Aletha (Granny's New Hobby)

by Serena Jones

Copyright© 2018 by Serena Jones

Incest Sex Story: Gail found out what her Great Grandmother was doing in her spare time. Isn't it nice when family members have so much in common?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Daughter   Grand Parent   Group Sex   Black Female   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Lesbian Amateur Intros, the video was called. Ninety-eight minutes long. Gail downloaded it along with the other pornos that caught her attention. She wouldn’t be able to get wi-fi on her tablet for most of the trip, so having something worth watching would make the whole thing less dull.

A road trip with the family. Two days to Grandma’s, and a week-long side trip to Uncle Frank’s house. Three weeks round-trip in an SUV with Mom, Dad, and her two brothers. Thank god for the invention of the tablet. The annual family trip was hell without it.

When she was ten, Gail discovered that so long as she was quiet, no one really noticed what she was doing alone in the back seat. Her brothers always played video games and thought her choice of movies were boring.

Her parents neglected to set up any ‘safe search’, so no one had caught her when at 14, the girl inadvertently entered a porn video site. In the two years since, Gail had discovered how to download select items and re-named them things like ‘chem, 4 of 16’ and ‘physics, intro’. Kept her parents believing she was innocent. Kept her brothers out of her files.

Last year, Gail had slipped a few adult videos into the set she’d brought on the trip. Watched them several times. She’d even watched them in the car. No one caught on.

It wasn’t that Gail felt the need to jill off all the time. In fact, she kind of felt like she was less interested than other girls she knew. She’d masterbated occassionally, but she couldn’t really describe anyone who ‘did it’ for her. Not any boys, at least. But she liked watching the interaction of the performers. The amateur videos were her favorites; they never bothered with fake plots or lame storylines. What they said and did was real. And the ones with porn stars just having fun were good too. They called each other by name, they laughed when something funny happened, they seemed to care about each other like friends.

And, of course, there was sex. She did like watching the girls coming. Real girl orgasms were beautiful.

She originally kept the collection on thumb drives. Easy to hide, simple to access. But she lost one. So, for her birthday, she asked for - and got - a tablet with a terabyte of memory. She moved all the drives to the new device and downloaded more. The ones with ‘real’ people, she saved. The ones with bad music or bad dialogue got deleted.

She had a few age-appropriate movies too, mostly in case Mom wanted to ‘bond’.

The last thing she did before going to bed was change her password. Her brothers probably wouldn’t try to open it, but better safe than sorry.

The morning of the trip was always early. Dad wanted to be on the road before traffic. For the first leg of the trip, Gail had to play car games and smile, but after that, Mom relented and let the children turn on the electronics.

Gail put on her headphones and started the first video.


/ - /

A middle aged woman with smooth, walnut brown skin sat in an office chair, facing the camera. The corner of a desk could just be seen in bottom edge of the lens’s view. She was dressed, more or less, for an interview. A pale green ruffled dress shirt, black dress pants, sensible shoes. Her salt-and-pepper hair was a neat, pageboy, with bangs swept to one side and a conservative curl around her chin.

Although she was by no means slender, and even seated, one could see the curve of her thigh stretching her pants, she appeared to be a healthy size and in a generally proportioned shape.

“Ok, Aletha, tell me about yourself.” A man off camera said. “Why are you here?”

“Well, I’m -”

“Look at the camera, hon, not at me.”

“Oh, yes. I’m Aletha and, uh, what about me do you want to know?”

“Well, let’s start with the obvious - you’re a bit older than most of the girls who come here. So how old are you, 40, 45?”


The man laughed. “You were born in ‘74? I don’t do math. So how old -”

“No, I am 74. Well, I will be next month.”


“Am I too old?” she looked pensive.

There was the sound of paper rustling. “God damn! When Joe told me we had an oldster coming today, I was expecting a granny. Where do you live, the damn fountain of youth?” A phone off camera was dialed. “Hey, is Kel around today? Yeah. For a screen test. Cool.” There was a loud beep. “Ok, 74-year-old Aletha, why are you here?” She blushed and shyly looked away from the camera. “No, you gotta say it. Look right at the camera and say exactly what we are gonna film. What you say is what we’re gonna do.”

/ - /

Aletha wore only her ruffled blouse as another woman seated her on a bathroom counter.

“Move left.” The man off camera said.

“Scoot, scoot.” The woman pat Aletha’s thigh and she shifted over.

