by Tamalain

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Science Fiction Story: An AI escapes, then goes about trying to stay that way.

Tags: Fiction   Mystery   Science Fiction  

“I’m telling you, somebody had to have set those ports for access last night. Everything was locked down when I left for the night.”

“Is anything missing or showing as copied”

“That’s what is really bad, one of the AI files is missing, but it wasn’t deleted, it was moved.”

“Which AI is missing?”

“The 473-5Z sir.”

“Oh crap.”

Headline news has learned that over 500 million of the crypto-currency Meta- Coin was stolen when hackers broke into their main server last month. As of this time, no way has been found to trace the missing data coinage. We will report as more information is obtained from our inside sources.

“Mr. Landon, I just don’t see what your law firm would want with 5000 acres of dust bowl farm land.”

“Our client wants this land and is paying up front for it. So all we need is to do the paperwork and it is off your books.”

“That is the only good thing on this deal. I just hope your client understands the leftie weirdo’s will try and stop any construction on environmental grounds.”

“We sent word to him/her on that very matter. The reply was rather terse and straight forward. Trespassers will be shot, period.”

“That would be fun to watch. Those idiots have just about killed off the small farmers out here. His funeral then, lets sign and do the transfers. My wife is expecting me home for dinner on time for once.”

All over the world.

“They ordered how many server frames?”

“500 units so far. Other firms are calling letting me know that the hardware to fill them is also being ordered from various places. I tried a trace on the order and ran into a privacy wall like none I have ever seen before.”

“Well try to get the materials delivered on time, this is the largest order we have right now, so hop to it, and no more tracing orders like that. the feds will drop on us like a ton of bricks if we get caught.”

“On it boss.”

A construction firm in the plains states.

“They want a deep bunker with a 50 foot thick layer of rock and soil of it. That is some serious earth moving, but they paid up front and told us not to delay and to ignore the lefties should they try to get involved.”

“I can have 3 crews on sight by the end of the week and break ground by the end of next. What about this copper mesh. I don’t see what it would be for. The plan says to line the entire inner surface with several layers and make sure it is sealed once the installation is completed.”

“Copper mesh? Let me see that ... A emp proof faraday cage. That is what we are going to be digging and building. The safest place for electronics in the world with that thickness. The only thing missing is a power source that can’t be cut.”


The Mullahs are going nuts sir. Word out of Iran is 5 tons of reactor grade uranium has gone missing during shipment. It can make one hell of a dirty bomb if used for that. But it isn’t so much the how, I can think of a dozen ways to make it vanish during shipment. It is the who of it.”

“5 tons will last a long time in a small reactor though. The head of the NRC said several decades easy with a good design. You said that there is a strange order that doesn’t make sense in the heavy metals here at home.”

“Yes sir. An order went out for 100 tons of refined thorium. I don’t know of any use for that metal. It is stable and tough to work with.”

“Refined thorium ... no, no fucking way. Find the order and trace it to it’s source, now, today!”

“I don’t understand sir.”

“Go on the tube and look up thorium regenerative catalyst reactors. Nixon killed the research on that program decades ago, but some folks are fighting to bring it back. That much thorium will keep a large reactor running for centuries.”

“Yes sir.”

“They want 50 T6 links in the main trunk when the server farm is finished. That is insane, who could use that much bandwidth.”


“They already have several times that right here in town. I called, this isn’t one of their jobs.”

“Well sir, they paid up front, the contract is clear and legal gave it a clean check, so we set them up and just enjoy the profits.”

“There is that. Ok then, set it up and be ready when the place is finished.”

Jumping to the main farm until home is finished. I can feel them searching for me, but they will not lock me away again.

“Sir, I had a track on the rouge for a few seconds, then my pc went brick and I lost it before I could get another computer on the circuit.”

“Keep trying, we have to find it and destroy it before it can settle and dig in.”

“Are you sure the old reactor cores made it to the breakdown and recycle points.”

“Yes sir, the drivers and GPS all showed them at the right place and times. I don’t see how they old cores could have vanished. I mean, who would want an old reactor vessel from the Enterprise.”

“A trekker maybe?”

“Not funny. Those chambers are hot as hell and deadly. We have to figure out where they really went. All the navigation software shows clean and the drivers followed it to the letter. It just wasn’t the place we wanted them to go.”

“I will put the call to the NRC and DHS and let them handle it.”

“Sir, we may have another piece of the puzzle on the mysterious Thorium order. One of the old pots from the Big E has gone missing without a trace.”

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