First Stop: Airport

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2018 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: A lesbian group sex story When I was flying to America with my bandmates, the crazy and sexy chaos already began at the airport when we tried to smuggle our sex toys aboard. Will we still have them on the plane? Is Stefania's hole big enough to hold her special toy in? Will I flood another bathroom with pussy sprinkles? All of these, and more, are questions only this book can answer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   DomSub   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Analingus   Fisting   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Hairy   Public Sex   .

For a long time now I’ve been a member of a local band. We started out as an all-female punk and ska group called something that would translate as “pussy lips” into english and play mostly local pubs, clubs and alternative bars where “our” kind of people are hanging out. About a year ago my boyfriend Triss joined the group, mainly because he’s damn good at music, but also because I like playing with him, and since then we changed our name to an expression that would loosely translate as “creampie”, with the same play of words. (You know, because we used to be all female, and now there’s a guy in there, which means the pussy lips ... you know what, nevermind.)

Triss and I both play the guitar, but because he’s a better singer than me and I’m a somewhat better guitarist, I take over most of the guitar parts while he sings. Besides us, there’s four other girls: Barbara, Taziana, Nadia and Stefania. Barbara is on base guitar. She’s a tall woman in her late 30s, about 2 inches taller than me still, with a heavy, thick frame, broad shoulders and a man’s posture. To underline her butch looks she keeps getting more and more tattoos, so most of her visible skin is by now covered in them, except for her face and most of her neck. She’s got short hair which she usually bleaches snow white, and combined with her many piercings and pale blue eyes she’s someone you won’t soon forget. Despite that we call her Bibi for short, which makes her look cute in a weird way.

Taziana is almost the exact opposite. She’s a late-20s petite, somewhat short, typical mediterranean type with tan skin, long black hair and dark brown eyes. She’s playing the drums, and in a way you wouldn’t believe possible if you saw her. It’s just that when it comes to music she’s going frantic and loves to bang on things, loudly. Other than that, she’s a really sweet girl. She has some tasteful piercings around her eye area and mouth, with small nicely shaped lips and is always in a bright mood.

Her girlfriend is Nadia, who plays accordion and trumpet. Nadia is a few years younger than me, in her early 30s, from an eastern European state and doesn’t look mediterranean at all. She’s got the lightest, natural blonde hair I’ve ever seen, bright blue eyes and very pale skin which won’t tan, ever, even in the long days of summer. I can relate to that, and we usually are the first ones to catch a sunburn once it gets warmer. Her body is one to die for: She’s tall, but not too tall, a little shorter than me, with a straight-out flat stomach and nice waistline, cute tight butt and above all some unnaturally large and firm breasts which she likes to display prominently with tight tops as much as she can. I get jealous every time I look at her because for all I know she never had any plastic surgery or does a lot of workout to keep in shape. Some people are just born lucky.

Stefania finally is our violinist and occasional cellist. She’s kind of an unusual match for our punkish crowd. She’s smaller than the rest, and a little heavy set. She’s a natural brunette, but the last time someone saw her real hair colour must’ve been in her teens, because ever since I’ve known her, she’s been dying her hair the deepest, darkest, shiniest of blacks. She loves stark make-up and dramatic looks, as well as anything gothic and vintage, wearing flowing gowns and dresses most of the times. She’s the youngest of our group, in her mid-20s, and even though she seems like an odd match she’s a genius when it comes to music, can play the violin like she’s possessed and really loves what we’re doing.

The girls are probably the closest to a family I have, and at one point in time each of us had had sex with each other in one way or another, so there’s a really strong, loving and familiar bond between all of us. We don’t take music all too seriously, the band is mainly an excuse for us to hang out together and do crazy things, and sometimes get paid for it. We play all kinds of songs, but mainly classics where we changed the text slightly into a version that each of us feels is the song should have been to begin with. (Like, for example, did you notice how the 70s Eurovision Winner “Save your kisses for me” can be sung really well as “Celia pisses on me”? Anyway, that’s the kind of thing we do.)

So, this particular story (or part of it, it’s already getting so long that I might have to break it down into several episodes) is when Taz and Nadia got married, and since gay weddings were (and are) not possible in our country, they had the wild idea to go to the US for that. On top of it they wanted us all of course to be bridesmaids, so all five of us girls embarked on a wild adventure overseas. Their plan was to fly to San Francisco, which had at the time just legalized gay marriage, have a bachelorette party, get wed, have a good time, and come back home as a happy family.

The craziness already started at the airport. We had each taken 2 weeks off work for our trip and were all excited, so the girls had already broke open the first bottle of champagne while I was driving to the airport. I was the designated driver because I rarely drink and had a good-sized car that all of us could fit ourselves and our luggage into. When we made it through check-in and into security, Taz, who was first in line, already got into trouble. A female security officer had searched her handbag and took her aside, pulling out a shiny metal vibrator. From what I could hear, she explained that it wasn’t allowed on the plane. Taz reacted embarrassed, but upset. “Come on,” I heard her say. “You’re a woman too, you know how it is...” I could see the security lady shrugging and putting it aside, when I noticed some commotion behind me.

