Russian Trash to Private Toy

by Andulaslave

Copyright© 2018 by Andulaslave

Sex Story: I left Russia unexpectedly and found myself virtually owned by a wealthy American Man named Matt.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Rough   Spanking   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Prostitution   .

I listened as they talked. I wondered if they knew I could hear. The American was asking my dad questions about me. He asked if I spoke English, how old I was, my height and weight and measurements. My stepdad was answering him. I wondered what was going on. My stomach was churning and I felt a frisson of fear. My stepdad wasn’t known for his kindness to me.

“Andula please come in here now,” my stepdad shouted. I came into the room my heart thudding in my chest rapidly. There was a fairly tall man in the room with my stepdad, Vitaly. The tall man looked me over. The best description of it was he looked me over like one looks over a car or a boat they are thinking of buying. His cold, dispassionate eyes traveled from my face down my body and back up. I felt my pride rise up and I met his gaze defiantly.

“My name is Jack. Do you speak English?”


“Tell me your name and age and something about you in English please.”

“I am Andula and I am 14 and a half. My mother died a month ago.”

“Very nice English. Tell me Andula, do you like living with Vitaly? Tell me the truth.”

“No. I do not,” I said. My heart was hammering like a drum as Vitaly gazed at me with a questioning look. Jack cast an amused glance at Vitaly. Vitaly didn’t speak English well.

“Why don’t you like him?” I looked away. Tears of hatred and anger filling my eyes. I just shook my head. He motioned me over closer. He raised my chin and looked at my face and shrugged indifferently.

“Is she a good Fuck,” he asked my stepdad in Russian. I gasped and Vitaly looked nervous and a rattle of denial sputtered out of his mouth. Jack held up a hand for silence and stared Vitaly in the eyes.

Trust that I don’t care about the legalities or morality. I want to know if she is a good Fuck and if she knows how to suck a cock well.” Vitaly grinned an evil grin and nodded.

“Yes. She sucks cock better than a paid prostitute. She whined at first but a firm hand on the bottom overcame her objection. Now she sucks the cum out of me on command.”

“I want to see her naked before I can make my decision.”

“Undress Andula,” Vitaly snapped. I hesitated. The cold look in his eyes stilled my objection. I had seen that look plenty of times. I quickly pulled my tee shirt over my head and slid my jeans down. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra and my big tits swung free. I had developed early and I had D cup tits that were still firm and round and jiggled. I saw Jacks eyes widen when he saw my tits with their big light brown nipples. I slid my panties down revealing my pussy that I kept bare. I had a nice body I knew so I pushed down the shame and met his gaze boldly. I had a tiny waist and a round bottom and large tits. His eyes were glued to me. He took in the total effect of my dirty blonde brown hair and brown eyes. My full bottom lip and my smirk.

“Turn around please,” he said.

I turned around and let him look at my big round ass. His hand ran over it smoothly and he squeezed a cheek hard.

“Jesus Christ,” he breathed. “I will take her. My boss will be more than pleased”.

“Get out,” Vitaly snapped at me. I left the room and got dressed. I could hear them arguing about money but soon they were settled. I was told to pack my clothes and whatever I wanted to take. I packed quickly and the next few days I stayed in a hotel with Jack. He didn’t touch me at all. He spent a lot of time on the phone and filling out papers so I could accompany him to the U.S. I was a little disappointed. I would’ve had sex with him. I wasn’t a virgin and I knew sex could be used. But he didn’t seem to want that. At one point though I woke up and he was standing beside the bed jerking his cock and looking at me.

Without a word I slid off my nightie and spread my kegs open for him. He stared like a man starving and I fingered my clit while he jacked off. He came rather too quickly spraying his cum on my belly and tits. He tossed me a towel and went to his bed.

We flew to the united states two days later and we drove from LAX to an amazing home. He brought me to the door and spoke briefly to the man at the door. We were brought inside and we sat in a well lit room with couches and a large TV. I heard a mans voice and I turned to see who it was and I heard Jack greet him.

“Matt! I’ve brought you a new plaything. This is Andula.”

“Excellent Jack! Lets have a look at her.” I stood up and faced him. He was in his early 40s and had brown hair with a sprinkling of Grey. He had piercing blue eyes and a light tan. He was around 6 feet and in average shape. A little bit of a gut but not fat. His face wasn’t warm but neither did he appear cruel. He looked at me.

“Well you are really beautiful,” he said. “Thank you sir.”

“Call me Mr. Allen my dear.”


“So Andula. I am now your legal guardian as is my wife Beth. We essentially bought you from your people, whoever they were.”

“Stepdad,” Jack supplied.

“That’s fine. We bought you from your stepdad. You will live here, and go to school, and we will take care of you. You are to get good grades and take care of my needs as you are asked. If you do well your future is assured. I am not a cruel man, but I expect obedience. I will provide for you but you have to do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. Allen.”

“Good. Did Jack Fuck you?”


“Good then he has kept his word to me and I reward that,” he walked over and gave Jack a wad of money. Jack gave him my papers of guardianship and they shook hands.

“Pleasure as always Matt.”

“Yes. You’ve done well. You always get me the best.”

“I try.”

Mr. Allen turned to me and casually said. “ Andula, I am pleased with Jack. So I want you to take off your clothes and suck Jack’s cock until he cums in your mouth while I watch.”

I had nothing to say in the matter so I slowly undressed as Matt’s cold eyes watched me.

“She has a perfect body Jack. Well done.”

I walked over to Jack and unfastened his belt and took his pants and boxers down. He sat down in a chair and I knelt down between his legs and took his semi-hard cock in my mouth. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I sucked him deep into my mouth running my tongue over the underside of his pulsing Dick. I sucked him hard and deep and his hands grabbed my hair. I heard him moan. I sucked him in and out of my mouth letting his cock get all slick with my spit as he hardened to rock hard. He began guiding my mouth using his hands on my head pushing his Dick further into my throat with every thrust. I opened my throat up and let him thrust as far as he could, controlling my urge to gag.

“Christ sakes she is good,” Jack gasped as Matt sat and watched. “I am gonna cum too quick.”

I sucked harder practically swallowing his cock as he moaned like an animal. He stood and grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth and throat grunting.

“Swallow his cum Andula.”

In seconds Jack gave a shout of pleasure and shot the first of several streams of thick cum in my mouth and throat. I swallowed it all licking the remnants from my lips. Jack collapsed on the chair with a groan. I wiped my mouth and got to my feet. I felt slutty and used but I had to admit I was a little turned on.

“Come here Andula,” Matt said. I walked over he ran his hands up my legs and slid a finger between my legs. He rubbed over my slit gently parting my pussy lips and slid a finger inside.

“She is wet. The little slut enjoyed it,” he said.

“She is a proper whore,” Jack agreed.

Without warning Matt grabbed me and put me over his knees. He gripped my hair firmly with one hand pushing me over till I was bent over his lap. He let go my hair and grabbed an arm and twisted it behind my back. I felt the first barehanded smack on my bare bottom land. It stung a little but not too bad. He drew back and his hand landed on my other ass cheek.

“You are not to get turned on when sucking another mans cock. Only mine. You will be punished. Please count out loud the blows.”

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