Band Class

by Pars001

Copyright© 2018 by Pars001

Romantic Sex Story: This was the first co-writer story I have ever done. It is also the first LGBT story I have ever done. I love a challenge and this was by far that. This is a story of forbidden love in a very forbidden place or is it? You will have to decide for your self. By Pars001 and fantasysflirt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Fiction   Light Bond   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   .

Written by Pars001 and Fantasyflirt

As soon as the bell rang, I rushed out into the hall. I had to get out of that room! As always, Debate class had pissed me off. Great, just finished third period and I am already feeling the effects of a bad day. Then some wackjob smacked my arm; turning around I nearly clogged my bestie! Susie had been telling me about some little hottie. As if I cared about some new boy she had the hots for! Susie just shook her head and said, “just wait ‘till sixth period, Bex. You’ll see!”

The next few periods blended together; English – another boring lesson about some dumb dead elite Literature author, Math – ahhh Pre – Cal! (what, I love numbers! And there’s always an answer with math!)

Finally, the best part of the day. Lunch. Stopping at the vending machine, I grab a sub and an OJ jug. Vitamins, minerals, and a few calories mean everything to girl that doesn’t eat much food.

I find our table with a few of my closest friends, Susie, Justine and Justin (the twins), Sammie, and Nickie. Justin only sits with us because Nickie and him are going together, she’s in love and he’s in lust. I hate teenagers, they are so dumb at times. Yeah, I know, I should talk I am barely seventeen as it is. But I had to grow up fast as the oldest sibling with just Mama to raise us and support three kids. Pops ran off when I was six, and he sends a check every three to four months.

Susie smacks me again, I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately and meaningless chatter annoys me when Debate class was horrible. She’s still going on and on about this hot boy she’s in lust with. From the look on Sammie’s face, I guess this is the hottest new topic and new crush in town.

Nickie chimes in something about going out back before the bell rings. Nickie and the twins like to split a Newport or two before sixth period. Downing the rest of my OJ, I stand up with the gang. I skip out of the hot boy chatter and second-hand smoke by way of the little girl’s room. I have to check my eyes and lip liner after lunch. A little touch up on liners and I am ready for the rest of this hellish day.

Just as the warning bell rings, I walk into my only joy of the day. Music class, well band class. I play the bass drum. Percussion has always been in my blood, so when I heard the band needed a bass drummer, I signed up for my final elective – Band class. Plus, it gives me my final credit for music and arts. It’s a win-win for the school and myself.

Well it was almost a win-win. I had to put up with more lusting boys that made up part of the class. Then again, since I had no real interest in them they were more of an annoyance than anything else. I had found at an early age to put up with them but no further.

Walking in, I could feel my excitement start to climb as I took my place with the others. True the rest of the other drummers were male thankfully, and they were as focused as I was on the music.

I turned toward the front of the class as she walked in. I felt myself almost melt as my eyes followed her across the room. She had a grace that put all others to shame as she strode to the podium. I quickly snapped my mouth shut as I realized I had been staring intensely. Damn it! I had to get a hold on this or I was going to have a serious accident.

Shaking my head I felt my memories drift back to the day pops left. I had loved my Mother and Father perhaps more than normal. Then came the day that pops just up and left all of us to fend for ourselves. My mother, me, my sister and the youngest, our brother. Sighing, I didn’t see how Mother put up with him there especially after the hell pops left us with.

Ben was a child, so I really couldn’t hold all that much against him. Then again, he was a male and there really was no love there for him. Well not at first. Mother had explained that even though he was a male he wasn’t father. Also, that all us females could teach him how to be a proper male. This made things far easier though there was no love ‘till later.

Ben was amazing. He was loving me no matter how rotten I was to him. I realized that I was judging all males because of pops. Thanks to Ben I no longer hated all males, then again, I didn’t love any either except for Ben.

I hadn’t even realized that I adored females ‘til last summer when I visited pops. I might not like him, but he was still my father. He gave me a place to stay and you might say my first taste of romance when I met his new girlfriend. Came to find out she wasn’t straight rather bi-sexual, taking an instant liking to me and my developing body.

