by Zipper

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Erotica Sex Story: Jake finds himself in a mixed-race romance and is happy to keep house for his lover. But it seemes there will be more to it than that!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   BDSM   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   .

Since moving in with Lorraine some months ago I’d seen her daughter Emma develop into the forbidden fruit I now lusted after.

I felt no shame in that; it was normal; as was the fact that, she was also a rather exotic fruit with her caramel coloured skin and frizzy afro-hair.

Her mother Lorraine was coffee coloured and Jamaican yet the kind of executive woman you see in movies; tall, sexy and in command. She’d entered politics after graduating and had become part of the United Nations road-show.

She’d struck up a relationship with me after being widowed at thirty-five and I’d been surprised she’d taken a fancy to me, being a blue-collar white man; hey! I had a mixed race romance on my hands!

But for now young Emma and me were on our own for a short period while her mother was abroad for an important United Nations seminar.

She called from the kitchen where she was raiding the fridge as I was watching TV, “Do you want a beer Jake?”

“Sounds great Emma!” I answered. Emma entered with my beer and a grin on her face; her other hand behind her back.

“OK, so what’s the joke?” I grinned. We were relaxed when her mother wasn’t around; even though Emma and Lorraine had a strong ‘sisterly’ kinship.

She brought her hidden hand out to reveal an unopened bottle of her mother’s expensive wine. “Can I have some?” she asked, a hopeful expression on her face.

So while Emma and I boozed watching TV, I asked her, “Any nice guy come your way lately?”

She turned to me; “Look, I know how Lorraine tells you stuff about me but did she tell you anything about my sexual tastes Jake?”

“Your sexual tastes! You’re not going to tell me you’re a lesbian already surely Emma!” I cried.

She laughed at me, “No don’t worry on that score! When I do get to have sex I want a fit guy with a real cock; not some dyke with a rubber dildo.”

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened; she was pleased at my reaction.

She then told me she’d browsed online porn sites; as did teenagers these days; and had discovered a whole range of sexual practices!

She’d surprised me a little but I accepted it.

But then she did shake me; by saying that the kind of guy she wanted, was one who enjoyed sadomasochist sex!

“Do you know any guys like that around for me Jake?” She asked wide eyed.

I guessed she was trying to impress me but I played it cool, “Oh that - well maybe. It’s just that you haven’t been with any grown men. You could say it’s an acquired taste; something taken up by the few.”

“Oh, I see; have you and Mom done any S&M?”

“Well,... , on occasions we’ve tried a few things but...”

“Has Mom ever tied you up before fucking you Jake?”

“Yes, we have done some of that Emma.”

“Mom said you’re well endowed ; is that true Jake?”

I felt uneasy discussing the sex I indulged in with her mother but I replied, “Well; she did say I was a lot bigger than her late husband; and that she found it more satisfying.”

Emma smirked but didn’t say any more.

Draining her glass, she rose and stretched luxuriously before me, “I’m going to study a while before bed-time.” Her nipples were hard against her tee-shirt! Our conversation had turned her on! And it had turned me on too.

She’d been upstairs a while before it was my own bed-time. I clicked on the bedroom TV before going to the bathroom. As I brushed my teeth, I pondered on Emma referring to sadomasochist sex; Lorraine hadn’t divulged our intimate sex life to her; surely? I rinsed and turned out the light and returned to my bedroom. I lay there; the TV going unnoticed while I read before I turned in.

Emma’s soft voice came from just outside my room, “ Jake ... are you still awake?”

I opened my eyes, wondering if I should respond, “Why yes; what’s the problem Emma?”

She came into the room and sat on the side of the bed. She was wearing a white pair of boxers and a bra-like top. “Sorry Jake but can you give my back a rub?” she asked sheepishly.

I eyed her standing at my bedside and knew what her game was, “I’d be happy to but that means I’ll have to sit up and I’m naked Emma.”

“That’s okay Jake. It doesn’t bother me.” she said getting on the bed.

She lay upside down with her feet at the pillow end, on her mother’s side of the bed.

I pushed the covers off and rose to a kneeling position beside her. I started to knead her silky-brown shoulders and she sighed with pleasure.

Then she sat up and slipped her bra-top off, revealing a superb pair of silky-brown tits. She’d obviously wanted to show them off to me and she returned to her prone position.

My cock was like a thumping night-stick! I wasn’t worried she would see it now. After all, she knew I was naked. But if she looked, it’s size could scare her.

My hands worked down her back and worked around her waist. I let my thumbs slip under the elastic waistband of her shorts. Then she said softly, “I’d like doing some S&M with you Jake.”

I was really shaken but I didn’t comment, but I extended my massage very firmly to her butt. She sighed heavily. “More please Jake – and further down.”

I went down into her crutch; right up to the entranced of her frizzy-haired wet snatch. “Hows that?” I murmured thickly.

“Heavenly.” she crooned. My cock was thumping wildly - but then the phone rang!

I pulled away from Emma guiltily and picked up the receiver; guessing it was Lorraine. I motioned silently for Emma to be quiet. She responded with a lip-zipping signal.

“Hello there!”

“Hi Jake. How’s my wonderful house-boy?” My teeth clenched at that jibe.

“Fine Lorraine! How is everything there?”

“Oh, it’s okay. What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m in bed. I was just about to turn off the light and go to sleep.”

Emma was following instructions by being silent, but she wasn’t idle. She’d moved her leg up and stroked it across my cock. I closed my eyes and concentrated on keeping any stress out of my voice.

“Is Emma in bed, too?” she asked. I told her she was. We chatted for a few minutes about this and that. Then Emma raised the stakes by taking hold of my cock and stroking it slowly as she giggled into the pillow.

I answered Lorraine’s questions about home stuff as casually as I could. Then she asked if Emma was still awake. I told her I’d check.

I covered the phone and whispered Emma to go and pick up the phone in the kitchen. I watched her ass bounce out of the room then heard a click as she picked up the phone. I pressed the button on the phone to signal that I’d hung up. Then I eased my finger off so I could eavesdrop.

“Hi Lorraine,” Emma said; which surprised me.

“Hi honey. Is everything okay? Jake sounded kind of funny.”

“Every thing’s fine. We watched some TV, then I went to bed.”

“Okay,” Lorraine said. I felt relief but then her next words shook me ridged:

“Remember, I’ve fully trained him in cock bondage. He’s marvellous for that; brings his balls up like big plumbs and stops him coming to quick!...” she paused, as if trying to find the words, “You might try see if he’ll help get you broken-in; get your tension and frustration sorted out while I’m away.”

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