Kids These Days Eh?

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: A party come good

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   .

A found, incredibly badly written story, aimed at the pedo market, with no dialogue between the main protagonists. Ages have been adjusted, as – hopefully, the quality too.

“Best of luck mate,” chortled Roger Horobin, our next door neighbour as he bundled his gorgeous daughter through the gate between our two large gardens. It looked like he was glad to be rid of her but I knew he and his comely Philopina wife Marcia were aiming to catch a train. Soon I would be rushing around the pool deck, serving hot dogs and hamburgers to our daughter’s friends who would come to help her celebrate her 15th birthday. Boys and girls would be thronging round the pool laughing and talking, doing a lot jigging to what, these days, passes for music. I was looking forward to ogling the delicious nubile sights. My ex wife Sandy had decided that her daughter’s birthday party wasn’t that important to her, I knew she was golfing with her new bloke Montague, the president of the exclusive resort club, she belonged to and I didn’t ... didn’t because I am no way sporty and they’re a snotty bitch crowd of members ... she would fit very well, so she dropped off a ridiculously expensive gift early in the day leaving me to deal with the party ... fucking charming!

Jilly was happy to be left to lie on a lounger with her tablet, which gave me frisson’s of excitement passing her, peeping at her slim, dusky body clad only in the tiny bikini she’d arrived in, carrying a small travel bag. There were moments of calm before the storm, she wasn’t chatty and I guessed a little shy and withdrawn, especially with a chap my grand old age of 32. Two lads arrived first, each carrying a case of lager, which I checked and agreed, low percentage crap stuff really and I wouldn’t have known they and Jilly went to the same school, same class by the acknowledgement they gave each other. Kids these days!

Others arrived, I did my best meeting and greeting as did Iris our daughter, Jilly drifted in and out of the gang. She looked as if on another wavelength at times. I did catch her glancing back at me and the house. As I rushed around taking care of everything that needed doing, the only person that offered to help was the cute little neighbour. Maybe she was a bit younger than the other kids and been somewhat excluded from their group activities, who knows, Kids eh? It was easy to accept her offer, firstly noting how fucking cute she looked in her lime green bikini, her waif like approach to offer her help and also realizing she had developed a very sexy little figure.

After a while, with Jilly’s help, everything was under control and I looked around to find an empty lawn chair at the edge of the pool. I sank into the only one, grateful to sit down to rest and relax for a minute. No sooner had I sat down than Jilly appeared in front of me and says in a pouty little girl voice, “I don’t see another chair, can I sit in your lap please?”


Without waiting for an answer Jilly climbed onto my lap carefully and seemingly deliberately positioning her bubble bottom to nestle against my cock. Turning somewhat sideways, she wrapped her slender arms around my neck, resting her head on my hairy chest. Hesitantly I wrapped an arm loosely around her waist and try to push all sorts of nasty thoughts out of my mind. Almost immediately Jilly began to wiggled her cute little butt back and forth, pressing against my now slowly swelling cock.

Thought control wasn’t working very well as my cock stiffened more and more. Judging from her movements I was sure Jilly felt it swelling and pressing against her arse. After a few minutes, during which she started softly stroking across my naked stomach with her slender brown, cutely decorated fingers. She adjusted her seating position, slid her hand down across my stomach, onto the concealed front of my swim trunks and cupped the swell of my cock, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Ummmm is that for me” she purred softly, beginning to gently stroke a now full blown erection.

“Ffuuuurcck! I froze for a few seconds and then swallowing noisily, glancing wildly around to see who had noticed the unlikely alliance ... no one.

I reply. “You really shouldn’t be doing that Jilly, somebody might see you.”

“Then let’s get in the pool ‘cause as dark as it’s getting, no one will be able to see us or what we do.” With that, she took my hand, got to her feet and pulled me out of my chair. Glancing at the very noticeable tent in my trunks she smiled up at me, pulling me to the edge of the pool where we both sat down and then quietly slipped into the water. It was strange in all this time, we were the first two in the warm water ... I was so glad I’d put the heating on as it was getting cool in the late afternoon.

I swam immediately, supposedly a distraction before returning to the pool edge and hang there looking around for anyone paying attention to the two of us. But no ---- Most of the kids were at the far end of the pool area, sitting together laughing and joking and eating ice cream and cake or still jiggling around to Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran whatever crap noise they wanted. A few couples had drifted to the fringes of the gathering and were preoccupied with their own activities ... some I wasn’t sure or keen about, but it was clear that if I wanted to mess with this young girl nobody would be the wiser. I decide to go for it and see where it led. I’ve never had sex with a girl that young before but have certainly thought about it ... bad thoughts but hey!. Jilly seemed very interested if not eager.

“So why the fuck not” you think?

My thoughts were interrupted at that moment as Jilly’s hand slipped under the waistband of my baggy swim trunks, wrapping her fingers around my erection. Turning to face her I encircled her tiny waist with my hands and kiss her hungrily. As we kissed, her small sweet tongue worked its way into my mouth ... some kisser, and she began stroking my cock from bottom to plum like head. I could feel precum leaking from my cock head and she could too, her cheeky grin betraying that. She smeared it over my shaft and used it to lubricate her stroking of my aching cock. The feeling was exquisite. It was all I could do but keep glancing across to the party animals.

I realize as our lips parted, there was no going back now. Some way, somewhere, in the very near future, I am going to sink that hard cock into Jilly’s tight little pussy and give her the fucking she so richly deserved ... but how? When? She knew it as well.

“I want this in me.” she whispered, squeezing my cock.

Throwing caution to the wind I slid my hand down her smooth flat tummy and into her bikini bottom. Her mound wasn’t bald with trace of hair on her mons. Her vulva was silky smooth and I felt her heat emanating from within. As I gently stroked along her slit, sensing her protruding labia, I could feel Jilly part her slender thighs for me, maintaining her balance holding onto my shoulders, moaning softly in my ear.

Parting her pussy lips I slipped my finger between them and smiled at the slippery wetness there. Slowly I curled my finger upward sinking deeply into her hot slippery hole. She leaned against me to bite my shoulder, her sweet breath coming in rapid gasps. She stroked my cock steadily, squeezing harder now as I pushed my finger rhythmically into her tiny orifice, now steadily finger fucking this little 14 year old Lolita.

It was clear to me that while she was very young she wasn’t an innocent, and from the way she was working my cock, clear that somebody has taught her how to tease and please a man. I shivered with excitement and curiosity, imagining sinking my cock into her and I decided to ask the all important question.

“Jilly, do you really want me to fuck you?”

“Oh god yes ... please Mr Harding ... I really want to! Take my bikini bottom off and put your big cock in me ... I’m really ready for it” she whispered breathily.

“No, not in the pool, it’s too easy to get caught. Go inside and go to the bathroom, I’ll follow you in just a few minutes.”

“Oooowwww” she moaned “Don’t make me wait ... please” she groaned in my ear.

I slowly removed my finger from her greedy young cunt, pulled her bikini bottom back in place and pushed her forcibly toward the ladder. “Go I’ll be close behind you.”

I watched her hurry across the patio, with a swift careful glance to the kids and disappear into the house. A few seconds later the light in the bathroom came on. I continue to hang onto the pool edge ... thinking of burgers, desserts, juices, willing my cock to subside to make it past the kids and into the house, hopefully unnoticed. After about five minutes my cock deflated to the point I could tuck it down the leg of my swim trunks and not be too obvious.

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