Brat Control

by Bullied Submissive

Copyright© 2018 by Bullied Submissive

Sex Story: Disturbing story about the break-down of a relationship between Mother and Daughter and the teenage girl's sexual assault and domination of her Mother. If you are offended by themes of incest where a daughter dominates her Mother or by acts of non-consensual sex and violence, please do not proceed.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Foot Fetish   Cat-Fighting   Violent   .

Monique stood over her Mother as she lay on the floor crumpled in agony at her feet.

She felt sick in the guts, she couldn’t believe she had actually done it. Hours and hours lying awake in bed just dreaming and fantasizing about this sick moment in her mind. The moment where she would pay her Mother back, pay her back for making her young teenage life hell. Show her who truly was the dominant female in the house. This moment was going to be worth every bit of trouble she was likely to get into. She knew her Dad would have a fit once her Mother had told him what had happened. Probably kick her out of the house. Monique had nowhere to go but that didn’t matter right now. Nerves and adrenalin had kicked in and as her Mother lay on the floor gasping for breath Monique nudged her in the ribs with her bare foot. Not so much force as to hurt her, but with enough force to roll her onto her back so she could look up at her daughter smiling smugly at her. That other sensation just wouldn’t go away, it was the same feeling she had centre around her pussy when she would dream of this moment, that tingly feeling she would get whenever she imagined her Mum at her mercy.

Sharon was terrified of her daughter right now. This wasn’t the same little girl she had raised, the little girl with the cute smile who used to call her Mummy. The little girl she would take to the playground and push on the swings for hours. The little girl she had nurtured and loved right through until these teenage years. She had heard other Mums talk about it, talk about teenage girls, how they would change, seemingly overnight. Become different people altogether, brooding, moody, unpleasant. She was sure this wouldn’t happen with Monique but it had, only much worse. The other thing Sharon had heard about teenage girls is that they would usually grow out of it, come out the other side a better person, a young adult and in most cases as close to their Mothers as ever. But as she lay on the floor at the feet of her tormentor, her own daughter, she knew their relationship could never be the same.

She had a feeling they were getting close to a breaking point but she had never expected a physical assault. It was only one blow Monique had struck, a swift raising of her knee straight into Sharon’s crotch, but while the blow itself was painful, the worst the young Mother had ever felt and that included giving birth to the retched young thing that had just done this to her, it was the calculating manner in which it took place that worried her most.

They were fighting again. Robbie was out for the evening, he had night shift and wouldn’t be back till the morning while the two young kids, the twins, were both sound asleep in bed. Deep down Sharon knew it was the twins that were the cause of this. Her eldest daughter hated her own little siblings. Monique made no secret of it either. Right from the time she was thirteen years old when her Mother first revealed she was pregnant she was unhappy about it. Sharon always considered it pure selfishness, her only daughter revelled in all the attention that would bring and she made it quite clear she wasn’t happy to share.

Of course her friends had warned her this might happen. It could go one of two ways, Monique would either love them and help Sharon mother them through their youngest years, they say a girl always has those maternal instincts but tellingly Monique was never really one to play with dolls. Or it could go the way it had. Monique was too old now to be happy about suddenly having a younger brother and sister on the scene. It was clear these little squirts would cramp her style and make it difficult to bring boys home. And as they got older and become more annoying as tots tend to do, especially when you are a short tempered teenager with raging hormones and have a dislike and jealousy toward them to start with, the hatred slowly builds.

To Monique’s credit she knew it wasn’t the kids fault. Sure she yelled and screamed at them when they would annoy her while she was on the phone to her friends talking about boys, or worse on the phone talking to boys themselves. Or when she was trying to get homework done. Of course they never had homework so they wouldn’t understand, weren’t even old enough to go to school yet. But she still tried to be nice to them. It wasn’t their fault she had a stupid Mother who insisted on bringing them into their once perfect World.

