You Wanna What?

by Darian Wolfe

Copyright© 2018 by Darian Wolfe

Incest Sex Story: Twenty-two year old Mark Shafter's 14-year-old sister is desperate to try the new designer drug Steam. The only way she can afford it is to sell her body. Who will she sell it to, him or the local pimp?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Safe Sex   .

“Hey Mark, can I talk to you?”

Fran was wearing a skin-tight tee shirt without a bra and gym shorts from two summers ago. “Sure.”

She sat on the edge of the desk. “Could you get me some Steam?”

“You know that’s a sex drug? You’ll have sex with anyone.”


“Ever heard of Aids?”

She crinkled her nose “None of my friends have gotten it and a lot of them have done it.”

Mark laughed “They’re full of shit. Where’s a ninth grader gonna get the money for Steam? It’s not pot.”

Fran’s sighed and frowned “If you’re not going to help, fine! I’ll go to Rod.”

“You’ll get gang-banged too. You think he’ll hand you a hundred dollars worth of dope because you flash your tits at him? Shit, you’ll wake up three days later selling ass on a street corner.”

Fran jumped up. Her face was red.

Mark stared at her. “I am dead serious. Rod will hurt you. Sit down. If you want this we can work it out.”

Fran smiled “When can I get it?”

“Wait a minute, how are you going to pay me for it?”

“You know I don’t ... EEW that’s gross. You’re my brother.”

“If you take Steam you’ll climb anyone that moves male or female. Which is grosser, climbing a stranger who might kill you or climbing your brother? It’s either that or one hundred dollars cash, or a gang-bang with Rod. Mom will be out with Steve tomorrow night. We can do it then if you want.”

Fran was subdued when She left. He went into his bedroom’s half bath. He lasted four strokes before erupting into the sink, college maturity be damned.

The next evening there was a light tapping on his door. “Come in.”

Fran came in and shut the door behind her. She stood staring at the ground, her chin quivering. Mark hugged her. “It’s ok. You don’t have to do this. Nobody’s making you.”

“I want to. I want the bragging rights.”

Mark shook his head. “All right, sit at my desk. Are you on birth control?”


“I have some condoms, but have mom get you on it. Are you a virgin?”

“I’ve done it once.”

Mark pulled a syringe and kit from a box. Fran blanched. “I don’t like needles.”

He filled the syringe, then sat on his bed. “I know, lay across my lap. This way you don’t have to watch.” She lay across him. Mark pulled down her shorts and panties and caressed her tight cheeks.


“What? I’ll be touching more than that in a few minutes. Hold still.” He tore open a wipe and swabbed an area. Fran yelped as Mark injected her. He rubbed the knot away, straightened her clothes, and sat her on his lap. “It’ll be a few minutes before it kicks in. Sit and relax. Let me know if you start feeling bad.” She laid her head on his shoulder.

Mark had almost decided she had gone to sleep when she asked: “Are you really going to fuck me?”


“Aren’t you worried about messing up my head?”

“No, you came in here knowing we would have sex. I haven’t lied to you and I’m not forcing you. You’re hot. I can have you so I’m going to.”

Fran preened. “I thought I’d seen you checking me out.”

Mark smiled. “Every chance I get. At least, when I think mom won’t slap me stupid.”

Fran giggled. “Wanna do it in mom’s bed?”

Mark laughed. “You do have a death wish. Can I have a kiss?”

“Big brother wants to kiss his little sister does he?”

“I do.”

Fran touched her chin. “I guess that would be all right.” She attacked his mouth and pushed him back on the bed. Mark flipped them. She wrapped her legs around him and ground into him.

He broke the kiss. “So you like Steam?” He grabbed a hand full of one of her large breasts and squeezed.

Fran arched up “Yes” she growled and pulled him into another kiss. Mark slid a hand under his sister’s ass and pulled her tight against him and ground her. She pound her fists into his back, He grabbed her head to keep her from head-butting him as she thrashed. She keened as her first orgasm hit her.

“Breathe baby girl. Breathe.” He whispered as he held himself still.

“That was intense.” She gasped.

“There’s more from where that one came from. Let’s get you undressed.” He pulled her clothes off before undressing. “Get up on all fours.” He put on a condom. “Are you ready?”

Fran nodded.

He pushed into her. “God, you’re every bit as tight as I thought you’d be.”

She moaned as he pulled back. “Put that back. It feels good there.”

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