14 and Ready for Sex

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: It's Andrea's 14th birthday. As is traditional in her world, today Andrea will be given to a man as his personal property: Andrea is about to become a sex-slave to her Master. This is a short tale of extreme Male Dominance and utter female submission within Master's World. To learn more about the place read "Welcome to My World".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Small Breasts   .


This story takes place in THE MASTER’S WORLD UNIVERSE. The nature of that universe is described most fully in my serial / book “WELCOME TO MY WORLD”. Here is a brief description of how THE MASTER’S WORLD UNIVERSE operates: The Master, a man with futuristic, hyper-tech powers, including the ability to read minds and to exert absolute mind control over others, possesses a hidden planet in another dimension that has been customized into his personal paradise. He is Master of everything and everyone there. The Master populates his World with two types of female sex slaves. The first type is ordinary women from Earth. The second type is genetically engineered women he creates himself. From Earth, the Master kidnaps and enslaves large numbers of beautiful women and teenaged girls. He brainwashes and reprograms them into ideal sex slaves who perfectly match his personal desires. He makes them want what he wants them to want. The women he synthesizes himself using genetic engineering and biotechnology are pre-programmed from the start to the Master’s exacting specifications. This is a story about one of the girls synthesized by the Master.

Andrea stood nervously shifting from foot to foot, her naked skin prickling with goose bumps in the slightly cool air, waiting for the door to open. It wasn’t only the coolness of the air, but her own nervousness and fear that made her feel so cold. As she watched the door intently, she silently rehearsed the most important things she had been taught and had so diligently practiced for her first 13 years. Today was her 14th birthday, and everything was about to be put to the test, and to change.

“Always thank the Master, no matter what he does to you” she said to herself. “Always beg him to use you in any way that pleases him.” Rubbing her hands across her nipples, then cupping her breasts, she noticed how much they had already grown in the past year. She intoned in a soft whisper “These tits belong to you, Master, I am only their stewardess.” Reaching her right hand behind her, she probed between her soft, pale white, hemispherical buttocks, drawing her middle finger across her anus. Raising that finger to her nose, she sniffed it. Very clean, she thought. The Master wants his new girl to have a clean anus so he can lick it before inserting a finger into her rectum. She knew that her anus would not stay clean for long. After the Master probed her anally with his finger, he would sodomize her with his penis. That typically happened within a few minutes after meeting his new girl.

She knew she would be tasting her own ass soon after that, when she sucked him clean during the required ass-to-mouth blowjob after he was done sodomizing her. Master has complete control over biology. He made sure that this practice is completely safe. It’s absolutely harmless. A girl could never get sick in Master’s World.

Most important of all, Andrea hoped Master would ejaculate in her mouth. Every girl wants that!

Andrea wondered what else the Master might do to her. It would only be their first meeting, after all. He would have many, many opportunities over the next two decades to use her in any ways that pleased him. She prayed fervently that he would cum in her mouth. Some girls were fortunate enough to swallow his cum on this first meeting.

Andrea knew she was special already, in some ways. She had already been told that her genetic endowment programmed her to develop massive breasts in coming years. Her breasts would have large pink areolas and nipples. Her breasts would grow and grow, continuing to increase in size well after the usual girl’s breasts topped out at whatever size they would be when the girl was 17 or so. Her breasts would continue to grow for another several years. It’s impossible to predict ahead of time precisely how large her breasts would become. At the least, her bust measurement would be 88 inches, with a cup size of between K and M. She looked forward to carrying such massive burdens for her Master, even though she knew that she would have back pain and other discomforts. But what did that matter when she had the honor of taking care of such massive pieces of her Master’s most cherished property? Everyone knew that the women with the most massive breasts were used by the Master in more ways, more often, than women with smaller breasts. She wanted to be used and abused and exploited in every way possible, just so long as it pleased her Master.

Even without having yet met him, Andrea was deeply in love with her Master. She had watched his videos every day, read his books, magazines and newspapers. For her entire life, she had been raised to love, worship and adore him. All of her education, both at school and in her mother’s house, was geared to train her in all the arts and sciences of pleasing her Master, always placing his pleasure above her own, always thinking of him and how she might serve and please him. She liked to think that even if she had not been bombarded with messages to this effect through every form of media, including school books, church services, and at home by her mother, she would have reached the same conclusion herself. How could any woman or girl possibly NOT love the Master? The very thought of any female not wanting to fall down at his feet and beg to become his slave was impossible to conceive! Of course every woman and girl wanted to give herself to him entirely, to be wholly owned by him, body and soul, and to spend her life serving him in every way possible. It was what Nature and God intended.

