Mel, grabbed her hair again and tilted her head back so that she was forced to look up at Mandy who walked over and stood right in front of them. She lifted her foot and caressed Mel’s face lovingly with her big toe. She slowly traced her toe around Mel’s eyes carefully wiping away the tears, down around the duct tape that trapped her dirty panties in Mel’s mouth, up and down her cheek before paying particular attention to just below her nose where Mel had no choice but to breathe in the odour.

“You’re probably thinking right now of ways to get out of this situation,” Mandy started. “Well I can tell you that there aren’t any. Leigh hasn’t changed his password on his e-mail account so I know for a fact that he is in Sydney for the next few days. Not only that but the stupid bastard still hides the key in the same spot. So I thought what better place than here at your boyfriend’s house, the place where we spent so much time hanging out together, to teach you your proper place.” Mandy continued to run her toe over Mel’s face, “Now I don’t intend to hold you here for long, just long enough so that Tracy and I get what we want. Oh wait, how rude of me, I don’t think you and Trace have been introduced. Trace you come and stand over here while I introduce you.”

The pressure pulling Mel’s scalp back was suddenly gone. Mel could only rest her head on the floor in relief for a few moments before Mandy had a firm grip of hair and once again tilted her head backwards so that she was forced to look at the person in front of her.

“Mel this is Tracy.”

Tracy stepped forward and grabbed Mel’s nose between her big and second toes.

“Nice to meet you Mel,” she said as she shook Mel’s face backwards and forwards with this tight grip on her nose. Mandy laughed, while Mel panicked. She had no way of breathing through her mouth with this disgusting gag in place so anything that blocked her nose made it impossible to breathe. Just as quickly though, Tracy released her nose giving Mel a clear look at her for the first time.

The first thing Mel noticed was how skinny she was. How could someone so skinny be so tough? And how dirty she looked. Mel looked in horror at her feet, they were filthy like she hadn’t worn shoes for days. She was wearing a light sun dress, green in colour, though it looked as if she had been wearing it for days too. It hung loosely about half way down her thighs. Her dirty blondish hair hadn’t been washed for days either. If she looked after herself and ate properly, Mel thought that maybe she could be quite attractive.

“I met Trace down at Frankston Railway Station,” Mandy continued. “She was keen to earn some money to help pay for her drug habit. When we sat down and talked about what I was going to do, she couldn’t wait to be in on it. After all this is a lot more pleasant than having to give head jobs to middle aged men for a few extra bucks on the side.”

Mandy laughed, “If all goes well, maybe she could pimp you out to earn some extra money for her after I’ve finished with you.”

Tracy chimed in, “It’s like I always said Mandy, better to receive head jobs than give, especially if it’s from frigid little bitches like this one.”

“That’s fine Trace, just remember our deal. You don’t get to play with her until after I have finished, then she’s all yours.”

With that Mandy let go of Mel’s hair and stood up.

“Righto I’m going out for a long jog to work up even more of a sweat. Want to be at my best when I finally get to sit on your face. Look at me Mel. I want you to watch me as I get changed. Look at the body that fucked your boyfriend silly in this very room. Look at the body that owns you right now. That’s right Mel, I own you. I can touch any part of you I want, can do anything to you I want and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.”

Tracy grabbed Mel’s hair again and forced her to look up at Mandy unbuttoning her camouflage pants. Mandy took a few paces forward so that she was standing right in front of Mel.

“Hold her up Trace. So she is on her knees before me.”

There was no way Mel could balance on her knees herself with the way she had been tied, so Tracy dragged her to her knees so that her face was about equal with the zipper of Mandy’s pants. And held her. Mandy stared down at her as she slowly and seductively pulled down her zipper just inches in front of her face. At this point Mel tightly closed her eyes, only to be greeted with a hard slap.

“Look at me you fucking bitch,” Mandy growled, “If you dare shut your eyes before me again I will hurt you.”

As Mandy allowed her pants to fall to the ground, a cute but plain pair of pink cotton panties revealed itself. Mandy suddenly thrust her hips forward, smacking Mel right in the face with her vagina. She did it again. And again. Only lightly, I don’t think she did it with any intention of inflicting any pain. She did it again. Mel started to cry again.

