Lap Dance

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2018 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: My sister's boyfriend asked her to do a Lap Dance for him but she didn't know what it was so she came to me for advice.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Exhibitionism   .

Francis waltzed into my room where I was lying on my bed reading a Cussler novel. “Hey, what the hell is a lap dance?”

I was focused on the book so I asked “A what?”

“A lap dance. Mel asked me last night to give him a lap dance but I don’t know what he was talking about so I said no way. What is it?”

My mind started running, first off I was going to have to body slam Mel for asking my 17 year old sister to do something like that, second, my sister was still naive enough not to know, third, why was she asking me?

“Why you asking me? Maybe I don’t know either.”

“Well if you don’t then I’ll go ask somebody else, maybe dad.”

I smiled an evil grin, “I don’t think that’s a question for dad.”

“Then you do know, tell me.”

I’d never had a girl do a lap dance for me but I’d seen videos on the web and some at parties so I knew that there were different versions, mostly because of what the woman was or was not wearing when she did it. “I don’t think that’s something you should be doing at your age. Maybe when you are old enough to drink you’ll be old enough to do something like that.”

“Then it’s dirty, nasty?”

“I don’t know about dirty and nasty but it is sexual, kind of like foreplay to real screwing.”

Fran fidgeted a little “Did a girl ever do one for you?” she asked cautiously.

“No, but I saw some at some parties I’ve been to, they can get pretty hot.”

“Okay,” said my sister as she sat on the end of my bed, “tell me. What’s so special? What do the boy and girl do?”

“First of all the boy doesn’t do anything except get hot. The girl does the work, the dance which is supposed to turn the guy on. She does a booty shake, some swinging and twisting; throwing her ass in his face then sits on his lap and does the same thing while sitting on his legs. He gets turned on then they go somewhere and fuck.”

“Do they always have sex after?”

“No, I’ve seen girls do that for several guys then ignore them completely later. Some girls like to show their junk, it’s another type of cock teasing.” Fran looked at me for a few moments; I could see thoughts swirling around her head.

“Thanks, I don’t think I could do something like that.” She got off the bed and left.

I picked up my book again but couldn’t concentrate on Dirk and Al, Fran had reset my brain to sex mode and I was thinking about some lap dances I’d seen.

My sister and I ignored each other for a couple of weeks more. I was a little curious what she was doing with Mel but I didn’t bring it up. He was in her class at school so he was pretty much a non-person in my group of friends. Besides, as long as she didn’t get knocked up, I didn’t really care much about what she was doing when the lights were out.

I came home from basketball practice early one night, our parents were still working. When I went past my sister’s room I heard music booming through the partially open door. I pushed it wider to tell her to put something on I wanted to hear but my words jammed tight in my throat. Fran had her back to me so she didn’t see me standing in the door as she jimmied and shimmied her ass, keeping a booty rocking, hip rolling beat with the music. She was wearing only bra and panties as she practiced her dance. Her butt was swinging circles in the air, her legs pumping it up and down at the same time. I’d never seen a girl’s ass move in so many different directions at once. It was fascinating, and a little sexy.

No – it was a lot sexy.

I pushed the door wider, leaned on the jamb and watched my sister. She put on more show then slowly stepped around. She looked up and saw me standing in her room and froze in place for two heartbeats then began to shriek. The terror in her eyes faded quickly, turning to rage when she recognized me “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?”

I was grinning like an idiot, “Watching you dance, what do you think?”

Fran grabbed her bathrobe off the floor and threw it over her shoulders. She slammed the off button on her music box and took up her verbal assault on me again “You bastard, you scared the shit out of me. What do you think you were doing?”

“Hey the goddamn door was open bitch, don’t get all fucked up at me, I heard the music and stopped to see what you were doing. What are you doing, practicing a lap dance like you asked me about?”

My sister was calming down. We weren’t strangers to each other in our underwear so that didn’t embarrass her but she started to turn red “I found some dance videos on YouTube so I was trying to do what they were doing.”

“Lap dance videos?”

She burned redder “Yeah, it’s kind of fun making my butt swing around like that, it’s a good workout too.”

“Well from the short show I just got it looked to me like you learned some pretty sensational moves. You were rocking girl.”

Fran brightened “You think so? I haven’t done anything like that for Mel yet so I don’t know.”

“Tell you what Sis; let me sit in that chair and you put the music back on. Dance for me and I’ll be your critic.

She hesitated, looking at me strangely, “You want me to do that with you watching me?”

“Well ya, that’s what it’s all about. The girls show their stuff for the men; the men get hot.”

“You mean that if I do this you’re gonna get hot, or you gonna get hot for me?”

“What fucking difference does it make?”

“Well don’t think you get to stick your dick in me just because I dance for you, OK?”

“Yeah, okay, that wasn’t my plan so put the music on, let’s see what you got.”