Andrea had been standing here waiting for nearly 20 minutes now. She turned toward the large mirrors in the room for what seemed like the millionth time. She looked at herself. Her long, platinum blonde hair had been tied into two braids. The Master could grab the braids to better control her head when she was sucking him. He could easily draw her head toward him to shove his cock as deeply as possible down her young throat. Anticipating that event, a lopsided smile drew edges of her mouth in opposite directions. She hoped she could take his dick all the way down her throat, but she feared that she might fall short. She was only just turning 14 today and he was a full-grown man. But she had been reassured by her mother and her teachers that the worst that could happen is that she would gag and spit up. The Master didn’t mind that at all, they’d told her. Perhaps he would even enjoy that. Her blue eyes sparkled with that thought.

Andrea looked at her entire form reflected in the three large mirrors that were arranged so that she could see herself from three angles. Her body had become rounder over the past year. Her pale skin and pink nipples complemented the light, downy white-gold of her sparse public hair. She turned round, bent over, and spread her buttocks to gaze at her anus. It was as pink as her nipples. Platinum blonde hair, pink nipples and a pink anus were highly valued by the Master in his slaves. That’s why his biogenetics technology produced such a high percentage of platinum blondes like her. Platinum blondes comprised 60-70% of the population. Gold blondes comprised another 20-30%. Redheads made up 9.9%. Brunettes comprised the remaining 0.1%.

Her mind turned again to the things she must remember. If the Master asked her “What lifestyle do you want?” she must, without fail, answer “Blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob, Master. I want to suck your heavenly dick, take it up my ass, and then suck it clean. I hope you will cum in my mouth, Master.” And she did want that! With all of her heart and soul, she wanted that. Andrea had seen all the videos, and read all the first-person accounts, of how the other girls did this, and she’d been instructed about this in school for as far back as she could remember. If they could, then she must! She was actually looking forward to challenging herself and seeing how much of her Master’s dick she could take down her throat. Andrea wanted to be the best cocksucking deep-throater in his whole harem!

As a 14-year-old, Andrea would spend the next year as one of his 2 dozen 14-year-olds, accompanying the Master wherever he went, participating when he wanted them to, or hanging back and watching in order to learn the rest of the time. The Master owned hundreds of female sex slaves from ages 14 through around age 34. The oldest age was somewhat uncertain, because after 20 years in Harem World, a woman would usually be sent off to Womb World where she would be implanted with a female embryo, give birth, and then raise the girl to age 13 plus 11 months and 29 days, then send the girl off to Harem World. At that point in time, the mother would enter the Hall of Eternity where her essential pattern would be recorded and stored until such time as that pattern would be imprinted in matter again in the form of a new embryo. That is the great Cycle of Life.

Aside from the robots and other automation that did all the work, the Master and his harem were the only intelligent inhabitants of Harem World. There were lovely flowers and trees and cute animals and friendly birds and bees too, of course. This made it all so beautiful, cozy, safe and fun! She had studied everything she could back during her life in Womb World about the Harem World. She knew all the sex practices, having watched the thousands of videos over and over again, studied the books and magazine meticulously, and practiced with her personal replica penis. She excelled in all her school trainings with that plastic penis which spurted pseudo-sperm. The sensors in the replica measured her mouth action – tongue, lips, mouth and throat – and the machines and her teachers and mother gave her feedback and helpful instructions on improving her fellatio technique. She’d been tops in her class and was proud of it. There was less anal practice, since a girl needed to do little more than passively accept being sodomized. And the Master liked virgin anuses and rectums.

Her mother bought her lots of porno magazines, so she could follow closely the latest developments in the Master’s preferred sex acts and spoken words. Her mother pointed out helpful things about the pictures, telling her how important it was to maintain eye contact with the Master, even when he was holding your head in his hands and shoving his cock down your throat. Of course, when he had forced you to deep throat him all the way, it was impossible to look him in the eye. But as soon as he released you, so you could suck him more normally, it was important to look him in the eye so he could see the tears that gag-fucking had caused you.