I remember catching her coming out of the shower naked one night. I could only stare at her delicious body. My god she was a goddess! The gentle curve of her hips. The generous swell of her breasts topped with huge, hard nipples in the air. I felt my mouth water as I did my vagina all down my leg! I stood there frozen as she looked straight at me slowly, torturously drying her body. My eyes following her hands as she dried each part of herself with long slow swipes.

Father it seemed was gone most of the day, so she came to me, gently kissing me. I felt a passion well up in me as I grabbed her head and pulled her to me, deepening the kiss. We spent the rest of the day exploring each other as she explained and showed everything to me. I had never felt as loved as I did that day.

Sadly, I had to leave a few days later with only a few brief encounters between us. I promised to write her as she did me, but I knew that it was over, though, as I also knew she had a bigger thing for pops than she did for me. It was a hard lesson that I learned well, hardening my heart for a few days. Then I was home with my bestie coming over not even an hour after I was there.

Susie knocked at the door, startling me, as I walked to it and let her in. Then I looked at her, REALLY looked at her. The soft swell of her young breasts, the way her hips had started to flare, and the long red hair down her back. Despite my best intentions I felt my heart melt as I stared at her, feeling myself grow wet as I watched her walk in. Damn, when had she gotten this sexy?

My mind drifted back to class as the symbols crashed below us. Susie was in her French horn section looking my way with great envy in her green eyes. Her red hair making her stand out from the rest of us. Then I followed her eyes as she seemed to be staring a male. Looking, I saw that she was staring at the new student that was standing next to me.

Huh, I thought, so this was what she was all up in arms about. Not really all that much to look at. Not like the eye candy of Ms. Sanderson, the new Music/Band teacher. Damn it, one look at her and I was melting again. Her slender thighs, 32C breasts, her luscious, ruby red lips totally kissable as far as I was concerned.

It was rumored that she wasn’t fond of males in any way, shape, or form. Something about her being assaulted when she was younger I wasn’t sure. The only thing I knew was that when I looked at her I became immediately wet, a hell of a lot more than I ever had before. I so desperately wanted to wrap my hands around her blonde tresses, kissing my way so slowly down her naked body. I wanted to praise each and every inch of her naked flesh as I made all of her body mine.

It was also rumored that she had no one in her life at the moment. Did I dare go for her? I was almost desperate to touch and hold her, a feeling that was growing stronger each day. Shaking my head, I decided I had to have her or die trying in the process. I knew that if she rejected me I would die. I had never felt what I was feeling for her nor did I know if I ever would again.

Yes, I thought, I’d start after class, I wasn’t expected to be home all that early. If things did work out it would be time more than well spent. Nodding my head, I thought time VERY well spent.

Lethargically, I went through the rest of the class thinking the whole time how I could get something to happen. Thankfully, fate stepped in as I missed the tempo several times while we were playing. The rap of Ms. Sanderson’s wooden baton quickly drew my attention.

“Rebecca Blake!” I heard her shout. “Are you with us or is your mind somewhere else? Perhaps with someone else? You’ve missed the tempo three times in the last stanza. You are our best percussionist, if you can’t get it right what hope is there for the rest of the band? Please stay after class, so we can discuss this and make efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

I heard a few oh’s and ah’s from several in various sections. I did my best to hide the wide smile that was threatening to cover my face. “Yes Ms. Sanderson,” I responded a moment later. Damn sometimes life just throws everything your way doesn’t it? “I will do my best to keep up Ma’am.”

I also saw her head whip around to stare at me with narrowed eyes. I guess she was studying me to see if I was telling the truth. Then I saw what appeared to be a look of recognition flash in her eyes and then it was gone. I also thought I saw a small, thin smile cross her lips that was gone in an instant.

Damn I thought, had she seen through my ruse? I guess I’d find out later after class. It took all I had to make it through the rest of the class.

