Before Me

by Luther Long

Copyright© 2018 by Luther Long

Flash Story: Story of how a child's initial path through life is set.

Tags: Violent  

He put his full weight into the door. The bolt holding the chain to the door gave way and the door flew backwards. Forcing the her father backwards into the flat. As he entered the flat, the father recovered and came at him.

He used her father’s momentum against him. Causing him to slam into the wall by the door and then delivered a solid punch to the ribs. The father fell to the ground as his wife charged at the intruder with a frying pan. He punches her squarely in the stomach causing her to drop down next to her husband. The frying pan landing on his foot causing him to holler in pain again.

The intruder strode forward. Through the living room and down the hallway. Turning the handle to the door of the bedroom on the far left side of the hallway. Pushing the door open with force, he stepped into the bedroom. Into her bedroom.

She was on the bed, tears streaming down her face. Looking at him with fear in her eyes. She threw the bedside lamp at him as she screamed, “Get out! Get the fuck out!”

He glanced at the dent in the wall and the shattered lamp on the floor. Slamming the door closed to quelch his anger before turning back to her.

Her eye was still bruised and there was now a cast on her arm from the fight a week earlier. He looked at her belly and the bump growing there. It was the reason for his anger, their fight and why he was here. “I’m sorry! I accept it’s mine! We need to be together! For the baby. Please baby! Please!”

“Look at me! You fucking did this to me! Get out of here, I don’t want you anywhere near me. Anywhere near him!” She said as she rubbed her belly with her good arm.


She stood up and tried to face him down. “I’m done! Get the fuck out!”

He punched her again. He was blind with rage. She did this to him, she made him this way. She was taking his child from him.

She fell back onto the bed, blood streaming from a cut on her lip. The tears starting to flow again. She’d cried a lot this past week wishing he could be with her but now she knew he couldn’t. She knew the she needed to keep the baby safe.

The door opened and in rushed her father and two other men. He landed another punch on her father before he was overpowered and dragged away by other two.

Her mother rushed past the men struggling with him and went to her daughter, comforting her as best she could. Her mind consumed with trying to figure out how to keep her family safe.

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