So in the past three years, relationship between Mother and Daughter cooled drastically. More recently it seemed to be getting into a state of disrepair. And now with this one act of hatred from Monique it was broken. Never likely to be fixed either. Through her haze of pain Sharon couldn’t even remember what started this latest little episode. What she did know though and had often contemplated was how Monique lately was getting so close to her whenever they argued. Physically close. It used to be that Monique would yell and scream her profanities at her across the room before running off to her bedroom to disappear for hours usually in tears. Then she started standing her ground and yelling at her, Sharon never wanted to but usually found herself screaming back at her daughter. The last time they fought, only a couple of days ago, Monique had actually moved toward her Mother pointing and shouting. Sharon was a bit shocked that Monique would get so close to her, invade her personal space, and actually scream in her face.

Monique had sensed it. Her Mother was actually intimidated by her that last time they fought. Of course Monique had been planning and masturbating now for weeks about dominating her Mother, but it wasn’t until this night that she made the connection between fantasy and real life. When her Mother had stepped back, moved away from her, Monique wanted to spit in her face. How could she be so weak? Her own Mother, as to back down like that. But secretly that’s what she wanted, and that’s what she got. As was now becoming her habit she raced off to her bedroom, slammed the door, ripped her pants off and masturbated furiously. Monique knew it, she was going to own her Mother. She couldn’t help but grin at the thought she was lying in her room sulking. Her Mother had said it once. They’d fight then Monique would race off to her room and sulk. Well that used to be true. But not lately. No, she’d found websites on the Internet, really opened her mind. Femdom they called it and there was plenty of examples of girls not only exploiting Men but of Women dominating women, students their teachers, and Daughters their mothers.

She’d get so turned on now by fighting and arguing with her Mother that Monique would start ranting at the most tedious of things. She knew her Mum would bite, especially if she said anything about the twins, and the argument would begin. Always ended the same way too – Monique in her bedroom masturbating furiously to images of her Mum in her mind on the floor at her total mercy. Crying, blubbering mess, apologizing for making Monique’s life hell and offering to do anything she possibly could to make it up to her. Of course this was where the fantasy got the better of her. Reality was totally different, her Dad was going to kill her.

And that is what made her feel so nervous right now as her Mum lay rigid on the floor recovering from the brutal blow Monique had cruelly delivered to her crotch. She was going to fulfil her fantasy all right and while her pussy was in charge of her mind the consequences didn’t matter either.

The initial shock of the blow had now cleared and Sharon tried to regather her thoughts. This was no longer her daughter above her; this was a dangerous Woman who had just assaulted her. Sharon couldn’t get the calculating way Monique had injured her out of her mind, this was no spur of the moment reaction. In fact she now considered it a well thought out and planned assault.

It had started the same way with Monique screaming and yelling at her Mother. Sharon hated to scream back but she did, which as usual triggered Monique to yell back at her but again she started to walk toward her. Sharon felt herself take a step back as the teenage girl approached her but it wasn’t long before the teenager was in her face again. Then the yelling stopped. It was only a fraction of a moment but Monique had caught her Mother’s stare. Maybe for a second, time stood still as Monique stared menacingly into her Mother’s green eyes with her own blue ones, which were exactly the same colour as her Dad’s. Sharon felt Monique’s hands on either shoulder then an explosion of pain as Monique pulled Sharon’s weight forward to smash her knee with maximum impact straight into her crotch. The whole time she just stared at her Mum with this wild look in her eye, nothing like Sharon had ever seen before. And that’s how she knew this wasn’t her daughter anymore. It might have been her physically but inside was a monster. Once again seconds were more like minutes as Monique held her Mother up with her knee cruelly resting against the smashed mound for maximum impact before stepping back and watching with some satisfaction as her Mother crumpled to the floor.

Sharon must have been on the floor for a couple of minutes trying to regather her breath before she was unceremoniously rolled over onto her back by her daughter’s bare foot. Sharon was in good shape for a Mum in her mid 30s. She had Monique when she was young and while the 16-year-old teenager standing above her was yet to fill out properly, Sharon was attractive with dark brown hair and proud of her appearance. She was dressed typically as you would be in your own home, just a pair of jeans and t-shirt, no shoes when she was attacked. Monique was still developing but had very attractive facial features and her hair was a sandy blonde colour, falling just below her shoulders. She was very skinny and in a proper fight her Mother would beat her easily but Monique never intended this to be a proper fight.