“You know what I’m doing, don’t you Mel?” She did it again, then twice more. “I’m smacking your face with my cunt Mel. Look at these panties. Think about what’s inside them.” Mandy thrust her hips forward again bumping Mel’s face with her vagina. “How’s that make you feel? Good to be smacked in the face with the cunt that fucked your boyfriend?” And again. “Think about it Mel, you on your knees in front of the cunt that fucked your boyfriend.” She did it again. “And now this cunt owns you. Your whole World revolves around this cunt. Surely you can taste it now on those panties stuffed in your mouth. My cunt is in your mouth and no matter how long you live, you will always know that the taste of the cunt that fucked...” She did it again... “Your...” and again this time a little harder... “Boyfriend...” this time with enough force for Tracy to let go so that Mel would fall to the floor, “Will always be in your mouth, you disgusting little bitch.”

Mandy stepped out of her pants and stood over Mel one leg either side of her prone body, whose tears still flowed steadily.

“Look up at me Mel. Now as I was saying I’m going out for a jog. I’m gunna make myself so sweaty, I want you to feel as uncomfortable as possible while you give me the best orgasm I have ever had all over your stupid face. So when I get back you will lick the sweat from every single part of my body which means we will take out your gag. While I’m gone I want you to think about your place here and what you are going to do for me. Also think about the pain you endured when Trace kicked you in the cunt. If there is any screaming or shouting from you once we take off your gag we will beat you silly and still force you to do what we want. Nod for me if you understand.”

Mel desperately nodded her head. She frantically wanted to get this disgusting gag out of her mouth. The discharge had loosened and been swallowed long ago and now all that was left was a sopping wet piece of fabric robbing her of any saliva in her mouth. Her throat was hurting terribly and she desperately needed a drink. Not only that but if she was allowed to talk maybe she could talk some compassion into these girls. Especially Tracy. Surely she had no grudge against her, maybe she could offer her more money to let her go than what Mandy was able to pay her.

Mandy went back over to the bed and pulled on a tight pair of lycra shorts before sitting down to put on her shoes and socks.

“Can you bring her over here please Trace?”

Tracy did as she was asked, dragging Mel by her bonds over to Mandy’s feet. Mel was left laying on her stomach right in front of Mandy’s feet as she sat on the edge of the bed. Mandy grabbed a pair of what looked to be well worn socks, certainly the soles of the white athletic anklets were an off-white at best, rested one foot on the side of Mel’s face while she pulled her sock then shoe onto her other foot. She then changed feet and placed her foot which was now wearing the running shoe on the side of Mel’s head while she put her shoe and sock on the other foot. It was only a little thing but it ensured Mel knew her place. As Mandy stood up she left her foot resting on Mel’s face, then pressed down full weight as she callously trampled on her head as she made her way over to the door.

“Righto Trace, you know what to do. I should be back in half hour or so, probably would have worked up a fair sweat by then. See ya Mel,” she yelled as she left. The key in the lock could clearly be heard as Mandy locked them both in as she left.

She wouldn’t have been out the driveway before Tracy started loosening Mel’s bonds. She undid the rope tying Mel’s feet to her hands, which allowed Mel to straighten her legs for the first time in a while, then undid the rope tying her ankles together before untying her hands. Mel couldn’t believe it, was she being freed?


Mel’s knees ached terribly from being bent back over her body in the hog tie. Her shoulders also throbbed from having her wrists tied tightly behind her back. She stretched out on the floor for a moment before it even occurred to her that without her hands being tied she could take out the gag. In a swift motion Mel pulled the duct tape from her mouth before pulling the undies out of her mouth and tossing them to one side. This was a strange turn of events. Mel knew the door was locked and that she was still trapped in the bungalow. It was an unusual set-up in that the door could be snitched from the outside and whoever was inside would be locked in. She had asked Leigh to change it several times in the past. That said she could still easily clamber out a window if she could get past Tracy.

That was another matter. Tracy? Why on Earth had she just untied her like that? Was she offering the opportunity for her to get away? Was Mel going to have to struggle with her or was Tracy going to just let her get up and do as she pleased? Should Mel offer her money to be released? She was sure she could outbid Mandy if it got down to that. What did Mandy mean by telling Tracy that ‘she would know what to do?’

