Getting My Sister Back

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2018 by Flying-Circus

Sex Story: Our parents were gone over night and I had permission to have the basement for me and my three friends for gaming all night long but my older sister insisted on kicking me out down there despite what my parents said so there was only one thing to do - get the bitch back...and her friends too.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Incest   Light Bond   Spanking   Anal Sex   .

“Boom,” said Jake calmly but the giant smile on his face said otherwise.

Chris, Joey, and I cheered the explosion on the screen.

Light flashed by my screen character. “Keep going!” I urged. Hostiles were still around.

Chris, Jake, Joey and I were in the basement of my house. My parents were gone for the night and I had asked if me and my friends could stay up all night and play videogames. We were currently into playing Death Alien and we were on the same team and we could play at the same time on my console using the giant TV screen in the basement.

“Circle to the right, Michael,” Chris said.

“Okay,” I acknowledged.

“I’ll head that way too,” said Joey.

We were all 16-years old except for Joey. He was 15 and Jake’s brother. The brothers sat on the floor. Chris and I were on the small couch, made for two, technically could fit three but then we’d be like right next to each other so no way. Gaming was all we wanted to do in the world. Girls would be nice but they wanted nothing to do with us and had no understanding of exciting games like Death Alien.

This night would be awesome. Death Alien, four pizza boxes, and two 12-packs of Mountain Dew. Come to think about it, girls might only be a distraction. Naked girls would be good but we could bring that up online at any time. Live naked girls would be great but like right ... that was never going to happen.

Chris took out five hostiles with a mega-grenade so I had time to quickly reach down to grab another slice of pepperoni. My open soda can was propped between my legs.

“Alright, fortress time!” said Joey as it began to loom larger on the screen.

“Let’s go get them!” said Chris.

And then ... blank. The screen went dark.

“What the... ?” responded Chris.

“You boys need to clear out.”

“What?” I reacted. It was my 17-year old sister Madison who said that.

“I have a couple of girlfriends coming over and we’re going to have a slumber party down here.” She used her fingers to comb through her straight brown hair.

“Dad and Mom said I had the basement tonight.”

“Well, they’re not here so go.” She thumbed toward the stairs leading up and out.

“We’re here,” I angrily responded. “You can have your stupid slumber party upstairs.”

“No, the basement is more private. You can play your childish game upstairs.”

“No, we can’t. We need the giant screen.”

She shrugged like she didn’t care which obviously she didn’t. “Clean up and get out. My friends will be here in less than an hour.”

“You can’t do this! I’ll tell Mom and Dad when they get back!”

Again, she shrugged. “Okay, if you want.”

“You bitch!” I shouted which brought grumblings of agreement from my friends.

“The basement is mine tonight. You boys...” I hated how she said boys “ ... need to find something else to do. I’m not leaving so go.”

I fumed. I didn’t know what to do. My friends anticipated tonight as much as I did and I looked so weak in front of them.

“Fuck you!” I shouted and got up. My friends stood too and followed me as I stormed upstairs to the top.

In the living room I paced back and forth. “I so hate her!”

“What are we going to do now?” asked Jake.

“I don’t know!” I said. I didn’t want to think about that.

“Let’s get the bitch back,” said Chris.

That stopped my pacing. “What? How? What do you mean?”

“Your sister is a bitch.”

“All her fucking life! She’s always doing shit like this. I can’t keep letting her get away with doing this to me.”

“That’s what I’m saying,” said Chris. “Why don’t you put an end to this once and for all?”

“What can I do?”

Chris gave me some thoughts and then the other guys popcorned ideas.

“But she’s my sister,” I said.

Chris modified some thoughts.

“Yes, yes,” I nodded in agreement.

“What if a lot of girls are coming?” asked Joey.

“Madison doesn’t have that many friends,” I said. “She’s a bitch.” I had resolve for our plan. “And she’s going to be treated like one.”

“That’s right!” responded Chris.

This plan felt right. I didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

We discussed more ideas and worked out details. Chris lived only three houses down and would go get some items. I went to the garage and with the help of the brothers cut a rope that never got used into several pieces.

“Are they here?” Chris asked when he returned.

“Yes,” I confirmed. “Just three. Alyssa, Lauren and the bitch.” They were all 17. Alyssa had short blonde hair. Lauren had longer brown hair similar to my sister Madison. Madison the Bitch. Madison the person who was about to get what was coming to her. My anger rose again.

