Best Friends

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

Erotica Sex Story: Teenager discovers her love for her disabled best friend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Amputee   .

I first met Isabella at kindergarten and we quickly became best friends. Something about the cheeky glint in her just drew me to her. She was always the centre of everything, often getting into trouble, but she was so cheeky and cute she managed to get away with it. We spent every minute we could together, even getting to go on family holidays together. Our parents became great friends too. As Izzy grew older she became more beautiful with her long, shiny dark brunette hair and bright green eyes. She was the first girl at school to start wearing a bra and start her periods. As we got older I realised I had a major crush on my best friend. I took every opportunity I could to suggest hanging out in her pool just to see her in a bikini, even suggesting a bit of topless sunbathing every so often.

It was early in the summer semester just after our 14th birthdays when things changed. Izzy hadn’t got on the school bus that morning. I knew she’d not been feeling well at the end of school the day before, she thought she had a cold. I tried phoning her cell phone and the house but wasn’t getting a reply. I started to get worried. As the school bell rung, and with still no sign of Izzy our grade was sent straight to the hall instead of form room. I thought it was very odd. I sat with the rest of our friends. Everyone was whispering asking each other what was going on, but no one knew. There was a cough from the stage causing the room to go quiet. The school principal, Mrs Bell was stood at the podium with the school counsellor stood next to her. She had a very solemn face.

‘Good morning 8th grade. I’m afraid I have some sad news to announce this morning.’ She started saying. ‘This morning Isabella Attwell was rushed to Emerg after being found unconscious in her bathroom. In the ambulance she suffered a cardiac arrest. Thankfully they were able to revive her in Emerg. She is in the ICU at the moment having been diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia. The update from her Dad is that she is in a critical condition and will be going to the OR later for surgery if she is well enough.’ I felt as though my whole world had been ripped away from me. I started sobbing. Our friend Casey cuddled me tight, she was also crying.

‘I know this is a very upsetting time for all of you,’ The principal continued. ‘Lessons are cancelled for this morning. We have counsellors on hand for you to talk to, also your teachers and I will be available for you. If any of you feel you need to go home please speak to a member of staff. There are some nurses here from Health Canada to give you some prophylactic anti virals to ensure no one else gets sick as meningococcal septicaemia is infectious. You’re parents are being contacted for their consent.

We were then dismissed back to our form rooms. My friends and I gathered just outside the hall where we cuddled together crying. The school counsellor came over and took the 5 of us down to her office. She sat us all down, gave us the box of tissues and gave us time to be alone. The nurse came down later and gave us the shots before we went back to our form room to be with rest of our class. I couldn’t concentrate and just kept crying so I asked my teacher to get my parents to pick me up.

Mum arrived after about 20 minutes. When I saw her I ran up to her crying and gave her a big cuddle. She helped me to the car and we drove home in silence. As soon as I was home I went up to my bedroom, got undressed and put my pyjamas on. I spent the day curled up on the couch, often in tears. I barely slept that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Izzy.

The next morning my Mum offered to let me stay home for the day but I wanted to go to school to be with my friends. I got the school bus which seemed very empty without Izzy. The other kids on the bus were all very subdued. When we arrived all of the 8th grade was sent to the hall again. Mrs Bell was stood at the front of the hall. Once all the children were sat down she started talking. ted talking. ‘Good morning all, I hope you’re all well. I’m gladof you have come in. I have an update on Isabella for you. She is still in the ICU, she has had to have a tube put through her neck into her throat to help her breath and has had to have chest drains put in as her lungs keep filling with fluid. The surgeons have also had to amputate her lower arms and lower legs because of the infection from the septicaemia.’ There was audible gasps from across the hall after she said that followed by children starting to cry again. I was holding Casey’s hand and she squeezed it tight. I noticed some of the teachers were crying too. ‘Isabella’s. ondition is very serious.’ She continued. ‘Obviously the Dr’s are doing everything they can for her but I need to you to all be prepared that she may not make it. We will make sure you are all kept up to date with her situation.’ She paused for a moment before dismissing us all. We all solemnly made our way back to class. I couldn’t believe my beautiful friend would never be able to walk or touch anything again.