Even when the Master was sodomizing you, there would be several mirrors nearby so that he could watch your face as he buttucked you. It would be painful, she knew. No matter how much a girl might have practiced with the replica penises (which were only three-quarters the size of his actual cock) it was always a shock to get buttfucked the first time, she had been taught and told. All of her slightly older friends who had already gone through this event told her so, when they chatted on the videophone. Her mother told her, too. But all of them also said that it was utterly wonderful to be used and abused with such naked brutality. A good buttfuck was pure anal rape. Even though all of the girls consented to it (well, they had no choice anyway) it was still a “moving violation.” They called it that because it violated a girl’s anus and rectum. All the girls and women said the experienced moved them unlike anything short of cocksucking. Both oral and anal sex produced tremendous orgasms for every girl and woman. Oral sex orgasms were wonderful. Anal sex orgasms (usually called “anal orgasms”) were just as good. This is why the blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob lifestyle is absolutely ideal.

In school Andrea learned that, back in the bad old days on the terrible planet Earth where the Master was born, women needed to have their cunts stimulated in order to have an orgasm. She never understood this. She had stuck a replica penis in her cunt and tried to have an orgasm several times. All of the girls were told to do this in school. Despite repeated attempts, the best she – or anyone else – could achieve was a very mild, short-lived pleasure that occurred about once for every ten attempts. How mild was the pleasure? Think about having a big stretch and yawn. That is mildly pleasurable. A cunt orgasm (What else did they call it? Oh, yes, vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm) was about half as pleasurable as a good yawn. So who cares about that? Every girl would rather suck the Master’s dick, and then take it up her ass, and then suck it clean and, hopefully, have the Master cum in her mouth. Girls would have oral orgasms and anal orgasms doing this, whether or not the Master came in their mouths (he rarely chose to cum in their asses). But if the Master came in her mouth, the girl would have a total body orgasm in all her parts that was many times stronger than an ordinary orgasm or anal orgasm. After recovering her wits from this shattering pleasure, every single girl is always moved to say exactly the same thing “Oh, Master, thank you for cumming in my mouth. That was the greatest moment of my life! How can I ever repay you?”

Andrea couldn’t wait to have reason to say that!

Andrea was startled from her reverie by a noise. The door swung open. A woman was standing next to the open door. Where had she come from? The woman took her by her trembling hand, drew Andrea forward, and then put a hand on her back and pushed Andrea into the room, closing the door behind.

The room was small and sparsely furnished with a table with chairs, footstools, a couch, a bed, and many mirrors. She took all this in at a glance, because none of it mattered. What was in the room was infinitely less important that WHO was there.

She gazed in amazement at her Master, standing there naked and magnificent. “Come, little bitch” he said with a smile. “Let me take a look at my new property.”

She smiled. Then, stammering, she managed to say “M-Master, my name is An-Andrea. Today is my 14th birthday. I am your new property. I hope I can please you. I only want to be your slave. Please t-tell me how I can serve you. Your sl-slightest wish is my command.”

The Master walked up to Andrea and caressed her face in his hands. She was surprised at how soft his hands were, and how strongly they held her. She gazed up at him with awe and desire. Her heart was beating so fast and loud, she was sure he must hear it, too.

“You’re a very pretty little cunt” he said. Then he pressed his mouth against hers and forced his tongue inside. Andrea willingly opened wide, allowing her Master’s tongue to probe her mouth. At the same time, she felt his hands moving over her body. First her breasts, grasping, squeezing, then pinching her nipples. One hand went down between her legs, rubbing her cunt. Then he moved his hands to her back and down to her ass. He rubbed a finger against her anus while he kissed her passionately. She responded with equal passion.

Then Master pulled away, as she was still leaning forward. Losing her balance, she stumbled toward him. He caught her. She felt embarrassed at her clumsiness. “Don’t worry little bitch” he said with a smile “I take good care of my slaves.”

He pointed to a footstool. “Stand on that” he commanded “so I can suck your nipples without bending down.” Andrea obeyed him with as much steadiness and grace as she could manage, given her nervousness.

At first he was gentle. His tongue and lips sucked gently on first one of her nipples and then the other. Then he went back to the first one and bit it hard. “Ow!” Andrea cried involuntarily, then she froze in fear. Had she said something wrong?

“Did that hurt you, little bitch?” he asked.

She swallowed hard, then said softly “Yes, Master.”

He smiled. “Good. It gave me pleasure. What’s more important, your pain or my pleasure?”

Relieved at hearing that question, Andrea felt herself in known territory now. She knew the right answer. She had been taught it every week in school, and by her birth mother, and by dozens of books, hundreds of magazines, and thousands of videos she watched for her entire life to date. “Your pleasure, Master” she said with a smile.

“Good little whore” he said. Then Master pointed to the high bed which had a chair next to it. “Get on that bed, lay on your back and spread your legs. I want to inspect your cunt.”

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