Ever Decreasing Circles

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

Erotica Sex Story: Teen becomes increasingly disabled but finds an amazing boyfriend who loves her inspite of this.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Fiction   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Amputee   .

I first met Sophie when we were 15, she’d transferred to my school after moving house. She was beautiful with long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin and an amazing body. But that wasn’t what attracted me to her. It was the fact that she was missing both feet and I had to find out why. I would watch her walking around school in her short skirt and prosthetic lower legs. She was put into my form room and it soon became clear she was bright and bubbly and very approachable so I took every opportunity I could get to talk to her. We became very close and I eventually got the nerve up to ask her out, which, to my amazement she said yes. My mates were very jealous.

One afternoon we were sat in her garden when I finally got up the nerve to ask her what happened to her feet. I took a deep breath and said, ‘Sophie, I hope you don’t mind me asking, and say no if you don’t want to tell me but... ‘ she stopped me there.

‘I’ve been waiting for you to ask,’ Sophie replied, ‘When I was 9 I fell and broke my left ankle. At the emergency department they took x-rays and it looked like a simple fracture so they put my foot in plaster and sent me home on crutches. They told me it would heal within 6 weeks. Well, 3 months later when it still hadn’t healed, a lot of tests revealed that I had a very rare degenerative disease which meant the blood supply to my bones was slowly diminishing causing my bones to die. The latest x-ray showed that the bones in my left foot and ankle had all but crumbled to nothing and that I was starting to get gangrene. There was no choice but to amputate my foot. As I was young I learnt to walk on a prosthetic leg very quickly and missing one foot didn’t really cause me many problems. It wasn’t until I was 11 the problem started to affect my right foot. I started getting pain during walking which continued for a few days. I also noticed that my foot looked pale and felt cold so my Mum took me to the Dr’s. An x-ray and MRI showed that the bone had also started to die and disintegrate. My foot was also showing early signs of gangrene. It was amputated that afternoon. It took a bit longer to learn to walk again but I managed it.’ ‘Wow.’ Was all I could manage before I scooped her into my arms and kissed her. ‘Thank you for telling me Soph.’ ‘That’s OK,’ she replied smiling, ‘I don’t mind talking about it but... ‘ She stopped and looked sad.

‘What’s wrong Sophie?’ I asked reassuringly.

‘Ben, I’m not cured. The disease will carry on, I’ll lose more and more of my body as I get older. It’s unlikely I’ll make it to 30.’ Sophie replied quietly, I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

‘Oh my god Sophie, is there nothing they can do?’ I asked ‘No, it’s so rare there’s not been any research on the disease. There’s less than 50 reported cases in the world, it’s so rare it’s not even got a name.’

I could feel I was almost about to cry so I cuddled Sophie tight. We sat in silence for a while until she suddenly looked up at me, ‘Would you like to see my stumps?’ ‘Would you mind?’ I asked with butterflies in my stomach.

‘Not at all.’ She replied. With that she leaned down and pulled off her prosthetics followed by her compression socks revealing 2 perfect, round, mid shin stumps with barely a hint of a scar. She used her hands to shuffle herself around and put them on my lap. ‘Feel them.’ She ordered with a smile.

I could feel my hands shaking and the butterflies in my stomach getting worse. I gently placed my hands on each stump, they were the most wonderful thing I’d ever felt. I squeezed and could feel the 2 bones inside. I traced the scars gently and she giggled pulling them away before gently placing them back on my lap. Her sudden movement had shifted her skirt slightly revealing her dark blue lacy shorties. I carried on stroking and massaging her stumps and peeking up her skirt. Feeling her stumps and seeing her underwear caused me to get an enormous erection. I prayed she wouldn’t notice. I could feel my face going red. I looked at her face to see if she’d noticed but she had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying the attention her stumps were getting. I watched her beautiful face as I massaged harder feeling my erection getting stronger. She opened her eyes and saw me watching her. She gave me a big smile and looked down at my groin. I felt embarrassed but her smile grew. She shuffled closer and started to rub my cock with her stumps causing me to gasp. I leaned back on my hands as she trapped my cock between her stumps and started rubbing faster and faster. I could feel myself about to explode. I tried to sit forward but she pushed me back with one of her stumps and went back to rubbing. I could feel my cock starting to throb as I came, the warm liquid squirting out over and over. I gripped the grass tight as I reached the height of my climax. I sat trying to catch my breath as she shuffled round then kissed me and laid on her back with her head on lap. I stroked her hair and noticed a huge wet patch on my trousers. I started to stroke her thighs slowly getting higher and higher until I reached her groin. She parted her thighs slightly so I started rubbing over her knickers. I’d never gone this far with a girl before so I didn’t really know what to do. She pushed her stumps against the floor to raise her bottom up so she could lift her skirt and slide her lacy shorties down to between her thighs. I stared at her smooth, hairless pussy never having seen one before. She looked up at me and giggled then gently took my hand placing it between her warm thighs.