Finally, mercifully the class and the day ended. Susie walked up to me before she left wishing me luck then quickly escaped the room afraid she would be kept after also. Swallowing hard I stayed in my section watching the rest of the class as they made their way through the door. Every now and then I’d see one or two mouthing sorry as they left. I smiled inside it was great that they were worried about me. Then again how shocked would they be if they knew that I wanted this?

Again swallowing hard I made my way down toward the front of the room. Stopping in the front of Ms. Sanderson’s desk I awaited the tirade that I thought was about to start.

Finished erasing the board, she turned seeing me standing there, nervously dancing from foot to foot. Sitting down, she indicated the seat beside the desk for me to sit in. “Ms. Rebecca,” she started then stopped when she saw me wrinkle my nose at my actual first name. “Hmmm I see is there something else you prefer to be called?”

A wide though nervous smile lit up my face almost seeming to cause her to relax as I stated, “Yes Ma’am, Ms. Sanderson, I much prefer Bex to anything else.” With that I saw that she really relaxed as she uncrossed her legs. This gave me a brief glimpse of her purple panties which seemed to be stretched tight across her sex. Then I sighed disappointedly, almost audibly, as she re-crossed them.

Oh my god! I thought as I ripped my eyes away from her briefly semi-exposed crotch. Was she coming on to me? In almost the same way I was going to come on to her?

“So,” she said as she opened a file on her desk. As she picked it up I saw my full name on it. Groaning, I thought I was in a pile of trouble though her next words startled me. “I see that you are from a dysfunctional family. Tell me, do you have a good relationship with your brother? Your mother mentioned that you surprisingly get along with him now, though in the past it was quite different.”

Oh shit! I thought, she not only had my file, she’d also talked to Mother! Crap what had Mom said to her? Mom was the only other one besides pops’ girlfriend who knew I had no desire for males.

I lowered my head as I almost whispered, “yes ma’am, I wasn’t that good to him in the past. I think it was due to my pop walking...” I stopped as I felt the anger welling up in me again. I still hadn’t completely forgiven pops for leaving all of us. Then again, I wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to.

I saw out of the corner of my eyes she was nodding, a faraway look in her eyes. “I can understand how you feel my dear. There are times, not many mind you, that a brother can be the absolute greatest ally that you can have.” She looked directly into my eyes as she whispered, “believe me I do know. So, is this what has you so distracted?”

I rapidly, perhaps too rapidly, started to shake my head no. I wanted so bad to tell her, ask her, hold her close to me. I knew not to make a move as I still had no idea how she felt though I had a feeling she felt about females much the way I did. “I ... I’ve... “ I started then clamped my mouth shut. This was extremely personal, and I wasn’t about to let her know that I knew what I did.

Her eyes opened wide a moment then she nodded again. “So, it is a boy that has you so distracted, ah I see. Do you wish to talk about it?” She asked when she saw that I had completely clammed up. A boy? Was she crazy? Had she lost her mind? The I realized that she didn’t really know crap, I was going to have to tread lightly here. If a single word of this got out I was finished from any clique, let alone ever being able to show my face.

“I can’t ... it’s far too ... I can’t... “ I stated, almost in tears that she was trying to get this out of me. This time as I looked down I saw a look of compassion in her eyes, hell it almost seemed she was as upset as I was!

“Anything and everything that is said here and now WILL NOT go any further. Unless you are a danger to yourself or others and I don’t think this is the case, is it?” She asked as I quickly shook my head no. “Can you tell me about it with no names?”

I took a deep breath as it was now or never. “I believe I am in love Ma’am.” I said as both of my lips quivered.

Her hand went to her chin as she put a finger to her lips. “Love I see. I take it that the one you are in love with is a well-known person? Is this someone who could pretty much end you going to school here if they don’t reciprocate your love?”

I tried not to look up as embarrassed as I was. With that she stood, going to the door to close and lock it. “Now I think it’s time we dispense with the Ms. Please call me Ann as I think that we are going to become very close friends, hmm? So, do you wish to tell me about this love of yours?”

