My Weeks Vacation With Chubby Cousin and Grandma

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

True Sex Story: A found story, incredibly badly written, no paras, no punctuation, bad spelling etc etc. This was a laborious job, done with the author's permission.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Cousins   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   .

This goes back several years when me and my cousin always visited over summers with our Grandma. I lived in town but her and her sister are from a big city several hours away. Well this summer in particular my cousin Cassie came on her own to Grandma’s and without her sister Sandy. Cassie was about 5’9 about 210 lbs very thick but definitely a BBW with very creamy soft skin.

There was always a giant beautiful smile present, with light brown hair half way down her back. She had a really pretty, round, almost like a plus size model face, even then in our late teens. We usually never got along but I was told I had to go spend time with her because only she came to visit. Frustrated mostly from not wanting to be around her, but even more from secretly wanting her, I reluctantly packed my bags for our Grandma’s. Being 16 of course I packed like a 16 year old, a couple of porno DVDs - my favourite at the time was a DVD I got from a friend. Taboo American style was it’s title.

An old 70s or 80s scripted fantasy taboo movie but still intrigued me at that age with the thought of taboo was exciting and almost gross but the excitement out weighed the thoughts of any disgust. On top of the movies I took condoms - no clue really why, but I suppose I was hoping I’d get lucky with the neighbour girl Emily I had grown up with. We had definitely taken our friendship past the friends experimenting in her grand father’s shed, touching and showing. As we got older the experimenting slowed but when it did happen it was hot and heavy.

She was the first girl I ever fingered and I had never tasted pussy before she talked me in to it with my cousin Sandy. They were both older then me, some three years older but very persuasive even though I didn’t need much persuasion. She stood about 5 foot 3, a slender, typical tom boy type with a cute face and fair cropped hair. Being in a well-to- neighbourhood most people were older and few slim kids. Emily was like us through summers with Grandma. So to finish my packing I stole mini shooters of Jack Daniels, probably about fifteen or so, my Mom always kept around but that’s a whole other story, so she wouldn’t even notice them gone by the end of the day.

I packed my stuff and my Mom prepared to drive me the short distance to my Grandma’s house knowing Cassie was already there. I wasn’t looking forward to it. As I said we never got along really and she was a year younger and always a crybaby. However I really wished Sandy would there, because we where like to peas in a pod, although she was a year older. We where very close. Probably closer than most cousins but she was almost my first for everything but sex. When we where a little younger than the time I’m writing all this it began. Sandy used to always try and catch me in the bathroom so she could see my penis. Many times she did and touch it, which I thought was cool.

She encouraged me to eat out Emily for the first time while she watched, rubbing my stiff small cock. It was very awkward but satisfying plus her being older then me like Emily they where more developed and would arouse me with the slightest brushing up against me or dirty grinning glances. I knew what she was capable of and it always excited me when she was around.

It wasn’t till fall that I got to spend the week with Cassie this summer.

Determined to get through the week I marched in to my Grandma’s place, bags in hand, straight to my room, which was down the hall from Cassie’s. Walking by I was tempted to pause to stare because she was sitting on the bed with a skimpy denim mini skirt on and a halter top that barely covered her tits. She had changed a lot since the last summer and so had I but seeing her crossed legs on the bed in that denim mini skirt listening to her Walkman, not even noticing me I was stunned. I continued on and as I did I heard this soft voice yell out “What’s up cuz”

Being from the city she dressed and talked very different from us. So hearing that, I froze, turned back and poked my head in her door. “Not much, good to see you, what are you up too” I replied. Her response was “Just hanging out waiting for you to get here. Grandma said we are all spending the week together.” She laughed making it a joke, then “Jeeze we are 16 and 15 you’d think they’d know we don’t need to have a playmate for the week.”

I laughed with her agreeing, then continued to my room. Unpacking my things and importantly hiding my contraband behind a big dresser for safe keeping, I too then kicked back, put my Walkman on and started jamming out to my favourite songs of the time. Several moments later I saw this milky cream skinned brunette stood looking down at me from the door way. Her breasts were bulging from her shirt, accompanied with a smile that just screamed I-love-dick and her eyes stared at me. I felt like her eyes just screamed fuck-me especially in my horny 16 year old mind, that’s all I heard and saw.

