The Home Invasion Caper

by Victor E

Copyright© 2018 by Victor E

Sex Story: 14 year old twins, Victor and Victoria, are home alone for the weekend. Six thugs turn one night into a fantasy sex-fest, starring Victoria, all viewed by a bound and helpless Victor.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Reluctant   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Victor and Victoria were twins ( fraternal, obviously ) but the boy came out of their mother’s womb a good seven minutes before his sister did. So, for the longest time he referred to her as his kid-sister. She was not amused. That was especially so when the pair reached their 14th birthdays because, as everyone knows, girls mature sooner than boys. Victoria was shapely and grew well-endowed in the boob department at least a year previous. Her nightly, naughty self-pleasuring activity with the aid of her hair brush had deprived her of her cherry, but technically she was still a virgin.

Her brother, on the other hand, had yet to use his other hand to attain sexual satisfaction. Victor was sexually clueless, even at 14. He did feel arousal, popped mini-boners and morning wood, but he thought it was what his mum called a growth spurt. It had to be; after all, he had often spurted some sticky white fluid and soiled his underpants in the night after vague dreams which often featured his twin, especially her twin perky peaks and bald Mount Venus.

Yes, Victor and Victoria were used to seeing each other naked. They took baths together until they were eleven years old. Victor had not seen his kid-sister naked since then, but he just assumed her pussy continued to be smooth and hairless, just like his pubic area was. The lad knew little about sex, just what he’d see on the web. But he and, to a much greater extent, his sister would soon learn all about it.

It was four days after their combined birthday parties when their parents decided to celebrate a second honeymoon with a weekend of fun and frolic in Las Vegas. Their twin children had just turned 14 and, according to California law, were of legal age of consent and responsibility. The pair no longer needed baby sitters and could be trusted to manage on their own, home alone.

The parents’ Gaming Weekend was planned for the end of the month which gave them two weeks to make sure the kids had all the food and money they’d need. Victor was pleased about all this as he’d have plenty of time for his X-Box games. His sister was likewise delighted with a greater opportunity to privately play her own XXX-Box games while surfing certain naughty web sites that would get her in the mood. Victoria acted the innocent at home and at school, but, in her heart of hearts, she was a very craven slut. Her heart of hearts, however, was only her imagination which she exercised every time she visited adult web sites where a young girl would be made to strip naked in front of a mixed crowd at a bar or a college toga party. She was that dirty girl, but only in her imagination.

Victoria also surfed and dreamed on hotter, darker sites with sexual submission and degradation as its themes. B & D sex themes fascinated her as did the idea of a sorority pledge committed to sexual humiliation. She had wet dreams in mid-day just thinking of herself as one of those wanton women, forced to have multi-man, multi-method sex in public. But in reality, she’d been too shy to make out much with boys she dated. She did let guys rub her between her legs and she reciprocated with strokes and grabs at their bulging crotches. But the only cock she’d actually seen ( much less less touched in the raw ) was her brother’s when they were preteens. So that hardly counted.

The twins had been told about their parents’ Vegas plans weeks before, so each of the kids had time to plan their weekend-of-freedom. Victor would be straining his eyes over his latest video game, Damsels and Dragons III. Victoria planned to lock herself in her bedroom with a few improvised sex-toys modeled after what she’d seen of various XXX sites. Porn viewing and masturbation was her wet-dream weekend, so to speak.

So that Friday evening their parents set off on their holiday and the twins prepared for separate, but equally thrilling days and nights locked in their own fantasy worlds. All was going as planned until about seven o’clock when there was a knock on the door and Victor shouted up to his sister that he’d get it. Upstairs, Victoria was lying on her bed watching porn on her laptop. Her jeans and panties were pulled down to her knees and the fingers of her left hand clicked one mouse while her right hand fingers clicked a much sexier one.

Victoria had her earbuds in, so she didn’t hear the scuffling going on for a couple of minutes. But then she heard a bit of noise louder than the moans from her laptop or from her own mouth ... and then a very loud thud. Victoria shouted to her brother, “ What is it Vic? are you okay?” as she pulled up her jeans and panties and got up to unlock her bedroom door. She had opened the door only half way when it came crashing inward, pushed by a tall figure dressed all in black and wearing a ski mask or balaclava. He said not a word as he grabbed the frightened 14-year-old girl by her blonde pony tail and dragged her down the stairs in front of him.

In the living room she found five other masked home-invaders. She also saw her brother tied up to a dining room chair with duct tape around his wrists and feet. His mouth was taped over with tape too. The fly of his jeans was unzipped and his underpants had been yanked down revealing his hairless genitals. The twin blades of their mom’s sewing shears were open, lying on Victor’s lap. Protruding between the sharp blades were her brother’s balls.

One masked man went up to Victoria and chuckled, “ Do exactly as your told, or we’ll cut your brother’s balls off. Got it?” When Victoria looked over at her brother in shock and dismay, she knew she had no choice. Victor was valiantly struggling to loosen his bonds, screaming uselessly though his tape gag and tears were running down his cheeks. His sister sighed and nodded her head. She’d do as she was told. She had no choice.