Fran threw her robe onto the bed and walked over to the boom box. She fiddled with the disk until she got the tune she wanted then stepped back in front of me. The desk chair I sat on had arms so she leaned over and put her hands on the arms and her face just inches from mine. I looked down her front at her tits which were swinging prettily inside her thin bra. The music started thumping a heavy beat and she began to whip her hips back and forth, swiveling at the waist. Her head was rigid, not moving, her eyes locked on my face while her body began to pulse and gyrate even more.

I tore my eyes away from her bouncing body and looked into hers. She smiled at me then flicked the end of her tongue over her lips then formed an ‘O’ with her mouth and blew a gentle puff of breath at me. My nuts pulled up and my cock started to swell. She pushed up from the chair and turned away from me and started giving me a show of her ass as it whipped from side to side, bouncing her butt cheeks while she stepped in place to the drum beat.

As she danced she flailed the air with her hair, tossing her head so that the long blonde locks flew in circles about her head. She reached behind her, put her hands on her back then slid them down and over her ass as she bent at the waist giving me an awesome view of her butt and legs. She moved her feet wider apart which opened the junction of her legs, I could see the outline of her body crack under then tight material of lacy blue panties. She put the palms of her hands on the inside of her thighs and twitched her butt even more; I was staring at her pussy which she was boldly highlighting for me.

Fran shook her body at me for a couple of minutes, twisting, turning, stretching, and caressing herself then finally gave up. She turned the music off then turned to me, breathing heavily, she glowed from the heat of the exertion. “What do you think, okay?”

My cock was grossly inflated, my own temperature was up around boiling, “You looked good, Sis, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a girl with that many moves before.”

She smiled prettily, happily, “Did I turn you on, did it work for you?”

What the hell, she wanted to know so I stood up, the bulge of my erection announcing to her eyes just what she and done to me. Fran studied the distended form of my cock then looked me in the eyes “Awesome! That looks like a pussy pleaser from here, I did that?”

It was time to change the subject “Are you going to practice some more?”

“Not today, I’m wore out but come back tomorrow, can you?”

Fucking right I could come back. What I had seen was a treat for my eyes and erotic as hell, it didn’t matter that it was my sister waving her ass at me. Yeah, I’d be back so I asked her “When?”

“I think mom and dad are going bowling with Bob and Margie after dinner.”

“Okay, it’s a date, you want me to bring a couple of friends for a variety of opinions on your style and moves?”

She turned shocked eyes on me “What?”

I walked past her, my nuts were beginning to ache, “I was kidding, it will only be me.” I could feel her eyes on my back when I left.

If I told you I wasn’t anticipating my private lap dance I’d go to Hell for lying. I gave up a night with my friends to see Fran flipping her butt in my face. I watched my sister as she scuttled around the house and kept seeing her in only panties and bra shaking like she was electrified. She caught me staring at her a couple of times and gave me a quick private smile but no hint of what she was thinking.

That night after our parents left Fran came into the living room, “Come back in about five minutes, I’ll be ready.”

I lost all concentration on the TV as I pictured my sister’s moves in my mind, my dick was already reacting. I went to my own room and changed into looser fitting pants, my dockers were too tight, and I knew I would need room to grow.

She was standing beside a cushioned dining room chair in a short white skirt and brief red tank top. I could tell by the peaks in the material of the shirt she wasn’t wearing a bra. The hem of the white skirt was only a couple of inches below her crotch which left a lot of long shapely thighs and legs open for viewing. The length of her legs was accented by white pumps on 2” heels. Her cheeks and neck were tinted embarrassment red, her eyes wary, I sensed she was faltering, “Hey look Fran, if you don’t want to do this, its okay, I can go hang with Danny.”

That did it, my generous offer to let her off the hook was all it took to make up her mind “Sit down.” She set her CD in place and found the right track while I sat.

She started by standing straight, facing me, arms stretched over her head, holding her long hair off her head. The music thumped and she bumped. My sister arched and bowed her body to the beat, eyes closed. She dropped her hair, put her hands on her waist and began tossing her long locks while rotating her hips and butt, belly dancing moves. Her feet were moving her slowly in a circle as she moved to the music. She wasn’t doing a ‘lap dance’ but what she was doing was just as sexy. She lifted her hands off her hips and began rubbing them up and down her body, first her sides then stomach. As she massaged her skin under the top it lifted far enough I could see the swell of her tits, I got a hint of the brown puckered skin at the tip of them. I was reacting to her, I could feel my pulse quicken, my cock swelling.

She danced until the song was done then stopped. She was breathing deeply which caused her tits to rise and fall. “What do you think, is that a good warm up?”

“If that was the warm up, then what comes next is going to hurt my nuts for sure.”

Fran gave me a wickedly feminine smile “Then let’s see if we can ruin your sex life.” She punched the play button on the sound box and the next act began.

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