Noticing her soft lips with a big smile, I took my headphone off and said “What’s up Cassie do you need something.”Gram said we can go to the mall for a little and get some food if you are willing to drive.” Of course by now, I was more than willing to go with the person I had dreaded spending the week with. So I asked I asked. “Is Grandma going?” She giggled and replied “No just us cuz, let’s go get outta here.” Both of us by this time were itching to move past our years of annoying each other, so we grabbed the keys and headed to the car.

On the way to the mall both of us smoked, neither knowing the other did ironically. I asked her “Do you care if I smoke a cig quick I can only get a couple of drags off one at Grams she’s like a hawk”. Laughing loudly with her sweet soft voice she told me “No I don’t care, you got one? I’ve be craving one since I left home and didn’t know you smoked or would of asked sooner”. Laughing with her I agreed she could have one, reaching for my pocket, one hand on the steering wheel.

In doing so, our hands brushed. I glanced at her to find they were screaming - fuck me!’ Cassie looked me up and down and said “Don’t worry cuz I’ll get them for you”. She reached in my pocket softly, but I felt her fingers grabbing for whatever they could. She reached in deeper to the inside of my thigh close to my penis smiling with a naughty stare and those soft lips. “Is that your lighter or am I just your favourite cousin?”

Shocked I looked at her soft lips, being being sensuously licked, her gaze focussed right through my pants at my cock like x-ray vision. I said to her “It’s just my lighter but I think you just became my favourite cousin.” We both laughed as she pulled the smokes out, lighting for us both, then reaching over and gently pressing one against my lips, running one finger down my lips and off my face. Still smiling and staring, full of giggles and happiness like a couple - an awkwardly related couple, we finally got to the mall.

I found a spot. Cassie wore a little halter top with a skimpy denim skirt and reached through the centre of the seats for her purse. I could feel her softly rubbing against me. I looked down as she was reaching to see her right boob partially out of the top, the bud of her nipple popping right out, in full view. Realizing she didn’t know, I wanted to touch it so bad but restrained myself to a stare. When she sat back up she saw my eyes and looked down to her partially bare breast, which so smooth and creamy with that hint of brown/purple nipple sticking out.

Giggling, she pulled the rest of her top down revealing both her breasts, which were so perky especially for a bigger girl. “What’s wrong, don’t you get to see titties a lot?” I just nodded in excitement and shock while she squeezed her breasts together for several seconds before pulling up her top. “So do you really never see titties?” “Yes I do just not my cousins.” To try and lighten the mood, because she seemed loose and free spirited enough already I jokingly told her “Well at least I know Cassie doesn’t wear a bra.”

“It’s not the only thing I don’t wear, but don’t tell, it’s our secrete!” came her response, getting out of the car. Knowing she was teasing me to the brink of explosion, my teenage mind was just spinning walking in to the mall. As we got up the escalator, she was still giving me that stare with those soft lips just slightly parted, her tongue touching the inside edge of her bottom lip, smiling with such a sexual tension forming between us. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. We reached the top of the escalator and she dropped her purse, so Cassie bent forward to retrieve it, showing her thick long legs and the bottom of her chubby pussy.

Looking back at me as we get off, as if needed approval of her little escalator show, “I love these short mini skirts, I think I need some more, what do you think?” Cassie asked. My mind was stunned and coursing with sexual adrenaline. “Sure, they are really great.” I grinned ear to ear. She says “Well thankfully I brought three pairs of them and three pairs of my hot shorts and my Sunday dress is similar just classier.” “I can’t wait for Sunday” I blurted out with excitement. She turned and looked with that sexy glare and I started to blush, which she just casually laughed off.

We continued through several stores, flirting slightly, rubbing and brushing up against each other. We got to the Lane Bryant store. I didn’t want to go in. But she begged and pleaded with those sensual eyes and soft voice till I couldn’t resist. “OK fine Cassie I will for you but what do you even need in there?” my arms already full of bags. She said “Just come in you’ll see.” More willingly than I acted, we went in. My chubby cousin went straight to the lingerie and sleep wear, loudly saying to me “Hey hun (not cuz any more) what colour do you prefer?” holding up several different colour outfits.