‘I ... I ... I thought you’d be hairy.’ I stammered.

‘Nah,’ she giggled, ‘Pubic hair’s boring, looks and feels so much nicer without don’t you think?’ At that she then cupped my hand and gently guided a finger into her warm, moist pussy. She gasped slightly as it went between her smooth lips. I carried on watching not being able to take my eyes of her pussy as I slowly moved my finger in and out. Her pussy got wetter and wetter. She cupped my hand again and slid a second finger in. She gasped and moaned as she gripped my arm with both hands. Her groans got louder and she started to wiggle her hips making my fingers go deeper into her pussy. She let out a loud groan, her body shook and her face flushed as a climax took over her. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers tight. I carried on moving my fingers until she relaxed her pussy and went limp then slowly slid them out. I leant down and kissed her hard as she slid her knickers back up. We lay cuddling until it was time for me to leave. She slipped her legs back on and walked to the front door with me. We kissed for ages before I walked away.

At school on Monday she came running over to me and kissed me, took my hand and walked in with me. We were now very much a couple. That weekend a group of us went to the beach. As soon as we arrived Sophie stripped off revealing a skimpy white bikini. She sat down and slipped her legs off then I watched in amazement as she walked down the beach to the water. I caught up with her at the edge, scooped her up and carried her in. She squealed a little as the cold water hit her bum. Once we were in deep enough I set her down so she could swim. She dipped under and came straight up. She looked even more hot now that she was wet. I noticed she had to constantly move to keep afloat. We spent an hour or so messing around and splashing each other, every so often she would do a handstand allowing me to stare at her beautiful stumps. Time came to get out and took great delight watching her get out and walk on her knees again. We then sat on the beach to get some sun. She kept wiggling her stumps and I’m sure she was doing it for me. Time soon came to leave and she slipped her legs back on and dressed herself in a dark blue, tight Hollister t-shirt, dark blue leggings and brown Ugg boots. With her hair down and still damp I thought she looked hot. We started to walk into town so I took her hand in mine and noticed it was cold.

‘Soph, you OK?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, why?’ she replied.

‘Just your hand is freezing.’ I told her. ‘Is it? Feels OK to me.’ she said.

‘OK.’ I replied feeling a little uneasy. We all hung out in town for a bit, did some shopping then I went home with Sophie. Her Mum was there and made us some dinner. While Sophie was eating she dropped her drink which she tried to laugh off. Later she then dropped her fork and even her mum asked her if she was OK. Sophie said she was so I told her mum about her hand being cold. Her mum took her hand and after feeling it said she was going to make an immediate appointment with the Dr. After dinner I left, Sophie kissed me at the door. Despite her trying to hide it I could tell she was worried.

On Monday morning Sophie didn’t show up at school so I text her to check she was OK. I got really worried when I didn’t get a reply. Finally at lunch break I got a text from her which read ‘Went to Dr’s this morning about hand, he’s concerned so now at hospital getting an x-ray. I’ll call U tonight. Soph xx.’ I spent the rest of the day desperately worried and even more so when she didn’t call so I eventually called her home. Her Dad answered, he sounded upset.

‘Sorry Ben, it’s not good I’m afraid. The disease has spread to her right hand and arm, they’ll be amputating her lower arm in the morning.’ ‘Oh my god.’ Was all I could manage before I started to cry.