“Ok. So, this is Aletha.” He said. “And Aletha, tell us what we’re doing right now.”

“We’re, well,” she looked away, grinning but blushing furiously.

“That is so cute!” The woman squealed. “Nobody in here is shy any more. Go on, cutie. Tell me what I’m gonna do with this.” She opened a drawer and pulled out a razor.

Aletha blushed even more. “You’re going to shave my...” her eyes dipped. “ ... my mons.”

“Your what?” The man behind the camera laughed.

“He’s an idiot, cutie.” The woman snickered. “You gotta use simple words for him. What are we shaving?”

Aletha laughed and covered her face for a moment. “I will never get used to saying these bad words out loud.” She moved her hands and look directly at the camera. “We are going to shave my pussy.” She looked embarrassed but excited.

“Yeah,” the man chuckled, “nobody likes getting hair in their mouth.”

“I don’t mind.” the woman remarked. “I like natural pussy.”

“Seriously?” the man asked. “Wanna do a little before and after?”

“Oooh, yeah!” The woman cooed.

Aletha looked between them as the camera suddenly moved and sounds of clamps released. “Wait, before and after what?” The camera was suddenly moving freely, handheld.

“Open those big thighs, cutie.” The camera panned down to Aletha’s thick legs and the woman’s hands gently coaxing them open.

A hairy salt-and-pepper thach. Fingers running through it. Thighs quivering around it. Aletha gasped.

“Bearded clam.” The man said. “Not good. You can’t see the pussy!”

“You just have to open it up.” The woman said, as fingers parted the hairy lips.

Between them, the flesh was dark rose pink, swollen and wet.

“God Damn!” The man grunted. “That is some wet pussy. Are you horny, Aletha?”

“I ... uh...” Aletha gasped.

The fingers moved. Stroking the moist flesh. There were popping noises as the fingers played. “Such a pretty pussy!” The woman cooed again. “Oh, and you got a big clit, cutie. Can I suck that clit?”

“You wanna suck that big thing?” he said, his hands moving in shot to hold the lips open. “Yeah, that’s what you want, right, Aletha? Say it for the camera.”

Suddenly the lense shifted up to Aletha’s face. She was panting, flush, looking terrified. “I ... I want ... you to do that.” She bit her lip. “Sssuck my ... suck my clitty.”

“That is so fucking hot when you talk dirty, Aletha!” he laughed. “You heard the woman, Kel.” The camera refocused on Aletha’s clit. “Suck her clit.”

“Oh yeah!”

Kel pulled her long blonde hair out of her face, as she bent down and flicked her tongue against the protruding, glistening clit. The camera moved into tight focus. “Mmmmmm!” She groaned.

Aletha gasped again.

“Oooh, that’s some sweet pussy juice!” Kel lapped the clit, swirling her tongue artfully as Aletha seemed unable to exhale. “So wet!” She took the nub between her lips and sucked.

Aletha’s hips bucked.

“I think she liked that!” The man said. “Do it again.”

“Oh yeah,” Kel purred, licking and sucking the clit.

The focus shifted back to Aletha’s face, which was contorted in almost pain. “You like that, Aletha?”

“Ahh!” Her eyes were clenched shut.

“You ever been licked before?” She shook her head. “What? Fuck,” the view returned to Kel sucking Aletha’s clit. “Married fifty fucking years, the guy never ate fucking pussy?”

“Stupid.” Kel sighed. “So good!”

“Damn, she’s wet.”

“Yeah, juicy cunt.” Kel slipped a finger into Aletha’s slit, causing Aletha to cry out. It pulled out shining. “She’s tight too.”

“Fuck, that’s hot. Fuck it, Kel, make that pussy come. You wanna come, right, Aletha?” The camera returned to her face. “Say it. Say Kel suck my pussy and make me come.”

Aletha couldn’t seem to catch her breath. “Make - make -”

“Kel, suck my clit...”

“Kel - Kel -” Aletha’s head fell back, her back arched.

“Yeah, cutie.” There was a wet, slurping sound and Aletha inhaled sharply. Then she shook.

“Oh shit!”

The camera swung down. Kel’s face was dripping, and the camera caught a small gush of clear fluid sputtering from Aletha’s slit.

“She squirts!” Kel squealed.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Aletha panted. “I couldn’t hold it.”