I looked up in time to see her sit with her legs uncrossed, again giving me another view between her legs. This time, though, I could see that she was as wet as I was. Judging by the wet spot on the front of her panties it had started a while ago.

Slowly, almost teasingly she re-crossed her legs. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. Finally, when she had her legs crossed, I managed to look up at her face. She had a quirky, little smile on her face as she was now staring at my hand that was moving rapidly on my lap.

“Is it that embarrassing that you can’t talk about it?” Ann asked. “It is after all a boy, correct?” I must have blushed a bright red with a smirk on my face as her face suddenly held a surprised look and then a sly smile. “So, it isn’t I see, yes, you are quite right this could do great damage to you here.”

I felt the heat rise higher to my cheeks as I couldn’t look at her. Dear God, being this close, her soft voice caressing my ears. It was taking all I had not to lean over, grab her and press my mouth and body to her.

Stunned to silence I dared to look at her as she was shaking her head. “I believe I know how you feel my dear. You like girls am I correct?” I saw her smile as she waited me answer. I could only briefly nod my head yes, causing a beautiful smile to start to dominate her features. “It has to do with your father doesn’t it?”

My mouth dropped open as I stared at her, “How do you know? Not even my mother knows about that.” I was totally in shock.

In a loud whisper she told me, “my step father assaulted me as a young woman. My brother caught him mid-way through it. I’d never seem him as angry as he was, he almost killed the son of a bitch. Then he held me, he was still holding me crying when the police arrived. To this day I don’t think he has forgiven himself for what happened, though I have many, many times. I found after that, he was the only male that I can or will allow near me.”

I could feel the tears as they were running down my face. How could anyone have hurt this dear, sweet woman before me?

I felt her soft hand reach my face gently caressing it as I let the tears fall. “No one should have ever hurt you, there is no reason to EVER do that to you!” I hissed in a fierce whisper.

Her face registered shock then a grateful smile as she gathered me to her chest. Holding me tight, it was a few moments before I realized that I was pressed to her soft breasts. With a contented sigh I pressed myself deeper into her flesh.

“I shared my story with you to let you know that your secret is safe alright? So, is there anything I can do to help you, so you aren’t as distracted?” Ann asked as I was finally able to stop my tears.

Anything she could do? My God! That was as loaded a question that she asked as any that I’d ever heard. God yes, I thought, she and I could strip naked slowly and make love for hours. I almost opened my mouth to say it, then chickened out. I still had no idea if she felt for me as I did for her. It would kill me if she rejected me, I could feel the pain in my heart as I thought about it.

It appeared that Ann was far more perceptive than I thought she was. When I didn’t answer right away she seemed to sense that I had pulled away. “I’m not sure if I can ask anything of you Ms ... Ann. The woman I am in love with may not share my feelings. I am terrified that she will reject me before anything happens between us.”

Ann nodded, “as they say life is an adventure. Take a chance, it’s the only true way you’ll ever know. I’ll let you go think it over, ‘till you know you’re going to be a mess. I hope you do soon, I ... we need you badly Bex.” I got up to go as she unlocked the door. As I was moving past her I told her thank you.

“No my dear,” she whispered to me. “I wish to thank you. I saw you watching me. It made me feel a hell of a lot better about myself.” Then she leaned down, kissing me briefly on the cheek.

I thought I had grabbed a live wire as I felt a huge current run through me. Looking at Ann, I saw that she had felt it also. Shakily I withdrew, walking out the door and almost running into my old friend Rita. Stopping short I saw that there was a lot more of her now. She saw me looking at her stomach then threw her arms around me.

“Oh my god! Bex! It’s so good to see a familiar face!” She almost squealed as she hugged me.

My mouth hanging open also as I asked, “I had wondered where you went, but not this, who, when?” I said in surprise.

“It was the end of last school year. Remember Mr. Sorenson, the band teacher?” I nodded amazed. “I fell for him and you might say he did for me also. One thing led to another and voila! It feels so wonderful I... “ Rita stepped back as she stared at my face intensely. “So, I see that you have fallen also. Who is she?”

