A Matter of Trust

by Bullied Submissive

Copyright© 2018 by Bullied Submissive

BDSM Sex Story: You've got a plane to catch. Have your new Australian friends seperated you from your Girlfriend and kidnapped you the day before your flight, or is it all just a meticulously planned BDSM session? Written initially as an email request for a reader interested in themes of lesbian rape and contains acts of non-consensual sex and some mild violence between females, if this is likely to offend please don't bother proceeding.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Lesbian   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Spitting   Foot Fetish   2nd POV   Violent   .

You had taken a little convincing to make the long trip to Down Under. Sure, it would be the experience of a lifetime, especially at your age, but Australia was just so far away. Then eventually you were convinced, the brochures helped, and when your roommate Allison agreed to go too, well you didn’t really have a choice did you? And you had a great time here, the time of your life. As two very attractive young ladies you and Allison were a real hit locally, every bar you went to guys and girls would hit on you both buying you drinks, and being from overseas was a real icebreaker. When it was time to go home you couldn’t believe you had actually considered not coming.

But you had to insist that you should both go to a gay bar. See if you could find a lesbian night, you’d had a wonderful time in regular bars both around Sydney and especially here in Melbourne, which is the city you now find yourself. And that is where your trouble began. It was easy to find a themed night for lesbians on the Internet and you were very lucky that during your stay here that it was Pinkalicious time in Melbourne, the party organised once a month for girls to meet each other and dance the night away. Before the night you made Ali promise that you’d stay together no matter what happened and it was an arrangement that worked very well at first. Even after you first met Sally and Jo, the four of you would continue to hang around together. They were both very excited to have this opportunity to show their American visitors around our wonderful city and for the last few days you were here, you were all inseparable.

In the short time you had got to know them, these two Australians were able to gain your trust. While you remained at the accommodation you had arranged before leaving, they were both more than welcoming in having you come to stay with them at their house in the suburbs. But on the day before you were due to fly home you let your guard slip all together. Arrangements had been made and Sally and Jo were going to drive you both to the Airport and see you off. Even though you would live on opposite sides of the World, with the Web these days and Facebook and the like, you were quite certain you’d end up becoming very good friends with them both and would look forward to returning the hospitality if either of them ever came over to the States.

While Sally and Jo were both very attractive women, Allison had already told you that she was not interested in either of them sexually, and nor should you be. But you can’t help who you are and how were you supposed to know they’d know all about you? Your submissive relationship toward your roommate, as well as how easily you’d be seduced. It was innocent enough. But Allison did say right up to the time she left the house that afternoon to head back to your accommodation that she thought you should stay together, just how you had planned all along. But your hosts were keen to get rid of her though you didn’t recognize it at the time and if you did, well you might not have found yourself in the mess you did. Jo was going to drive Allison back to your room while you stayed at their house sorting through some outfits you had decided to buy from a brochure Sally had. Then Sally would bring you back into the city to meet up with Allison and Jo and you would all eat together at a fancy joint they knew to celebrate your last night in Australia.

They’d barely got out the driveway before Sally was coming onto you. Maybe Ali had misread the signs but you definitely hadn’t, Sally was hot for you and you wanted her just as badly. It was part of the reason you agreed to letting Allison leave without you. Sally was the younger of the two girls you’d met at Pinkalicious by a fair way, maybe ten years, and you thought she could even be younger than your own 19 years even though she insisted she wasn’t. But that didn’t stop her taking the lead with you. The other two could only have just driven out of your street before you were kissing passionately. You were sitting in the lounge when Sally started kissing you, staying in charge she embraced you while you kissed and with one hand either side of your face she led you up off the couch and out of the room toward her master bedroom.

While she led you to the bedroom, Sally pulled your dress from your shoulders undressing you as she kissed you leading you to the bed. In a fit of passion and with your sundress now pooled around your ankles, Sally shoved you back onto the bed and almost in the same motion straddled your body while laying on top of you she resumed kissing you. You were more than happy to reciprocate. Then she broke the kiss and her long blonde hair cascaded over your face as she leant down to whisper in your ear.

As she spoke you could feel her hand take your right wrist and lift it toward the headboard of the bed, “I’m going to tie you up,” she whispers. It takes a second for her words to seek into your conscience and by the time they do you feel a silk fabric being gently wrapped around your wrist. Then moments later it is pulled tight and the once gentle wrapping around your wrist you now feel cutting painfully into your skin. There was nothing gentle about what just happened and the reverie you were feeling suddenly is replaced by fear.