Eventually Mel slowly started to stand up, she wasn’t going to make any sudden movements for the window, there was no way Tracy would allow that. She looked around to see Tracy simply leaning against the sink watching her with a smirk on her face. Remembering that Mandy said she would be half an hour, Mel knew she still had plenty of time so she decided to try and make friends with Tracy, she needed an ally in this situation, not an enemy. Not someone who was going to be angry about her trying to escape.

Mel now stood unsteadily. The pain in her stomach from Tracy kicking her earlier was now gone. In fact other than the aching in her knees and shoulders Mel felt quite well. Except her throat was terribly dry having had Mel’s dirty panties being forced in there. She tried to speak but could only manage a croaking sound at first before working some moisture back in her throat. She decided to be as polite as possible to Tracy, almost as nothing had happened between them. She knew she couldn’t afford to cause any trouble.

“Excuse me Tracy, is it alright if I get a glass of water, my throat’s really dry.” Mel was as sincere and submissive as possible. She figured that as long as Tracy thought that she was still in charge there shouldn’t be a problem.

“Yeah sure,” replied Tracy. “You must feel terrible.”

What was this – was she starting a conversation? Mel continued to play along.

“Yeah, I feel pretty bad.”

“So you should,” said Tracy, “You know you brought this on yourself.”

Mel quickly downed one glass of water before re-filling another.

Tracy continued, “In my opinion you deserve everything you get.”

Mel downed the other glass of water, didn’t sound as if though Tracy was interested in being friends. She re-filled again.

“Look,” said Mel, “I don’t know what Mandy has told you about Leigh and I. I had nothing to do with him breaking up with her. When I asked him about it he told me nothing had changed between him and I, he still just wanted to be friends. I don’t know why he dumped Mandy. You know if Mandy is paying you to help her, I work full-time. You and I can just leave here now and I will give you double anything Mandy is paying you.”

“C’mon Mel, you heard her lock the door. We’re trapped in here until she gets back.”

Mel nodded towards the window. “The door isn’t the only way out.”

Tracy walked over to the window, seemingly to see if it was locked or nailed down. “You’re right she hasn’t locked the window. You’ll pay me double if I let you out?”

Mel’s heart skipped a beat, this was looking promising. “Yeah, we leave together. My car is just out the front, I will drive you direct to the bank, withdraw the cash, then we’re both free to go our separate ways. What do you reckon?”

Tracy didn’t even give it any thought, “Alright then, you’ve got a deal. You jump out first, I’ll follow.”

Mel couldn’t believe it. She probably couldn’t have the money Tracy wanted straight away but that was a bridge to cross once they got to it. She just had to get them both out of here before Mandy came back. Tracy didn’t need to know she might not have the money, she’d just drive them both straight to a police station. Yeah, that is what she would do, the cops could be waiting at the bungalow to arrest Mandy as soon as she got back. Mel put down her glass and bounded over to the window. It was one of those widows that didn’t open all the way so you had to put one leg out first, then bend you’re body under the window before bringing the other leg through.

“I’ll give you a hand once I’m out if you like,” said Mel enthusiastically as she slipped her leg through the window. Tracy readied herself and then at the exact point Mel was halfway out straddling the sill, she slammed the window straight down on Mel’s back not once but twice, causing Mel to howl from the pain. In a flash, Tracy had dragged Mel’s body back into the bungalow and shut the window.

In the few moments this had happened, Mel couldn’t believe how stupid she had been. Of course this was a double-cross, she should have insisted Tracy climb out the window first. You could almost see Mel thinking to herself, ‘one minute she is saying that I deserve everything I get, the next she is helping me to escape out the window. Yeah right’. Mel never had a chance to regain her footing as Tracy quickly jumped on her while she was on the floor and rained punches down all over her body.