‘Ben, I’ll ring you tomorrow afterwards to let you know how it’s gone, OK?’ he said. ‘OK, thank you. Give her a kiss from me when you see her. Bye.’ ‘I will Ben, good night.’ I got into bed and cried myself to sleep.

Next day I was in a daze. My phone rang just as I was leaving school. Sophie’s mum explained that they’d amputated just below her elbow and that she was now awake and asking to see me. I got the bus straight to the hospital. When I saw Sophie I went straight over and gave her a cuddle. She looked so helpless and small in the bed. I then said hello to her parents who left to give us some time. Sophie showed me her bandaged arm stump, they’d amputated about 2 inches below her elbow. We sat and chatted for a bit before her parents came back and I had to leave. Her dad drove me home. I visited Sophie everyday while she was off.

After 6 weeks she returned to school. She’d learnt to use her myoelectric arm really well, though I preferred it when she used her split hooks. We hung out as much as we could, we were inseparable. Christmas came and went, I bought her a necklace and she bought me a top. We spent as much of the holiday together as we could. Our 16th birthdays were only a few weeks apart so we had a massive joint party. Sophie wore a sexy short, tight red dress with high heels along with her three prosthesis. She looked so hot. She dragged me off late when no one would notice. When we were out of sight she pushed me against a wall and started kissing me hard. I put my hand on her hips then pulled her tight to me moving my hands to her bum. We kissed for ages until she pulled away.

‘I’ve got something to show you.’ she said with a glint in her eye. With that she took a few steps back and started to slowly lift her dress revealing a black, lacy thong, she then turned round and wiggled her bum at me. It looked amazing in the thong. ‘I hope you like it,’ she said, ‘it’s really uncomfortable.’ ‘It’s so sexy, I love it.’ I replied. I could feel myself going hard. She walked back over to me and we started kissing again. I started rubbing her bare bum then I put my hand down her thong and started fingering her. She started rubbing my cock over my trousers. She then leaned back and looked at me with a cheeky look in her eyes.

‘Undo your trousers for me?’ she sad sexily. I did as I was told. She then slid them down a little and took my cock in her her myoelectric prosthetic hand, ‘Let me know if I squeeze too hard OK?’ she whispered. I nodded excitedly. She started kissing me hard again while working my cock. The feeling of a cold prosthetic hand against it made me feel amazing. I carried on fingering her until we worked each other into orgasm at the same time. We kissed harder to avoid shouting out. Once we’d recovered we made ourselves decent, Sophie wiped her hand then we returned to the party.

Soon Easter came round, Sophie was off to France for the 2 weeks with her family so on the last day of school she came round to mine as my parents were at work. As soon as were through the door we were kissing, I sat her on the stairs and took her legs and arms off, ‘We won’t need these.’ I said. I then scooped her up and carried her upstairs. I laid her on the bed and slowly undressed her. As I got to her lacy shorts I sat up and gave a smile then gently slid them down her thighs, over her knees and over her stumps. I then gently kissed her stumps making her giggle and pull away. She then put them back down and I started kissing slowly up her thighs till I reached her still beautifully smooth pussy. As she couldn’t really shave with one hand she’d been going to a salon once a month for a bikini wax. I slowly ran my tongue up her lips causing her to shiver. I started working my tongue between them. I then started to lick and nibble her clit and slowly slid 2 fingers into her pussy. She groaned and gasped as I did. I carried on working her clit with my tongue. She was getting more a more breathless and moaning before she suddenly let out a few loud groans followed by a scream. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers. I kept going through her orgasm until she went limp. I then gently slipped my fingers out of her

and lay down next to her and took her in my arms. The feeling of being fully dressed with a small, naked triple amputee in my arms was quite powerful. After a while she pulled away from me and shuffled down then looked up at me.

‘Undo your trousers for me babe, I can’t manage it.’ she asked sweetly.

