Elvin and Nadine

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2018 by Mystic47

Coming of Age Story: Elvin and Nadie are homely and new to the school. So who do social outcasts turn to?

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

I sneaked cautiously through the dark house to her bedroom. I was trying to realize a dream, I wanted to lie next to a girl, be in the same bed, be near her warmth and softness. At sixteen I’d never done that, been in bed with someone of the opposite sex but I knew deep in my balls I would enjoy it. I silently pushed the lever on her door then slipped ghost-like through the narrow opening then clicked the door closed behind me. I could see her lying on her side, facing away from me, bent at the waist so her ass was the most prominent feature of her slumbering body. I crept on bare feet over the rug to the bed and looked down on her, she didn’t know I was there, that her curves and form under the light blanket were causing my blood to warm. I lifted the blanket to reveal that she was wearing an ankle length flannel sleeping gown. My cock pulsed in my briefs, my heart started to thud loudly, not because of how she looked but because I was going to get on the bed with her.

I turned away from her and sat slowly down, putting my butt on the edge of the mattress. The bed dipped with my weight until I was sitting fully. She didn’t move, she didn’t wake. I twisted around and ever so carefully eased back until I was on my back with my feet still on the floor. Encouraged by her uninterrupted sleep I lifted first one leg then the second until I was lying on the edge of her bed. My heart was tripping a million miles an hour, my boner ached. I turned my head to look at the back of hers, I looked at the long dark hair strung over her pillow then my eyes traveled down her back, over her butt and along the shape of her legs under the covers. I put a hand in my shorts and caressed my aching erection which caused an involuntary tremor to shake the bed. She felt the shift and moved, changing position by rolling to her back. Her right leg was lying against my left side, one hand flopped across my stomach. I fought the urge to cum in my shorts.

I stayed next to her for ten minutes holding my breath the entire time. Finally the pressure in my balls got too strong and I slipped off the bed then back to my own room where I fucked my fist, blowing my nuts into a t-shirt. The next morning after breakfast she caught me as we were getting ready for school, “I had a weird dream last night, I dreamed that we were like homeless and sleeping in the same bed.”

“Oh wow, that’s totally fucking gross. You’re my big sister, being in a bed with you would totally freak me out.”

She was four months shy of eighteen, I was well over sixteen. Neither my sister nor I would ever be part of the in-crowd at school, the clique of pretty and handsome young women and men who had no room in their lives for anyone like my sister and me. We were the dictionary definition of homely. Both she and I had long triangular faces, high freckled foreheads that narrowed to sharp pointed chins. The most prominent feature on my sister’s face was the shotgun pattern of freckles across her cheeks, the dull brown spots matched the color of her hair and eyes perfectly. I sported a short fat nose and pouty lips that looked out of place on my narrow face. Even our names, Nadine and Elvin, caused derisive comments and scorn from the social elite. Not only were we unappealing to the others in school, we were also newcomers. Our family had moved from Tampa Florida to a much smaller mid-west city when our father got a major promotion. The only thing my sister and I enjoyed was the influx of money and possessions from our father’s job and generosity. Since we had moved my sister and I were forced by our isolation to become friends and allies.

Two weeks after my foray to her bed Nadine came into the house crying, ranting mad and totally distraught. I asked her what was wrong and she came back with “Do you ever talk to any of the beautiful people at school? Do they ever talk to you? Those three fucking blonde cunts in Morgan’s class decided to give me hell today because I don’t look like them! They called me skinny, they called me Nate, not Nadine because they said I have no hips or tits. Patty, the leader said that if I was a dog I’d be homeless because nobody would want something that had a face like this...” my sister took off her thick glasses and started to cry. I felt bad for her, I emphasized with her because I had to take the same bullying crap from the guys at school. I also didn’t understand why they would be picking on her because of her body, she looked pretty damn nice to me. Maybe she didn’t have a D cup bra or a Barbie waist but she was shaped as well as many of the hot girls in our school.

Nadine was a senior and she swore that as soon as she graduated and turned eighteen she was headed back to Tampa and her friends. I had a year longer in school but I was also making plans for fleeing the nest, I dreamed of attending a big name University somewhere in New England, any one of the several Ivy League schools established long before the our country became a nation. Maybe I wasn’t handsome, but I could use my brain.