“The bitch,” Chris confirmed.

“The bitch,” both brothers repeated.

“Are we ready?” I asked. It was a genuine question and had more to do with our mental states that any preparation we did over the last half hour.

“Yes.” Chris replied but didn’t sound convincing.

“Yes,” said Jake.

Joey only nodded.

We were nervous. It was understandable but this had to be done. Madison had to be taught that she couldn’t fuck with me anymore.

“Let’s go,” I said quietly.

The three girls sat on the floor in a semi-circle. The layout of the TV and couch promoted having their backs to us and we sprang on them before they had much of a chance to respond. Chris brought back from his house four bags that hold sleeping bags and we slipped them over their heads and pulled the cord around their necks. Screams echoed in the room. We then pushed them onto their stomachs and pulled their arms behind their backs. We folded their arms and used my rope lengths to secure them. It was so quick that we didn’t meet much resistance. The girls fighting back had worried me the most but like the precision strike team we were in Death Alien it worked.

“Are they all secure?” I asked softly.

“Michael?” the bitch mumbled.

I didn’t respond.

Chris checked each rope tie then nodded.

I nodded approval.

The two girls and my bitch sister were in night shirts which help a lot. Using scissors, we carefully cut their shirts and pulled them out from under them.

“Oh wow!” said Joey.

“Oh yeah.” Chris said excitedly.

Three pretty girls in panties looked sexy but we required sexier.

I pulled blonde Alyssa’s panties down. I took a deep breath in admiration of a beautiful pussy and ass. I then slipped them off her legs. Chris took my sister’s off and Jake did Lauren. Joey didn’t seem to mind not helping and had a huge smile. I can truthfully say we were all very happy.

“Up on your knees,” said Chris. It was less of an instruction and more telling them what we were about to do. We put each girl up on her knees with her head still on the ground.

I nodded and we all silently undressed. Not surprisingly we all had raging hard-ons.

I kneeled down by my sister’s head and pulled off the bag.

“Michael!” she responded.

“Hi bitch!” I tried to say coolly but inside I was nervous and excited and so many emotions.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting you back.”

“What? Why?”

By now, Lauren and Alyssa had their bags removed.

“You know why. Because you are a bitch.” I looked over at the other two. “Did you know my bitch sister threw us out of the basement and because of that you are going to get ... punished ... I’m not sure that is the right word.”

“Fucked,” suggested Chris.

“Yes but for you Madison this is punishment. You are the reason your friends will ... let’s not spoil things.”

I stood up then got back down on my knees by the side of her ass. I was enjoying this. I really was and I think I and my friends really needed this night to happen.

“The paddle,” Chris said formally then laughed.

“Thank you,” I politely replied.

Chris also had brought back a ping pong paddle from his house.

I let it smack on her ass.

“Ow!” Madison cried and fell forward.

“Hold her up!” said Chris.

Jake and Joey were oh so happy to help. They pulled her back up in position then held her legs. They looked pleased to be touching a naked girl even if only her legs.


The bitch flinched but the brothers held her steady.

I continued to redden her ass.

“Stop! Please!”

Chris said, “You deserve this!”

It did pain me to hear my sister cry but at the same time she had caused so much pain to me during my life.

“What do you think?” I asked Chris looking her ass over.

“Nice and red. Looks painful.”

That was the idea.

“Ready for next?” he asked.


Chris turned the TV on then grabbed his phone. He changed a couple of settings then the TV showed what his phone showed. He handed the phone to Joey. Chris pulled her head up so she was looking at the TV. Jake moved so he could play with her smallish tits.

“Uh,” she breathed out in reaction.

“The bitch is ready,” Chris said.

“Thank you.”

I opened her legs and moved behind her. Joey moved next to me and pointed the phone at her ass.

“No, Michael, no,” she said panicked. “I’m your sister! You can’t fuck me.”

“I know. I thought about that so I’m not going to fuck your pussy.” I raised up and placed my cock tip on her hole. “I’m going to fuck this.”

“No! Please no! No. Don’t do this!” She sounded genuinely scared.

“Sorry but we’re reclaiming the basement and claiming anything that’s here.”