The rest of the day seemed to drag. We heard nothing for the next few days then came the weekend. My parents did their best to keep me distracted but I couldn’t think of anything but Izzy. It wasn’t until Monday lunchtime that we were called back into the hall. Mrs Bell started giving us the latest update.

‘Isabella is still in a coma and will remain so for a while. She had to go back into surgery over the weekend for further amputations. The Dr’s will now just have to wait to see what happens. Her parents want to pass on their thanks to you for all the cards and flowers you have sent. Please take a few minutes before returning to your lessons.’

The weeks went by with sporadic updates from the school about Isabella, which was always that there was no change. I tried calling her parents several times but never got a reply. I tried to find her older brother, Noah at the high school but never managed it. Every time we got called into the hall I felt knots in my stomach, dreading that they were going to tell us that Izzy had died.

It was a Saturday morning, over 10 weeks after Izzy was taken ill. I was sat in my garden doing my homework when I heard the phone ringing. My Mum called into the garden to say it was for me. I ran inside and picked up the phone. It was Isabella’s Dad. He said that Izzy was awake and wanted to see me and that if it was alright with my parents he would pick me up at lunchtime. I readily agreed. I was stood out the front from 20 minutes before he was due to pick me up. As soon as his Charger pulled up I jumped into the passenger seat. As he was driving toward the hospital I could feel the knot in my stomach getting worse.

‘Paige, before you see Izzy I need to warn you about what’s happened to her.’ Her Dad started to say. I looked at him and realised he looked very tired. ‘The septicaemia caused severe damage to her arms and legs, there was no choice but to amputate all 4 of her limbs. At first they just amputated her hands and feet but the blood poisoning spread and they had to carry out further amputations. They ended up amputating at her hips and shoulders leaving her with no limbs at all. She also has a scar on her neck from where they inserted a tube to help her breath and scars on her chest from the drains. I know it will be difficult but I need for you not to react badly when you see her, if you don’t think you can do that then maybe you should wait to see her.

‘I won’t, I promise.’ I assured him. ‘I’ve been desperate to see her.’ ‘Ok.’ He replied giving me a small, reassuring smiling.

We parked in the lot and walked up to the ICU. Isabella’s Dad took my hand and I took a deep breath as he opened the door. He led me in and through the ward. In each room was a patient in a bed, hooked up to all sorts of wires and tubes, all with their own individual nurse to watch over them. As we arrived at Isabella’s room I could see her sat up in the bed, with the same wires and tubes as the other patients. Her Mum and brothers were sat around the bed and they were talking. Her Dad opened the door causing Izzy to look up. When she caught sight of me she gave me a big smile.

‘Paige!’ She squealed.

‘Izzy!’ I squealed in reply as I ran over to her and cuddled her tight, I realised she felt so tiny. I continued cuddling her and didn’t want to let go. I noticed she smelt a little of sweat but I didn’t care, I just wanted to hold her. After a few moments I let go go her and sat on a chair. After some small talk with her parents and brothers they left us alone for a bit. Izzy told me all about what had happened. I told her how much we all missed her and were worried about her at school.

‘Do you want to see?’ She suddenly asked me.

‘It’s ok.’ I replied, slightly surprised.

‘It’s fine if you want to, I really don’t mind, you’re my best friend, I kinda want you to see.’ She replied smiling.

‘Only if you’re sure.’ I said desperate to look but wanting to make sure Izzy really wanted me too. She smiled at me.

‘I am, but you’ll have to do it for me.’ She replied with her sweet, cheeky little giggle.

I stood up, the knot in my stomach came back and I could feel my hands shake a little. I took hold of the sheet and slowly pulled it down. Izzy had on a tight white sleeveless top revealing her now armless shoulders. I looked at them for a moment, they were both neatly rounded continuing down to her chest as though there had never been any arms attached. At the end of each shoulder were angry looking scars.

‘Can you move them at all?’ I asked.

‘No, not at all, nothing left there to move.’ She replied.

I pulled the rest of the sheet down and found she was wearing blue cotton shorts. It looked strange with nothing coming out of them and the material that would form the legs just fell down leaving almost no hole.