“Good choice.” said one of the six intruders as he handed Victoria a green garbage bag he’d brought with him as loot bag. Her clothes were their first prize, as the man told her to remove every stitch of clothing she was wearing and put it in the bag. She was already barefoot, so only blouse, bra, jeans and panties were surrendered. She stood with head bowed and her hands covering her small but firm boobs as well as her pussy mound.

“It’s just like in the old time bank robber movies, kid. HANDS UP!” smirked another of the crew. “ OR ELSE!” he added as his head jerked back in the direction of her twin brother whose bald balls were still in peril as yet another felon was fingering the shears’ handle, ready to snip at any moment. Victoria got the gist and moved her hands away from her more private body parts and blushed deeply.

“That’s better,” continued her captor, ‘ But put your hands behind your head and turn around slowly, bitch!”

Victoria was a bit shocked, but not at all surprised by the intruder’s rude language and lewd demands to see her so exposed. After all, such behavior was just like that in many of the porn videos she’d watched. Strangely, she had an urge to behave just like the slutty women in those porn clips did when so confronted and abused. She trembled in fear, for sure ... but somehow the humiliation she was feeling and her being made to strip felt kind of exciting and Victoria felt a growing warmth and even moistness ‘down there’.

The nude turning-around lasted but a couple of minutes and was replaced by a new and naughtier order from one of the home invaders. While Victoria was turning and squirming naked in front of them all, including her twin brother, one of the thugs had rummaged through her bedroom dresser and now returned with her hair brush.

“We found this in your panty drawer” smirked the guy who handed her the brush. “ Guess you use it under your panties too, eh?” Victoria blushed even redder as the thug added, “ You’re probably pretty good at poking your pussy hole. Show us your technique, booty-bitch.”

Victoria hesitated. To masturbate that way ... and in front of her brother, was a shame she couldn’t endure. But they gave her no choice. It was either do EXACTLY as they demanded or they would cut her brother’s balls off. So she sat on the floor with her knees bent and legs spread very wide. Again, a strange, familiar and naughty feeling overcame her. What was it? “Ah right!,” she thought to herself, “ This was what the frat boys made the porn actress Anita Cox do before her gang-rape in that porn clip ... what was it called? Oh yeah, “ Circle of Lust “.

While Victoria was reminiscing about one of her favorite sex clips, she was unaware of how her breathing had quickened, how her inner strokes were making her hair brush handle get sticky and how her hips were rotating to the beat of her moans. She didn’t notice, that is, until her pussy started to squirt.

Because the home invaders kept their ski masks on all night, Victoria couldn’t see their faces as she acted the slut for them. But the eye holes and mouth openings of their wool ski masks gave enough of a glimpse for her to know when they were grinning and smirking at her.

Victoria looked at her poor brother who clearly was desperate with fear, especially every time the gang reminded her that failure to do as she was told would result in Victor losing his balls. The lad’s breathing was almost as heavy as hers and he was quaking and shaking and tears rolled down his eyes. Despite the tape gag over his mouth, the boy made muffled sobs.

Victoria also noticed that, despite his fear of immanent castration, her brother’s cock was erect and throbbing with a drop of clear liquid at his pee-hole. Victoria blushed and smiled. “Naughty Victor,” she mused, “ Even in such dangerous circumstances, his body reacts like any young, horny teenage boy.”

But while watching a naked 14-year-old girl masturbate may have satisfied the home invaders’ appetite for vicarious sex, it only whetted their appetite for humiliating sex. Another hunger needed seeing to, as well.

“I think it’s dinner time, guys. Who’s up for pizza ... dare style?” laughed the guy who grabbed Victoria by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen.

“I’ll bet you’ve hear of the ‘Pizza Delivery Boy Dare’, sweet-cakes.” He grinned as Victoria blushed and then opened her mouth wide; it was clear she had indeed come across that dare. “ Well, you are going to get on the phone and, in a very sexy voice, order two extra large pizzas ... and tell them double cheese with lots of sausage. You are going to pay for this pizza and give the delivery boy the standard dare tip, too. Know what I mean?”

Victoria knew it was unlikely they’d let her wear any clothes when paying the pizza boy. But she was hoping the ‘standard tip’ was just 15% and wasn’t what she’d seen daredevils do on porn and YouTube clips. Her captor whispered something in her ear and her hopes faded. In fact, she was given specific directions and an exactly what to say to the delivery boy when the pizzas arrived.

“And remember, no alerting the pizza kid to what’s going on ... Stick to the script. Cause if you try anything funny, your brother not only loses his meat balls, we’ll cut off his pepperoni too. Got it, bitch?”

Victoria did and steadied her nerve. She’d seen a number of versions of the Pizza-Delivery dare, so she knew how to handle this rather extreme dare. She dialed the number for the local pizza parlor and placed the order.

During the twenty minutes before the pizza came, Victoria was left alone in the living room while the others, her brother included, hid around the corner in the kitchen. She knew the open scissors were at Victor’s family jewels, ready to slice and dice should she dare to screw up and blab. So she followed her orders to the letter. Until the pizza arrived, she was to use her hands to masturbate and to smear any sex juices allover her tits and face so as to smell like a five dollar whore when she opened the door to the pizza boy. The others were peeking in to make sure she did that and had positioned a dining room mirror just right so they’d be able to catch the dare action as well.

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