My mouth must have dropped open as Rita started to giggle. “How? I never told you nor anyone else.”

Rita smirked at me, “wasn’t hard for me. You were never really interested in guys. I remember something you said once about your dad leaving.” She pointed a finger at me, “I might be a lot of things, but I was a good friend. I also have an excellent memory.” She stated matter of factly.

“I can’t really say,” I told Rita with a worried expression.

Rita gasp as she looked at me closely. “Hmmm, I see, so you are into the new band teacher. Yeah, I can see that, go for it I hear she’s extremely lonely also. Who knows? You might find true love like I did.” With that she whirled away heading to the room I had just left.

I stood there in shock, shaking my head. Was I that easy to read? First the woman I loved, then my pregnant friend. A few minutes later Rita came dancing back out the door. Passing by me she winked, mouthing ‘go for it’. Again, I was unable to move as I watched Rita, her red hair bouncing almost as much as she did, dancing out the door.

I wasn’t sure how long I stood there before Ann walked out, closing and locking up the band room. “Ah! Hello again Bex, did you need to speak to me further?”

I felt like an idiot as I tried to speak but nothing came out. Ann patiently waited as a war of words went through my mind. Finally, I said, “yes Ann I do, though I think we might need somewhere much more private.” I trembled as these words came out.

Ann rested her hand next to her face, a finger against her skull as she was deep in thought. “Well, I have to go home. If it’s alright with your mother, you could accompany me there.” I looked closely at Ann when she said this. A small quirky smile was again on her face. I looked closer, seeing something in her eyes that I had seen in my own, an almost desperate loneliness.

I called my mother, telling her I was going to Ms. Sanderson’s, that I’d be late. I tried to explain I was having a little trouble with the tempo. I could hear mothers’ none believing of my words, though she was clearly happy that I had called. I told her I might be very late when Ann spoke up, saying she had extra room. I could stay the night since tomorrow was Saturday. Mother told me to have fun before she hung up. Oh I intend to I thought, I intend to.

As we left I was glad to see that there wasn’t anyone around who knew me. Then again, being a Friday there really wasn’t anyone around. We drove for a short distance and I was surprised when she turned down the same street I lived on, then passed my house going another block. Not a word had been spoken while we were traveling.

As she pulled into her driveway, the crunch of the rocks loud, she looked at me asking, “You alright?”

My mouth still open I quickly snapped it shut. “I didn’t know you lived this close. We passed my house a block back.”

A wide smile crossed her lips, “um that’s good to know if anything develops.”

My head snapped up as I looked into her eyes, seeing a look of longing hunger. “I hope that you can help me Ann,” I said licking my lips.

“Oh, I’m sure we can help each other, I most definitely feel we will.” Ann said in a low whisper as she passed the back of her hand across my cheek, making me tremble with excitement.

Ann got out, heading to the front door then stopped, looking back at me. Waving her hand, she crooked a finger to me indicating that I should follow. Nodding my head, I climbed out, walking up to Ann with a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I am just thrilled that you have time for me.”

Ann’s eyes, I swear, twinkled as she whispered in my ear, “I think, I will always have time for you my dear. Let’s get inside.” I nodded as she unlocked the door then allowed me to go in first. I looked around the small house seeing that the woman most definitely had good taste. “I’m going to get out of these clothes, be right back.” I nodded as I watched her walk into what I assumed was her bed room.

I was looking around the room when I noticed that Ann left her door open. I didn’t mean to stare then I noticed she was getting undressed. My eyes were glued to the image in the mirror of her I was seeing. Slowly, so slow she was removing her skirt, then her shirt. Looking into the mirror she unhooked her bra, grasping her breasts, rubbing where the bra had left an impression.

I couldn’t move, I could barely breathe as she massaged them. Then she was looking in the mirror again, a little smile on her lips as she slowly lowered her purple panties. Looking in the mirror she started to turn each way, looking at the smooth skin between her legs. I shivered as she gently caressed her folds, wishing it were my hands, then sighed in disappointment when she put on a long robe.

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