‘No, I want to see you try.’ I replied teasingly. She looked at me frustrated but slid herself up some more and set about undoing my flies with her hand and stump. My erection increasing along with her frustrations. She eventually managed it then slid my jeans down. She started stroking my cock with her hand then started using her stump. That drove me wild, I almost came there and then. When I was just about to explode she took me into her mouth. I’d never experienced a blow job before but the feeling of her warm mouth around my erect cock felt amazing. She worked more and more in until she had the whole 8 inches in. She sucked harder and harder then started using her stump to play with balls. Well that was all I could take. My cock started throbbing hard, shooting my hot liquid deep into her throat. She kept sucking and swallowing all the way through until I was done. She shuffled up to me, wrapped herself round me and kissed me. I lay there listening to her breath until it got dark. I made her dress herself as I wanted to watch. Her bra was especially interesting. I then carried her downstairs and helped her with her limbs before calling her a taxi. As she left we kissed again and she promised she would try to call from France.

She called after a few days and said she was having a lovely time. She sent me some pictures of her on the beach in her bikini and few of her naked. I loved looking at the pictures of my beautiful triple amputee. Suddenly though the phone calls and texts stopped. I was getting really worried. I tried calling her parents and sister but got no reply. All to soon the holiday was over and it was time to return to school. I looked for Sophie but there was no sign. She didn’t turn up for school all day. That night on the way home I went to her house but there was no reply. I thought the worse had happened.

It was another 2 weeks before I got a short text from Sophie, ‘Come round sat morning. S xx.’ Was all it said. When Saturday arrived I got dressed and went straight to Sophie’s house after breakfast. Her sister answered the door and told me she was in the living room. I walked in and there was Sophie sat on the sofa wearing a vest top with a blanket over her lap. I immediately saw that her right arm was bandaged and was now missing above her elbow. Her legs appeared shorter under the blanket but it was difficult to tell. She looked up and gave me a big smile.

‘Oh Ben, I’ve missed you, sit down.’ she said patting the cushion to her left. I walked over and kissed her before sitting down.

‘Sophie, what happened, I was really worried about you, I couldn’t get hold of anyone.’ I asked. She leaned onto me and I put my arm round her.

‘Sorry babe.’ she replied. ‘There was no time, it was awful. 4 days in, we were walking around the town when my knees suddenly gave way and as I fell I banged my arm stump on a wall. I then started getting chest pain and couldn’t breathe so an ambulance was called. They found that the bone in my lower legs had started to disintegrate which caused a clot to form then break off and travel to my lung. I also broke my lower arm in the fall. The French Dr spoke to my consultant over here and it was decided to amputate both my legs above the knee and my arm above the elbow. I’ve been sat in a French hospital ever since waiting until I was strong enough to fly home.’

‘I’m sorry Sophie.’ I said as I cuddled her tighter.

‘Could be worse, I’m still only a triple amputee not a quad. I’ve still got one useful limb!’ she said trying to sound upbeat. ‘You can lift the blanket up if you want to see what’s left.’ I carefully lifted the blanket revealing 2 bandaged stumps ending about 2 inches above where her knees had been. It was difficult to tell but they looked nicely rounded.

‘Do they hurt?’ I asked.

‘Not anymore.’ she replied lifting one and laying it on my leg, ‘You can touch it if you want.’ I gently placed my hand over the bandage then gently squeezed. It felt soft, almost like a boob. I could feel her shortened femur just inside. I then kissed her hard and cuddled her tight to me again.

Sophie returned to school a few weeks later this time in a wheelchair. I took great delight in pushing her around and carrying her wherever she needed to go. Often carrying her gave me an almighty erection. She was working toward walking with prosthetics again and was doing very well. She was already able to use her new myoelectric arm very well, though I still preferred her cable operated split hook arm.