The shock of the pain in her crotch was nothing compared to the shock which greeted Sharon as she was finally able to focus on her daughter standing above her. She couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of her own daughter standing above her injured Mother casually masturbating. Not only had she perpetuated this assault, she was sexually motivated. This definitely wasn’t her daughter. Sharon knew she had to get up, before things got worse.

Monique watched in a haze of pleasure as her Mother looked up to see her masturbating. She was sure her Mother was certain she wouldn’t have done such a thing before now, afterall teenagers are usually trying to do everything they can to hide this aspect of their lives from their parents but not Monique. It gave her a thrill to be lewdly playing with herself in front of her own Mother. And you could make no mistake. Her jeans were undone and her hand was clearly inside her own underwear. She giggled at the look on her Mum’s face.

“Oh, come on Mum, it’s normal. Everyone does it at this age.”

Sharon went to lift herself from the ground, she could take or watch no more. But as she raised herself off the floor to try and get into a sitting position Monique put her bare teenage foot right on her chest and pushed her back down to the ground holding her weight there for a moment.

“No you don’t Mummy, you’re not going anywhere. You see I think we have to talk. You don’t want little Mo-Mo to hurt you again do you?”

Sharon couldn’t say anything as tears welled in her eyes. This was all too much.

“Please Monique, stop this. You’re frightening me and I’m hurt. I promise if you stop right now I won’t mention anything to your Father. This doesn’t have to,” Monique moved her foot from her Mother’s chest and placed it now heavily on her mouth to gag her.

“You are such a stupid bitch Mum. Is this all it takes to shut you up, my fucking foot on your mouth?” Monique laughs out loud, “We should have done this months ago.”

Sharon grabbed at her daughter’s ankle while gagged by her foot to try and alleviate the pressure but with the entire weight of the lightly built teenager’s frame pressing down on her she was all but helpless.

“Keep struggling Mummy, you’re really adding to the atmosphere if you know what I mean,” the mean brat continued as she thrust her hips forward getting more and more aroused at the way she was dominating her Mother.

Sharon was crying freely now as she looked up at her daughter, from beneath her foot she was sickened as Monique erotically swept her tongue over her lips. Her own daughter looked so menacing standing above her like this, she seemed so big as Sharon looked up along her long skinny bare leg to her jean shorts unbuttoned and unzipped, her hand still lazily sweeping across and teasing her mound, beyond that, even her small breasts looked a lot larger from this angle flat on her back. Sharon knew she had to do something.

So she pushed her body up off the ground causing Monique to lose her balance momentarily while Sharon tried to stand up. Her stomach was till hurting badly from the blow to the crotch and she wondered if perhaps she had been injured internally. But none of that worried Monique. She regained her balance quickly as her Mother pushed her foot off her face and waited to pounce as her Mother slowly pushed herself up to her knees then placing one foot flat on the floor readied herself to stand upright again. No way was Monique going to allow that, they still had all night to play.

Sharon couldn’t even scream as she felt her daughter’s shin and lower leg smash into the middle of her back as she tried to stand up and the top of Monique’s foot caught her flush in the kidneys. The blow especially across her back had winded her now, and while most of the force of the kick was centred more where her foot contacted her side, she very quickly crashed back down to the ground. Her whole body had exploded in pain and she struggled to catch her breath again as the wind was knocked right out of her sails. She fell onto her side and stomach as her body curled itself up to try and escape its attacker. She could hear Monique above her,

“I’m sorry Mum, we haven’t finished playing yet. Well I haven’t anyway. We’ve still got to have that talk, don’t we?” She poked her foot into her Mothers exposed side, “Well don’t we?”

Sharon was struggling to breathe never mind talk.

