by RejectReality

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Erotica Sex Story: Stephanie has allowed her religious boyfriend to mold her for years, only to have him cheat on her. Now that she's free from the conditioning of that relationship, her wild side is about to be unleashed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   .

Stephanie was done crying. As a matter of fact, she’d progressed well into the pissed-off, what was I thinking stage. There was little better example of that than hanging out with one of her best friends, whom she hadn’t spent any significant time with in more than two years. Steph finished her story and absently pushed a few errant strands of long red hair back over her ear.

Jill shook her head and said, “Seriously? After he preached at you for V-neck tops, and jeans that were too tight, and skirts that didn’t almost cover your knees?”

Steph nodded, and then answered her blonde friend. “All that shit I put up with and smiled, and then he cheats on me with the biggest fucking whore in town. Fuck, it feels good to curse again.”

“You’ve earned it,” Jill said, and then laughed. “I never knew what you saw in him in the first place.”

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “At first he was all sweetness and romance. I mean, he opened doors for me, held hands everywhere we went, always responded to text messages like instantly, bought me presents for everything ... He kept doing that stuff, so I just kind of accepted the preaching and going to church. Three years I wasted on that piece of shit.”

“Too good to be true,” Jill said. “So, where are you staying now?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “I’m back home. It’s terrible.”

“Nuh uh. Nobody deserves that torture after what you’ve went through. Come stay with me.”

“Really? I mean, that would be great, but...”

“No buts. I’ve got a spare room. As long as you can deal with me hooking up every so often when I need some dick.”

“God, I could use some of that. Christian was boring in bed. I mean, he had a big dick, but that was about it.”

“I’ll hook you up, girlfriend. Want to borrow some slutty clothes and hit the club?”

“I’ve never been,” Steph said. She’d been with her ex over her twenty-first birthday, and hadn’t drunk a drop since she started dating him.

“You’re going to love it. Come on. He would hate it.”

There wasn’t a better excuse.

Stephanie felt a profound sense of relief when she stepped across the threshold of Jill’s apartment a couple of days later. She carried a bag of clothes she’d managed to salvage from the church marm wardrobe she swore she’d never wear again, and some other necessities. They had partied for two nights straight, never paid for a drink, and hooked up with hot guys that Jill knew both nights. It was the best sex Steph had experienced in years, with no strings attached.

Jill’s plans for that evening were more of the same, except for fewer drinks, and an earlier night, since they both had to work the next day. She didn’t already have guys picked out for them, as she had the previous two nights, so that was an open question.

“Go put your stuff in your room,” Jill said. “Then we’ll run to the store and get anything else you need.”

Steph walked down the hall, a little curious as to why Jill was following her. When she opened the door to the room that was now hers, her eyes shot wide open. There was a new bed and vanity in the room.

“Surprise!” Jill said. “I wasn’t going to let you sleep on the couch.”

“But ... I...”

Jill waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Don’t worry about it. It’s rent to own, and I’m good. You can pay me back whatever, whenever.”

Stephanie put her bag down on the bed and asked, “Can you get me a job where you work? Wow. What are they paying you?”

“I may as well tell you now. You’re going to find out anyway,” Jill said, and shrugged.


“I make some money on the side.” Before her friend could ask the inevitable question of how, Jill said, “I found this website where I can sell nudes and panties. I make three or four hundred bucks a week. Sometimes more.”

Steph waited a moment, half expecting her friend to laugh and say she was kidding. When she didn’t, Stephanie asked, “You’re serious?”

Jill nodded. “Ten bucks for a nude selfie. Twenty if they want me to spread my pussy, finger myself, or something. Fifty for a pair of panties and a picture of me wearing them. More if they want me to buy something specific for them.”

Stephanie stood in stunned disbelief, having trouble processing what her friend had just revealed to her. They had both sent nude selfies to boys before - even taken them of each other - but the thought of guys paying for them was just strange.

“Freaked out?” Jill asked when Stephanie didn’t respond.

“A little, I guess. Guys really pay for it?”

Jill leaned against the door frame and answered, “It wasn’t much at first. I’d have someone ask for a selfie once a week or so. Now I’ve got a good rep of delivering, so I’m doing really well. Some of the bitches on there hate me because I’m stealing their action.”