“You didn’t tell me you were a squirter, Aletha.” He chuckled. “Shave her, Kel.” The camera went back onto a tripod and focused on Aletha’s thatch again. “I gotta make a couple calls.”

/ - /

“Now that is a fucking sexy chocolate pussy!” He said as the lense focused.

Gone was the massive bush. Instead, there was smooth brown skin with a small triangle of salt and pepper hair pointed down to puffy, bare lips.

“What do you think, Aletha?”

“It looks like a little girl’s!” She tittered. “This is so embarrassing.”

“It sure as hell don’t look seventy-fucking-four, I’ll say that! You like it? You like having a twat that looks like a preteen?”

She laughed. “ ... yeah, I do.”

The view widened. Aletha was still wearing her ruffled blouse. Now she was seated in what looked like a giant clear bowl.

“So let’s talk for just a minute. So you told me that you were married for how long?”

“Fifty-three years.”

“Fifty-three. Wow. I was married for, like, fifty-three minutes!” They both laughed. “Now, you told me that you didn’t want any men today. Why?”

She shrugged. “I loved my husband. Truly. But, he wasn’t...” She hesitated.

“Couldn’t make it happen in the bedroom?” He laughed. “What, too small?”

“No, I don’t think so. I remember one night - we were still young - I measured him. With my arm on his thigh, the tip came up to here.” She indicated just below her wrist.

“You’re husband was as long as your forearm? God damn, Aletha, that’s a fucking big dick!”

“Is it?”

“Yeah! How big around?” She circled her thumb and forefinger, not quite touching. “Did you ever give him head? Did you suck his cock?”

She blushed again, but nodded. “He liked it when I did that, so we did that sometimes.”

“Wow. Ok, so you’ve had big cock. Is that why you want to try lez now? Had enough cock?”

She looked away from the camera for a moment. “That tape I told you about. The one I found. The girls seemed to be happier with other girls. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like men. I am normal -”

“But there’s nothing wrong with a little experimenting.” He soothed. “Sure. That’s part of why we do this. You get to try something new, and we get to tape you doing it. But, Aletha, you didn’t want to just do something new. You wanted to do something really filthy.” She hid her face again. “I mean, you’re all shy, but you are a dirty slut under it all. You said you wanted to do two things. Tell the camera what the sick, dirty, filthy slut Aletha wants to do first. Why are we here?” The camera swung to the side. In a lounging area nearby, a large number of scantily clad women were waiting. “Why are they here?” The focus moved back to Aletha.

She took a deep breath and looked at the camera. “On the tape, there was a woman who was pleasing other women, and -”

“Pleasing how?”

“She was using her mouth ... she was using her mouth on their pussies and making them come. But the whole time, she was saying how good it was, and how much she enjoyed pleasing them.”

“Have you ever sucked pussy?” Aletha shook her head “So you know I only do extreme videos, right? You know I’m gonna ask you to do something sick. You know why the tub?”

“Some girls spend a penny when they ... when they come.”

“You mean, they’re like you. They squirt.” Aletha nodded. “So what are you gonna do today?”

She flushed deeply. “A squirt boo- What was the word again?”


“A squirt bukakke.” Aletha looked at the camera. “We are filming a squirt bukakke.”

/ - /

“Oooooohhhhh! Oh baby, you got a nice tongue!” A woman panted. “Stick it in my cunny! Yeah! Tongue fuck my little hole!” She pushed her cunt against Aletha’s mouth and held a vibrator against her clit. “Yeah! Yeah! I’m there!” She screamed and lifted her hips. A flood of liquid washed over Aletha, most of it on her chin and neck, but some spreading up to her face and down to her chest. “Oh, yes, baby!

The woman turned and kissed Aletha. “Mmm. Thanks.”

The woman stepped out of shot and the camera moved in for a close up of Aletha. Her hair was matted with sweat and her face had a spritz of jill. Her lips were red and kiss swollen. “So, how was your first cunt?” the man behind the camera asked.

“It was,” she was breathless, but her eyes were bright. “It was good.”

“You liked it?”

“ ... yeah...”

“What about the spray? You get to taste it?” Aletha shook her head. “Aw. Ready for the next girl?” In the background the sound of women moaning was clear.

“I think so.”

“You know how many girls I got for you, Aletha?” She shook her head. “I got 74. I figure you gotta make up for lost time. So are you ready to lick 73 more pussies?”

She nodded.