“Anyway,” Monique continued, “We have to talk, and I’ve got some games planned for us. Well there games for grown ups really but its going to be really fun making you help me to play. You know what I mean, well you’ve probably guessed, this is all making me a little bit horny. And useless old Mummy might be able to help her little Mo-Mo in that regard.”

Sharon was terrified now. She was being attacked in her very home, not by some intruder, but her own daughter. She had to try and get away. She could hear Monique behind her as she got to her knees and started crawling the short distance to the nearest bedroom. It was the twin’s room but at least she thought if she could wake them up, well then surely Monique would stop. Monique, now playing like a kitten with her prey, got directly behind her Mum, she could see what she was up to, and violently kicked the big toe of her bare foot directly between her Mother’s legs. Sharon’s jeans helped to absorb some of the blow to her most intimate parts but Monique could see the fight leave her Mother as she collapsed onto her stomach still metres from the twins door and unable to do anything but gasp from the blinding pain.

Sharon felt Monique’s weight above her now. She was straddling her from behind and roughly sat down right into the small of her Mother’s back. She grabbed hold of her Mother’s hair and yanked her head back. Sharon could feel her breathing heavily now into her ear.

“Listen to me Bitch. We’re going back to my room now before you wake up the kids. I know I’m going to get into trouble for this so I’m going to make sure it’s worth my while and by the time we’ve finished you’ll know who the real ‘Mummy’ is in this house.”

God her voice sounded so menacing now as she spat her words through clenched teeth directly into Sharon’s earlobe. The young Mother considered screaming for the twins as this seemed her only hope but her teenage daughter had clearly gone mad so there was no telling what she might do if they were to interrupt them. Suddenly there was some cloth or something roughly shoved into her mouth as she contemplated screaming.

“There you go Mum you can wash these for me now instead of later if you like.”

Immediately Sharon knew her daughter’s soiled panties had been shoved into her mouth. Disturbingly she imagined the young brat above her was now naked from the waist down as suddenly she was pulled to her feet by her hair and dragged through the house by her own daughter at good speed from one end of the house to the other which was where Monique’s bedroom was located.

Monique unceremoniously threw her Mother to the floor by her hair. Sharon was totally defeated now, she sobbed helplessly not only at the pain from the attack on her crotch, as well as her now burning scalp where strands of hair had been pulled out by their roots, but also from the realisation she had lost a daughter. She didn’t know who this girl was that was doing this to her but it definitely was not her daughter. Surely she couldn’t be capable of such things. How could her own daughter hate her this much? The thought of losing her daughter easily overwhelmed any physical pain she felt. She opened her eyes briefly to see what she could do. Monique was over by the door, she had shut it quietly and was now locking it with a key. But the bedroom doors didn’t have locks, especially from the inside. How could she? How could her door be lockable now?

Monique noticed her Mother looking up at her.

She held the key triumphantly in the air, “The locksmith was here earlier, while you were out with the twins, neat ey? But there’s only one key so you better hope I don’t lose it otherwise you’ll be locked in here with me forever. Won’t that be fun?” Monique’s voice was different now. Still menacing, yet playful.

Sharon was sprawled out on the floor beside her daughter’s bed, she remained fully dressed but her hair was a mess now. Monique was holding the key to the now locked door up in the air, taunting her with it and for the first time the young Mother noticed her daughter’s nakedness. Sure she was still dressed in casual blouse from her waist up but other than that, totally naked. Sharon couldn’t help but stare at her own daughter’s privates. She mustn’t have seen this young woman like this now since she was a kid, maybe seven, eight years old. Her daughter was blonde and had a light covering of pubes above her labia, which remained tight, like a little girl’s. As she stared, Sharon suddenly remembered the panties crudely stuffed in her mouth and quickly dug them out with her fingers dropping them on the floor.

Monique was talking to her again, “And you know what we’re going to do this with this key?”