‘Take them off me please.’ Izzy asked.

I put my fingers into the waistband and slid her shorts down, struggling slightly as I pulled them over her butt. Underneath she had on a light pink pair of bikini panties. I could see her hips rounded as normal but instead of continuing down her legs they continued round to meet at her vulva. Her body now finished right where the crease would be if she still had legs and they were bent forward into a sitting position. Her stumps were so short that it looked as though the gusset of her panties would be touching whatever she was sat on. I continued studying her until I heard a little cough. I looked up at Izzy and felt my face go red.

‘Sorry.’ I said.

‘It’s cool. What do you think?’ she asked.

‘It looks so weird. Sorry.’ I replied.

‘I know, it feels so weird too, it feels like my arms and legs are stuck.’ She explained. ‘I keep getting an itch or an ache where they used to be but can’t do anything about it. It’s horrible.’ I looked up at Izzy and saw she was crying, I slipped her shorts back on her then pulled the sheet back over her before cuddling her. I pushed her dark hair behind her ears and kissed her on the forehead as I started to cry too.

‘I’m so sorry Izzy.’ I said between sobs. We sat cuddled together and talking until her parent’s came back with some food for Izzy. I took it from them and fed her which I found I really enjoyed. Once I was done Izzy’s mum gave me a lift home.

That night in bed I found myself worrying about how Izzy was going to cope like she now was. She had always been so active, always on the go, so hyperactive. She did gym and ballet when she was younger and now did ice hockey and soccer, as well as keeping up the gymnastics. She’d always be going on hikes throughout the warmer months. But her favourite thing was snowboarding. At the first snowfall she would do nothing at school but talk about how she wanted to get up the mountains. I was terrified that Izzy would not cope well with not being able to do any of that, having to always just sit in her chair.

I visited Izzy every chance I could. One afternoon Izzy asked me to take her out for a walk. I lifted her over onto her new wheelchair and realised how light she now was. I could smell her freshly washed hair and body. I wheeled her out of the ward, down the elevator and out into the street. She was wearing another vest top so I took the opportunity to look at her shoulders again, I noticed the scars were looking a lot better. She took a deep breath as though she hadn’t had fresh air for weeks. I walked her around the local streets, both of us enjoying the sunshine. I noticed that her breathing was getting rapid and her face was becoming flushed. I found a bench and stopped by it before taking a seat then turning Izzy to face me.

‘Izzy, are you ok?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, why?’ She replied still taking deep breaths.

‘Well, you’re breathing fast and you’ve gone all flushed.’ I explained.

‘Oh, well, err.’ I could see she wanted to tell me something but was too embarrassed. She took a deep breath and continued. ‘Well, since my legs were amputated so high I now sit on my vagina lips, I find that if I’m being wheeled along in my wheelchair and am sitting in a certain position it ... er ... well ... it kinda ... turns me on. I guess it’s the vibration or something.’ ‘Wow.’ I replied while giggling which in turn made her giggle and before long we were both laughing hysterically. Her hair had dropped in front of her face and as I looked up at her again, the sun was behind her and I realised how gorgeous she was and that I was really attracted to her. I reached up and pushed her hair behind her ear again, as I did she looked at me and for a moment we just stared at each other. The moment was broken by an ambulance siren.

‘Really should get my hair put up.’ she said nervously.

‘Yeah,’ I replied. ‘I guess I should get you back.’ ‘I guess.’ She replied quietly. I took the handles of her chair and pushed her back to the ward.

As we walked in the nurse called over, ‘You missed your parents Izzy, they popped out for dinner but will be back in a bit.’ ‘Thanks,’ Izzy called back. I wheeled her into her room and sat her on the bed.

‘Want me to do anything for you before I go?’ I asked.

‘Would you mind helping me in the bathroom then changing me for bed please.’ She asked sweetly.