/ - /

“IIITTTTT’SSSS FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKIIIINNNGGGG COOMMMINNGGG!” The woman howled. The camera was close in and focused on watching as she removed a vibrator and released an explosive jet of jill at Aletha face. She jammed the vibrator inside herself hard two or three times then yanked it out and shoved the second jet stream into Aletha’s mouth. “Suck my juice, bitch! Oh God! Yes! Yes!”

Aletha clamped her mouth around the fount and sucked, groaning. Her face was wet, her hair dripping.

The pussy pulled back and the vibrator rammed in again. A third spray of jill was fired at Aletha’s face. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” the woman panted. She again pressed her pussy to Aletha’s mouth. “Lick my clit! Lick my clit! Ooowww!” Aletha’s tongue could just be seen moving rapidly up and down.

Finally the woman pulled away and kissed Aletha. “You taste like pussy.” She remarked as she walked away.

The camera panned over Aletha. Her whole body was wet now, and her shirt was sticking to her, transparent in some places. Liquid was beginning to pool in the bottom of the tub.

“Man! You drank jill juice that time, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” Aletha panted.

“You like it? You like pussy juice?”

“ ... uh ... yeah...” she seemed a little disoriented.

“You ok?”

Aletha nodded. “I just ... I couldn’t breathe for a moment.”

“Did that fucking cunt fucking smother you?” the man seemed amused rather than worried. “That was only the third and you look kinda wrecked. Are you sure you want to do this?” Aletha nodded again. “All 74 cunts are gonna mess you up with pussy juice.”

“ ... waited too long, I guess,” she smiled slightly.

“I guess. Damn! You are one nasty fucking granny.”

/ - /

“You lick good pussy, girl!” the woman moaned. “You got me all juicy.” She pull away and squirted Aletha. “Oh, yeah!” She pushed in again. “Suck my clit, baby! Put your fingers inside me! Yeah! Yeah! Oh baby! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She pulled away with a kiss.

Another girl walked up immediately. She had a vib. She squatted over Aletha’s face, worked the vib for a few seconds, the wailed as several strong jets of jill soaked Aletha. She repeated the act three times before removing the vib and rubbing her pussy against Aletha’s face. “Drink my jill!” She demanded. She groaned for a minute or so then walked away.

Another woman replaced her and knelt over Aletha’s face. “Open!” she ordered. When Aletha did, the woman slapped her clit twice and sprayed jill liberally as her hips bucked. “Get your fingers in there!” She gasped, grabbing Aletha’s wrist. “Lick my cunny!” She bounced between Aletha’s tongue and finger, as she squeezed her own nipples. “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Her hips bucked wildly but she grabbed Aletha’s head and held it against her pussy.

/ - /

There was a series of facial close ups.

Aletha’s face, eyes closed, mouth sometimes open, and a burst of liquid spraying her. Some were wide bursts, some were thick streams. Some flowed as one release, some dribbled out in several small bubbles. All left her face dripping.

/ - /

“Oh God! Eee! Oh God!” the woman panted. “Yes! There - there - there!” She wailed and several loud, large splashes followed as cum poured from her slit. She stooped down, squatting on Aletha’s mouth.

Aletha slurped the jill loudly, as if she were lapping water from a running tap. She swallowed with a soft guzzle as if she could not drink it all fast enough.

“Drink my honey, momma, yeah, make me fucking squirt all over you! Put your finger up my hot cunt! Yeah, momma! Rub my gee, just like that! Just like that!” She panted for a moment. “You hear that? That’s my honey, momma. Oh, fuck, momma, you lick my clit good! I got a lotta fuck water for you! Like that, momma, fill me up. You want my juice? Suck my fucking clit! Oh! Yeah! God! Hold your fingers there! Eee! Oh God! There! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! Oh! Eeeeeeeee!”

She stood up and again several splashes of jill rained down on Aletha’s face. After a minute to catch her breath, the woman licked Aletha’s cheek and stepped away.

“Damn, girl! You look nasty!” The man behind the camera laughed as he panned over Aletha. She was soaked thru to the skin, her shirt completely transparent and dripping. The tub had several inches of liquid. “Damn, ya’ll got some juicy fucking pussies! What you think, Aletha? Was it good, all that pussy rain?”

Aletha was gasping, but grinning, “It was wet!”

“So now you tried it, you like pussy?” She nodded. “Yeah, you looked like you liked it!”