Sharon looked up at her daughter as she approached her on the floor and was shocked when she squatted her naked form just above her head. Not only did her labia now open and more lewdly display her pussy to her gaze, Sharon also had a totally perfect and uninterrupted view of her daughter’s tight little arsehole. She was shocked at the brown staining around the little bud and wondered if they all looked like this. She’d never seen an arsehole before, not like this, not up so close. Monique was making a big production now of taking the key, she waved it in her Mother’s face and continued talking down to her Mum.

“So you don’t want me to accidentally misplace this key do you Mum? I’ve thought of a real safe place to keep it, somewhere you can get it easily enough as soon as you want to leave. All you have to do to get it is ask for it, and I’ll let you get it.”

Monique reached below her body and crudely spread her left arse cheek right above her Mum’s face opening her anus as far as it could go and with very little effort plunged the singular key into the dark recess. She stood back up, the key now safely placed away, and once again grabbed her mother by the hair forcing her to sit upright with her back against the bed. She then pulled her chair over from her work desk, where her homework sit neatly underneath a computer, and rolled the chair directly in front of her Mother. Planting one bare foot either side of her Mother’s head she wheeled her chair in tight against her Mum effectively trapping her sitting in front of the chair against the bed with her Mother’s head neatly at chair level. She then scooted her arse forward on the chair so she sat right on the edge of the seat balancing easily with her feet up on the bed so that her moist pussy opened like a flower just inches from her Mum’s face.

The way Monique had trapped her Sharon couldn’t see anything but her daughter’s vagina splayed directly in front of her face. The first thing she noticed was the smell. The smell of arousal and it made her feel a little sick. She could clearly see a thin line of moisture lining her daughter’s pussy, as well as her little piss hole, and shockingly her clit. It stood out from its hood erect and aroused, if Sharon thought the smell was making her sick, it was nothing compared to the horror that all this was arousing Monique. Suddenly the pain from the attack on her own sex and the nausea of her daughter’s sex so obscenely displayed in her face combined and she had the urge to vomit.

Monique noticed it first though and quickly pushed herself away from her Mother and in the same motion she pushed her foot heavily onto her Mother’s mouth again.

“No you don’t Mum. I’m not going to have you puke everywhere, this wasn’t part of the plan.”

Sharon choked back her own bile, she had no other choice, but the pain in her stomach remained as Monique wheeled herself back in and made herself comfortable again intimidating her Mother with her pussy.

“Now as I was saying Mum, we have to talk. No more shouting, no more arguments. You see there is a new pecking order in this house among us girls. It will go Monique, Monique’s Cunt, then you. Now I obviously can’t always keep you like this below my cunt so this is a visual example for now but I want to make sure you have a nice mental image for the next time you dare challenge me about anything. I also don’t expect you to agree to this new order straight away, although it would be nicer for you if you did, but I don’t think you will so me and my cunt have the rest of the evening to persuade you about who’s going to be boss from now on and in what order. Are you with me so far? And I don’t want you talking to me, you can talk directly to your superior right in front of you.”

Sharon couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her daughter had gone mad, her teenage hormones clearly had the better of her.

“Monique, what is wrong with you? Why don’t you just fuck yourself now, have your orgasm, settle down a little, and leave me alone? This isn’t you talking to me Monique, it’s your cunt. Take care of it now as you are being totally irrational. I can see your arousal, I can see why you’re doing this, I’m happy to discuss anything with you but not while you’re in this state. You aren’t thinking straight.”

Just as Sharon began to take breath and continue Monique wheeled her chair forward again and gasped loudly as for the first time her privates made physical contact with her Mother’s face. Sharon didn’t really get her breath in though as she hadn’t expected Monique to wheel forward any further and now she was being smothered by her own daughter’s sex. She struggled a little at first but it was hopeless, she was trapped between the bed and Monique, she couldn’t even squirm away as Monique continued to pull the chair forward increasing the pressure of her cunt pressing hard onto her Mother’s face. Breathing was difficult and soon impossible as Sharon felt her daughter’s young thighs squeeze tightly now around her ears as she imagined she was being trapped in some sort of head scissors. A moment later there was no doubt as Monique locked her ankles behind her Mother and squeezed her thighs as tightly as she could around her Mother’s head.