‘Of course.’ I replied. I lifted her up, place her on my hip like a baby then carried her into her bathroom. I then held her in front of me with one arm and slid her shorts and knickers off. I saw that she had just a little bit of soft pubic hair. I sat her on the toilet and held her while she pee’d. I then wiped her, picked her up and flushed the toilet. I carried her back the same way but without her shorts and underwear on. I could feel the warm flesh of her butt against my arm and her warm, wet pussy against my hip where my top and ridden up slightly. I sat her on her bed and pulled her top off, then undid her bra leaving her naked on the bed. I looked her amazing body up and down and could feel a tingling in my pussy. I saw her nipples become hard and realised I was staring. I looked at her face and saw she was smiling at me. I smiled back before grabbing her pyjamas from the nearby chair. I slid her top on, grazing her rock hard nipples with my hands. I then picked her up, slid the sheets down, laid her down in the bed, took one more lingering look at her legless pussy then slid her shorts on and pulled the sheets over her. I lean over, moved her hair out of her face again and kissed her goodnight. As I walked out of her room, I looked back to see Izzy looking content and drifting off to sleep.

That night in bed, every time I closed my eyes I thought of Izzy laying naked on the bed and I could feel the same stirring in my pussy. It was stopping me from sleeping. I slid my shorts off and started rubbing my pussy lips. I’d never touched myself like this before. I took my hand from between my legs, sucked 2 fingers then went back to rubbing. I could feel my lips part so slid a finger inside me. It was difficult at first but I kept pushing and after a little discomfort it suddenly slipped inside me. I lay still for a few moments allowing my young body to adjust to this new intrusion. Once I was ready I gently moved my finger in and out and could feel a warmth start to spread throughout my pelvis. I slid a 2nd finger in and used my other hand to find my clitoris. As soon as my finger touched it I felt like my whole pelvis was on fire. I could feel a warmth spreading throughout my whole body. I worked my 2 fingers deeper and faster inside me and worked my clit faster and harder. It wasn’t long before my body was shaking all over in the grips of my first ever orgasm. I again saw Izzy’s naked torso in my mind causing me to orgasm even harder. I could feel my pussy squeezing my fingers as my orgasm subsided. Once I’d finished I slid my fingers from me with a slight squelch and felt fluid dribble down to my butt hole making me shiver. I examined the sticky substance on my 2 fingers then sucked them clean. Afterwards I slid my shorts back on and quickly drifted of to a contented sleep, full of dreams about Izzy.

Izzy was finally discharged a few weeks later. Our friends and I were round at her house when her and her parents arrived. Her Dad wheeled her into the family room where we were waiting for her. We all cuddled Izzy tight before spending the afternoon talking. I watched Izzy as much as I could, it was nice to see her relaxing and laughing again. We all stayed for dinner before our parents picked us up late into the evening. It was autumn now and getting cold and dark as we left. I was now masturbating as much as I could, if I thought of Izzy I came so hard.

I started High School in the fall with Casey and the rest of our friends but it was awful without Izzy being there. She finally joined us at high school after Christmas and it now felt complete. She had an electric chair that she could control with her chin which she’d become very adept at manoeuvring. She had a full time assistant with her but I helped her with most stuff at school. I loved helping her in the toilet and feeding her. We both enjoyed gym class when it was trampolining. I took great pleasure in undressing Izzy and getting her into gym shorts and top. Izzy enjoyed the freedom of bouncing around and I really enjoyed watching her small, limbless torso, especially as her stumps were on view. Getting her naked and showering her afterwards always got me so hot, I would dream about it that night. She’d starting wearing thongs now as she didn’t like the way normal panties would bunch up into her butt giving her a wedgie, and there would be nothing she could do about it. She said that at least thongs were thinner and designed to go up her butt! She looked so beautiful in her matching lacy bra and thong.