“What if someone you know sees you on there?”

“Not really worried about it,” Jill said. “I block out my face in the selfies I post on the site, so someone would have to pay to know it’s me. Half of the panties I’ve sent out have gone to New York or California. Besides, it’s not like there aren’t already a bunch of nudes of me floating around. Both of us.”

Stephanie blushed, knowing it was true. They had both naively expected the boys they sent selfies to would keep them to themselves at first, then decided they didn’t really care anyway when they learned the truth.

“You know, there aren’t many redheads on there. I bet you could make fat stacks.”

Steph’s mouth dropped open and she gasped at the suggestion. “I couldn’t!”

“Come on. You’re hot, and you know it. It’s time to cut loose. You’ve been living like a church lady for years now. Think about it,” Jill said, and then held out a hand to rub her fingers and thumb together.

Though she was blushing, and still stunned, she was thinking about it. What she made would never let her get a place of her own, so she’d have to depend on roommates. If she could make what Jill did on top of her paycheck, she’d be good on her own, if it came to it.

Despite the years apart, Jill could see the wheels turning in her friend’s head. “Come on. Let me show you the website.”

Though her blonde friend moved quickly down the hall, Stephanie dragged her feet to some extent. She was deep within her thoughts, weighing the possible implications, benefits, and whether she had anything resembling the wild streak she once did still within her. By the time she reached the front room, Jill had already sat down on the couch, grabbed her Ipad, and loaded up the site.

Steph sat down next to her and accepted the Ipad when Jill held it out.

While she looked, Jill explained, “That’s my profile page. I’ve got a request for a nude on there now, and I already sent two this morning for requests that came in last night. That’s thirty bucks already today, and I was already over three hundred for the week.”

However Jill blurred her face, it was very effective. Even knowing it was her, Stephanie couldn’t make out any of her features in the bra and panty preview shots on the page. There were pages of customer/profile comments, and all of them that were visible on the first page were full of praise and exclamation points.

“So, do you wanna?” Jill asked in a playful, singsong manner.

Stephanie bit her lower lip as she contemplated. The temptation was incredible, but so was her hesitation. It had taken quite a few drinks to loosen her up the previous two evenings. She was still stuck in the habits she’d built up with her ex.

It was that very thought that made her blood boil. She asked, “What do I have to do?”

Jill broke out into an enormous grin. “I can set you up a basic profile in like a minute. Then you need at least one profile pic, and you’re good to go. If I link to you, I bet you could be making money tonight while we’re out.”

Not trusting her voice, Stephanie nodded and handed back the Ipad.

“Go pick out something sexy to wear and change. If you don’t have anything hot, I’ve got piles of new panties you can have. They should fit you too,” Jill said with her voice full of excitement.

Stephanie was fighting a bout of surging nerves, but fight it she did. Fortunately, her lingerie had somewhat survived the purge of her wardrobe, because Jill was a C-cup to her B-cup, and borrowing a bra was out of the question. She had a lacy, neon green set that looked incredible on her, and decided on that. She was shaking when she removed them from her bag, but took a deep breath and pulled her top over her head anyway.

“Ready whenever you are,” Jill called from the front room before Stephanie could even unbutton her jeans.

Determined, Stephanie stripped down and put on the lingerie. She took a look in the mirror, and she was happy with what she saw - other than the deep blush in her cheeks and the skittish look in her eyes. She felt as if she was moving in slow motion as she walked toward the door, and into the hall.

“Rawr! Perfect!” Jill said when Stephanie stepped into the front room. “Want to lean against the doorframe of my room? I got a lot of compliments on that shot when I posted it.”

Stephanie found her throat was too tight with fear to answer.

Jill quickly suggested, “Let me take the picture, then I’ll blur your face, and you can look at it before you decide. Cool? Think about how much that asshole would hate this.”

Her blonde friend had learned well how that reminder cut through her inhibitions. Stephanie walked over to the doorframe.

“Lean back against it, then reach up and grab the doorframe with your far hand,” Jill suggested. When Stephanie did so, Jill continued, “Now, turn your head toward me, and put your other hand on your hip. Yes, just like that. That’s hot. Got it.”

