Reform School

by Victor E

Copyright© 2018 by Victor E

Sex Story: A 14-year-old boy with the unfortunate name of Isaac Cox is cornered by some older girls who strip him and make him run home naked. Isaac is arrested and sent to Reform school where he is targeted by the schools worst bullies who force him to live up to his name.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/mt   Teenagers   Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Gay   DomSub   Humiliation   Spanking   Gang Bang   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Isaac Wiener had been teased because of his name since he was in fifth grade. The kids mispronounced his name purposely to sound like ‘I suck wieners’. But it only got worse when Isaac was 14 years old and his single mom remarried. Her new husband was a man by the name of Jerry Cox who proudly adopted her son and so gave the boy a new surname. Isaac Cox would be in for some brutal teasing in high school.

Ninth grade and a different school was just around the corner for Isaac when, one sunny August day, as the boy was taking a stroll in a wooded area near his home, he came upon six girls who appeared to be several years his senior. They looked like they meant business as they surrounded the effete looking lad whose long, curly hair went past his shoulders. Isaac was tall and lanky for his age but he’d not bulked up and therefore looked like the proverbial 90 pound weakling. He was fresh meat for these girls who loved nothing more than tormenting sissies.

“Will you look at that!” shouted one of the bully-girls who seemed to be the leader of the pack. “Must be a girl-boy or a boy-girl with such lovely long locks. So which are you, kid?”

Isaac trembled as he spoke but tried to sound defiant, “ I’m a boy, of course. It’s just my mom thinks I look good with my hair long. But I’m all boy, believe me.”

One of the girls whispered something in the gang leader’s ear. The leader, whose name was Frankie, grinned and walked right up to Isaac and poked a finger into his chest and said, “ So prove it!”

‘Wwaawhat daya mean ... prove?” asked the lad who sounded anything but defiant.

“Well, a boy can grow his hair long ... just like a girl’s hair.” mused Frankie. “ And a girl who’s kind of butch can crop her hair short. So hair length is no proof. But pussy is pussy and cock is cock. No denying that. So, are you a boy or girl? Prove it!”

“Yyyou wwant me to show you my private parts? Is that it?” stuttered Isaac.

“Show us what you’ve got ... and then we’ll see if that’s it.” answered Frankie who turned to her mates and winked when she’d paused.

Another of her friends spoke up as Isaac hesitated. “ Just take off all your clothes and then we’ll see if that’s all you need to do. Either you do it right now or we’ll strip you and keep your clothes.”

:Kkkeep my clothes? You can’t do that.” whimpered a really frightened Isaac.

“We can and we will if you don’t strip naked right now...” smirked Frankie.

“And give us all your clothes to hold on to ... just to make sure you don’t try to bolt and run away without our seeing if you’re a boy or a girl.” added another friend of Frankie’s.

What choice did he have? He was outnumbered by girls who looked very capable and willing to do exactly what they had threatened. So Isaac began to strip by taking off his shoes and socks and handing them to one girl whose hand was outstretched. Another girl grabbed his shirt when Isaac pulled it over his head. The boy’s bare chest led to a few giggles and comments on his tiny titties.

Isaac hesitantly unzipped his jeans and shucked them off but before handing them over, Frankie told him to fold them carefully. He did and stood there in only his white underpants.

“Before you go any further,” announced Frankie, “ we want to give you a chance to prove you’re a boy and not a girl. And, to save you some embarrassment, we’ll let you do that while keeping your underpants on.

“Oh, great ... thank you, thank you ... So how do I do that?” cried a relieved Isaac who for many reasons didn’t want to be stark naked in front of these girls. He was shy, of course, felt intimidated and was ashamed of the fact that, although 14 years old, he had not a single body hair. His long curly locks atop his head were all he had. No short and curlies in his crotch area or balls, his limbs were follicle-free, and his arm pits were smooth and hairless too.

“Well, as you know, boys can piss standing up and girls have to squat to pee.” smirked Frankie. “ So, with your undies on, we want you to show us how you take a piss. Stand or squat and then we’ll know for sure.”

Isaac sort of saw her logic but knew he would be embarrassed either way. But pissing his pants seemed the better option. He already was feeling so scared he could have pissed himself, so he just closed his eyes relaxed and let nature take it’s course and in thirty seconds or so he began to piss. It actually felt good, a relief and he managed to stay somewhat dressed up. He was almost congratulating himself on narrowly escaping total humiliation when he heard the girls giggling and making ‘ Eeeyew’ noises.

“Hmmm,” mused Frankie, “ I guess, seeing you pissed yourself while standing, you are a boy ... well, technically, anyway. But a boy who’d do that just because girls told him to ... well, he’s not so much a boy as a sissy.”