Sharon started to panic, she flailed her arms around trying to pry her daughter loose, she even scratched viciously at the young thighs. She couldn’t hear much but above her she did hear a little squeal as she dug her fingernails into Monique’s thigh, next thing the pressure around her ears was relaxed and she was left gasping for air as the chair rolled back away from her releasing her face from it’s prison forced against her daughter’s vagina.

Monique was mad. She could feel a small trickle of blood run from the scratch on her thigh, it hurt a bit but nothing like she was going to do to her Mother. She got up and walked into her closet coming back with a couple of shoelaces pulled directly out of her joggers. Sharon was still sitting against the bed regaining her breath. Monique never said a word, just kicked her Mother across the face with her bare foot, not hard enough to do any damage, almost like a slap across the cheek, but hard enough to force the young Mother to once again topple to the floor. Monique rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her again this time sitting her bare arse directly on the back of her Mother’s head as she secured both hands together tying them tightly with both laces. Once finished she pulled her Mother up again by the hair, she’d been crying again, sat her up against the bed, sat down and wheeled the chair back so that Sharon was forced into exactly the same predicament she’d been in moments ago, this time with no hope of freeing her hands to scratch or defend herself from the relentless head scissors and smothering Monique wanted her to endure.

As her Mother struggled valiantly between Monique’s legs to try and release herself from this most humiliating position, the young girl leant back in her chair inadvertently increasing the pressure on her Mother’s neck from the constricting leg scissors and also mashing her cunt even harder against her Mum’s face. She shut her eyes, ripped off her top and relaxed as she quietly played with her nipples imagining her Mum’s turmoil trying to even breathe in her newly formed prison. Monique was easily able to ride anything her Mother tried to escape this prison despite the increasing desperation she could feel from the flailing women trapped between her thighs. Then suddenly a new sensation, in her attempt to try and free her head of its prison and get some much needed air, Monique felt her Mother’s nose slip directly inside her pussy. And what’s more the bridge of her nose bumped right up against her daughter’s clit. Monique had to hold her there, it was the greatest sensation of her life. Before her Mother had a chance to move any further, Monique had stopped teasing her nipples and wrapped her hand in her Mother’s hair all while tightening her legs even further to ensure her Mother simply could not move. The way her Mother was making her body feel now was as tense as she’d ever been, every muscle strained through her thighs and lower leg with her adrenalin now becoming a powerful tool against her Mother.

The struggling stopped briefly. Not that it could continue, Monique held her Mum in such a powerful hold, the feeling so great now between her legs, like a drug she needed more. When she lifted her hips a fraction off her seat and forced herself forward, effectively fucking her Mother’s nose, Monique nearly fainted from the pleasure. She did it again now with no regard for her own Mother’s well being and started a steady rhythm grinding her hips forward, forcing her Mum’s nose into her fuck canal, bumping and grinding the bridge directly against her engorged clitoris.

Sharon never even realised such horror existed until now. Totally helpless, tied beneath her own daughter, trapped, with the rapists thighs tightly constricting and choking her carelessly around her neck which had been wrenched forward now into the most impossible position, putting enormous pressure on her spine. What’s more her nose remained lodged in her daughter’s privates and she could no longer pull her head back to change position given the burning coming from her scalp where her hair was being jerked into position practically by their roots. And for a long time while Monique had only smothered her she couldn’t even take breath, both her nose and mouth blocked for air, trapped tightly against her daughter’s genitalia.

At least now, while she was being fucked like this, she could get tiny little breaths in through her mouth when Monique shifted back to give herself room to thrust forward again. Every time the teenager thrust forward Sharon’s nose would bang against the flesh above her bringing a fresh ripple of pain.