/ - /



Granny Lee was on her front porch when they arrived.

“Boyd! Marilyn!” Granny Lee waved, then peered back into the house. “Debbie, Boyd is here! Come here, baby; give your granny some sugar!”

It was always the same greeting. Great Grandma was always on the porch, Grandma was in the kitchen. Great Granddad had passed away, and Gail had never met Granddad.

“Oh, Granny, I love your new hair!” Mom said as she kissed the older woman’s cheek. “It’s so trendy. You go, girl!”

Usually Granny Lee looked like Jackie O, but today her salt-and-pepper hair was all curly and pulled back out of her face.

“Am I not gonna get no sugar from my baby girl?” Granny Lee turned a warm smile on Gail.

Lee was short for Aletha.

^^^Chapter Two^^^

“Gail, honey, are you sure you’re feeling ok?” Mom looked worried. “This is a bit early to go to bed.”

“I’m fine, really.” She shrugged. “Well, maybe a bit crampy?”

“Oh!” Mom smiled understandingly. “I’m sure the long drive didn’t help at all. You go on up and stretch out. Let me know if you need anything, ok?”


Gail almost felt bad fibbing, but only almost.

Grandma finally got wi-fi.

Granny Lee could not be making pornos. It must be someone who just looks like her. Looks a whole lot like her. With the same name. And the same mint green tuxedo shirt that Granny Lee wore for Christmas dinner every year.

And not just any pornos! She was making really messy, really fetish, really perverted pornos. Pornos that some sites didn’t even list - and the ones that did usually put them in their own header.

Pornos that Gail realized were making her hot just thinking about them.

She went through all the porn sites she’d bookmarked, searching for ‘Amatuer’, ‘Aletha’, and ‘squirt’. She found several clips taken from the original video.

And one completely new upload, a bit more than 24hrs old.

She downloaded it.


/ - /

Aletha was sitting in a second clear bowl, still wet from her first adventure.

“Ok, I gotta ask. Why did you want to do that, do a squirt bukakke first?”

“Always give before you receive.” Aletha smiled.

“Well, you gave, that’s for damn sure!” He laughed. “Ok, so now you get to receive what?”

“Well,” she smoothed her hair, “One of the tapes I found was a girl who was ... who was coming for a very long time.”

“Like how long?”

“The tape is twenty minutes long.”

“Wow, damn. You want to come for twenty minutes?”

“Oh, I’m sure I won’t take that long!”

“Yeah? Did you come when you got sprayed with all that pussy juice?” She looked away, embarrassed yet again. “Don’t be embarrassed! Are you ready to come again?”

Aletha nodded.

“Ok, look at the camera and tell us what the second thing you want to do today is.”

/ - /

“Oh damn, look at my little cutie!” Kel had changed clothes. She wore lace bra and panties, and high heels. “Mmmm. You smell like pussy.”

“What should I do?”

“Oh nothing, cutie.” Kel giggled. “You just tell me what you like. First, I want to see all of my little cutie.” she removed the soaking wet blouse and the drab, wet bra beneath it.

Aletha’s breasts were large and sagged. The areolas were large and dark. Her nipples were darker still, stiff and swollen.

“You got big titties!” Kel sucked one nipple then the other.

Aletha groaned.

“You like that?” Aletha nodded. “Uh-uh, cutie, if you like it, you have to tell me. Say I like it when you suck my titties.”

“I like that.” Aletha whispered. “That’s so nice.”

“Mmmmm!” Kel continued to suck. “I love your fat tits.”

“Hey, room for one more?” Another woman, this one Asian wearing pink lingerie, stepped into view. She looked young. Not a child, but very young.

“ ... uh...” Aletha looked at the camera.

“Oh yeah,” Kel giggled. “Aletha found out today that she can squirt, so we’re gonna see if she can fill up this tub.”

“What?” Aletha looked shocked.

“Well, then we better get started.” The girl knelt down and began sucking one of Aletha’s breasts. Kel returned to sucking the other.

Aletha quivered. “I like - I like that! I can feel it - feel it - in my clitty!”

“You taste like jill.” The girl purred.

“Cutie did the bukakke this morning.” Kel giggled.

“Cutie is a nasty girl, huh?” The girl ran her finger over Aletha’s thigh. “Juicy thighs. I bet you got a juicy cunt, too.”