“A panty pissy-sissy, at that.” snorted one of Frankie’s mates. “ And a real show-off too.”

“That’s right, Millie!” grinned Frankie. “ And he hasn’t shown off enough yet. Those wet underpants of his are gross. I think he should lose them ... RIGHT NOW!”

They didn’t wait for Isaac to take them off, two girls grabbed him and forced his hands behind his back as a third girl pulled his underpants down to his ankles and made Isaac step out of them. She picked up the lad’s piss-soaked undies and took a pocket knife to the gusset and front of his white soaking shorts, cutting the pissed part out and, with help from another mate, forced Isaac’s mouth open and shoved the stinking scrap of cloth into his mouth.

That’s when their fun went to another level. They’d gotten the boy to strip to his underpants and piss himself, but they could see that such a cooperative sissy could provide much more entertainment. So the grossly gagged, now buck naked sissy was bent over from his waist and held there with his bare butt sticking up and his balls and cock dangling down. Then he was knocked to his knees as three girls pinned the naked boy down.

Frankie pulled Isaac’s leather belt from his jeans saying, “ Naughty little boys who piss themselves deserve a good hiding. Wouldn’t you agree sissy?

“Mmfghfh” was Isaac’s only reply as he struggled to object with his mouth gagged.

“You’re not answering me, sissy” mocked Frankie. “ I was going to punish you with ten smacks on your bare ass but, for being so rude, I think I’ll triple that to thirty smacks...” she paused and then added “ Ten on each butt cheek ... and ten on your balls. Spread his legs, guys. I want a good shot at those cute little balls.”

The butt strapping Isaac got was painful enough, but the slaps to his bald, dangling balls was pure torture and, if it hadn’t been for his piss-soaked underpants gag, he’s have screamed bloody murder. When his ass was red and his balls were aching, Frankie added to his torment when she picked up a large pine cone from the forest floor and showed it to him.

“You are a hairless, shameless sissy,” she taunted, “ and I think you are also a little stuck up. So see this? I am going to stick it up your ass hole. But I know a dry cone up the ass would hurt a lot, so first I’m going to get you to grease it up with some boy-lube.”

With that, Frankie reached down between Isaac’s thighs and grabbed his cock and started yanking and wanking away. It took about five minutes of masturbating him in a kind of cock milking, but eventually the lad ejaculated a small load of cum which Frankie smeared along the poor boy’s butt crack and into his ass hole. This was followed by her inserting the six-inch pine cone all the way up until his anus enclosed it.

Luckily for Isaac, the cone was green and had not as yet hardened nor spread it’s scales. That would have been VERY painful to extract if Frankie chose to shove it in open side out ( which, of course, she would have.) But it was painful enough as it was.

The stripping, strapping, piss panty-gagging and pine cone bum shoving left Isaac utterly humiliated. He was sobbing loudly when Frankie really threatened him by grasping his sore balls and pressing her pocket knife at his scrotal sac warning him against ratting them out.

“You tell anyone what happened here and I’ll make sure one of our friends cuts your balls off.”

That didn’t sound like an idle threat. Isaac was not going to take a chance. He swore he’d stick to the story Frankie suggested, that he was on a dare that he’d heard about ... to throw away all his clothes down a street sewer, shove a pine cone up his ass and streak naked for half an hour. Isaac was not at all surprised when Frankie and her friends picked up all his clothes and ran off laughing, leaving him to make his way home naked.

He didn’t make it very far and was caught in just ten minutes of his nude journey. Isaac stuck to the story he’d agreed on. He told the middle-aged lady who ran after and caught him hat it as his idea, his little game of daring do. Marched home, still naked, he repeated that lie to his mother who, after helping extract the pine cone from his butt hole, gave her son an OTK strapping with a large wooden spoon.

Unfortunately for Isaac, the woman who caught him had also alerted the police who soon showed up at his house and heard the dare story too. They charged him with a misdemeanor that meant he would appear the following week in Juvenile Court. The judge was not sympathetic with lewd dare devils and sentenced Issac to one year in the boys’ reform school. And that’s where Isaac Cox found out how unfortunate and humiliating his name could be.

Isaac arrived at Bad Boys Barracks ~ Reform and Rehab Center shortly before noon on a Saturday. He was told he was in luck. Lunch would be served in an hour and it would be Chipped Beef on Toast, their once a week ration of meat. Also he would be enjoying the barrack’s once monthly hot shower. The boys’ daily showers were always with ice cold water for two valid reasons: first, as a form of on-going punishment and degradation, and secondly as a cost saving measure.

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