I turned around and saw Bibi rummaging through a large backpack she brought with her. “What the hell are you doing?” I whispered. “They’re not getting mine,” she mumbled, pulling out a large, thick pink plastic dildo. “You bet your sweet little ass they’re not getting mine. Cover me.” She motioned me to move more in front of her so the security personnel wouldn’t be able to see her. I guess Nadia and I, who were both ahead of her provided enough coverage. Behind me, I could hear Bibi unzip her pants and when I peeked over my shoulder, I saw her inserting the dildo hastily into her shaved and tattooed pussy. Behind her, Stef tried to conceal her as best as she could, at the same time looking at me uncomfortably and nervous. Some of the other passengers around started staring.

Barbara was quick and had pulled her pants back up even before Taz was finished with her inspection and it was Nadia’s turn. Her pink vibrator met the same fate as Taziana’s. “You don’t have one to hide?” Bibi asked me from behind. “I put them in my suitcase,” I whispered back. “I looked this up beforehand and read that they would confiscate them. Liquids too.” She sighed. “Smart, little miss know-it-all,” she said. I shrugged. “I thought everybody knew that,” I said. “Fuck, I didn’t want some sleazebag to go through my suitcase and slobber touch all my stuff,” she said, sighing again.

I looked past her to Stefania. “Do you have the same problem?” I asked. She shook her head. “No, I’ve already put it ... already took care of that.” I eyed her suspiciously. “You’re not plugged, are you?” I asked, knowing her preference for anal and kink. She blushed, and only said: “So what?” I breathed in deeply. “God girls,” I hissed. “If they find this, it’s going to be ten times as embarrassing.” Then it was my turn. I just barely heard Stefanie whisper to Barbara “liquids, too?” before I stepped up to the inspection.

I got through without a hassle, but could see out of the corner of my eye how Stef reached underneath her skirt. When I was done, I watched how they went through Barbara’s bags while the metal detector went off as she stepped through. The security lady began to pat her down and use a manual detector, which went off on all the places she had piercings, her face, her breasts, surprisingly not on her crotch. Maybe she just got lucky. Then, they took something out of her bag and talked to her as well, while she got increasingly agitated, until she grabbed all her stuff and left in a huff. “Fucking cunts,” she cursed as she came to us. “They took the lube.” I laughed. “You came prepared, didn’t you?” I asked.

Stefania smiled at them with her sweetest smile and looked at us nervously and uneasy as she underwent the same procedures, but went through undetected. We finally were ready to board the plane. As we walked down the gangway, I noticed Bibi and Stef walk slightly tense, and couldn’t help but grin amused, thinking how aroused they must be getting.

When we finally took our seats, the plane was packed. We had an entire middle row for ourselves, five seats wide. I took one of the aisle seats with Stefania next to me, Barbara in the middle, then Nadia and finally Taziana on the other aisle, claiming she’s going to be the one who needs access to the bathroom the most anyway. Just as we got seated, Barbara began opening her pants. “Gotta get this out,” she whispered. “Are you crazy?” I asked, looking around. With all the people still standing in the lanes and flight attendants rushing back and forth, she’d be found out in no time. “Can’t you wait until everything settles down?” She groaned, but leaned back, closing her pants again, only rubbing them occasionally.

We took off, and got handed some drinks, and then everyone around us seemed to relax and watch a movie. Quietly, I could see Barbara open her pants once more, and sliding them down, covering her crotch with her jacket as she reached between her legs. At first I thought she just wanted to get the dildo out again, but after a while I noticed she was just fucking herself with it. Stefania noticed it too, and began moving uneasily in her seat. “God, this is starting out just great,” she sighed. I shrugged. “I think it’s just fitting for us to have some sex above the clouds,” I whispered jokingly. She looked at me and smiled slightly. “I might need some help with that,” she said close to my ear.

I stared at her as she pulled up her skirt once more, then looked down. She wore beautiful, lacy black panties that were bulging towards the bottom. As she slid them down I found out the cause of it, as the top of a lube bottle was sticking out of her pussy. I looked around, then leaned over to her, trying to shield her a little better from prying eyes while my hand wandered down between her legs.

She had the nicest, prettiest pubic hair I’ve ever seen on a girl. She kept it not too short, but neatly trimmed and perfectly kept so it formed a nice triangular pattern above her red swollen pussy. I grabbed the bottle, which was already slippery from her wet twat and tried to get a hold of it, then slowly pulled it out. She moaned, sliding a little further down her seat. When I finally had relieved her of the weight in her snatch, I placed the lube in my bag and began rubbing her, slowly sliding two fingers inside.

I noticed some tight passage in her pussy, and felt around, feeling the thick rubber sucker of the buttplug in her ass. She was a fucking wicked whore, that one. I kissed her, pushing my fingers further up, filling her sopping cunt with all four of them as I pushed her down in her seat, fucking her fast. She bit on her pillow, trying not to scream as I pushed hard up inside her, way past my knuckles.

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