The Bracelets

by Lord Rodrick

Copyright© 2018 by Lord Rodrick

Fantasy Sex Story: On his wedding night Prince Nelralan and his older wife Lady Seranna put on magical bracelets that made them invisible they then go explore their kingdom together, naked.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Squirting   Royalty   .

After three years of war peace had come to the Kingdom of Valark. Tonight, was Lady Seranna’s wedding night. She was supposed to have married Prince Thelrian, but he had fallen in battle. So, she had married his younger brother Prince Nelralan instead. Seranna was an elf as was her husband. She had lived 21 years while he had lived 15. In the time they had known one another, they had gotten along splendidly. Although Nelralan felt that Seranna saw him as nice little brother instead of as a man.

The two of them were currently in their bedchamber. Nelralan was wearing a lovely blue dress made of the finest silk. While Nelralan wore a green tunic with matching green pants. Seranna had light blond hair and deep blue eyes. While Nelralan’s eyes were a shade of light gold and his hair was silver. He sat down on their comfortable velvet red bed which they were to consummate their marriage on.

Nelralan removed his boots. “So, we had quite a wedding. I think my father invited half the kingdom.”

Seranna also took off her shoes. “Yeah it was a wonderful wedding. It just went by so quickly.”

Nelralan placed his hands on his knees. Seranna sat down next to him and the two of them held hands. Nelralan gave Seranna a peck on the cheek and stated. “I know you wanted to marry my brother and I know it will be a miracle if I turn out to be half as good a warrior as he was. However, I promise that I will love you as much as he would have and do everything in my power to make you happy.”

Seranna put her hands on Nelralan’s shoulders and stated. “I know you will and I promise I will be a loving and dutiful wife until my dying day.”

A small blush appeared on Nelralan’s face as he said. “I guess we should consummate our marriage now.”

“You know how to do it right?”

“I helped my brother breed horses so I know how it’s all done.”

“Well I don’t feel like being taken like a mare for my first time, but I guess we’ll see what happens. Oh, wait a second I have a gift for you.”

Seranna rummaged about and retrieved a small wooden box. She flipped it open, inside were two thin silver bracelets. Seranna smirked. “I bought these from a witch named Aina. They have a really fun ability.”

“What do they do?”

Seranna put one of the bracelets around her right wrist and vanished. Nelralan gasped and fell off the bed. He heard Seranna giggling, Nelralan quickly got back up on his feet and stuttered. “Where ... where ... are you?”

He felt Seranna’s warm hand on his face. She put her other hand on Nelralan’s chest over his pounding heart. “I’m right here. The bracelets make their wearer invisible, although their still able to see themselves. When you put yours on you’ll be able to see me.”

Nelralan put his bracelet on his left wrist and could see Seranna again. She grasped his right hand and the two of them walked out of their bedroom. They passed by some maids who almost bumped into them. It was strange for Nelralan to be passing all his servants and guards without them giving him a single glance. Seranna and Nelralan walked all the way down to the kitchen. The chefs were still cleaning up from preparing for the wedding feast.

Nelralan stuck his hands in some flour and Seranna did likewise, they made hand prints all over the walls and gave the cooks quite a fright. Afterwards Nelralan and Seranna went outside to the palace court yard. It was a warm spring night and the stars were shining in the sky like diamonds. Nelralan stood on his tip toes and kissed Seranna. It was a brief and awkward kiss. When it ended Seranna put her hands on Nelralan’s shoulders and she bent down and they kissed once more.

This kiss lasted much longer. When it ended Nelralan felt blood rushing down to his inflating cock while Seranna’s nipples started to tingle. Since no one was around they removed their clothes. Every article of clothing became visible as it left their flesh and fell to the ground. Now they stood naked before one another. They were both very happy with the sight that greeted their eyes. Despite Nelralan’s youth his body had a fair bit of muscle. He had scar on the right side of his chest and his body was utterly hairless, except for his groin which was covered in dark silver pubic hair. His balls were bigger than Seranna thought they’d be and so was his hardening cock. It wasn’t fully erect yet, but Seranna couldn’t wait to have it inside her.

As for Nelralan his wife’s naked beauty was beyond anything he could have ever dreamed of. She had an hour glass figure, her hips were wide and would be perfect for childbirth. Seranna had fairly generous breasts and lovely light pink nipples that were stiffing in the night air. Her vagina was covered in blond pubic hair, but was sparse enough for her slit to be visible. Seranna grabbed Nelralan’s hand and then turned around. Presenting him with the sight of her gorgeous ass which wobbled as she walked.

After they left the palace grounds they kissed once more making Nelralan get a total erection. It brushed against Seranna making her moan. Once their kiss ended Nelralan stroked Seranna’s face. “Your beautiful beyond words my love.”

Seranna kissed Nelralan’s palm. “So are you. Now how about we go greet our people.”

Nelralan nodded and he and Seranna walked into a traven making damn sure not to brush or bump into anybody. After the wedding, most of the people had went to bed, but there plenty of men and women here drinking and gambling. Having no idea that there future king and queen were standing stark naked before them.

Seranna walked over to a smooth and empty wooden table and sat down on it. She opened her legs as wide as they would go and gave her fingers a quick lick. Then to her husband’s utter amazement she traced her pussy lips with her left index finger and inserted it in. Another finger soon followed and Nelralan got so aroused that he rubbed his penis and a drop of pre-cum left it. Seranna tapped the table with her right hand and Nelralan walked over and stood next to her. Seranna wrapped her right hand over his throbbing cock and started stroking it while continuing to finger herself.

Nelralan could feel a tingling in his balls just when he was about to cum, Seranna slowed down a bit. She added a third finger into her vulvua and flicked her erect clitoris with her thumb. Her pussy juices were overflowing and vagina walls started to constrict. Seranna gave a brief moan as she came and sprayed her love juices all over the table. The sight of his wife climaxing made Nelralan cum as well. His penis twitched and shot out white stick cum that hit the traven keeper right in his face soaking the poor man’s big orange beard.

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