“Well with your soft milky skin I’d do a white or pink I think looks best” I answered, chuckling at her calling me her wardrobe expert. She disappeared into the fitting room. Several minutes passed while I’m sat outside the changing cubicle door. I heard her softly saying my name “Brodie psssst Brodie come here, I need help.” Nervous being in public that I’m going toward a dressing room with my cousin in it, my mind made me think everyone knew and was watching, but I knew only we did. I got to the door and tapped twice telling her “It’s me Cassie are you OK” She softly replied “No I need your help, please just come in.”

As the lock clicked, I debated my options but my dick over powered me, so I slowly peeked in to see her sitting on the bench with her tits out, her shorts off and her legs wide open. I could see her pussy. Soft pink lips tinted with a light purple melded with inner thighs, Cassie’s pubic hair was shaven into a straight line, where at the top, just slight touch of pink showed from inside her lips. The delicate veins in her perky full boobs were so blue, centred into her tan and red nipples, the size of gum drops, pointing straight at me.

I stared for what seemed like forever, until another customer approached the cubicle. I quickly exited it and closed the fitting room door, getting a glare of distaste from the frosty faced old bitch. Cassie’s thick chubby body occupied my mind on a never ending replay loop. I stood patiently, not easy, until she came out a big smile on her face. We started to head for the car until she said “You want to get food before we go back to Grandmas?” I answered “Sure would love to my treat though”.

Cassie looked and laughingly said “Well cuz you know I’m good with that hehehe.” Her laugh was so soft and sweet, nothing like the girl I used to know that was a tell tale and crybaby. So we got to the local Denny’s and place our orders promptly. The place was dead, not many people about so we sat in a back corner table. A nice quiet two person table. We talked more about life and what we would order of the menu. As the waitress came to get our order and I began to tell her the order, I felt a bare foot slowly slide in to the bottom of my shorts. Cassie’s toes curled until her long leg reached my cock and balls.

I stammered ordering nervously, hoping no one saw as Carrie cheekily placed her order, using her toes gently massaging and squeezing my balls. I looked at that sweet soft smile laughing chubby face. She put both hands up and gestured. “What’s wrong with you?” Trying not to show discomfort or pleasure in front of the waitress, I just smiled back and let it go. Then I could feel my heart race and my cock throbbing. She continued for several minutes then whispered “Do you want to try something and please don’t think I’m weird?” By now I had forgotten the years before us, where we fought and didn’t get along. The sexual tension we were having together was pure pleasure and enjoyment.

“Of course I’ll try anything you want just ask,” I wasn’t sure but it seemed the right answer. She looked at me smiling, checking to make sure no one around was watching, then she slid her hands under the table for a couple of seconds, biting her lip, fiddling and kind of squirming. Soon she pulled her hand back up and reached across the table with her two fingers out. “Here,” she said, her two chubby fingers with white manicured nails were wet and slimy. “Please taste my pussy and tell me if you like it.” I was stunned, not able to move from shock, but I leaned forward letting her put two fingers into my mouth up to her knuckle.

I could taste her sweet juice. It was a rush like no other. Quickly I sat back not to bring attention, still tasting her on my lips, staring at her soft lips and her grin of enjoying seeing me lick her juice. We finished, in fact gulped our meal and got ready to leave, but I had one problem and it wasn’t going away. Cassie laughed when I told her, saying “Don’t be worried let it hang out.” She was giggling hysterically then said “All I have to worry about is my wet pussy making my thighs wet”. Just the thought made my hard on worse.

Deciding I had to leave I tucked my hard on in my waist band, barely able to bend it from being so hard. Cassie sat, continuing to laugh knowing she was the cause. “Remember when we barely got along?” she asked, as I’m sorting my clothing. “I do but those day are over I hope, we are older now.” She smiled looking up at me. “Yeah but you and Sandy were jerks. I just wanted to be around you guys, but now you don’t want me to leave you alone.” With that same stare in her eyes and that pressing of her lips after she spoke, made me want her more and more, even though I knew it was wrong.

We flirted and laughed walking to the car, then she grabbed my ass and said “I could imagine squeezing that ass while you’re between my legs.” Jeeze! I thought, still not sure how far or where this was going. I just laughed it off. We get back to our Grandma’s in the evening. I decide to shower while she helped Grandma get some laundry finished. I was in the shower about twenty minutes when I felt a breeze and I’d closed the door. Looking up there was Cassie watching me nude soaping my body. I just stared at her and smiled till I worked up the courage to say “You know Sandy use to do the same thing to me when we where younger.” She let out a sighing laugh “Brodie you know I’ve watched you and Sandy play your games. I knew why you guys would hide in the basement or in the woods outback.” Trying to act confused as her hand reached in the shower, wrapping her chubby fingers around my cock I responded.