Three weeks after my first late night incursion to my sister’s room I did it again. I was ashamed to admit that the only way I could get in a bed with a girl was to creep around like a thief in the night to my own unknowing sister but my hormone soaked mind eased my perverted thoughts, assuaged my guilt by distorting my motives. I convinced myself that she and I both wanted and needed the closeness because of our outcast status in school. In the house, in the bed, I didn’t feel spurned, I felt like I was with a good friend, someone who cared; that she was asleep and unaware of me didn’t matter.

She was on her stomach, pillow cradled in her arms, legs angled apart. The crumpled blanket covered her back and one leg. Nadine’s other leg was bent at the knee, lying free of the cover, her night gown rode high on her thigh. I stood next to my somnolent sister staring at the naked leg and began to shiver, my cock became an obelisk in moments. I stepped to the end of her bed for a better angle, hoping the blanket was loose enough that I could see the junction of her legs. My erection was throbbing when my eyes adjusted to the shadows under the blanket and I realized I was looking at her panties. My knees turned to water and I had to suppress the strong impulse to cum in my shorts. I stood in the dark, at the end of my sisters bed and stared at her leg and underwear, my body was shaking so hard I didn’t dare get onto the bed with her, she would have woken for sure. My teen aged balls were aching with a need for relief so after about five minutes of blood stirring fantasies I had to leave her room.

I didn’t get much sleep that night, my libido kept me awake and active, I jacked off two times with the vision of my sisters cloth shielded crotch running through my mind. The next morning I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass. She was wearing tight jeans that hugged the firm roundness of her butt and every time I checked her, my nuts shivered.

I felt dirty, guilty and depraved so I managed to suppress my immoral urges for six more nights but my sister’s ass was a magnet for me so by the end of a week my self erected defenses crumbled and my sexual depravity again controlled me. It was close to one in the morning when I crept to her room.

She was under the blanket, this time on her back, arms akimbo over her head, legs splayed wide. The thin cover molded around her body like it was form fitted, every curve, every bump, every dip was on erotic display. I could only stand in the dim light and stare at her body and the longer I stood the more transparent the material became and in moments she was naked in my imagination. My eyes were drawn to the center of her being, the cause of my lust. I could make out the blurred outline where her pussy hair started on her groin then followed the curve of her body over a slight rise then down between her legs. I grabbed my hardened cock and began pulling on it as I stood beside my sleeping sister. I wanted to get on the bed with her again, I wanted to feel the nearness of a girl’s body so I eased to the side of the bed and again sat carefully, slowly so she wouldn’t feel the shift. My erection was standing tall from my groin, the front of my robe tented. As I laid back my heart was hammering so fast I could feel the mattress shaking under me, the sound of blood rushing through my ears was deafening. A few seconds after I was on my back beside Nadine she stirred; she mumbled something behind closed lips then rolled to her side, away from me. She clutched her pillow and bent her ass back until it pressed against my hip, I almost jumped out of bed because I thought she had woken up and was going to freak on me. I lay tense, ready for flight but she didn’t roll over and confront me. After about of a minute of not breathing I began to relax again, my cock which had softened in terror began to grow anew.

I turned my head and looked at the tangle of her hair, the line of her shoulder and back to where her hip curved up then down her thigh. My pulse was thudding heavily and I reached for my cock again. Slowly I turned to my side, facing her, careful not to let any part of me touch her. I was cooking hot in my robe so I pulled it apart to cool off, my nakedness was now just inches from my sister. I felt a pressure in the shaft of my erection, my balls were solid as stones. I knew I had to get away from the girl because even though she was my older sibling, I was ready to violate her, to feel her, to press my cock on her ass. Reluctantly I eased from the bed and as my weight came off it, Nadine shifted again, rolling to her back once more.

When I opened her door a small spill of light lit the room dimly, I took a last look at Nadine and my mind froze in shock; she was looking at me. I shook my head and strained harder to see her then saw that her eyes were closed. Without her glasses and the dark liner around her lids made them look open in the low light. Even though she didn’t’ see me, it took me ten minutes to get my shakes under control. I was afraid to face my sister the next day because even though she was asleep and the dark was playing with my vision, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that she knew I’d been in her bed. Nadine acted completely normal and over time my nerves calmed.

My rational mind wasn’t working, the brain in my head wasn’t thinking right; the brainless head of my cock was controlling my motives so within days I was headed back to my sister’s room. I felt bolder, more confident in my nefarious activities because I’d been to bed with Nadine without her knowing three times. I carried a hand towel because I was determined to masturbate while I lay beside her, I figured I could do it without alerting her.

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