Izzy and I became even closer. I thought so many times about telling her how I felt but I could never bring myself to do it, I just had to be content with what I got. Our 15th birthday’s were only a few weeks apart, as it was now spring and the weather was beautiful our parents held a big pool party at Izzy’s. Her Mum had done her hair and make up and Izzy looked amazing in her brand new party dress, sat in her bright pink, Quickie electric wheelchair. As she had developed she had become even more beautiful, with big, firm boobs and nice curves. As the day went on Izzy suggested we got into the pool. I carried her upstairs, sat her on her bed and slipped her dress off, she was wearing a beautiful strapless, light yellow, lacy bra and matching thong. We carried on chatting while I undid her bra and took a peak at the size and saw she was now 34C, much bigger than my little A cup boobs. Her boobs were so firm that they barely moved when I removed the bra. I went to her underwear drawer and opened it. It was full of beautiful, matching lacy thongs and bras. I found a turquoise, tie side bikini and put the bra on her then made sure her boobs were comfortable, we were both so used to me dressing Izzy now that neither of us thought anything of it. I laid her back on the bed and slipped her thong off. I saw she still had just a small amount of soft pubic hair compared to my now quite hairy pussy. I wanted to stroke her so much. I took her bikini bottoms and slid them on her. I then undressed and slid my red tie side bikini on. I noticed Izzy was watching me the whole time. I grabbed all our clothes then picked Izzy up before carrying her downstairs and out to the pool. Most of our friends were already in the water. I slowly carried Izzy in and helped her float on her back. As we all played around I could see Izzy’s boobs gently going up and down as she was breathing. I notice her bikini bottoms had slipped to one side and could see one of her lips, so I swam over to her, slid my finger inside and slipped it back over. I could feel her warm, moist pussy against my hand. I let it linger for a moment. Izzy giggled before we all went back to playing around. One of the boys in my class, Jackson started flirting with me and being very playful, he was hot so I reciprocated. He kept tickling me and tossing me around in the pool. I was finding it very confusing as I’d only ever been attracted to Izzy before but I found I was really enjoying this attention. Each time he grazed one of my boobs with his hands or arms I felt a stirring between my legs. After about an hour we got out the pool. Izzy’s Mum dried her then took her back inside to dress her. The rest of us changed round the pool, all giggling wrapped in our towels. Izzy was brought out by her Mum a short while later, she was back in her pretty white party dress. Casey and I took turns in feeding Izzy while we ate then our Dad’s carried out our massive birthday cake. Everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ then Izzy and I blew out the candles. I watched as Casey fed Izzy which I found really aroused me. Jackson was taking every chance he could to hang out with me. I noticed he was getting closer and closer. I noticed Izzy was looking over at one point and caught her eye. She just smiled and winked at me then carried on her conversation. I put my hand down on top of Jackson’s to see what he did. He smiled and took my hand in is. A few seconds later we were kissing. It felt so nice. I spent the rest of the night hanging out with him and found I was really attracted to him. We agreed to go out the next afternoon. I was sad when it was time for the party to end. I said goodbye to Izzy then climbed into my parents car. I must have fallen asleep in the car as I woke up the next morning in bed in my pyjamas.

The next day I hung out with Jackson downtown spending some of my birthday money in the clothes shops. He bought me some lunch then we spent the afternoon at the beach. I could see him looking at me in my bikini when we were laying on the beach. I liked that he was doing that. Every so often he would lean in and gently kiss me, I found I kept getting a tingling sensation in my pussy when he did. I suggested we went for a swim and played around for a bit in the surf. He again was tickling me and throwing me in the water. Every time I tried to do the same to him his extra size meant I was just thrown back into the water. I couldn’t stop giggling. One time he grabbed me and I thought he was going the throw me in the water but instead he pulled me up to him and we had a really passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms and legs tight around him and kissed him back hard. I could feel his cock growing in his shorts, pushing against my bikini. Afterwards he put me back in the water. I started to walk back to the shore but noticed he was staying where he was.

‘You coming?’ I shouted to him while giggling.

‘Erm, just a minute.’ He replied still just standing there. I walked back over to him.

‘Come on I’m getting cold.’ I said.

‘Yeah, yeah, just a few more minutes, it’s, err, nice out here.’ He replied. I then realised that he was embarrassed about his erection. So I stepped forward, put my hand on his shorts and found his massive, rock hard cock.

‘Don’t want people to see this?’ I asked mockingly.

‘Err, not really.’ He replied. I moved closer to him and started stroking him over his shorts. I could feel his cock growing. I moved my hand up and inside his shorts, grabbing hold of his cock again. I stroked it gently and leaned in to kiss him. I didn’t really know what to do and it wasn’t easy as I was short against him, I barely came to his chest. As we kissed harder I tightened my grip on his cock and moved my hand faster. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. Suddenly his kissing got harder and he squeezed me tighter. He groaned as his cock started to jerk before it suddenly started shooting come from the end. I kept moving my hand up and down until he had finished.