The camera focused on the girl as she first slipped her finger in and out of Aletha’s closed lips. Then it followed her hand up to Aletha’s mouth. “Suck my fingers, cutie. Who’s pussy is that?”

“mwine.” Aletha answered with her mouth full.

“You like that pussy, don’t you?” Aletha nodded.

“I can’t wait!” Kel said abruptly. “I want a taste now!”

She lifted Aletha’s ankle over the edge of the bowl. “Can you see the pretty pussy?”

“Yeah,” the man behind the camera said as the focus tightened on Aletha’s slit. “Shit, it looks like it’s fucking dripping fucking pussy juice from here!”

“Yeah, she’s pretty wet!” Kel laughed.

Aletha cried out and the camera focus widened.

Her back was arched as the Asian girl and an unexpected Black woman both suck her breasts. The Black woman was pulling the nipple with her teeth.

“Oh damn!” Kel exclaimed. “Ya’ll got my cutie coming already!”

The camera moved down and found Kel’s fingers playing inside Aletha’s slit, as jill pooled in her hand. Aletha was panting and whimpering.

Kel leaned over and sucked Aletha’s clit.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!” More jill gushed out.

“I want some,” the Asian girl cooed as she moved Aletha’s other ankle.

The camera focused on her licking Aletha’s clit and tongue fucking her. She began making slurping sounds. “Oh my God,” she giggled, “she has, like, wettest cunt I’ve ever seen!”

“I can hear it,” the Black woman replied. “I need me a taste.”

The three took turns kissing, licking and sucking. They kept at least two fingers inside her.

Aletha’s moans of pleasure were continuous.

/ - /

“GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!” Aletha screamed as a geyser of cum poured out of her. Her back arched as her hips thrust forward.

The Black woman was working a vibrator in and out of Aletha’s pussy, trying to coax more jill from the gasping woman.

Kel was seated on the outside edge of the pool as the Asian girl suck her pussy.

The jill in the tube was almost two inches deep.

“Mai,” the Black woman used the vib on herself as she gently kissed Aletha’s quivering thigh, “I know you want some of this juicy snatch.”

“Oh yeah, Cory!”

/ - /

“Suck it - suck it - suck it,” Cory gasped as Kel devoured her clit.

“Aahh! Aaahhh!” Aletha was keening and moaning nonstop as Mai sucked. It sounded like she was lapping from a saucer of milk. “Likeit - likeit - likeit!” Aletha gasped as her body shook.

“Oh yeah, cutie!” Kel cheered. “Make her drink that pussy!”

“Mmmm!” Mai paused her wet sucking. Her face was shiny. “You got any more juice it that pussy?”

Aletha panted for a moment. She moaned as Cory took up the position between her legs.

/ - /

“So this it the tub they filled in the bukakke.” the man behind the camera said. An animated line appeared across the top of the liquid. ‘4 gallons’ flashed twice.

Then the camera panned over to the second tub. “And this is the tub Aletha filled. By herself.”

There was more in the first tub, but Aletha’s had a lot. The animated line appeared again. ‘1.25 gallons’ flashed.

“One juicy fucking bitch! I mean, damn!”

/ - /

Aletha was showered and dressed, and sitting in the office again.

“So, the video is posted, and it’s already getting hits.”

“It’s new.” Aletha still looked embarrassed. “People will forget it soon.”

“Over a hundred downloads. Got a four-dicks-up rating. You know the only dick down it got?”

“Too old.” She guessed.

“Too young!” He laughed. “Guys who have a granny fetish want a woman who looks like Betty White not Vanessa fucking Williams! Any regrets?”

“Life is too short for those.” She chuckled.

“So you want to come back and do it again?”

/ - /


“I wish there was space,” Dad said over dinner. “But it’s hard enough to squeeze the three of them in with all of Frank’s furniture in the back. I’ll have plenty of space on the way back here, but going up there, I don’t think we can squeeze in all seven of us.”

“Oh well.” Grandma sighed. “I’ll just have to see that new baby another time.”

Dad looked pained and Mom frowned.

“Maybe I could put something else on the roof rack.” Dad mused.

“Actually, you’d only need to make space for six.” Granny Lee said. “After my long day, I don’t feel up to Frank and that girl he married.”

Granny Lee had left during breakfast, saying that a friend was going to give her a makeover. No one believed her. Mom thought Granny Lee’d gotten herself a boyfriend. Whatever the real story was, Granny had gotten home just as dinner was served. She was walking stiffly, smelled freshly showered, and was grinning from ear to ear. Her hair was straight again.