But Sally just moves her mouth back to yours and tries to kiss you again.

“It’s okay Brooke, you can trust me. Kiss me again.”

“It’s too tight,” you say, “can’t you just loosen it some, I don’t want to be tied up. Sally you’re scaring me now, untie my hand. Please.”

Sally sits up now. She is still straddling you and sits on your stomach. Even though she is much smaller than you she looks so big as she hovers above you smiling. Her bulk now she is sitting upright on you weighs heavily on your stomach and it’s not long before you find it being a little more difficult to breathe.

“Brooke, I want you to trust me. I know you’re into this dominance, submissive lifestyle. I can see it in your relationship with Al. She calls the shots, I thought this is how you’d want it most. I even took the time to prepare the ties for you to the headboard of my bed. It’s part of my attraction to you, I know I’m young but I love to dominate and I just thought you’d like to be mine for the next hour or so until we head into the city and meet up with the other two for the night. This is our last chance Brooke remember you’re on the first plane out of here tomorrow. I didn’t mean to frighten you, here if you don’t want it so rough, I’ll loosen the tie for you some, will that make it better?”

She slid her body back down along yours until you could feel the heat of her crotch resting above your own pussy, she kisses you again and looks lovingly into your deep dark eyes as she loosens the ties around your wrist a little.

“Can you trust me Brooke? I’ll make you feel wonderful.”

You don’t want to have this discussion now. You’re too horny, almost to the point where the brain fades and decisions are made more based on what’s best for your libido and not on plain common sense. Not only are you trapped beneath this beautiful young Australian woman, who wants to do to you everything and anything you could possibly fantasise but also Allison hasn’t penetrated you for days now with any of your favourite toys. You’d been so busy patting kangaroos and cuddling koalas while Jo and Sally showed you the sights, and then too tired once you got back to your accommodation to be bothered.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you Sally. I just don’t feel right getting put into bondage by you. I’m a little nervous, I’m on the other side of the World, I’ve only known you for a couple of days, let’s just make love babe, no games, I’ll do anything you want me to I promise, but I don’t want to be tied up. I’m sorry.”

Sally ignores you as she leans in to kiss you again but this time she also starts to grind her own crotch against yours. You lay on the bed now just in your bra and panties while Sally remains fully dressed in her blue denim jeans and cotton blouse and you can feel the coarse fabric of Sally’s clothing rubbing slyly along your mound as she grinds herself against you. You moan into her kiss, it is a wonderful feeling. Soon she has one of her hands under your bra and is deliciously tracing her finger over your nipple. You know your nips are erect and you’re very aroused now as she continues to torment your body both with her hips and now with her hands and fingers. She breaks the kiss but without breaking the constant grinding of her pussy against yours and is skilfully able to duck her head down to your breast. She has freed your ample left tit from its brassiere and is now flicking at your nipple with her tongue. You feel as if you might cum almost immediately as she looks up at you with her sweet, deep blue eyes, you can’t believe anyone doing this to your body and making you feel so good could possibly look so innocent.

She holds your stare while she teases your nipple, first with her tongue before sucking the nipple into her mouth and once again mercilessly teasing it with her tongue. She continues to look up at you and gives you the most wicked smile you can imagine as her mouth leaves your breast and she kisses her way down your body, first your tits then just underneath down your stomach until her head disappears between your legs. She hooks her fingers under the waistband of your panties and slowly and sensually pulls them down your thighs revealing your moist pussy to herself for the first time. You’d love to open your legs for her to get better access as you want nothing more now than to feel her tongue splitting your labia but strangely she leaves your panties trapped around your shins. You try to kick them off but it’s obvious Sally doesn’t want this as she readjusts her position so she is now straddling your legs and you can’t move them. Frustratingly you know now she can’t get her tongue and mouth to the spot where you want it most, the one spot where she might be able to help you cum.

You grab her long blonde hair with your free hand and try to guide her face to your most sensitive area but Sally clearly wants to stay in charge. She takes your hand from her head and firmly holds it alongside you while she puts her mouth to work teasing your mound and labia but while she has your legs trapped you know she can only tease you. You’re ready to scream in frustration and are that close to orgasm now you think you want to cry. Why won’t she finish you off? This battle of wills continues for the next few minutes as Sally continues to tease and torment you with her mouth until you can take it no longer.

