Paradoxical Chauvinism

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - There are some things that shouldn't be messed with. Sometimes the outcome comes with good results and sometimes not. But what are "good" results? Regardless, maybe some things aren't to be messed with.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Crime   Workplace   Science Fiction   Paranormal   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Violent  

“Fuck,” Dr. Jennifer Conners says with a heavy sigh. She rubs her temples in frustration. “I’m never going to get this damn formula right.”

She feels her dog, a mutt, rubbing against her leg before whimpering.

Kneeling down, Jennifer pets the dog. “Oh Maximus, at least still have confidence in me,” she says, frowning. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to find the right combination.”

Maximus whimpers again.

“Yes, Maximus,” Jennifer says, sighing again. “As soon as I am finished here, I’ll take you for a walk.”

The dog seems satisfied with her owner’s response and slips away to lie down next to the workstation. Jennifer goes right back to work, tweaking the chemicals. Once the experiment begins a new cycle, she jots down the changes in her notes.

The cycle takes a little time, and just as Jennifer is finishing up her notes the computer bings the results. She looks up over the rectangular glasses at the screen.

“Son of a bitch!” she cries, jamming her fists onto the top of the workstation. The workstation and everything on it shudders. Jennifer lowers her head and slowly shakes it back and forth. “The boss isn’t going to be happy if I don’t get some results.”

“Doctor Conners?” a voice calls from behind her.

Startled by the sudden intrusion, Jennifer spins around. Her hand bumps and sends it falling to the floor with a loud crash. “Oh damn it,” she mutters.

“Doctor Conners,” the young woman says quickly. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Let me clean that up, for you.”

Jennifer quickly looks to the spill and then shakes her head. “No, I’ll take care of it,” she says, breathing out her frustrations. “What can I help you with?”

“Oh, um, yes,” the girl says, putting a smile back on her face. “Doctor Jameson would like to see you in his office, yesterday.”

Jennifer’s shoulders drop. “Well, I suppose I needed a break anyway.” She begins to walk over toward the door, and the girl.

“Are you sure I can’t clean that up for you?” the young woman asks again.

Jennifer glances at it quickly and says, “I’m sure Doctor Jameson isn’t going to be the only distraction I’m going to need today.”

The girl gives the older woman a puzzled look that doesn’t go unanswered.

“It’s been a long day,” Jennifer murmurs. “Hell, it’s been a long week. I’ll take care of it when I get back. It isn’t going anywhere nor is it going to hurt anything. It’s as harmless as it is useful.”

“Okay,” the girl says. She waits for Jennifer to step out before following and closing the door.

As soon as the door closes, Maximus trots out from the side of the workstation, whimpering. He is about to bark his protest when he notices the puddle and broken glass. He sniffs the air and licks his lips.

Jennifer’s trip to the boss’ office felt like a trip to the principal’s back when she was in elementary school. At least back in elementary school the principal never gave out any ass-chewing.

She steps through the door, closes it quickly behind her and then slumps against it. With a heavy sigh she says out loud, “Fuck. Could that have gone any worse?”

Jennifer closes her eyes for a few moments, calming her thoughts and her breathing. When she opens them back up, she is surprised to not see the mess on the floor.

“What the fuck?” she says, her anger rising up within. “I thought I told her to leave it alone.”

The scientist stomps across the way to the workstation. Her foot presses down on a few pieces of glass, causing it to crunch. Now Jennifer is confused. Who cleans up liquid but leaves the glass? Then she worries about Maximus. Did he get hurt by the broken shards?

“Max?” she calls out. “Maximus?”

The lights suddenly cut off, the computers, the equipment ... casting the room in near perpetual darkness. The only light is that seeping through the window in the door to the hallway.

“Maximus?” she calls out again, taking a few steps forward toward the door. “Hello?” Her voice is shaky as fear seeps in deep into her bones.

There is so sound, no answer, no barks. But there is a low growl that causes the scientist’s heart to begin beating faster. Jennifer starts to tremble and she fights the urge to just bolt for the door. She has seen to many horror movies to know it’s not a good idea. Then she feels something wrap around her ankle. It’s cold and wet. The next thing she knows she is falling toward the floor.

Her eyes open wide, quickly pushing up on her elbows to look at her feet and what caused her to trip. A new round of fear captures her. Staring back at Jennifer are dark yellow eyes peering from the darkness of the room. Those eyes so yellow, so cold, so evil ... Her body tenses as those eyes stare back at her, spaced too close to be human.

Jennifer jerks her legs forward only to hear a deep low growl permeate the silence of the room. Then those eyes move closer and the woman knows it must be crawling toward her me. Whimpering, she looks left and then right for a means of escape. The cabinet prevents her exiting on the left. The right ... she’ll have to slip out to the right.

Then she feels the cool, wet feeling on her flesh. Instantly she regrets wearing a skirt beneath the lab coat. Her eyes quickly move downward and she sees smooth, silky black and sharp, white teeth. Jennifer’s eyes narrow, face wrinkling. Maximus?

Then warm, wet pressure slips along her calf like long, slow sweeps. It’s rough yet lightly raking her flesh. The wetness slides higher and then her eyes widen with realization ... a tongue ... a large, rough tongue against her naked flesh, and it certainly isn’t Maximus’s.

Jennifer now feels what must be its head nudging her thighs apart. The young woman shakes her head no, her body tensing. She feels the vibrations rumble through its chest even before she hears it ... a predatory growl—a warning. Its head pushes against the strong muscles of her thighs harder. Its silky skin is so soft against her legs, forcing them further apart.

Lying on the floor, Jennifer trembles in fear, feeling it crawl closer and closer. The thing’s breath is so hot against the crotch of her panties. Then she feels its tongue at the cotton, licking. It presses harder against her slit. The pressure of its head between her parted legs increases. The pressure leads to her opening up further and thus allowing for full access to her panty-clad cunt.

