Double Feature at the Bijou

by Victor E

Copyright© 2018 by Victor E

Sex Story: Alice was looking forward to her first year in high school. The 14-year-old would be entering tenth grade and she sought real teenage adventure among the older girls and especially boys in their senior year. So Alice was ecstatic when two senior girls approached her in late August, inviting her to join a secret high school sorority with ties to a secret high school fraternity. Her initiation at the local Bijou Movie Theater would prove most interesting!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Heterosexual   School   Humiliation   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Nudism   .

Alice couldn’t wait to hob-knob with the older girls in the high school she’d be attending in just a few weeks. The 14-year-old was sick of hanging around the immature kids in Middle-school classes ( grades 6 – 9 ) where she was clearly more developed both mentally and physically than her classmates. Alice had ditched her training bra two years ago and now wore an non-padded 36 C-cup. She also, secretly without her mum knowing. wore the skimpiest of panties and even owned a few thongs which barely covered her smooth shaven pussy mound. She was one hot young teen and she knew it.

Which is why she was so glad when, a couple of weeks ago, two older girls stopped by her house and invited her to join their secret high school society. It was a sorority with links to the juniors and senior boys in an equally secret fraternity. Such social clubs were officially banned in high schools in her state, but boys will be boys and ‘girls just want to have fun’, as they say, so the clubs sprang up underground and were more adventurous than ever.

“Your initiation will just take a few hours, Alice.” said Francine who chaired the Pledge Nomination Committee for Zeta Alpha Pi. “ You just have to wear the Zeta tunic for a short time and watch a couple of movies at the old Bijou Theater on Bank Street.” “That’s it?” said a surprised Alice. “That doesn’t sound like much of a hardship. I thought sorority pledging would be a lot more umm complicated and, you know, naughtier than that. Like being stripped naked and getting paddled. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.”

“Oh, that sort of thing is just for the pre-pledge preparation stage,” said Kathy, the Zeta vice-chair, “ And it only takes a few minutes. But you’re right about stripping and spanking. But that’s just when you change from your street clothes and get into your ceremonial Zeta Tunic.”

“The movies at the Bijou start at 1 p.m. and the double feature goes until about 4:30, “ added Francine. “ So we’ll get you ready in the ladies washroom about 12:30 tomorrow. We’ll bring your Zeta Tunic, you change into that and only that ... no underwear allowed during the initiation. So yes, indeed you will be stripped naked, but only until you put on your tunic. It’s really sexy. It’s all black, spaghetti straps to hold it up and really short; you’re tall so it would come down to a good nine inches above your knees ... very micro-mini.”

“And I just sit and watch two movies in my short tunic? That’s it?” asked the suspicious 14-year-old. “ No more than that?”

“Well, like you guessed,” replied Kathy, “ there will be a few swats with a ping pong paddle on your bare butt after you’ve given us all your street clothes and before you’ve been given your tunic.”

“Actually quite a few,” said Francine, “ but only as many and just hard enough to keep your butt cheeks sore and red for when the movies begin.”

“But you won’t actually be sitting watching the movies ... but will explain all that after your pledge prep time in the theater washroom. But you will have to stay in your seat for the full three and a half hours while the movies run ... and keep to the Bijou Pledge.

“The Bijou pledge? What’s that?” asked a puzzled Alice.

“We’ll explain that tomorrow after the prep and as you settle you’re your special seat in the back row of the Bijou when the lights go down and it’s so dark no one around you can see what’s going on. That’s all I can say for now, except that you must honor and strictly adhere to the Bijou pledge throughout the afternoon and DO AS YOU’RE TOLD.”

“Ummm, can you at least tell me this,” asked a worried Alice, “ Am I going to be made to walk home buck naked, like I’ve heard college sororities make their pledges do?”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Alice,” said Francine, “ We absolutely swear, on our Zeta Alpha Pi honor, you will not be naked when the movies end and you won’t be stripped and made to walk home buck naked. We promise.”

That was good enough for Alice and so the next day she showed up at the Bijou Movie Theater a half hour past noon, ready to begin her initiation. As they had said, the quick change from street clothes to Zeta Tunic took only a minute or so as Kathy and Francine took all of Alice’s clothing and tucked it away in a green, plastic garbage bag.

Alice was given 50 smacks on her bare butt with a ping pong paddle before being handed her tunic. The one-piece garb looked fore line a child’s nightgown, it was so short. But Alice would not be seen in it by anyone else as Kathy and Francine sandwiched their scantily clad and barefoot pledge between them as the three scurried quickly into the dark theater and up the steps to the balcony where the special pledge seat was, like they’d said, in the very last row.

Alice’s seat was in the middle of the row and her Pledge Mistresses showed her how, unlike other eat in the theater, the arms of this pledge seat were retractable; they were hinged and able to be lifted out of the way, thus anyone seated there could lean over, right or left, and put her into the lap of someone seated beside her. Kathy sat one Alice’s right, Francine on her left, as the two senior girls explained the Bijou Pledge and how the initiation was to be carried out.

“First of all, Alice,” began Francine, “ As we told you yesterday, “ You won’t be wearing the tunic very long. In fact, raise your arms now and we’ll pull it off you. Don’t worry, no one can see you in the dark. But it is necessary that you be stark naked throughout the entire 3 ½ hours while the movies are running.”

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