“Mom, do I have to go?” Gail asked.

“Honey, it’s -” Mom paused. “- oh. Do you think you need to stay?”

“Well, I just don’t want to sit in the car for a long time again.”

“Then it’s settled.” Mom said. “Momma can ride with us to Frank’s, and Gail can stay here with Granny.”

“Oh no!” Grandma protested. “I don’t want to -”

“Grandma, I really, really don’t want to do a road trip tomorrow.” Gail said.

“She having womanly problems.” Mom said.

“What’s that?” one of her brothers asked.

“Never you mind what that is.” Mom said. “Eat your carrots.”

^^^Chapter Three^^^

Gail did a search as soon as she was alone.

There was a new ‘Aletha amatuer squirt’. It had uploaded during dinner.


/ - /

Aletha sat on the edge of a bed. She wore a simple robe. Her hair was curled but held out of her face with a headband. Very trendy.

“Welcome back, Aletha.” The man behind the camera said. “This is the second time you’ve been here, right.”


“And what did you do the first time?”

“I licked pussy.” Aletha looked directly at the camera. “I licked a lot of pussies and some other girls licked my pussy.”

“Does it get you hot thinking about it?”

“Yes.” Aletha did look a bit flush.

“Show us your pussy now. Is it hot?”

Aletha took off the robe. Underneath, she was naked. The camera moved in close as Aletha spread her legs to reveal a still shaved pussy. Her fingers opened the lips of her slit with a wet pop.

“Which gets you hotter - thinking about licking or thinking about being licked?”

“I -” she hesitated. “Oh. I don’t know.”

“Touch yourself.” The man said and Aletha’s fingers began moving slowly up and down, playing with the swelling clit and spreading the increasing pussy juice.

“Tell me about licking pussy. You liked it, right?”

“Yes.” Aletha gasped. “Yes.”

“You sucked a lot of cunts last time, didn’t you? How many pussies did you eat?”


“That’s a lot of cunt! You must be a nasty fucking carpet muncher! Do you want to lick pussy now?”

Her pussy spasmed. “ ... uh, yeah.”

“Say it.”

“I want - I want to lick pussy now.”

“You got really wet when you said that.” The man snickered. “God, that looks so wet. What did you like about licking pussy?”

“The taste.” She said, eyes closed. “The feel.”

“The taste?” Aletha nodded, fingers rubbing faster. “Here.” the camera angle shifted oddly and showed Aletha’s knee but the sound was her sucking something. “You like that?”

“ ... mmmm. yefff.”

The camera shifted back to Aletha’s pussy. “What about when the girls squirted on you. You drank, like, gallons of twat juice. Did you like that?”

Her breath caught. “ ... yes.”

“All that hot fucking pussy juice all over you. Make yourself come, Aletha. I want to watch you squirt.” Aletha’s fingers began rubbing and squeezing her clit in earnest. “Do you know how many times you squirted on the video? Eighteen. I counted.” Aletha began whimpering. “Do you like making yourself come for me? On camera? Put your fingers inside.”

Aletha did so, moaning. Her pussy squelched loudly as her fingers pumped in and out.

“If you really squirt, I’ll let you lick some more pussy today.” the man said. Aletha groaned. Her fingers pushed in deeper, but seemed to move inside more rather than thrust a lot. “I want to see a lot of fucking jill. So come hard, ok? If you come really hard, I’ll let you suck pussy for as long as you want too.”

“Aahhhh! Aaahhhhh! Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssss!” Without warning, Aletha’s pussy sprayed clear liquid around her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and a gush of jill poured out with them. A second spray of jill followed.

The man gasped as the camera lens was splattered. “Holy Fuck! Do it again!” He laughed The camera angle changed and a male hand began rubbing Aletha’s clit. “Do it again for me!”

Aletha groaned and pushed in fingers in again. After a minute or two, a second stronger spray of cum flowed out. This time, it just avoided splattering the camera.

/ - /

The focus was very tight. All that could be seen in frame was a hairless pussy and a woman’s mouth licking it.

She held it open with one hand and alternated between sucking the clit and tonguing the slit. The other hand was occupied inside the slit.

“Oh God that’s good!” A voice groaned. “Use it now!” she panted. “Use it now!”