‘Enjoy that?’ I asked while smiling.

‘Oh yes.’ He replied. ‘Do you want to come back to mine so I can return the favour, my parents are out?’ ‘Erm, I’m not sure.’ I replied.

‘It’s ok, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, I promise.’ He urged. I thought for a few moments.

‘Ok.’ I replied. I washed my hands off in the water then we both walked to the shore. We quickly dried off and I slipped my dress back on, then changed out of my bikini into my underwear under my dress, while he just put his t-shirt on. We walked to the seabus station and got the ferry back to the North Shore. On the other side of the water we jumped on a bus back to his. He had a beautiful house. We got inside and I dumped all my bags by the front door. He went to get us both a drink then we went upstairs to his room. I could feel nerves in my tummy. We both sat on the bed and he handed me my drink. I took a mouthful and put it in his dresser.

‘You ok?’ He asked.

‘I’m good.’ I replied with a dry mouth. He took my hand in his then moved closer to me. ‘Sure?’ He asked.

‘Really.’ I replied reassuringly with a smile.

‘Good.’ He replied and squeezed my hand. He gently pulled me toward him and put both arms around me. I felt so tiny with him. He leaned down, I lifted my head up and we kissed. Nervously and gently at first but becoming more urgent and harder. I could feel his hands stroking my shoulder and felt a tingle go through my body. He slowly slid the strap of my dress down my shoulder followed by the other side. The dress slid down slowly to my waist, only being held for a moment by my small boobs. We carried on kissing hard. His hand slowly stroked down my arm, onto my tummy and gently up to my breast. He started to stroke my nipple through the cotton material. I felt my nipples harden to his touch. I broke away from his kiss. I slowly laid myself back onto his bed, lifted my hips and slid my dress down over my hips then down my legs before throwing it to the floor. I felt very open and vulnerable and tried to cover myself with my arms. I hated my child like, cotton underwear. He smiled at me so I smiled back to assure him I was ok and slid my arms down by my sides. He leaned over me and we started kissing again. I felt strange being almost naked and him being fully dressed so I lifted his top up, we stopped kissing momentarily as I pulled it over his head. He reached behind my back and fumbled for a few seconds with my bra strap. I stopped kissing him then giggled before lifting myself a little, reaching back and undoing it for him. He laughed and leaned back in to kiss me. He then sat up and gently slid my bra straps down my arms before removing it completely and throwing it to join my dress on the floor. He stared for a few moments before kissing me again. This time he gently moved his lips down my face, onto my neck, then my chest before taking each nipple in turn into his mouth. I gasped as his hot, wet tongue hit each one, his hand gently cupped each boob before stroking down my tummy, around my navel, down my hips onto the outside of my thighs as far down as he could reach. He returned to kissing me then moved the hand to the inside of my thigh and slowly stroked up the inside making me shiver. It felt so nice. He paused for a second with his hand at the top of my thigh. I pulled away from his kiss and nodded before going back to kissing him. He gently started to stroke my pussy lips through my panties. I could feel a warmth start to spread across my pelvis. He carried on stroking until I could feel a wet patch start to form. He moved his hand gently up to the waist band and again hesitated. I lifted my hips to show him it was ok. He gently slid my panties down my thighs and off my legs. They then joined my dress and bra on the floor. He returned his hand to my lips and started rubbing again. I felt them part and his fingers found my clitoris. As he started to massage it I let out a long groan. I felt his fingers move back down and start to probe my hole. I opened my legs a little more for him. His middle finger started to work into me, I could feel it getting deeper. He then hooked it round so he could rub my clit and finger me at the same time. I could feel myself getter hotter and wetter. His mouth left my lips and worked its way down my neck and chest, he paused at my boobs and sucked each of my nipples for a moment making them hard again. He worked down my tummy and hips. He then took his finger from me, shuffled himself down the bed, put himself between my legs and laid down, he then lifted both my legs and hooked them onto his shoulders. I was nervous as I had no idea what he was about to do but I desperately wanted to find out. He moved and put his mouth over my clit then proceeded to use his tongue. I squealed as he did causing him to move away for a second before he went back. I could feel him sucking and licking my pussy and clit and it felt amazing. The warmth from my pelvis had now spread across my whole body. I felt him slowly slide a finger back inside me as his tongue and mouth concentrated on my clitoris. I grabbed my knees with my hands and pulled them further up so they were touching my boobs. The feeling I now had was like nothing I had ever experienced. I felt him working a second finger into me as his tongue become more urgent on my clitoris. I moved my legs further back and put my arms in front, then wiggled around so my feet were now behind my head. This made things even better as Jackson now had complete access to my pussy. His fingers seemed to get even deeper and his tongue now seemed to be able to reach more of my clitoris. I felt the orgasm start to take over me. My whole body started to twitch and shake. He worked faster and harder through my orgasm. It was amazing. I squealed, grunted and groaned out loud as my orgasm peaked which seemed to spur him on. I could feel my pussy squeezing against his fingers. My orgasm started to subside as he slid his fingers from me. He then moved himself up me and started kissing me, I could taste and smell myself on his tongue and mouth.