Stephanie walked over to her friend, feeling exposed and vulnerable. At a loss of what to do, she sat down on the other end of the couch and not-so-subtly put a pillow in her lap.

Jill turned the Ipad to show her the picture only a minute later. “Look a how hot you are, girl.”

With her face blurred, hiding the anxiety that would have surely shone in her eyes and expression, Stephanie had to agree. The color of the lingerie and her hair perfectly complemented each other, and the pose emphasized her every asset to good effect. She looked absolutely delicious.

“I still don’t know. What if someone starts harassing to call me, or something like that?” Stephanie asked, voicing one of the many excuses popping into her head to back away from the idea.

“Here, look,” Jill said, and brought up the profile she’d made for her friend. “I made your listing the same as mine, and everything for phone calls, texts, and actual meetings is set to no. Anybody who asks will be lifetime banned as soon as you report it.”

Seeing that video was set to maybe, Steph asked, “What about that?”

“I’ve done a couple of short ones,” Jill answered. “That’s what maybe means - if the price is right.”

Stephanie hugged the pillow closer to her. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“How about this? I’ll set show face to maybe, too. I did at first, and the guys seem to understand that new girls can be nervous, so they don’t push real hard.”

“Why do you want me to do this so bad?” Steph asked, and then chuckled.

“Because I want you to get over being nervous about everything. That asshole isn’t standing around waiting to preach to you any more. Besides, the more money both of us have, the more money we can go shopping with. Just say yes. Say yes. Say yes.”

It was a moment that was all too familiar, and one she hadn’t experienced in so long. Jill had always been able to encourage her to take risks, and it worked again.

“Okay,” Stephanie said.

“No taking it back,” Jill said in a rush of words as she tapped on the Ipad. “Seriously, though. You can change your mind any time. I just want you to give it a try. I’ll even remind everyone you’re new and nervous in my link. Go ahead and throw something on, and we’ll go to the store. I’ll get whatever you need - my treat. Then we’ll head for the club and get our drink on.”

Stephanie hoped it wouldn’t take more drinks than were wise to take the edge off her nerves.

The two friends climbed out of their Uber well buzzed, and as with the previous two nights, it hadn’t cost them a dime. All it took was a little flirting to keep the drinks coming. Unfortunately, none of the guys had really gotten their juices flowing.

The Uber driver was a different story. He was a hunk, and Jill had even whispered that she was willing to make the sacrifice so that Stephanie could break in her new bed. Unfortunately, he already had another ride lined up. They did get his name so they could find his Facebook page and possibly hook up later.

They had barely sat down on the couch when Jill asked, “Guess what?”


Jill tapped on her phone, and then handed it to her friend. Stephanie stared in awe at the long list of profile comments about her picture, ranging from the simply complimentary to the downright filthy. Buzzed as she was, the attention had her smiling.

Then she noticed something below them. Her heart skipped a beat when she read the selfie request, which said, “You’re beautiful. Would love to see the same pose nude. It’s fine if you hide your face, though I’d love to see it.”

“Ten bucks, just waiting. All you have to do is take the selfie, accept the request, and wait for the money,” Jill said. “That guy’s one of my regulars, and he’s really nice. He even put in a request to me too, so I wouldn’t feel like you were stealing my action.”

The combination of the booze, her arousal over the Uber driver, and the ego boost of the compliments burned through her fear as though it were wisps of fog. Stephanie handed the phone back to her friend and stood up to take off her top.

“Woo hoo! You go, girl. Get naked. Time to make some money.”

Though not particularly coordinated, Stephanie made quick work of her clothing. She didn’t even think about undressing in front of her friend, as they had seen each other naked more times than either could count. She walked over to the doorway once nude - keenly aware of her stiff nipples and the tingle between her legs.

Jill moved into much the same position as when she’d taken the earlier picture, and Steph struck the same pose, feeling unbelievably sexy.

“Done,” Jill said a moment later. “Do you want to blur your face?”

Just enough of her nervousness bubbled back to the surface to make her say, “Yeah.”

“Don’t think he’ll care. He’ll probably come in his pants as soon as he sees it,” Jill said. She picked up Stephanie’s panties and tossed them to her before sitting down.