“Please,” you mumble, “Sally please finish me.”

Your body and breathing now only allows you to talk in gasps. You need to cum so badly it almost hurts, “Sally, I’m begging you, fuck me Sally. Let me open my legs so you can tongue me babe. C’mon Babe, I’ll do anything for you.”

But Sally only ignores you as she continues to tease, her mouth on your vagina, one hand holding your free hand trapped beside you, the other molesting and tweaking sensually at your nipple. Moments later she speaks,

“Let me tie your other hand, then you’ll cum. You’re not going to defy me Brooke.”

And she drops her head back to your pussy.

You’re very nervous about being tied up. You are due at the airport early the next morning and don’t want to lose control to her. You fight your own body, which is aroused now to the point where it tells your brain just to submit to this beautiful woman teasing and molesting you. But there’s another part of your brain telling you not to be so stupid. Sally does that thing again with her tongue where she gradually parts your labia as close as she possibly can get to your clit, the shot of pleasure coming from your pussy shoots straight up your spine. You can’t see you’ve got a choice, been so long since you’ve cum, days now, and here’s your chance. Just submit to having your other arm tied. That’s all she wants. You can trust her; she’s your lover. You convince yourself you are being silly, an hour ago you were great friends, now you’re worried about her tying you up in case you miss your plane? You still would prefer not to do it, you’re certain it will be better if you’re not, but if she wants to that badly. Well?

“Alright,” you whisper to Sally. “But not too tightly”

The change in Sally’s demeanour is worryingly immediate. She scoots back up your body once again straddling your stomach and pulls your free hand up to the headboard. Once again you feel the silk material gently wrap around your wrist before it is pulled tight and you are trapped without the use of either hand nor any chance of escape. The thought makes you shiver. Perhaps you don’t trust Sally as much as you should. You get even more nervous as she dismounts you and walks around to the base of the bed. There is nothing sexual now about the way she moves as she swiftly pulls your underwear from where it remained trapped around your shins. The material is soaked around your crotch from your earlier secretions and you can feel the moisture as Sally carelessly throws them so they land on your stomach, just above your belly button. She walks to the side of the bed now and grabs first your right ankle, yanks your leg to the corner post, lifts a silk material which you can now see as she wraps it around your ankle then ties it off to the corner of the bed. You notice the silk she uses is a plain white colour but meticulously clean.

Soon enough your left ankle is tied as well and you are spreadeagled on the bed absolutely helpless to any advance she might want to make toward you. She picks up your undies and pushes the crotch of the fabric out so you can clearly see the stained crotch as a result of your secretions from her earlier attention as she once again straddles you this time higher up on your chest just below your breasts.

“Now we have you exactly how we want darling.”

She squeezes your nostrils shut so you are forced to open your mouth for her. It’s the only way you can breathe. And as soon as you do she uses her other hand to grab your tongue between her thumb and forefinger ensuring the dirty part of your crotch sits flat on your tastebuds before letting go of it and forcing the rest of the material deep into your mouth. And it’s not long, while she has your nose pinched shut, before you are entirely out of breath and struggle violently beneath her on the bed. You can’t breathe through your panty gag but Sally takes mercy and lets go of your nose. You breathe as much air as you can, your nostrils flaring wildly while Sally pokes as much of your underwear in your mouth as she can. She then leans across to the bedside drawer while still straddling you, grabs a roll of duct tape and sticks it tightly across your mouth. Two strips later and you can’t even grunt. The only breath you take now is through your nose. Sally leans down and kisses the tape over your mouth,

“Righto Hun, got to run now. Don’t think you’re going anywhere on me tied up like that. Promise I’ll be back soon, don’t panic too much.”

Your eyes widen as she gets off you and heads toward the door. You are mad as hell now, there is no way you want to be left here in this strange house, in this far away country, tied up, helpless with a plane to catch in less than 14 hours. You start to struggle against your bonds and as you do Sally returns to the side of the bed,

“Oops, almost forgot.”

She grabs the material around your wrist, catches your eyesight and as she stares straight into you, she viciously pulls the material and it tightens painfully around your wrist. She doesn’t even bother walking to the other side of the bed, just leans over you like you’re not even there, grabs the loose length of material hanging from your other wrist and once again yanks it painfully tight before leaning down and kissing the tape over your mouth. She then walks to the end of the bed and does the same with each ankle. Whereas you were able to struggle only a few moments ago, now suddenly you are virtually immobile only able to lift your body from the bed as your only form of defence against your attacker. Sally goes to the door, blows you a kiss, and leaves you in the room alone with your thoughts.