Mel desperately rolled over onto her back, dislodging Tracy from her perch in the process. Mel certainly wasn’t a fighter, she could never remember being in a fight before and it told. Like a cat, Tracy was immediately back onto her feet while Mel was just a fraction slower in trying to get up. This was all the time Tracy needed as she lifted her bare foot straight into Mel’s stomach. The wind quickly escaped Mel’s lungs as she fell back to her knees. Tracy lined her up again and unleashed another kick into the side of Mel’s stomach. This time Mel fell to the ground. Tracy rested her knee into the small of Mel’s back and cruelly pulled her head back by the hair bending her body back in a way that it wasn’t built for. Mel tried to scream but the pain was too much, she could only whimper as Tracy lent forward and whispered in her ear.

“Time to get undressed bitch.”

Mel was wearing a pull-over with blouse underneath and as Tracy let go of her hair and stood up, she could feel her tugging at her top trying to get it over her head. Tracy was able to lift Mel’s arms above her head and pulled both the top and blouse off to the point where they bunched around her neck so that Mel couldn’t see and so that her arms remain trapped in the sleeves comically above her head. Mel started to roll around on the floor trying to free herself of her clothing and get out of this trap when pain exploded in her groin, she howled terribly, it was clear that Tracy had kicked her fair between the legs while she was trapped.

Mel then felt a weight on her stomach, clearly Tracy had straddled her and was now sitting astride her. Despite the pain, Mel could feel kind of a warm, moist type feeling on her skin where Tracy sat. Then it dawned on her, the filthy cow wasn’t wearing undies. She couldn’t tell before now as any time Tracy had straddled her, she was wearing clothes. But this was plain skin on skin. Mel was horrified as Tracy slowly slid a couple of inches up and down her torso, masturbating herself on Mel’s bare stomach. Mel squiggled violently to try and get away but she was trapped hopelessly.

“Keep struggling Mel, you naughty girl. You’re making me all wet, can you feel it on your stomach?”

There was no immediate answer so Tracy lifted herself up slightly before dropping the full weight of her body back onto Mel’s bare stomach. The sudden blow winded Mel and there was a small squelch as Tracy landed back in her own wet patch.

“Ooh, did you hear that Mel? You’re making me so wet. Struggling and squirming under my naked cunt. I don’t think I’ll wait for Mandy to get back, I really want to sit on your face now. Would you like that Mel? I know you’re trapped. Do you want me to free you so that I can sit my naked, wet, swollen pussy on your face? You better answer me Mel otherwise I’ll do this again.”

With that she lifted herself again, slightly higher this time before dropping her weight back onto Mel’s stomach. You couldn’t hear the squelch this time, not over the grunt from Mel who desperately struggled for breath. It was unbearably hot trapped inside her clothing and her shoulders were starting to hurt again from being trapped above her head. She felt Tracy lift again.

“No, no please don’t.” Mel pleaded. “Not again.”

Tracy dropped her weight down onto Mel’s stomach for a third time. Once again the wind went rushing out of Mel’s system.

“Well,” said Tracy, “Do you want me to free you so I can sit on your face? You can get some practice in before Mandy gets back.”

Mel continued to try and take breaths, as difficult as it was with this woman sitting on her.

“No. No.” There was panic in Mel’s voice, “I will stay trapped. I’ll do anything you want, please don’t sit on my face.” She felt Tracy’s weight lift from her stomach again, “Tracy, please stop, Tracy don’t do it again, it hurts.”

Even though she could no longer see her face, Tracy could tell Mel was crying uncontrollably.

“Alright Mel, settle down. I’ll stop doing it.” Tracy settled back down on Mel’s stomach, this time with a little more care. “You don’t mind me rubbing myself on you like this while I undress you do you Mel?” Tracy continued her little sliding motion on Mel’s stomach.

Then for some reason Mel got angry. It was so sudden. Up until now she had screamed for help, tried to get away, cried and pleaded for mercy but never really lost her temper. As she lay there trapped in her own clothing, unable to see and unbearably hot while this slut used her for her own pleasure, something clicked in Mel.

“Get off me you fucking bitch!” she screamed. It was very unusual for Mel to swear. “Just leave me alone, it’s not my fault Leigh dumped Mandy. Why can’t you just leave me alone?” She had started to shout but as her ranting continued, she broke down totally. “I’ve never done anything to anyone, I don’t deserve this. Why are you doing this to me?”

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