By the time Stephanie managed to pull on her panties, her friend was finished with the photo editing.

“So, do I hit accept on the request?” Jill asked.

“Do it.”

Jill tapped on her phone and said, “There you go.” She then reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of lipstick. “Can you help me out? I want to do something special for him.”

Stephanie answered, “Sure.”

Jill handed over her phone and the lipstick, and then proceeded into her room. She stripped with no more concern than her redheaded friend had, and then sat down at the head of the bed with one leg bent up and out wide.

The blonde tapped a finger on her thigh and said, “Write, Jake XXOO, with the lipstick.”

Steph sat down the phone, and then climbed into the bed. She was quite conscious of just how close she was to her blonde friend’s naked pussy. The lettering wasn’t perfect, but it was legible when she finished.

“Okay, now take the picture for me from the foot of the bed. That should be about right.”

When Stephanie reached the foot of the bed, her face warmed. Jill was sitting with her legs parted, a sultry look on her face, and her pussy lips spread wide by the fingers of both hands. It was impossible to miss the glimmer of wetness there. She quickly framed the picture and captured it.

“Think he’ll like that?” Jill asked.

Stephanie answered, “Nooo,” and rolled her eyes.

The blonde laughed and held out a hand for the phone. Stephanie handed it over and watched her friend tap and swipe.

Jill said, “There’s your ten bucks. He must have been sitting and waiting. So, sent. Already caught my accept and paid me too. So, sent. That’s it. We’re both ten bucks richer.”

Stephanie’s face warmed again when the realization sunk in that somewhere, a man she didn’t know was looking at her naked. It was a little embarrassing, but exhilarating at the same time.

Jill still had to wipe off the lipstick and take the two selfies that guys had requested earlier, so Steph headed for the shower - riding an unexpected high.

Jill made it home from work before her friend the next day, and there was no missing the grin on the blonde’s face the moment Steph walked in the door.

“Check the comment he left about your selfie. You’ve got two more requests, too,” Jill said.

Having found herself wondering what the guy had thought all day, Stephanie was quick to grab the Ipad and look. The review read, “A goddess made flesh to bless all of mankind.”

“Trying a little hard, isn’t he?” the redhead remarked. The truth was that seeing it made her feel like a goddess.

“A little,” Jill agreed. “Then again, it worked to get me to send him a twenty dollar pic for only ten last night. Anyway, that one request from the guy with the anime-looking name? He’s spent big money on me. If you make him happy...”

The whole thing was making her feel unbelievably sexy, and the prospect of such easy money was hard to ignore, so Stephanie said, “Guess I should get naked and make him happy, then.”

“You know it, girl,” Jill encouraged her. “I know what he likes. Once I take yours, you can take one for me, too. I’ve got a pair of panties to send off.”

The two friends decided to take the pictures in Jill’s room, and Stephanie felt as if she couldn’t take her clothes off fast enough. Once she dropped her panties, she asked, “So, what kind of pose would he like?”

Jill said, “I think you should let him see your face.”

Caught up in the excitement, Steph had no trouble saying, “Okay.”

Jill grinned and backed up a couple of steps to frame the shot. “Stand in front of the bed.” She guided Stephanie with gestures until the redhead was where she needed to be, and then continued, “Grab your boobs. No, cup them from underneath. Perfect. Now, give me a silly O-face. Big eyes. That’s it.”

Her friend turned the Ipad toward her upon snapping the pic. Stephanie thought she looked a little ridiculous. Hot, but ridiculous.

Knowing her friend so well, Jill said, “Trust me, he’s going to eat it up. Ready for the other one?”

“What should I do for this one?” Steph asked.

“He didn’t request anything special. Just naked. Whatever you want.”

Stephanie decided to lie down on the bed on her side, with one arm draped over her head and the other curled underneath her cheek. Jill snapped the pic, and then they traded places. The blonde selected a black thong from a canvas shopping bag that contained dozens of pairs of panties in various colors and cuts, put them on, posed, and let Steph take her picture. Jill took the panties off, put them in a mailer envelope, and then pulled back on the ones she’d been wearing.

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