Can you imagine how Allison feels? She’s been left alone too and has now been waiting in excess of two hours for you to arrive back at your accommodation with Sally. Initially Jo was going to stay with her and wait for you both but as soon as they got into the city, Jo told Allison she had some errands to run and would return within the hour. Been no sign of her since either.

You’ve been laying tied prisoner to that bed for over three hours now. The adrenalin and anticipation of your arousal dissipated long ago and now you just lay there as Sally left you with one tit hanging comically outside your brassiere otherwise fully nude, gagged by your own panties, scared. You still hold out hope this is just a stupid game Sally is playing, putting you on edge, leaving you fret, then returning the same fun-loving, easy going Aussie girl you had made great friends with. She’d have her way with you; perhaps take you with one of her favourite dildos, before untying you and having a great laugh together as you went back into the city to meet the other two.

As time slowly wanders by you go over your itenary in your head. You knew you were supposed to be at the Airport to check through Customs by 8am for your 11.45am flight back to the States. You’d agreed with Allison that you should be up by 6am to organise checkout and taxi out to the airport to make sure you got there with plenty of time to spare. Neither of you found the idea of missing your flight all that appetising. Not that you didn’t love it in Australia, but the thought of the money you’d lose if you missed the flight without cancellation and the fact that you were both near enough to flat broke now that you were at the end of your vacation was reason enough to make you both nervous about making sure you got your plane on time. Of course since then Sally and Jo had offered to drive you to the Airport so that was going to save you some time mucking around waiting for taxis, or worse relying on one even arriving in time to pick you up.

The room you’re trapped in is dark now. Sally hadn’t bothered to pull the curtains so you’d seen nighttime fall but you’ve lost track of time. You hope it’s not as late as you think it is as you start struggling against your bonds again. You know Allison will be worried about you now and is probably looking for you. The fact you’re still in Sally and Jo’s house is comforting, surely Ali knows how to get back here to find and release you. She’d been here a few times with you since you’d both met the girls but you know neither of you really took much notice of the address or how to get here. You know how it is when you’re in a different city, never mind a different country, being chauffered around, you just don’t take any notice of where you’re going or how you got there.

You know you can’t escape. If anything your struggling has only made the bonds around your ankles and wrists even tighter. You think to when Sally left you here, she shut the door to the bedroom, but you can’t remember whether you’d heard her leave or is she still in the house? You were that panicked at the time and so determined to free yourself, angry at her for leaving you like this, that you’d taken no notice of where she went when she left. You rack your mind, had you heard her car leave the driveway? You are sure she’s no longer in the house as you lay perfectly still listening for any sounds outside this room in which you are now convinced you’re being kept prisoner.

It might have been some hours later when still straining your ears to hear what, if anything, was happening outside your room, you hear a car pull up in the driveway. You can hardly contain your relief, you have no idea what time it is, how much longer to your flight, but you do know it is still dark outside so you have plenty of time to get back to the airport.

The girls are not quiet coming back into the house. You can clearly make out both Sally and Jo’s voices and desperately hope to hear Allison’s as well, in fact you hope she is on in this joke, to leave you tied up here to the bed so close to your flight. It’s the sort of thing she’d find funny. As you listen to the girls in the other room you can hear them giggling and shooshing each other as if they are worried about waking you up. In fact the more you listen to them it wouldn’t surprise you if they are making out, they could even have a porno on in the background. Are they drunk? You’re starting to worry again, it sounds like just the two of them there, you haven’t heard anything out of Allison. You decide they definitely have a porno on, isn’t having you tied helpless to a bed arousing enough for them? What now? Sounds like kissing, kissing and moaning, the two of them are making love, surely they haven’t forgotten you are there, the sound of the television is drowned out now as they get louder and louder. Somebody’s climaxing. They’re cumming together. Eventually the shrieking of pleasure winds down to a moan, more kissing, then little bursts of giggling and shooshing again.

Could they possibly be so drunk they’ve forgotten you are there? Perhaps Jo doesn’t even know what Sally has done to you. But she must, why else would they be trying to keep quiet? You make up your mind; they are deliberately trying not to wake you. You’re getting angry now. Why the fuck would you be asleep tied up like this? Who the fuck do they think they are? This is illegal now. You’re here against your consent. You use all your energy trying to make as much sound as possible thrashing your body around trying to smash the frame of the bed against the wall. Anything to get you out of here. If you could just make enough noise so they know you are unhappy, perhaps they will come.