One Saturday night when my parents had gone away for the weekend I threw a huge party. All our friends came. Sophie surprised me by turning up walking on her prosthetic legs. I was amazed. She was wearing a really short, tight dress which meant you could actually see a little of her stumps before they went into the socket. She was wearing them without covers which looked so sexy especially as she was wearing high heels. She’s also decided not to wear an arm which meant I could watch her bare stump all night. She seemed to be making a point of gesticulating with it a lot every chance she got. The party was great, Sophie was even able to dance, I couldn’t take my eyes of her. When the party ended Sophie and I went upstairs, her parents had agreed to let her stay over. I sat on the bed and Sophie sat next to me. We started kissing hard. I slowly slid her dress off and removed her bra, then laid her back. I undressed myself then sat over her and kissed her. Gently I worked my way down her body kissing each bit. When I got to her boobs I kissed my way round each one before gently sucking each nipple in turn until they were hard. I got down to her underwear and realised she was wearing the thong again. ‘Nice.’ I said with smile.

‘I wore it just for you,’ she replied, ‘Slip my legs off please.’ She instructed me how remove them then I slowly slid the liners off revealing 2 beautiful, well rounded stumps with perfectly neat scars. I slowly kissed along each one then made my way up her thighs until I reached her thong. I slipped her thong down over her stumps revealing her freshly waxed smooth pussy. I ran my tongue along her pussy lips making her shiver. I did the same again making her lips part slightly. I then ran my tongue up just inside and she groaned. I then turned my attention to her clit. As she was getting wetter I slipped 2 fingers inside her making her go rigid and groan.

‘I want you inside me.’ she whispered. I slipped my fingers out of her and pushed myself up to look at her.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked.

‘Yes, very.’ She replied assuredly. ‘I want to have sex with you while I’ve still got a hand and some leg left.’

I reached into my bedside table and took out a condom. I slid it on a straddled Sophie’s shortened thighs. I used one hand to open her pussy and the other to guide my cock in. I could feel her warmness through the condom. I went gently not wanting to hurt her. When I was as far in as I could go I held it there. Sophie looked a little uncomfortable but gave me a little smile and nod. I then gently started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I looked down to watch my cock going in and out of her smooth pussy and loved what I saw. I got faster and harder. Sophie stopped me after a while so she could lift her stumps up. I slowly slid back inside her, this time I seemed to go deeper. With my weight against her stumps they pushed against her tummy. I could feel myself starting to orgasm. I tried to stop myself but as it was my first time there was nothing I could do. Sophie watched my face intently as I came. I thrust deep inside her over and over again before I collapsed down on top of her, breathless. After a while I slipped my cock out of her, rolled to her side and removed the condom. She put her stumps back down and rolled toward me putting a stump over me on my cock.

‘Enjoy that?’ she asked as she kissed me.

‘Hell yeah, ‘ replied before kissing back, ‘You?’ ‘It was alright, ‘ she replied, ‘It hurt a little at first and I didn’t orgasm but most girls don’t their first time.’ ‘Oh.’ I said sounding disappointed.

‘It’s OK stud, we can try again, got any more condoms?’ she said excitedly as she started rubbing my cock with her leg stumps. Once she got me hard she shuffled herself around and managed to get on top of me. I then slid the condom on and she shuffled forward more placing her hand on my tummy. She was so wet my cock just slid inside her. She started rocking back and forward and this time seemed to be enjoying herself. I placed my hands on her stumps and massaged them. This seemed to drive her wild. She started bucking and writhing around on top of me.

‘Hold me by my tits.’ she commanded. I did as I was told and she rested her weight against them. She took her only hand and started rubbing her clit while she wriggled around. I could see her chest and face getting more and more flushed as an orgasm started to take over her. I started thrusting my cock into her causing her to start to shout out and groan. Soon we were both out of control, thrusting and bucking wildly until suddenly we both went rigid and shouted out in orgasm. Her little arm stump was thrashing around. We both seemed to go on for ages. As soon as she was done she rolled off me onto the bed. I slipped the condom off then cuddled up to her watching her boobs going up and down as she struggled to catch her breath. We both soon drifted off to sleep.

We woke late morning. She was laying on her side facing away from me and I was facing her back. I had a huge erection so I moved back slightly, held her by her hips and moved her bum toward me. I slipped a condom on then gently slid inside her still wet pussy. I gently thrusted in and out. I could hear her moan and groan gently as she woke up. We both came quickly. I then leaned over and kissed her before scooping her up and carrying her to the shower where I washed us both thoroughly paying particular attention to her pussy, boobs and stumps. I then wrapped her in a towel and carried her back to my bedroom laying her on my bed. As I dried her she looked at me and said, ‘Do you like my stumps?’

