Sandra Visits the Teen Club

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Story: A girl from a conservative religious family visits the church-run teen club and is spanked by the young man running the club.

Tags: Ma/ft   Blackmail   Spanking  

Our church started a teen club as a place where teens could hang out, attend concerts, and dance without the risks of alcohol and drugs. Most of our events weren’t specifically Christian, but we included enough of those to keep the church board happy and the donations flowing. However, keeping a club for teens, drug free and safe for teens is hard work. I was hired to be the manager/chaperone/bouncer.

I was hired for my size more than for my spirituality. I had been a pretty good linebacker in high school, but I was a little too small and a little too slow to get a college scholarship. Instead I lived with my parents and went to community college. Dad insisted that as long as I lived under his roof, I would go to church every Sunday. It wasn’t a big deal as I mostly believed in God and partly believed in the church.

My age, size and church attendance put me first in line for the job of managing the church’s new teen club. They pay wasn’t great, it was a church position after all, but the work wasn’t that hard and it looked good on my resume. I had no idea the fringe benefits it would have; the best of which was Sandra.

I had known Sandra most of my life. Her parents attended the same church and were even more strict and more conservative than mine. Sandra was 4 years younger than me, so I had seen her at church but never in the same groups or classes.

Since the club was run by the church, Sandra’s parents reluctantly allowed her to attend activities there, although she always had to leave early in order to be home in time for curfew.

I kept a little closer eye on all the kids from our church, particularly if they had vocal or influential parents. If any of these kids got into trouble at the club, their parents could get the club closed.

Sandra caught my attention from her first visit. Not because she was wild, or in any dangers of getting into trouble. She caught my attention because she looked so out of place. Her parents dropped her off in a dress that would have been conservative even at church. She wasn’t allowed to wear make up or jewelry. A few kids from church talked to her for a little while, but most of the evening she was by herself. At 9:30 she was waiting by the door for her parents.

I watched week after week as Sandra became more daring. She started by wearing a shorter skirt and more revealing top under her conservative clothes. She would “shed” her mousey church clothes once she was in the door and wouldn’t put them on again until time to leave. Soon she was adding some makeup in the bathroom after she arrived. She still wasn’t the center of attention, but she could meet people and hang out with them.

This is also when I noticed that Sandra was rather cute. She had long black hair with a natural wave. Once she got a little active, her hair had an effortless “just been fucked” look. Her A-cup breasts didn’t get her noticed, but her tight, fit body was more attractive than she realized. I was mesmerized when she danced, it was like she was making love to the music. One Friday night I used the club’s video equipment to discreetly capture video of Sandra dancing.

As Sandra walked into the club the following evening I pulled her aside into my office. “I have something I need to show you.”

Sandra followed meekly. I played the video of her dancing. In several shots her face was clear. In all of the frames her clothes and actions were unmistakable.

“What will happen to you when your Father sees this video?”

“I will be spanked and grounded. I won’t ever be allowed to come to this club again. He will probably start talking to others parents about shutting the club down. And everyone will blame me.” Sandra was sobbing by this point.

I decided to go all-in, “I’ll offer you an alternative. I’ll spank you and keep the video. You won’t be grounded, the club won’t get closed, and everyone won’t hate you.”

“Are you some kind of sicko?”

“Not really. I’ve just always wondered what it would be like to spank a girl and now I may be able to do that. So do I spank you, or do I send you home to daddy for a spanking.”

“You, I guess.”

“At home, would your Dad spank you with his bare hand.”

“No sir, with his belt. Or for something this bad, perhaps with the cane.”

“I only have a belt, so that will have to be sufficient. Would he spank you over your dress?”

I watched her hesitate as she decided what she was going to say. She could lie to me and I would never know. “No, he would spank my bare bottom.”

“Get completely undressed and kneel on the sofa.”

Sandra’s body truly was amazing. Her small breasts seemed larger against the flat, well toned stomach. He small hips and tight ass were accentuated by her tiny waist. I learned later that her measurements were 34A-22-32. As she knelt on the sofa, her pussy remained hidden behind her dark pubic hair. The first few times I swung the belt, it was tentative. I wasn’t sure how much I might hurt her. Gradually the swings became harder and harder, until the final 5 were given with serious vigor. Sandra sobbed, but didn’t scream or move out of position.

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