Dazzling Makeover

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2018 by Benjamin J Conrad

Erotica Sex Story: A young man exchages admiring glances with a striking beauty and gets an offer too good to turn down. But naturally there is a price to pay eventually.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   TransGender   Incest   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Clive sat alone at the table nursing his drink with the din of conversation around him increasing.

Although surrounded by many assorted relatives at his Uncles funeral he didn’t seem to know any of them here at the Wake. The atmosphere seemed more akin to a thanksgiving reunion than a traditional funeral, many of the ‘mourners’ having dressed-up for the occasion; eager to show how well they were doing in life.

This was Clive’s first funeral affair and the venue that also catered for corporate meetings and weddings, he found somewhat intimidating.

Clive had been coerced into attending by his mother who was unable to attend what was her brother’s funeral. Her health was simply not up to the long journey. But her son Clive; a strapping twenty-two year old, had a duty to represent the family on her behalf; so here he was; adrift in a sea of unknown relatives; and bored.

His attention fell on a beautiful lone female at a corner table. First was her eyes; a vivid blue that sparkled at him; second, a pair of spectacular legs, which although partially obscured ran right down to the stiletto heels she wore; but even so she was a delight on the eye.

He realised he was staring but couldn’t turn away. She was older than him; nearer thirty he guessed. Her dark hair was done up and she was wrapped in a sexy dress which showcased those fantastic legs at one end and pointy pert breasts on the other. All in all, one very hot lady; but where was her man? She’s not alone, surely!

At first he thought it was his imagination, but then he was certain; she was looking right back at him! Dangling one of those killer high heels off her foot! Clive couldn’t tear his eyes away and she knew it!

Then a little smirk appeared at the corner of her soft lips as if she could read his mind and knew exactly how hard she was making his dick! This sexy lady had tapped into him from from across the room.

Then, unbelievably, she crooked her finger, motioning for Clive to come over to her table. Long seconds passed as he sat mesmerised. Then acting as cool as he could muster, he strolled up to her.

He was about speak but she beat him to it, “ Hello, I’m Sheba,” she said with that smirk playing across her lips as she motioned for him to sit next to her at the small table, “You looked rather lonely over there!”

“Well yes; thank you.”

“What’s your name?” Sheba asked.

“Clive.” he answered, the deceased George Bakewell was my Uncle on my mother’s side.”

“How’s your mother keeping Clive?”

“She don’t travel so well these days, that’s why she got me to make the journey here.”

“You’ve no older brother then?”

“Well our Craig’s gone and our Dad died a while back ... so it’s just me that came.”

Sheba ran her gaze up and down his body. “I could tell you quite enjoyed looking at me Clive.”

Clive flushed deeply, unsure what to say. His mind was a blank as he searched for the right phrase.

“Your legs are great.” he blurted out, feeling instantly stupid.

“Oh, is it my legs that made your dick so hard?” She said, gazing down at the lump in his pants.

Clive was now speechless. He’d never felt so embarrassed, “ Is it that obvious Sheba?”

She leaned close enough for him to smell the scent of her perfume. “Don’t worry Clive, I consider it a compliment.” she whispered as her hand briefly touching his thigh.

“Are you sleeping-over here tonight Clive?”

“Huh no, not exactly; you see, I drove here in my VW Camper; I’m doing a tour-round before heading home again. How about yourself?”

“How ‘bout me? Well since you ask I’ll tell you what I’m planing.” she said with the little laugh.

“Ok Sheba, tell me.” he said, realising she was seducing him; and that she was about to say something exciting. She leaned forward and looked deep into his eyes, drawing him deeper into her spell.

“I aim to take you up to my apartment here; then for me to tease you with all those dirty little secrets you’ve pumped-off over since you were a boy.”

Clive felt like she had read his mind! His dick had gown so hard he thought it would burst from his pants. Sheba didn’t help matters any by slowly rubbing her leg up against his thigh under the table.

Clive composed himself but he still felt light-headed at the thought of revealing his perversions to this fabulous female.

“So what do you think?” asked Sheba.

Clive’s heart was beating rapidly, his palms were sweaty. Part of him feared answering yes but another part feared ever more never having this chance again. The word seemed stuck in his dry throat.

“Ok Sheba, that’s cool.”

“Yes Clive; it’s cool.” Sheba smiled. “Follow me.”

Without waiting for his reply she rose, ; tall and slender and started for the hall and Clive admiring the sway of her tight butt as she walked, followed her.

Clive noticed that the doorman didn’t seem surprised to see Sheba entertaining a younger man. He guessed that money turned a blind eyes to a lot of things. ~

~ Clive was bound naked now to a chair in Sheba’s apartment.

He moaned as she drew her finger-nails along the length of his hardened rod. “Maybe when were through you’ll never want another woman.” Then taking a step back, Sheba reached behind and unzipped her dress and begun swaying back and forth to to imaginary music while caressing herself.

She continued her dance, lowering herself inch by inch onto his lap. Her satin covered rump pressed hard against his erection, causing Clive to moan softly. Her long nails ran across the soft hair of his chest, stroking his tiny nipples. Pressing her face against his pecs, she tickled his nipples with her tongue, drawing circles around them.

“Mmmm ... very good.” she purred. “Are you ready?” He simply nodded eagerly.

Sheba knelt beside him and suddenly took his cock into her mouth causing him to jerk in surprise as the wetness and warmth of her mouth which engulfed him.

Clive was already panting.

Sheba tongued the tip of his cock, licking off his pre-cum. Then she ran her tongue down the length of his shaft and swirled it around his balls. Up one side and down the other, following the trace she had left with her fingers a few moments before. His cry was louder now.

Reaching the base she sucked on his balls, taking first one then the other into her mouth.

Clive drooled.

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