But it is fruitless. In fact by the time you stop thrashing around in your bonds all you’ve done is made yourself hot and caught part of your naked cleavage against the under-wiring in your bra. You’re more uncomfortable than ever, you’re angry, frustrated, sweating, desperate to go to the toilet, thirsty, that gag has sucked you dry, and increasingly scared. And when you hear the other two snoring happily sound asleep in the other room you start to cry. How could they be so free, and you so helpless? You’ve been good, you don’t deserve this, and now all you want to do is go home. Yet those fucking bitches out there ... you cry yourself to sleep.

You wake with a start. Panicked, you wonder how long you slept but are relieved to see it is still dark outside. Not morning yet and still a chance that they are playing a game and you’ll be on your plane back home very soon. Although this is beyond a game for you now, they might think it funny, even Allison if she’s in on it, but its gone too far. You can no longer hear them sleeping which you suppose could be a relief. There is no chance of them waking up in the morning too late to drive you and Ali out to the Airport. In fact moments later you hear footsteps; you close your eyes and pray they come in to see you. The steps are coming closer. Your heart is pounding, this is it, they’ve come to let you loose, you resolve you’ll play the good sport, laugh along with them when they reveal the joke. Perhaps Jo has done the same thing to Ally; though you sincerely hope not. Bad enough to know what you’ve been through yourself without her having gone through it as well.

You watch the doorknob turn slowly as they open it a fraction and peek in the crack. You stare straight at the door and are surprised when it is swung fully open,

“She’s awake!”

Sally is clearly drunk as she yells out to Jo before stumbling over to you on the bed. She is totally naked, unabashfully so too it seems, as she straddles your prone body again before leaning down and kissing the tape over your mouth. You can smell the alcohol on her breath,

“Did you miss us Babe? Betcha been so frightened tied up there while me and Jo were out having a good ‘ol time.”

She slowly runs her tongue along the outside of your gag while staring you right in the eyes, then sensually licks the tear stain from your cheek.

“Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our little visitor all tied up here out in the suburbs where no one knows where she is and with a plane to catch in what, could only be a few hours now couldn’t it? Nope we haven’t forgotten about you, in fact we thought we better come home to play with you, didn’t want you thinking we’d forgotten you did we, hmmm?”

She keeps licking your face before dropping her hand to your pussy, her touch is no longer sensual, more like what you might expect from a horny drunk man and you grunt through your gag as she punches one finger up to her knuckle into your cunt.

“Hmm, you like that Baby, Jo said she’d thought you’d like it a little rough.”

She roughly pistons her finger in and out of you, you’re groaning again but this time it isn’t from the pleasure she gives you, this is painful and she’s raping you. She notices your eyes welling again as the tears start to form; it seems to make her angry.

“What the fuck are you crying for? Don’t you love me baby?”

Ridiculously, with you gagged as you are, it seems like she is waiting for an answer. Angry again she lifts her naked body from yours, lifts herself up to her knees as she straddles your stomach, then drops her full body weight very heavily back down on you. Grateful to have her finger out of your vagina, you gasp for breath as her body lands heavily onto you. She quickly lifts herself up ... and does it again.

You here her mumble, “I’ll give you something to cry about,” as she lifts herself up for a third time before smashing full weight back down on your stomach. With your mouth full of your own underwear and taped closed you now find it difficult to get enough air into your lungs through just your nose. Sally smirks at you now struggling to get your breath but remains full weight on your stomach,

“What’s the matter Babe? Can’t breathe?”

She leans forward and traps your nostrils shut. Immediately you panic.

Sally giggles, “So helpless, under my total control.”

You see her other hand disappear down to her crotch and assume she’s masturbating herself before she pinches your only airway shut again. This time she holds you longer and you can see her moaning in pleasure as you struggle desperately underneath her weight. All of a sudden you’re not so worried about catching a plane anymore, this psycho bitch could kill you if she wants. You violently shake your head from side to side, tied up as you are it is really the only defence you have, as you try to dislodge her fingers from squeezing your nostrils shut. Eventually she lets go.

“Here, I’ve got a better idea.”