Monique never thought she could hold out much longer. She had intended to smother her Mother unconscious but when her Mother became trapped like this; well she couldn’t control herself. She didn’t think anyone could under the enormous weight of pleasure she was now feeling. But she’d gone past the point of no return, her rhythm had increased frantically, and she squealed in delight as the orgasm washed over her. Being so aroused she squirted ejaculate everywhere, somewhere in the distance she could hear a faint choking as her juices quickly filled her Mother’s nose and drenched her face. Suddenly exhausted, Monique’s body gave way, and she fainted where she sit her hands still tangled in her Mother’s hair, legs wrapped around her neck with the little nub of her Mum’s nose trapped neatly inside her vagina.

Sharon was in shock. For all the pleasure Monique held felt, it was infinitely the opposite for her poor Mum. After the orgasm and once she had choked down on her daughter’s fluids which flooded the back of her throat straight through her nasal cavity, she felt the body above her relax. She wondered what happened but the pressure on her neck was now gone with the legs just resting languidly around her shoulders. The hands were still in her hair but no longer pulling her towards the vagina and with a loud ‘POP’ she was able to pull her head back and release her nose from where it had become plugged into her own daughter. Now able to breathe, but still trapped and unable to move without the use of her legs or arms, the shocked Mother slowly rocked backward and forward on the verge of a mental breakdown, sobbing loudly horrified at how she’d just been raped at the hands of her own daughter.



Monique regained her composure quickly and was pleased to see her Mum’s head still trapped between her thighs. When she looked down though to see her Mother crying and in a real mess, hair matted and soaked with Monique’s cum, eyes red and puffy, face flushed and a distant look in her eye, indicating perhaps even the onset of shock Monique was a little stunned. Even though she’d fantasised about having her Mother in this position so often lately the reality of what she had done was a little more shocking than her young teenage mind had considered and she couldn’t help but feel a pang of post orgasmic guilt for it.

Despite this Monique was flushed as well, her face beaming with the pleasure of the greatest and most thrilling orgasm of her life. It was the sort of erotic sensation you get addicted to, yet can never replicate no matter how hard or what you try. Monique stood up and parted her thighs releasing her Mother from the tight head scissors that she had her so viciously trapped in. Sharon was in no condition to balance herself and couldn’t help but to crash heavily to the carpeted floor of her captor’s locked bedroom.

Pushing her regret to one side, Monique nudged her Mother heavily in the ribs with her bare teenage foot so that she was forced to lay flat on her back looking up at her cruel brat daughter who stood directly above her, one foot menacingly either side of her torso. She talked down to her now,

“Stop your fucking crying Mum or I might start to feel sorry for you and you just don’t deserve that, do you? You know you had this coming? You fuck up my life at every opportunity, well now it’s time I fucked yours. Well fucked the life out of you anyway, you couldn’t fuck up your life anymore if you tried, you don’t need me to help you to fuck it up do you?”

While she talked Monique ran her big toe along her Mum’s face, teasing around her eyes, wiping away the tears, around her lips, under her nose. It wasn’t much, but even this simple thing would humiliate her Mother even further.

“What’s the matter Mummy, is little Mo-Mo swearing a bit too much? Well it doesn’t matter now you’re not in charge anymore does it? No you’re the one under my foot, perhaps you should give it a little kiss out of respect while I swear a little more at you. It might be a little sweaty still from that wonderful orgasm you gave me, it felt soooo good having your nose buried in my cunt grinding against my little clitoris. Don’t be shocked Mummy, your daughter knows all about these things now. Although I doubt there are too many other Mum’s around who can give their daughter’s such a hand on experience in sexual education as you have for me. You know what Mummy? All this dirty talk has got me a little horny again and we haven’t had that talk yet have we?”

Monique pressed the underside of her toe now to her Mum’s lips.