“Or anyone,” said Chris.

“Right,” said Jake.

I rose to my feet.

“What are you doing?” Chris asked concerned.

“I forgot something,” I said. I had grabbed the KY from my parents’ room but it was still in my pants’ pocket. I coated my cock. I returned to my previous position and I pressed inward.


“Keep her up,” Chris said.

Jake responded.

Madison’s ass felt tight around my cock head but it was opening. I kept the pressure on. I glanced up and there was the huge sight of my cock penetrating her ass. The view excited me and I pushed even harder.

“Owwww!” she responded.

I popped in and it made me groan. She was so tight and it felt so warm and more to the point it felt simply amazing.

“Tell me,” said Chris to the bitch. “What do you see?”

“Please,” she sobbed.

“Tell me.”

“My ass.”

“Come on. Tell me more.”

With small movements I moved back and forth. I once slipped out but easily popped back in causing her to give a pained response again.

“My brother’s dick in my ass.”

“Better but there’s more and it’s called a cock.”

“His cock in my ass.”


I developed a steady rhythm pushing in as deep as I could each time.

“I don’t know what to say,” Madison choked out.

“Look at it. What’s happening?”

“He’s fucking my ass.”

“There you go. You’re getting your ass fucked because you’re a bitch who treats everyone badly.”

I wanted this to last forever but I didn’t last very long at all. I barely started fucking her ass before I was groaning and gasping and before I knew it I was cumming hard. My deflating cock slipped out pulling cum with it.

“Cool!” said Joey.

“Damn! That’s a lot of cum,” said Jake. “Awesome!”

We put the bitch’s head on the floor again. The TV was turned off and the phone put away.

“Can we play now?” asked Joey.

“Of course.” He didn’t need my permission. Chris was already moving behind the bitch while Jake moved behind Alyssa. Joey took Lauren.

This time my sister’s pussy was filled. I wasn’t going to fuck her pussy but it would be fucked plenty by my friends. Each girl was having her pussy fucked right now. I moved over by Alyssa’s head and lay on my side.

“Suck my cock,” I said pushing it at her mouth. She reluctantly opened.

Once more it felt good to be in warmth and it made my uncomfortable position worth it. I should have had sex a long time ago. I was pretty sure we were all virgins though Chris said he had sex but I knew he was a liar. She moved her mouth away, perhaps disliking the cum still on it and I don’t know if it smelled from being in the bitch’s ass.

“No,” I said. I grabbed her head and forced her mouth on me. “Suck it!”

I quickly hardened. My friends came as fast as I did so I got up and moved behind Alyssa. I pushed my cock into her pussy.

This felt the best yet! Alyssa was my first pussy and the wetness, the heat, the sensations. All supreme!

“Because of Madison you’re my first pussy,” I said. I did small thrusts wanting the rubbing but also wanting my cock completely encased inside her pussy. Delicious sensations! “Because my sister is a bitch is the reason I’m fucking you.”

She didn’t say anything not that I expected to her to do so. My now harder thrusts caused her to exhale audibly.

I looked over. Chris now fucked Lauren and Joey fuck the bitch. Jake waited his turn.

I lasted a lot longer than I did in Madison’s ass like I lasted maybe two minutes more but still not as long as I wanted to last but I wasn’t too concerned. I had all night to be in pussy ... and ass!

The three of us all finished about the same time.

“I want to be on top,” Jake said.

“We would have to retie them,” I said.

Jake said, “We could tie them with their hands all together sort of like a circle and they’re the slices of pie.”

We didn’t get it so Jake acted it out with his hands.

Chris said, “I don’t want to be worried about bumping heads with anyone while fucking.” He was taller than the rest of us.

“And I want my cock sucked,” said Joey. “That’s not a good position.”

“What if we put them on the couch?” I suggested.

“Yea,” said Jake. “Just tie their hands together.”

“No wait,” I said, “they’ll all be squished together.” I lifted my hands and angled my body. “Only the middle girl would be straight on.”

“I don’t see how I get my cock sucked with them on the couch.”

“I have an idea,” said Chris.

“What if...” said Jake.

I interrupted. I suddenly realized this conversation was incredibly stupid. “Why are we arguing? We should be fucking!”

“Right,” said Chris. “Do you have something long like a broom handle?”

“Sure. Why?”

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