Two Boys in a Wood

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Coming of Age Story: Country boys spy on young girls

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Fiction   Farming   School   Bestiality   First   Voyeurism   .

Innocence at large

A long time ago when I was a lad and I’m in my seventies now, me and my friend rode out in the country on my horse Charm who was a skinny, run of the mill chesnut mare,. She also liked to go to the country, away from the yard and stable buildings and munch on the lush grass in this part of Southern England, near Devizes. Trev, my friend and I, had a favourite place to visit. It was about two miles outside the town, a field with a pond owned by a friend of my Dad. During the summer weeks, school out for the term, we’d go to the river so Charm could eat grass while we skinny dipped the river and enjoyed ourselves. On these outings, especially long hot summer evenings, we saw a lot of hanky panky going on, couples shagging or skinny dipping, and even pufftas, as my dad called the queers, all from our hiding places. But one time, at the pond, we saw something new and fascinating to us. We were then 15 years old and of course didn’t know about people having sex with animals.

As usual we roamed the area on Charm. No saddle, two young thin lads astride, her back bone jabbing our perineum, glad to reach the pond and lark about. But this time it turned out different. We tied Charm in a copse of shady trees where there was plenty of grass and climbed the post and rail fence towards the pond four yards away. Cautious, as always, we weren’t trespassing, just careful, we made it to the pond and started to strip to cool off in the pond. Suddenly we heard voices, girlish voices.

Frantically we hid in the foliage and soon there appeared two girls on two horses, the two were about our age. “It’s those two posh birds from the manor,” Trev whispered. “Yeah, one lives there the other must be a friend,” I replied. I had a part time job working for the gardener. They dismounted and let the horses, one which we could see was male, drink. They were non stop chattering as usual ... girls! but we couldn’t make out the words, both posh accents, upper crust slurring their vowels and with such speed. We were sneaky not to be discovered, because you never know what you might see or hear. We decided to keep still and hidden, sweat pouring out of us, more excitement than anything else. The taller girl, who I recognised as the manor resident took her boots and socks off and rolled her jodhpurs up, paddling to sample the water temperature. They said something to each other and the smaller one took her boots off, and then her plain beige shirt ... Fuck! no bra, then slid her trousers off and stood up in pink panties only. “Shit!” Exclaimed Trev, “Fucking beautiful eh?” “Yeah brill mate. Little buds for tits, nice and pink and peaked ... in the chill.” We giggled at the delight of seeing such a delicious morsel. There was more. Balancing on one leg, she reached, with her back to us and yanked her panties off and jumped in the water. Trev grimaced disappointedly to me and I returned the expression.

We decided to crawl closer to get a better view. Hearts pounding, we got close enough to see more and hear some words. The bigger girl slid her jodhpurs and panties off, which were no more than a sliver of dark blue material, then her grey and white check blouse and white bra and stood up. Fuuuurrcck! What a sight! Proper tits, posh tits! sticking out this time and they seemed to extend as if smaller cones were growing on them. I’d seem my Mums huge saggy flabby knockers swaying about, but this girl ... wow! I knew Trev had seen his baby sister naked but that was it. She neatly folded her clothes, the other had just thrown them down, and then turned around as if she’d got them wrong. What a gorgeous bum. Me and Trev were wanking furiously.

She joined the other one in the water, having a great time. At one time the bigger one felt the others tit, which started giggles, then reached for something down her front under water. Just then, their horses started to be restless, shifting, pawing the ground. “Oh look,” one shouted. Their male horse had a quivering hard-on, displaying about a feet or more. The girls guffawed at the spectacle. “Look Jane Look!” The bigger one snickered, her horse, sniffing the air, nostrils flared, and looking the direction where my mare was tied. “What’s got into you, eh?” They walked out to pet and calm it.

He kept on pawing and sniffing the air. The other horse didn’t stir. While petting, they unconsciously assumed several poses. We were treated to a display of female bodies we’d never seen live before apart from the occasional porn films, at our friend Jude’s house ... this was real and only yards away. To get a better look at the horse’s penis, Jane squatted down, splaying her legs. She was facing us and we were facing ‘it’. Such a little beauty for a teen age boy to behold. My dick was so hard it hurt.

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