At first you are grateful as she lifts her weight from your stomach but your relief is only short lived as you soon get an idea of her intentions. She plops her weight back down on you, still straddling just as before but this time her weight and crotch sits right on your neck her mound hovering above the tape which helps to gag you. The scent of her arousal is very strong now and you have no choice but to breathe it in deeply at such close range. Sally pulls her milky white thighs tightly in against your ears so you can’t move your head now either. You stare helplessly up at your captor. She smiles lovingly back down at you. You wonder if she even knows how scared you are right now. Perhaps she still thinks this is all a game. Surely she couldn’t. She’s been too rough. You dismiss the thought immediately.

“Now Baby instead of me doing it for myself while you lay there totally controlled, you can do it for me; with your nose. You can be suffocating and pleasuring your Mistress all at the same time. Does that sound like fun, hmmm? It sure does to me!”

She shifts her weight forward and hovers fractionally above your face. Now the only air you can breathe is totally scented by her vagina. She spreads her lips with two fingers lewdly displaying her cunt for you like you’ve seen those girls do in those Euro XXX Rated magazines. Except this time it’s very real and you’re not turned on looking at it. It’s clearly very aroused as it descends down onto your face and your nose easily slides up the slippery canal. You can’t see this now but you can feel her release her labia around your nose sealing it perfectly inside her vagina. Breathing is impossible and you can’t move, it is outrageously hot with her nude hopelessly aroused body sitting full weight on your face.

All you can think of now are those Brazilian Smother Videos you’ve seen on the Internet. Now you know how those girls underneath feel. At least the young Aussie doing this to you is quite slender, and really very beautiful, though at the moment you view her as nothing more than a monster as she literally holds your fate inside her vagina. Can it get any lower than this? Normally this type of humiliation you’ll find very erotic but at the moment you are scared that she’s about to kill you, with abnormal strength you are able to move your head to the side despite her thighs clamped heavily around your ears and your nose slips out of its hole just as easily as it went in. You desperately gasp as much air as you can before she grabs you by the hair sets your face immediately under her crotch again and starts to smother all over. You are just about ready to give up the fight when you hear a faint noise and very suddenly Sally gets off you and stands beside the bed facing the door. She takes a submissive stance and stares at the floor as Jo stands in the doorway glaring at her.

Jo is nude too. Well except the bloody enormous dildo she has strapped to her. The toy is fully erect and has to be at least 10 inches long. Immediately you have no doubt that its intended target is you. But there is a strange atmosphere in the room, you get the feeling and there is an aura to suggest Jo is very much in charge here. Firstly she is older, probably at least fifteen years older than Sally’s nineteen years. Secondly, and in the few days you’ve known these two it is the first time you notice this, but Sally is very submissive to her. And finally Jo seems really angry with Sally.

“What the fuck was all that about?” she yells at her. “I gave you clear instructions and you have blatantly ignored me young lady.”

Without another word Jo strides into the room grabs Sally by the earlobe and half drags, half walks her over to the far corner, “Such a little slut, couldn’t keep your cunt under control. I want your nose touching the corner of the wall there, hands on head, back straight and don’t move again until I tell you, is that clear?”

“Yes Mum.”

Jo slaps Sally hard on the bare arse as she turns to face you, her appendage bobbing amusingly between her legs. Did Sally just call Jo Mum? You know that’s weird, these girls aren’t related, well you know there’s an age difference but they don’t even look similar. Sally is a beautiful blonde beach babe with a perfect figure, a few hours ago her beauty was the main facet that finds you trapped this way. Jo on the other hand is a little bit shorter. She has a darker hair colour, cut short, and while she too has a carefully sculptured figure as a result of hours in the gym, her shape is heavier. Facially she is too very beautiful but all together different from Sally’s model type appearance.

“Righto Brooke, here’s the deal.”

Jo’s accent had that classic Australian twang and while you considered you had become good friends, you’d always felt closer to Sally and you now felt very intimidated by the older girl. Her total nudity helped give her that aura, not to mention the big strap-on poking from between her legs.

“Firstly I want to tell you that Allison is fine, although I trust she is very worried about you by now. I dropped her off at your room and left her there. She expected me to come back, and also expected to see you and Sally again for tea just as we had planned. Don’t know what’s she’s doing to find you but by now she’s well aware we’ve stood her up and is probably having the same concerns you are about missing your flight.”

She leans down and rips the tape from your face before helping you dislodge the panties from your mouth. You’ve never been so relieved to breathe normally again. Immediately you try and talk, but your throat is too dry. Perhaps that was the plan. You desperately try to swallow some saliva to coat your throat again but your mouth is too dry.

