The Daughter's Boyfriend

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: My daughter's black boyfriend is determined to complete the mother/daughter set. My wife becomes a reluctant (at first) toy for him and his friends. I become a creampie eating cuckold.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Cuckold   Wimp Husband   Incest   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Small Breasts   .

My daughter Lori is a sophomore in high school, basically the same age that Trina was when we first dated. Trina and Lori look more like sisters than mother and daughter. I got Trina pregnant the night of our senior prom, so she is only 19 years older than our daughter. However, Trina is fit and petite, just over 5 foot tall and a 100 pounds with a trim 34A-23-35 frame, causing her to look far younger than 34.

A senior boy asked Lori to homecoming, and they have been dating for a couple months now. I don’t remember anyone in my high school being as big and buff as Ja’Den, but Trina and I went to a nearly all white school in the suburbs. Ja’Den is 6’2” and 210 pounds. He plays linebacker and has scholarship offers at several smaller schools.

We were initially hesitant about our daughter dating Ja’Den, more because of the age difference than his race. His dreadlocks and saggy shorts didn’t make a good first impression. As he hung out at our house, we soon realized that the “thug” look he worked hard to maintain hid the fact that he was a smart kid and good student who planned to use his scholarship to get an engineering degree in college.

Ja’Den took time to visit with Trina and I whenever he was at the house. Looking back on it, I realize now that he put far more effort into visiting with Trina than with me. One evening he was at the house after working out. I’m not sure why that evening was different, but a large, long bulge running down one side of his shorts was obvious. I noticed that my wife kept glancing at his package. I wondered if she was thinking the same thing I was, curious if he was fucking our daughter with that giant thing and how she could possibly handle it. Turns out that wasn’t what my wife was thinking.

Ja’Den was smart and ambitious. He applied these traits to seducing my wife. He began by manipulating my daughter, telling Lori that his fantasy was to have a mother and daughter at the same time and that if she wanted him to stay with her, Lori would need to help set the stage for him to convince Trina. If Lori wasn’t interested, he told her that he was certain he could find a different girlfriend who was. My daughter didn’t want to share him with her Mom, but more than that, she didn’t want to lose him to another girl, so she agreed. That meant being Ja’Den’s wingman while he seduced her mother.

It began with Lori asking Ja’Den to drive her to the store. He put her off until later, claiming he was too tired from his workout. Lori then asked me to take her. I rarely tell my daughter “no”, so I agreed just like she knew I would. This left Trina and Ja’Den alone in the house.

“You’re curious, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?” Trina replied

“You keep sneaking peeks at my cock. I’m betting you’ve never seen a black cock before and you are curious.”

Lori has crushed some valium and put a little 151 rum in Trina’s Friday evening sangria, so her inhibitions were considerably lower than usual. Trina sheepishly nodded agreement.

“Come over here where you can see it closer.”

Trina sat down next to him.

Ja’Den stood up next to her and pulled down his shorts. He wasn’t hard yet, but he was still over 8” long.

“I’ve never seen one anywhere near that big.”

“It gets even bigger, play with it a little and see”

Trina’s curiosity, and growing dampness between her thighs, took over and she gently rubbed him until he was hard. Fully erect, Ja’Den was 12” long and as thick as a coke can. Soon her pants were off and she was bent over the dining room table taking that giant ebony snake up her cunt. She came right away and a second time as Ja’Den emptied his balls deep inside her cunt. These were the two most powerful orgasms Trina had ever experienced.

Ja’Den still had his cocked buried in Trina’s cunt when he told her, “I want you to do something for me tonight Trina.”


“When Lori and her Dad come back, I’m going to take her on a date. As soon as we leave, I want you to take Tom upstairs and convince him to eat your pussy and then fuck you. While he fucks you I want you to imagine me fucking Lori.”

“But Tom might notice. And he will certainly think it is weird that I want sex this early in the evening and even weirder that I want oral sex.”

“Figure out a way to do it and I’ll make our next time extra special.”

Trina couldn’t wait to feel him again and started thinking about a plan. Trina dressed and planned to clean herself off, but Ja’Den stopped her. “Knowing that my cum is still in your cunt and in your panties when your husband walks in the door gets me hard. Thinking about his tongue licking up my mess is intoxicating. Knowing that his little white dick is fucking a pussy full of my cum makes me feel powerful. Please do this for me.”

Lori timed our errand perfectly. We arrived back less than 10 minutes after Trina and Ja’Den finished. Trina invited me to join her on the sofa as she watched TV, cuddling tight with me once I sat down. This was a sure sign that I was going to get lucky that evening. Lori and her boyfriend were out the door quickly.

I was a little surprised when Trina took my hand to lead me upstairs only minutes after our daughter left. She saw my questioning look and had a response prepared.

“I’m not sure how long we will have the house to ourselves. I want to take advantage of that.”

I was too busy feeling lucky to think much about it. We undressed and climbed into bed. I nibbled on her neck and worked my mouth towards her little breasts. I noticed how wet she was as my hand slid between her thighs. She surprised me again when she pushed my head lower on her body. I hadn’t gone down on her since high school, every time I tried, she stopped me. This was the most aggressive I had seen my wife in bed. I didn’t want to break the mood, so I didn’t saying anything.

Her pussy tasted different than I remembered. She was so excited her thick juices seemed to pour out of her. Her hairs were all damp and matted, I figured she had been turned on for a while before we went up to bed. I know I was turned on thinking about Ja’Den’s large cock fucking our tiny daughter, maybe she had been thinking the same thing earlier in the evening.

Soon I was fucking her. Perhaps I did too good of job licking her, because she was so wet I could barely feel her. It didn’t matter, I was so turned on by her rare sexual aggressiveness that I didn’t last long. I emptied my load and we both went to the bathroom to clean up.

I couldn’t have guessed it at the time, but Trina was thinking about how unsatisfying my little white cock was after being plowed by that ebony monster. The only excitement she had experienced was knowing that I was licking another man’s cum out of her cunt.

The following week I noticed that Ja’Den was spending more time than usual at our house and seemed to be flirting with my wife. I probably should have been upset, but I was feeling rather proud that a younger, athletic man would think my wife was attractive enough to spend time flirting with her. Trina also seemed to be enjoying the attention.

Ja’Den had insisted that Trina shave off all of her pubic hairs and send him a picture of her bald cunt if she wanted to be fucked by him again. By Monday morning Trina had booked an appointment to be waxed, and by lunchtime on Wednesday, Ja’Den had several pictures. I noticed her bald pussy on Thursday morning when we were getting ready for work. Trina had her response well planned.

“I’m hoping for some repeats of last Friday night. I thought you might be able to do a better job without all that hair getting in your way.” I was hurt, “I thought I did a pretty decent job.”

“I’m sure you were just out of practice.”

I was determined to blow her mind next time. I couldn’t wait to prove myself. I would get my chance the next night.

Trina left work at noon to meet up with Ja’Den. He was off school for a teacher work day and waiting at our house with 5 of his friends from the football team. Trina was surprised to see her kitchen full of black teen boys, she was expecting some intimate time with Ja’Den.

“What are your friends doing here? Who invited them?”

“I invited them, they are here to fuck your gorgeous, white, married pussy.”

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