“I don’t know what you mean Cassie” trying to be as coy as possible to her question. She then said,” Brodie I know you and Sandy never had sex, surprisingly, but we all have needs just like you guys did...”

“Wait!” I interrupted. “We didn’t know better we were young and dumb.” “Ahhh!” she exclaimed as her hand rounds the tip of my dick and goes slowly back to my balls. “Brodie you know I don’t get a lot of attention and I’m not asking you for any. I just want to have fun and show you a good time seeing how we don’t see each other but once or twice a year.” I nodded my head in agreement, not able to resist that smile again as she slowly slid my soapy cock in and out of her hand. “I’ll see you down stairs in a while right?”

Trying to contain the excitement of the thoughts in my head from just blurting them out loud she slipped away as I stood there trying to collect my thought. I was partly ashamed when I thought about the day we had but the shame didn’t surpass the pleasure the mystery. The passion racking my thoughts just made the urge worst. I slowly dried and put on a pair of basketball shorts. As I was dressing Grandma passed on her way to her room, frowning at the open door, but not commenting. “Good night sweetie, Cassie is down stairs watching a movie.

“OK Gram night night, I’m heading down there in a couple.” That’s when the light turned on in my head. I knew I couldn’t bring myself to make a move on my cousin. Even though all day long she was very aggressive grabbing my penis when no one was looking or showing me her breasts or the part I couldn’t get rid of most of all was the taste of her wet pussy in my mouth and when I closed my eyes I saw her in the fitting room. her tits out and her chubby perfectly shaved pussy with her thick thighs acting as a Dam keeping all of her delicious juices from pouring out.

I new I couldn’t do a week like this so decided to jerk off quick, a decision that made my sexually misery worst. I watched my favourite DVD taboo American style and in it (the part I fast forwarded to one of my favourite parts of the film) Nina the main star gets her friend and her brother to have a threesome. I stroked hard and fast. the taste of pussy in my mind, the sights of her chubby pussy popping out of that denim mini skirt. I could see her lips hiding her pink pussy with her slight discoloured almost a purplish red leading to her thick thighs of smooth milky white skin. Then all the sudden that porn was useless I laid there with my eyes closed jerking harder and harder. It wasn’t working though I needed something more and quick. Cassie was waiting for me downstairs and I need to bust a nut before I got down.

The temptations proved too strong. I snuck down the hall to her room and rummaged through her bag thinking maybe I could jerk on her panties but she only had two pair. I thought to my self she wasn’t lying. saying she didn’t wear panties. By now the urge is uncontrollable. I went back down the hall passing my Grandma’s room and saw her laying there motionless. She stood 5”4 130 lbs probably about 57 at this time. She had dark red, going grey hair, really small breasts like a B cup maybe. But she had a beautiful waist line and thighs like my cousin but she was slimmer. She played tennis every morning so she was extremely fit. I slowly crept near her, my mind racing I knew I had to cum on something.

Really I just wanted to smell sweet pussy I didn’t care whose, I was so horny. As I pulled a pair of her panties out of the hamper I quietly snuck back to my room. I dropped my pants to see pre-cum stuck to my shorts from the tip of my dick. A thick line of clear pre cum dripped of my cock. Jeeze! I was ready. I took the simple white slightly stained panties and sniffed the gusset, smelling the odour of my Grandma’s old pussy. I stroked harder and harder imagining her sitting on my face rubbing her pussy all over my nose and rubbing it on my face and tongue, leaving that wonderful aroma all over me, as my thoughts went deeper. My abs tightened and I let out a deep breath and a little grunt and I felt it.

There was a warm gooey deposit of my cum on my hand and my leg. I took one good last sniff and used Grandma’s panties to clean up. I snuck back down the hall to her room where just lit by the still on TV, she had rolled over in bed. I could see her shirt was pulled up exposing her old bosom. The skin was tight and they where tan and freckly with peach coloured nipples the size of a quarter wide and high. Her ass was sticking out of her silk panties, I could see her grey/red bush. I couldn’t help but get close enough to see her lips before she rolled again. Scaring me when she did, neither Grandma or Cassie would catch me I snuck back down the hall.

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