‘Hell yeah, l love all of you.’ I replied.

‘No, I mean, really like them, as in find them sexy.’ she continued.

I took a deep breath, ‘Yes, I find them sexy, sexy as hell in fact and I have to admit that one of the reasons I was first attracted to you was because you’re an amputee. But that’s certainly not the only reason. Had I not liked your personality or found the rest of you sexy and attractive I wouldn’t have gone out with you. I like the whole package, however much it keeps decreasing.’ I gave a playful shove making her fall backwards on the bed. I then slid her limbs back on for her followed by her lacy shorts and bra.

‘That’s OK then.’ She replied with a smile. I then watched as she dressed the rest of herself in shorts and a tight sleeveless top which showed of her body nicely, before we walked downstairs and ate breakfast. Afterwards we went for a walk in the park. So many people kept watching Sophie and she took it all in her stride. I was in awe of her. She sat on a swing and I sat on the one next to her. She suddenly seemed to go quiet.

‘You OK Soph?’ I asked feeling concerned. She took a deep breath and carried on looking at the ground.

‘You know I’m going to get worse right? I mean more amputations?’ She said sounding sad.

‘I know Sophie and I want to be here for you each time. I ... I think I love you and whatever happens I’m staying around.’ I replied taking her hand.

‘Are you sure though? Last night was amazing and I love you too but I’m not sure it’s fair on you. I’ll eventually end up as a limbless torso not being able to do anything for myself, maybe worse. I don’t want you to feel obliged to stay with me.’ she said through tears before taking another deep breath, ‘So, this is your out, you can walk away now with no guilt, no feeling bad, but do it now before I fall more in love with you, please.’ I got of the swing, stood in front of her leaned down, took her face in my hands and said ‘I’m not going anywhere, I love you and I knew what I was taking on when we first got together. I didn’t run off then and I’m not about to do so now.’ I then kissed her hard and stroked her arm.

‘I’m glad.’ she whispered while trying to smile through her tears.

‘What’s brought this on?’ I asked as I wiped her tears from her cheeks.

‘The other week I had a consultant appointment. After what happened in France he wanted to see me.’ she started to explain, I could feel a knot start in my stomach. ‘After MRI’s, CT scans and blood tests he says my disease in advancing faster than he thought. It won’t be long before my limbs need amputating completely, he’s surprised I’ve kept this arm as long as I have. He thinks not long after that ... well, not long after it will start affecting my torso. They don’t know what will happen after that, no one’s ever survived that long. If it starts to affect my skull or chest wall there’s nothing they can do. He thinks... ‘ Sophie really started to cry now, ‘He thinks ... well ... he thinks I’ve got 5 years at best, probably less.’ Sophie sobbed now, I held her tight and cried myself. I felt my heart had just been ripped from my chest.

We stayed in the park just cuddling for ages. I then walked Sophie home where her Mum and Dad invited me to stay for dinner. Sophie explained how she had told me everything. After dinner her Dad told me he was proud of me and impressed for sticking by her. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I walked away to join Sophie he put his hand on my shoulder, turned me back toward him and said, ‘You two had better be being careful?’ I felt so awkward and wondered how he knew. My first thought was to deny it but I realised that might make things worse.

‘Err, don’t worry sir, we are, very.’ I replied.

‘Good.’ he said sternly then laughed and took his hand of my shoulder.

I walked out too Sophie and sat at the end of her sun-lounger, she’d gone upstairs and changed into a bikini to take advantage of the early summer.

‘Err, your Dad knows we’re having sex?’ I told her quietly.

‘How the fuck does he know that? We’ve only done I few times.’ she asked embarrassed.

‘How the hell do I know, he just grabbed me and said we’d better be careful.’ I told her.