“Won’t be long before you can talk again but I don’t want to hear from you right now so I’ll leave you how you are. It’s currently 5.21am and you’ll get your chance to catch your plane but I’m not going to make it easy for you. Basically you’ve got two hours to escape. But me and Sally have been planning this for a couple of days now, you couldn’t believe how arousing it is to have someone trapped here from overseas so desperate to get away and we hold all the power in our hands. Well I do in mine anyway, Sally just does what she’s told. It’s this power that makes me so hot and I don’t intend giving it up easily.”

Finally you are able to muster something from deep in your throat, “Drink” you mumble.

“Yeah, yeah in a minute. Let me finish first. Now I love power. That’s why you’re here. That’s why she (nodding over to Sally who still stands motionless in the corner, her nose touching the wall as instructed) is my Bitch. Sure at times she’d like to think otherwise and she might have even told you that she loves to top at times, but she doesn’t call me Mum for nothing. It’s a lifestyle we’ve discussed and we both enjoy. When she’s naughty I punish her but one thing always remains, I’m always in charge. Not negotiable.”

“Please can I have a drink?” Still croaky but you are starting to get your voice back.

Jo continues to ignore you as she speaks, “Power makes me drunk. Me and Sally have talked about this, this type of situation, this is real power, not make believe stuff, no fantasy, we’ve talked about a scenario where I can have someone’s life in my hands, you know hold all the power, like a kidnapping, something like that but after we met you two, well it was perfect. You desperately want something so it was easy to make it so the one thing you desperately want, to catch your plane, is totally in my hands. The faster you realise it the better for you. If you want to be released to get that plane then you need to know that I’m the only one who can grant that to you, and you need to know you have to do everything you can possibly do to please me no matter how badly you don’t want to do it so that I can allow it to happen. I’m not saying I will but if I tell you to eat my shit as an extreme example then you bloody well better because that is the type of power I’m talking about. You have to be willing to do anything.”

“Please, drink,” you say.

Jo starts to rub her pussy below the strap-on, “You want a drink. I’ve got the power to give you one but you’re gunna have to beg me. In fact,” she says walking over to the bed and climbing up beside you, “You can tell the sole of my foot how badly you want a drink, beg to it as even it is superior to the position where you are right now. My dirty, filthy, sweaty, smelly sole has more power than you at the moment.”

She lifts her foot to your face. She was right about it, her sole is a little dusty from having walked around the house barefoot but it is also sweaty and smells quite strongly, it’s pretty clear they were out dancing that night before retuning and Jo had got back from the Club, made love to Sally no doubt with you trapped here under her power in mind the whole time, before falling asleep on the couch then waking and coming in to torment you.

You can still hardly speak but as more saliva starts to coat your mouth you are able to beg Jo’s foot for a drink. You quickly glance up at her sitting alongside you and can see her still playing with herself while you beg. Then you are stunned as she suddenly presses her foot down hard on your face, hard enough to leave a print of her toes on your cheek as she tells you that there is no fucking way you are having a drink. It’s a huge psychological blow to you because it confirms your worst fears, these girls genuinely don’t care about you and your existence here is to only entertain them.

Jo climbs up onto your face and straddles you. She is kneeling over you at the moment facing toward your feet but remains on her knees just above you, you hear her tell Sally to come over and instructs her to also sit on you similarly to how she was earlier straddling your neck and mouth.

“We’re going to spend a while making out on your face while time ticks away. I reckon you’ve got a couple of hours before you have to be at the airport so you can lay there and think about what you are going to do to convince me to let you go while we have our fun.”

Your vision is blocked as Jo settles her white nude arse onto your face. Her weight centres above the bridge of your nose as the top of your head fits smugly between her legs and you can feel her knees up against your ears holding your head straight as she kneels above you. A few seconds later and you feel the bed move as Sally gets up above you, you can feel the weight transfer on the bed as she steps over you one foot either side of your prone body and you can sense her squatting down above your face before you feel her weight resting above your chin and on your mouth, the only part of your face now not being smothered between these two Goddess’ is your nose which protrudes neatly between each of their vaginas as they mash together above you. Sally soon shifts her weight forward partially blocking your nose, your mouth is now entirely smothered by her cunt, as you can feel them embrace above you and moments later the wet sounds of two people deeply in love kissing each other.

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