It again licks, this time shoving the fabric between the folds against her clit. Jennifer hisses, her hips jerk instinctively. The suction, pulls against the smooth skin. The cotton, wet cotton, sucks into it mouth before being released. The slap of the saliva saturated fabric feels cold against her hot pussy lips. She squirms, her hips trying to push back against the cabinet, but hearing that deep growl again, echoing through the room Jennifer dares not move. She feels the suction again, then a jerk on the fabric. Her hips jerk forward.

Hearing the splitting cotton, realization fills the young woman. The only barrier between her and this thing has now been removed. Jennifer is helpless—at its mercy. Its head slides higher, the long rough tongue presses flat against the puffy lips of her cunt and slides along their length. The young scientist groans as her folds part and the tip of the tongue laps at her swollen clit. The creature’s nose pushes in deeper to nuzzle her flesh. Its sharp teeth rake her clit almost as if it knows what buttons to push to elicit an uncontrollable response from her.

Jennifer’s thighs part wider, her hips thrust upward. She balls up her hands, clenching them into fist as the creature slides it tongue lower, teasing her aching flesh. What the hell is going on? Why is my body giving in? Fuck, I’m going to fucking cum!

Its teeth begin to rake against her clit once again. The long, thick tongue dips into her entrance, pushing in. Her muscles clench around the invader as it pushes deeper, stretching the muscles and filling her hole. Jennifer screams out, her head rolls side to side. Her trembles, shaking as she feels the teeth and the probing tongue against her wavering inner walls. It pushes her over the ledge. She closes her eyes tight, her hands slide into the silky flesh to grip its head. Her hips thrust forward and up, grinding against the tongue. She is lost in the pleasure of her orgasm, not caring who or what is the cause of the consequences of it.

The creature seems to retreat, sliding back ad slipping into the dark shadows. Jennifer’s eyes open, hazy from the experience, but she is smiling through the bliss of her sexual release. “Fuck. I’ve never cum that hard!” she whispers loudly into the darkness. She pushes up on her elbows, leaning forward. The shadows seem to be moving. The creature seems to be growing larger. She knows for sure now that it isn’t Maximus. If anything, this thing ate her dog.

She suddenly feels something closing around her ankle again. Fear fills her once again as she realizes it wants more. No it’s not the fear that it wants more it the realization that she does. Her body is pulled forward, almost violently. Her thighs are pulled apart once again and pushed up against her chest. Jenifer feels a warm wet tongue again. She tries to pull away, but doesn’t want to want this. Another deep growl emanates from the creature.

The young woman begins to plea for her release. In response the creature slides its tongue over the juice-coated lips of her cunt, feasting from her release. Lying here, with her legs pinned against her, Jennifer feels its tongue working her over. Her body, still high from her release, immediately responds to its ministrations. With what light that peeks through the door, she sees its body. Its strong back is bare and smooth. Powerful claws press against her thighs as its tongue moves over the swollen tip of her clit.

The creature abruptly looks up and their eyes meet. Those deep, yellow, penetrating eyes bore into her as if peering into her soul. Jennifer feels a wave of contentment move over her as it pushes up and crawls over her. Settling between her thighs, its cock is hard and proud and glistening in the slivers of light. Remaining still, she lets her eyes take in his form, moving over the hard muscles. Maybe it’s to fuel her desire, maybe it’s to assure herself that there is no escape.

The soft light dances off its hard muscles, its body taut—ready to pounce and showing no weakness. It dips its head, its tongue slides around the rim of her belly button before dipping inside, its eyes never leaving Jennifer’s. It slides higher, the tongue tracing a path up her belly, the valley between her breasts and coming to rest on her neck. The creature’s hard muscular chest flattens her breasts, the hard nipples burrowing into it. She feels its breath, warm against her neck the same instant its hard cock presses into her thigh, making the woman aware, without a doubt, its intentions and arousal.

Its hips lift and slide up, the tip of its cock trails over the young woman’s skin as it moves to her cunt. It leaves a trail of pre-cum against her creamy thighs. It looks down into her eyes as the head parts the swollen lips, teasing the entrance to her pussy. The tip slides in and out and it looks like the creature smiles as it sees her breath catch in her throat. Jennifer’s hips thrust forward, trying to impale herself deeper on its hard member. The creature effortlessly pins her arms and holds her securely.

Jennifer looks up into its eyes. Hers are filled with lust ... need ... passion. “Take me,” Jennifer whispers. “Use me.”

The creature does not respond with anything but a thrust forward with his hips. It impales the young woman. He legs snake around its pelvis tightly, pulling its body closer, deeper within. The creature thrusts in and out, over and over, slamming against her cervix Jennifer’s body trembles with the impact of each blow.

Its cock pistons in and out like a machine, seeming to grow within her—lengthening, widening. It pushes its head against the hollow of her neck, forcing her face towards the cabinet, no longer allowing her to look at it. The creature growls and pushes into her harder—its body becoming, heavier against her tiny frame. Its jaws close around the woman’s neck and she feels sharp teeth rake her flesh, as it continues to fuck her over and over.

Jennifer’s body shakes. She bucks her hips up to meet the creature’s thrusts, losing count of her orgasms. Her fear and pleasure mixes, sending her to new heights. Then the creature’s back arches and its body jerks. A deep howl fills the room as its seed is buried within her womb. The young woman shakes, her eyes closing. The next wave of an intense orgasm washes over her. When she turns her head back to look up at the creature, smile of contentment on her face, she sees a mouthful of teeth coming toward her face. Before she has the chance to scream, darkness and pain overtake her.

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