‘Oh god.’ She said putting her head in hand, ‘This is so embarrassing.’ ‘Yeap.’ I replied. We then looked at each other and laughed. ‘At least we’re legal.’ Later Sophie’s Mum drove me home. My parents were back so I sat with them as they told me about their holiday. After tea I went upstairs and logged onto my laptop to finish my homework. It wasn’t long before Sophie disturbed me on Skype. She was sat on her bed in just a short dressing gown. She told me that she done some online shopping and now she wanted to put on a show for me and that I had to just sit back and watch. She slowly removed her dressing gown revealing a lacy, see through black basque followed by a matching thong. She slowly slid her hand up and down her body. I could feel myself getting really hard. She the leaned back against her pillows so that she was still sat up, reached under her other pillow and took out some lube/massage oil. She held it between her chin and chest and poured some in her hand. She dropped the bottle on the bed and slowly started to massage each leg stump in turn making her way up her thighs. When she got to her groin she opened her stumps revealing it was a crotchless thong. She started to rub her pussy then her clit. I could see her face go flush and new she was getting a warm feeling spread from her clit across her abbreviated torso. She picked the lube up and did the same again, then slowly she slid 2 fingers into her pussy. She used her arms stump to rub one of her boobs, it was just long enough to reach. She worked her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. Then slid a 3rd in, working it deep inside her. She used her thumb to work her clit. I could see her torso starting to twitch. She slipped her fingers out of her pussy and took a big, Rampant Rabbit vibrator out from under the pillow. She switched it on and slid it deep inside her pussy making sure the ears part was on her clit. She worked the rabbit in and out, her little arm stump and torso twitching and her gasping over and over. I’m sure she was about to come when she pulled the vibrator out of her with a small pop. She placed it down, picked up the bottle again and put more lube on this time covering her whole hand. The 3 fingers slipped inside her easily this time. She worked them deep inside. I could see and hear her panting. She slipped a 4th finger in and let out a loud moan. She moved the 4 fingers in and out of her. All 3 of her stumps kept

twitching now. I could see her nipples were rock hard through her basque. She stopped working her clit with her thumb and curled it inside her hand. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, it was taking all my concentration to not come. My dick was massive now. She slowly started working her hand in a twisting motion each time getting deeper inside her pussy until suddenly it seemed her pussy sucked her fist in. She yelped a little and held her fist still. I could see she was struggling to control her breathing. Once she had adjusted, she started moving her fist around, getting it deeper inside her. She was now looking at the camera, her face flushed bright red. She was grunting and squirming. Suddenly she let out a yelp and a gasp, her whole torso was jerking as the intense orgasm took hold. Fluid was squirting from around her fist which was now wrist deep inside her. As she came for the third time she pulled her fist out of her and there was a massive gush of fluid. I could actually see her pussy contracting and her vulva twitching. Her whole torso kept jerking as the orgasm died down. She then stared right at the camera and licked her fist clean. She then blew me a kiss and logged off, all without saying a word. I knew right then I had the sexiest girlfriend ever. I stripped off and started to wank however after having watched my beautiful, triple amputee girlfriend masturbate and fist herself while wearing sexy lingerie it didn’t take me long to come. I fell asleep quickly and had some amazing dreams.

Sadly it didn’t take long before it became apparent how quickly Sophie’s disease was progressing. One afternoon in the lunch queue someone gently knocked her hand with their tray. Several of us heard the break. We both knew it was bad news. She’d also noticed the day before that her right leg stump was numb and cold. She’d made an appointment with her consultant for the following day. The staff called an ambulance to the school and she was taken to the emergency department. School wouldn’t let me go at first but Sophie insisted. The paramedic gave her some morphine which settled her down. We wasn’t at the hospital long before Sophie’s consultant came down and gave us the news we expected. The arm needed amputating just above the elbow and her leg needed a hip disarticulation. He said her left leg stump and arm stump were starting to break down but were OK for now. I stayed with Sophie until she went down to theatre then went home.

I went straight to the hospital after school. Sophie was now awake and was being given regular morphine to keep her comfortable. As I walked in she smiled, ‘Guess I’m a proper quad amputee now.’ she said as I kissed her. ‘Good job I did my little sex show for you while I could, I’ve always wanted to do that.’ ‘It was a very good job. It was amazing!’ I replied.