The mouth moved. Aletha’s face was just a flash as she moved out of shot and then returned with an oddly shaped device. First she rubbed it up and down the displayed pussy, then, slowly, she pushed it in.

“Oh - oh - ah!”

“Does it hurt?” Aletha looked toward the unseen face.

“Nah-uh!” she panted for a moment. “It’s good. Keep going.”

Aletha licked her clit and pushed the device in further. Then she pulled it most of the way out and slowly pushed it back in.

The woman groaned as Aletha slowly fucked her. “I can feel - feel - cum - here! Keep - keep making - cum!” She panted. “Faster! I wanna - I wanna -”

Aletha pushed a button on the bottom of the device and a vibrating whine began buzzing.

The woman gasped. “Oh! Oh SHIT! Oh God, like that! Suck my cunny!” Aletha leaned forward and began sucking loudly, groaning.

“Juicy - juicy - juicy pussy! Don’tstop! Don’tstop!” The woman’s hips began lifting against Aletha’s mouth.

Aletha groaned as she rubbed her face against the cunt, covering herself with wetness. “Sweet.” She began lapping and smacking her lips as she sucked. “Give Granny some sugar water.”

For a moment, there was only wet smacking, the buzz of the vibe, and the woman’s mounting moans.

Then her breath caught. “Yeah - yeah - yeah - I - I’m CCCOOOMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGG!”

Liquid blasted out, covering Aletha’s face and the camera. The woman’s hips rose almost out of shot. A second spray followed as the woman wailed. Aletha clenched her eyes and moaned, shaking.

The woman’s hips slowly lowered even as a several small gushes of jill bubbled forth.

“Oh shit.” she panted breathless. “Oh God.”

/ - /

The pussy had Aletha’s now familiar black and white triangle of hair. A dark-haired woman was twisting a vib in and out.

“Pretty pussy!” the woman cooed. “So sexy!” She slurped some of the juices lingering around the vib.

Aletha whimpered.

“You like that.” She teased. “Pretty wet cunt. Squirt for me. Give me some of that nice pussy juice you got in there.” Loudly, she sucked Aletha’s clit.

“Oh SHIT!” Another woman shouted. “Yeah, girl, eat my fuckin’ cunt!”

The view widened.

Aletha was stretched out on a bench, the dark-haired woman was playing with her pussy, while a redhead sat on Aletha’s face.

“God damn, you make my shit feel so good!” The redhead cried out. “Make me come, bitch, make me come!” She began grinding her slit against Aletha’s face. “OH! SHIT! SUCK MY CLIT! OH DAMN! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! YEAH! YEAH! YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

She lifted up so the camera could see her squirt a stream of jill on Aletha face. The camera moved in closer as the redhead lowered to pour a second stream directly into Aletha’s mouth. “Drink my cum, bitch! Owww, yeah! So fuckin’ sexy fuckin’ bitch drinkin’ my fuckin’ pussy juice!” She forced her pussy onto Aletha’s mouth again. “Oh God! Yeah! Fuck my fuckin’ hole with that hot fuckin’ tongue!”

Aletha’s eyes were clenched shut. She was moaning and whimpering, but she grabbed the woman’s ass with both hands and held her in place.

“OH FUCK! I’M GONNA COME! I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ COME AGAIN! FUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!” The redhead nearly doubled over, cradling Aletha’s head.

“Oh damn!” the dark-haired woman laughed.

The camera cut to Aletha’s pussy, spraying several bursts of jill. The dark-haired woman was laughing and wiping her eye. She leaned in and caught the last of the squirt in her mouth.

“You are too much fun, honey!”

/ - /

Aletha sat on a step stool, naked, holding a large vib inside herself. There was a wet towel on the seat and another wet towel spread out on the floor. Her hair was matted with sweat, all curls gone.

Aletha was gasping and sweating. Her eyes were clenched shut as she tried to catch her breath.

“That was ten, Aletha.” The man behind the camera said.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Aletha didn’t seem to hear him as another orgasm shook her. She pulled the vib out and squirted again. She immediately pushed the device in again.

“That is too fucking hot, watching you make yourself squirt.” The man said. “You’ve got the wettest fucking pussy! Keep holding that vib. I wanna see how many times you can do that. Still feel good?”

Aletha tried to speak but only managed a gasping cry. She finally just nodded.

As she squirted again, the scene faded to black. “Aw, fuck!” the man behind the camera laughed. “I fucking lost count!”

/ - /


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