“Come on Mum. Give me a kiss, right on the toe and then you can kiss all five and lick the sweat and dirt from my sole, in fact you know I’m going to get you to do this daily from now on don’t you? As soon as I get home from school I’ll sit down in your favourite chair so that you can take off my school shoes before having a good sniff of my smelly, sweaty white schoolgirl socks, in fact I might just keep wearing the same pair so they get that nice little stain of the sole of my foot through the bottom of them, then you can peel them off and start working on relaxing my tired, hot, sweaty feet after a hard day at school. But that’s all for later. In the meantime our only way out of this room is still lodged half way up my butt waiting for you to get it out for us. And no Mum, I’m not untying your hands, you’ve already proved to me you can’t be trusted.”

Sharon was in a state of shock. She’d been raped. Raped by her own daughter. She felt so degraded, so dirty, so ... so well words just couldn’t describe the depression fast enveloping her mind at this point. She was frightened of her. Confused. She’d heard accounts from women in newspapers and magazines describing how they felt after their rapes, but they’d been raped by strangers, dirty men they didn’t know, of course they’d be degraded and humiliated beyond belief. But to be raped by your own flesh and blood, in its way wouldn’t that be better than some person you don’t know forcing themselves upon you? Wouldn’t it?

A hard slap from the sole of her daughter’s foot across her cheek brought Sharon very quickly back to the present, and this horrifying ordeal. Monique was saying something, she wanted Sharon to kiss her toes. All Sharon wanted to do was vomit. But she was totally helpless, hands tied, injured, wrecked emotionally and Monique wouldn’t let up, continuously rubbing her toe across her face until she pressed it heavily against her Mother’s lips awaiting a response. Sharon stuck out her tongue, she couldn’t see she had any other choice. She was not going to be smothered by her again, no way. She’d do anything she could to stop it and this small act of submission was only one step.

She submissively kissed each of her daughter’s toes. And when Monique ordered her to stick her tongue out Sharon did so without hesitation, forced to lay the flat of her tongue against her daughter’s sweaty sole and lick the length of each foot. She even thanked Monique for the privilege once ordered. As she lay flat on her back beneath her daughter, Sharon was amazed at how large Monique looked from this perspective. Monique really was just a coltish skinny teenager but to Sharon right now she seemed enormous and capable of anything. Truth was she was capable of more than just anything, mentally she had her Mother beaten and ready for the taking. Just like she had fantasised and dreamed about before the assault.

In her fantasies Monique always remained in control and while her Mum did seem helpless and unlikely to issue a challenge to her physically, Monique had seen enough catfight videos on those porn sites to see how quickly things could turn around. This wasn’t like some of those stories she had read on the internet where it was almost as if in the end the Mother wanted her daughter to take control. No, her Mother was hating this and Monique knew she had to stay on top, not slowly seduce her Mother with clever words or slow dancing.

Sharon could not understand it when the next blow came. She had done everything her daughter had asked since the rape and yet Monique still stomped her foot heavily into her mother’s stomach as she lay prone beneath her, a really cheap shot to an already wounded and injured opponent. Sharon gasped and coughed for air. She wanted to ask Monique why but as she blinked away the pain all she could see was her daughter’s bare feet in the distance walking over to her bedside table before returning, forcing her Mother onto her back and then straddling her again but this time sitting her bare young teenage arse down heavily onto her Mother’s breasts. Sharon gulped in pain as her boobs were squashed heavily against her.

Monique made herself comfortable laying her weight fully back onto her Mum’s breasts one knee each side of Sharon’s head, both hands free to do as she pleased.

“I am sorry about just stomping on you Mum, but I didn’t want you to get any ideas about fighting me back. I’d just win too easily anyway but for now you are mine and will do as I say and that is how it will stay.”

Sharon struggled to breathe now beneath her daughter, let alone talk back.

“Now Mum, you remember our new pecking order? It went me, my cunt, then you. Do you remember what I said? No more talking directly to me anymore, You can talk to my cunt from now on given its superiority over you. Anytime you want to say something to me you are to get down on your knees look directly at your superior, my cunt, and speak directly to it. And then afterward you will give it a little kiss out of respect. Now my cunt showed you earlier what it is capable of when you makes its owner unhappy, would you like another taste, or do you agree to your new position in our lives?”

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