‘Enjoy that?’ He asked smiling.

‘Yes,’ I replied breathlessly. ‘It was amazing, no one has ever given me an orgasm before.’ ‘Well, Im glad I’m glad I’m your first.’ He replied. I smiled at him as he dropped down beside me and cuddled me to him. I felt so powerless with him still in his jeans while I lay there still naked. I could feel fluid dribbling down to my butt again. After about 1/2 hour I got of his bed and dressed myself. Jackson watched me intensely. He then walked downstairs with me, helped me pick up my bags, opened the door for me and we kissed at the door. As I reached the end of his drive I looked back and smiled, Jackson was still there and waved at me. I walked the few blocks home and went straight to my room to ring Izzy. I told her everything Jackson and I had done, she giggled and wanted to know every detail.

That night I found I felt guilty and confused about Jackson and Izzy and had trouble sleeping. The next morning at school Jackson met me off the bus, kissed me and held my hand. I guess we were now a couple. Izzy, Casey and the other girls wanted to hear all about our date. I told them all every detail, though Izzy had already heard it all she seemed to really enjoy hearing it all again. At recess and lunch Jackson and his friends hung out with us, they all got on really well, though we all already knew each other we didn’t normally hang around. It was nice seeing how they treated Izzy like anyone else, some kids had been a bit weird with her. That afternoon we had trampolining again in gym and as I undressed Izzy then later showered and dressed her, all the confusing feelings came back to me, maybe even more so. I loved being with Jackson but desperately wanted to be with Izzy. I decided I had to try and find out how Izzy felt about me.

Jackson and I spent a lot of time together, when I wasn’t with Izzy I was with him, or we were all out as a group. Jackson and I found lots of things we could do to bring each other to orgasm with out actually having sex. Both of us were virgins and were both happy to remain so, for now. I still really enjoyed him using his tongue, mouth and fingers the way we did the very first time though. But I still thought about Izzy a lot and took every opportunity I could to be with her and do things for her, I loved getting her undressed so I could get quick glimpses of her amazing, tiny, naked torso. I loved to watch her as she sat and talked, her immovable torso just sat there with only her head moving, completely unable to gesticulate. I love watching the concentration on her face, and her tongue stick out the corner of her mouth as she used her eyes to control the cursor on her laptop when she couldn’t use her voice. I loved sitting around her pool, both in bikinis so I could look at her, especially when we decided to sunbathe topless. I swear I often caught her looking at me in return but she’d always look away, or maybe I was imagining it. I got so close to asking her or just kissing her to see how she’d react on so many occasions, each time changing my mind at the last moment.

