by Tony Tiger

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Sex Story: Young man is fixated on large full breasts that hang.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Slut Wife   Sharing   Big Breasts   .

Ted wasn’t sure where his fixation on pendulous breasts came from. His mother was large-bosomed and had nursed him for six months so that was the most likely explanation. When he discovered porn, the big real ones that hung out and down a bit with a curve underneath fed his fantasies as he stroked himself.

He tried dating some overweight girls his own age but they didn’t look or feel “right”. Their waists and hips needed to have smaller curves than their breasts to show off their racks. The women he lusted for were usually older and probably had borne a child.

When Emily was in a class with him, he was smitten. She was maybe six or seven years older, married, and going back to college now that her children were at school fill time. Her top, even though she dressed to reduce its visibility, was an eye magnet and he made excuses to talk to her.

She had dealt with it all her adult life and it felt like a compliment if the oglee was polite. Ted was certainly that and she didn’t know anyone else at school so spent time with him between classes. After a while she asked him why he talked to her chest so much. He was utterly embarrassed, as she figured he would be. She eased up with, “I guess you like them. So does my husband,” thus reminding him she was married.

Ted’s tongue loosened up and he replied, “What a fortunate man! They look like beauties! Oh, I mean you are pretty too. OH!” And he shut up. She changed the subject, smiling.

At home in bed she told her husband about the interchange. He laughed and said he had the same problem at that age which ultimately resulted in their marriage. He added, “Did you know I came in my pants the first time I got my hands and mouth on your beauties? And they are even more magnificent now. That’s why you on top is far and away my preferred position for sex.”

He was skillfully fondling her as she rode him and they climaxed close together. She laid on top of him and spoke softly in his ear, “Do you suppose Ted would cream his jeans if I let him play with them?”

Her husband’s dick stopped deflating, “Would you? I’d love to hear about it. What could it hurt? Lots of guys checked them out before we dated but I got your pussy first.”

She flashed back a few years, remembering that there were quite a few mouths at her Y and creamy shots painting her pubes and pussy. She shivered at the memories. “Ok, honey, how can I pull this off? Certainly not at the student union.”

“Bring him over here on some pretext. Then you will have all the privacy you need. If he is as polite as you say, you don’t need to be concerned with him going too far.”

She thought, “But what about me? I might want to!”

The age-old ploy of needing his help on a class project got the eager young man to her house while her husband and kids were gone. They worked on a real need for a while and she called a refreshment break. She’d deliberately chosen a scoop neck top she reserved to tease her husband with and her bosom was barely restrained by a low-cut bra, revealing lots of cleavage and skin almost to her nipples when she bent over. And she did that a lot as they worked. She caught a glimpse of his swollen crotch as if his flushed complexion wasn’t a clear indicator she was getting to him.

Sitting across the table from him she leaned forward a little bit, resting her orbs on the table top which accentuated her cleavage. “Ted, am I making you uncomfortable? You look flushed.” He nodded.

“This reminds me of when I was first dating my husband. He was as fascinated with my chest as you seem to be and was far from the first. Did you know that a woman can orgasm just from having her breasts stimulated?”

“They can?” he blurted.

“Oh, yes. I’d like to prove it to you.” She hoped he didn’t mess his pants already. “Let’s go over to the couch.”

Sitting next to him with both turned towards each other, she pulled her top off and asked him to unhook her bra. His hands were shaking so badly she had to do it. Her mammaries swung gently as she moved back to face him.

“Have you ever touched breasts before?” He nodded. “Kissed them?” He nodded again. “OK, show me what you know to do.” He tentatively reached out his hands and she pulled them to take a firm hold. “Don’t tickle them until they get more aroused. Squeeze and cup gently at first.” He complied as she watched with amusement as her own sensations built. This was the first touch from another man since she started dating her husband. That had been quite a while. “OK, try my nipples. Your mouth would feel good on them too.” The sensations were building and radiating towards her pussy.

As she watched his brown-curly-haired head feasting, it looked so much different than her husband’s straight black hair. It felt SO good when he would put his hand under one and raise it up to project out so his mouth could nurse and nibble. Finally it happened. Her body shuddered and she gasped in pleasure. “You did it! Thanks so much!”

He leaned back, smiling and proud. She hugged him before saying, “The kids will be home soon. I hope we can study together again.” She glanced down to his crotch as he stood up. The outline of his shaft was impressive. He hadn’t cum apparently.

She couldn’t wait till bedtime. The kids were occupied when her husband got home and she dragged him straight to the bedroom and locked the door with the order, “Get naked!” She dropped on his dick with such a sopping snatch he wondered if Ted had fucked her. She quickly recounted her adventure and they both had strong orgasms. Later that night it was repeated a bit more calmly. When things calmed down her husband asked, “Do you want to take it to the next level?” without specifying just what that included.

Her answer, “If you react like that then you’re damn right!”

The next study session progressed to oral sex and her husband kept his word, only complaining that he wished he could see it. Her reply was, “You are the tech guru. Set up some kind of video if that will do.”

So her husband got to see a replay of the next visit with her telling Ted she was reluctant to go “all the way”. He appreciated what he was getting, he assured her.

After two more get-togethers, where Emily progressed to doing sliders and taking cum shots on her pussy lips, she said that it had to end. She was concerned about going too far and her husband was the only man who had been inside her. He understood and they remained friends with great memories.

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