Her arm was heavily bandaged but looked to have been amputated at the same level as her other arm. I rolled back the blanket and saw she was bandaged around the waist. There looked to be nothing left of her leg at all.

Sophie was back home quickly this time, she’d decided not to bother with prosthetic right arms, she would just make do with the ones she already had for her left. There was no chance of a prosthetic for her right leg and the consultant felt she should stop using her left leg to take weight of her pelvis, though she wouldn’t have managed to use it anyway.

It was few weeks before we were able to have sex again. Sophie was desperate for it by the time we did. She didn’t even want oral foreplay first she just wanted me inside her. I stripped her off and slowly entered her. Her missing a leg completely made it

difficult as everything was uneven but she lifted her stump up for me and we soon managed it. We both came very quickly and lay cuddling naked afterwards.

She returned to school soon afterwards this time in an electric chair which she controlled with her stump keeping her prosthetic arm free. She had to place a cushion under the side of the hip disarticulation so she could sit. Again I took great delight in carrying her and helping her eat and use the toilet. One morning at school I slipped some love eggs inside her and made her keep them in all day. That afternoon she was gagging for my cock when we got back to my house, we didn’t even make it upstairs and fucked on the living room floor. Her pussy was soaking wet. I laid on the floor, lifted her on top of me and held her there. She wiggled around on my cock as much as she could using her remaining leg stump. By the time we came were really hot and sweaty. I slid them in her as often as I could, even a few more times at school and when out with friends. Even used them at her Uncle’s family barbecue. Each time her pussy was soaking and we had great sex afterwards.

Soon summer break was upon us. Sophie looked beautiful at the school prom. She’d got an amazing dress. As the night went on she asked me to take her to the toilet. When we were in the cubicle show told me pull my trousers down and sit on the toilet. I did as I was told then slid a condom on. Then she told me to lift her over. I sat her on my lap and slid my hand up her dress and along her thigh. I went to slide her knickers off and found he wasn’t wearing any. She gave me a devious little smile and wink so I sat her hard on my cock. She was already warm and wet. I cuddled her tight to me, she put her arms stumps onto my shoulder and gently used them and her leg stump to lift herself up and down slightly. Sex with her sat on me was a lot easier than when she was laying down due to her uneven stump and hip. Each time she slid down I thrusted up slightly and we got a good rhythm going. We were soon panting and about to come. She took one of her arms stumps and put it to my mouth. I started sucking and nibbling it which seemed to get her hotter as she was soon wiggling around faster. I pulled her tight to me as we both reached orgasm. I dropped her stump from my mouth so I could breathe easier. As I forced her down on my cock I could feel it spurting hot liquid over and over. She screamed out my name as she came and then shouted ‘Fuck your little limbless torso bitch hard.’ At that I stood up, slammed her torso against the door and slammed my rock hard cock into her dripping pussy over and over until we were both spent. I could feel my legs weaken so I sat in her chair with her on my lap. Once we’d caught our breath I made us decent and we walked out the toilet. There was a small crowd standing outside that gave us little cheer, Sophie and I smiled and returned to the hall. When it came to last dance I picked her up and took her to the middle of the dance floor. By the end of the song we were the only 2 dancing as everyone else was standing in a circle watching us. When the song finished we got a round of applause. I lifted Sophie into the limo while the driver sorted her wheelchair and got in beside her. As we were driving Sophie leaned in and I put my arm round her. She reached up and kissed me so I kissed her back. Suddenly she pulled away, looked over to the driver then back at me and whispered, ‘Finger me like the first time we sat in my garden.’ I slid her dress up her remaining thigh so I could see her smooth, hairless pussy and started rubbing the outside. I slowly slid two fingers inside her and gently moved them in and out. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on my shoulder. I heard her breathing get faster and watched as her boobs heaved up and down. ‘More.’ She whispered so I easily slid a third in. With each gently thrust I worked them deeper inside her. I felt her torso go rigid and shake as she came. I could feel her pussy juices pouring down my hand. When she was done I slowly slid my fingers from her and put her dress

back. As my hand passed her face she opened her mouth so I put my hand closer and she sucked my fingers then licked my hand clean.

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