Late one morning during the summer term at school we had our normal hockey practice which obviously Izzy couldn’t do. As it was such a beautiful day she chose to sit and watch. She was wearing a tight, short sleeved Hollister t-shirt with the sleeves tucked inside and denim shorts, her hair had been braided and put into a pony tail. She looked amazing. Her boobs straining against the tight top. I could feel the familiar stirring in my pussy again, and now I knew what an orgasm brought on my someone else felt like it had got worse. Throughout the session I was distracted by her. I noticed that she was very fidgety and just didn’t look comfortable. Afterwards I walked with Izzy back to the changing rooms, had a quick shower then got dressed. I was sure Izzy was watching me the whole time. As we went to the lunch room Casey caught us up and we talked about something or other. I could see Izzy was still fidgety. We met up with Jackson and his friends and all sat and ate together. I just wanted a few minutes alone with Izzy but couldn’t find a way to get it. Suddenly Izzy turned to me.

‘Help me to the bathroom please Paige.’ She asked. It was like a gift.

‘Ok, Iz.’ I replied. I got up, kissed Jackson and said to the rest of the group, ‘See you in a sec.’ I walked alongside Izzy as she guided her chair to the bathroom. Once there I opened the door for her and she wheeled in. I lifted her up, slipped her thong off then sat her on the toilet, making sure her skirt was clear. I could hear as she started to pee.

‘You ok Iz?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, fine, why?’ She replied.

‘Well, I noticed you looked uncomfortable and fidgety, just wanted to make sure you were alright and if you needed me to do anything for you. You know I really don’t mind, I’d do anything for you, you’re my best friend. Besides, the amount of things I’ve done for you already should show you that.’ I said nodding at the toilet and giggling. She let out a small laugh then went quiet and looked like she was thinking.

‘You finished?’ I asked. She nodded so I picked her up, wiped her, put her thong back on and sat her in her chair making sure her skirt was down, before turning to flush the toilet.

‘I’ve noticed recently that I ... well ... I have, like a constant ache in my vagina and pelvis but I can’t do anything about it, the ache just gets worse.’ She explained. ‘Sometimes I get like a fizzy sensation around my vagina.’ ‘You need an orgasm.’ I replied laughing. Izzy laughed back like I was joking. ‘I’m serious, you sound like your horny and frustrated. Does being wheeled around on your chair not work like it did when you were first amputated?’ I asked.

‘No, just makes it worse. I guess you might be right, I need to find away of dealing with it, though don’t know what, none of the guys here are interested in me like that and I can hardly ask my Mum, “Hey Mum, help me get off will you?” Don’t think that will work some how.’ She explained.

I stood quietly for a second before answering quietly.

‘I could always help you.’ ‘What?’ She replied looking shocked.

‘I’m serious, I’d help you, I wouldn’t mind, in fact, I’d kinda like too.’ I replied feeling horribly embarrassed but also excited. Izzy sat for a few seconds, clearly not sure what to say next. She then laughed.

‘Yeah, alright.’ She continued to laugh. ‘You’re such a joker Paige.’ I thought about trying to laugh the whole thing of for the joke she thought it was but I persevered.

‘I really mean it Iz.’ I told her. ‘Just think about it ok.’ I opened the door and walked in silence along side Izzy as she manoeuvred her chair to the yard. We caught up with the rest of our friends. Jackson put his arm around me and gave me a kiss. We all sat chatting for the rest of lunch break. I looked over at Izzy who was now very quiet, I could she was thinking, or at least I hoped she was and it wasn’t that she was disgusted by my suggestion.

‘Hey Iz, you alright?’ Shouted Casey.

‘Erm, sorry, what did you say?’ Izzy replied as though she had been broken from a trance. ‘I said, you alright Iz. You daydreaming over there?’ Casey replied giggling.

‘Yeah, I’m good, sorry.’ Izzy replied. Casey looked like she was about to say something else when the bell went. Jackson and I kissed then we all went off to our afternoon classes. I walked alongside Izzy, she was still very quiet. I was terrified I’d just ruined our friendship but couldn’t bring myself to say anything. Just as we got to class Izzy stopped and turned her chair toward me.

‘Did you really mean it earlier?’ She asked, blushing. I put my hand on her armless shoulder. I considered lying but I couldn’t miss this chance, even if it did end our friendship, I couldn’t live with not knowing.

‘Yes Iz, I did, honestly.’ I replied.

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