Lan My Sweet Sex Slave

by Richolddude

Copyright© 2018 by Richolddude

Sex Story: I know owning sex slaves is bad but my lawyer told me about this place that had lovely foreign ladies for sale....Lan caught my eye.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   White Male   Oriental Female   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

I sat staring at the screen. I could feel my excitement growing. Though the legal language was all correct and legal like, my friend and lawyer, Mark assured me these lovely girls were for sale. Many of them had been brought over with promises of a better life. A rich American husband, or a family to work for that would pay well. They were recruited from rural poor areas of places like China, Belarus, Russia, North Korea, and Libya. They were living in poor conditions and working to pay their room and board. One of these girls would be happy to come “work” for me. I read a short biography and viewed pictures of each. I had narrowed it down to two girls.

There was a beautiful Chinese girl named Lan. According to her bio she spoke at least some English and was 18. Mark told me she was actually 15. Her parents were dead, she was currently forced to work in a laundry. She was adorable. Very petite almost flat chested. She had tiny brown nipples a tiny waist and an ass that would fit in my hands it was so small. She had shiny straight black hair down her back. and was fairly light skinned. She looked like a porcelain doll. I definitely wanted to see more. Mark said she was new.

The other was a Russian girl. Her name was Galina. She was 19 and had bottle blonde hair almost to her ass. She was more womanly than Lan and had hard high tits with big puffy nipples and a firm bottom. She had a very full mouth and pouted at the camera. Galina worked in a massage parlor. Giving massages and sucking cock for cash. Mark was pretty enthusiastic about her capabilities.

I decided to try Lan first. Something about that young and petite body made my cock hard. Plus she wasn’t fucking for cash yet so she would be less used than Galina. Plus I suspected Mark had been using Galina regularly and didn’t want to get in the way.

Mark set it up and transferred enough cash for a “date”. By the way my name is Leo. I am a 54 year old divorced man with an ex wife from hell and a spoiled 20 year old daughter. My son is 17 and lives with my ex wife but he is my buddy and comes to visit often. My wife gets a huge alimony check and lives in luxury thanks to catching me via private investigator with a 24 year old pregnant mistress. I was ready to move on, but this time it would be different. The next girl would be mine and I would virtually own her. I would make sure she owed me enough that she could never get away without paying.

Mark sent me a text saying that his car was in route with Lan and I could expect her in the next half an hour. I checked my appearance and made sure I was presentable. I am not an ugly man. Old but not ugly. I was in decent shape with no gut. No six pack but firm. I had a sprinkling of salt and pepper hair on my chest and full head of nearly white hair on my head. I had blue eyes and tan skin. My cock was probably average 6 inches or so and pretty thick.

I heard the car pull up and I greeted Lan at the door. She was breathtaking. Smaller than she had looked in the pics. Maybe 5’0” and not even 100 pounds. She wore a simple black dress and heels. The neckline was severe in the front but it was backless and plunged almost to the cleft of her tiny ass. She was braless. The skirt of her dress was very short and when she sat she would have to be cautious or show her crotch. The dress was a thin silky material that clung to her and revealed no panty line as it hugged that sweet ass. Her almond shaped brown eyes were bright and her small pouty lips were curved into a small smile. Her heavy straight hair hung down her back and over one shoulder. She appeared like teen playing dress up, which in a way she was.

“Hi Lan. My name is Leo.”

“Hello Leo. Nice to meet you”

I offered her some wine and dinner. She politely accepted both. We ate as I asked her a little about herself. I offered more wine and she accepted again. I learned she was indeed 15 and her parent weren’t actually dead but had sold her and her sister. She hated the laundry and was afraid of Mark. This surprised me but I didn’t pry. I asked her if she knew why she was here. She said she was told just to do whatever she was told and to please me and I might take her away from her current situation living with Mrs. Lavelle, who she said was very strict and often struck her for misbehaving.

“Would you like to leave Mrs. Lavelle?”

“Oh yes. Very much.”

“Would you like to come stay here?”


“How will you pay your keep?”

“I will do anything. Work, clean your house, anything you ask.”

“Good. Lan, are you a virgin?”

She looked down at the floor in shame and slowly shook her head no. I smiled at her.

“Its ok Lan. I didn’t expect you to be.”

She looked so relieved I almost laughed. She had a third glass of wine and I could tell she was tipsy. This was good for a first time. It would make her relaxed and pliable. I stood up when we were finished with the meal and I reached out my hand which she took. I led her into my living room, and put on music. I sat down on the couch and pulled her into my lap. My hand looked huge on her small thigh. I pulled her back against my chest and rubbed her thigh with one hand as I pulled her long hair to the side and kissed the soft skin on her neck.

Her skin was silky smooth under my hand. She was holding very still. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed a hand over her tits through the fabric of her dress as I nibbled her neck. I felt a nipple harden through the fabric of her dress and I could feel my cock already starting to swell. I found the clasp of her dress at the back of her neck and I undid it and slid her dress down over her tiny titties. She shivered as the air hit her hardening nipples and I rubbed my palms over them. She leaned further back against me giving me full access to her little tits. I could feel her hard little ass against my cock as she sat in my lap and I rubbed her small breasts and pebble hard nipples. I pinched one nipple firmly and rolled it between my fingers as my hand slid up her thigh under her dress. Her thighs parted to let my hand get closer. To my surprise she was wearing panties. Thong panties. I stroked a finger over her panties and smiled. She kept it hairless. Just like I liked.

I heard her sharp intake of breath as I bit her neck and stroked her smooth pussy lips through her silky panties. I turned her a little and lowered my mouth and sucked a hard little breast into my mouth. She gasped out loud. I slid the fabric of her panties to the side and ran a finger up her soft slit. Stroking the outside of her pussy lips, I sucked on her titty hard and bit gently on a nipple. She fought back a squeal. I sucked her other nipple hard and slid my finger gently between the lips of her snatch. I stroked gently toward her pussy hole and slid just the tip inside. She was so delightfully tight and already slightly wet. I removed my finger and gently urged her to her feet.

She stood up and slid her dress all the way off as I slid my shirt over my head and unbuttoned my pants and undid my belt. I looked at her perfect young body. She was very thin and small boned. Fragile like a porcelain doll. Her stomach was almost concave and her thighs didn’t touch. Her perky small tits needed no bra and they barely poked out from her chest. The hard brown nipples were puckered. I slid my pants down and stepped out. Then slowly I slid the waist of my boxer briefs down and my cock was free. She looked at my cock without expression. It was already hard I admit. The head was almost purple and a thick vein pulsed on it. I sat down and motioned to it.

“Suck me Lan. Please?”

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