Youngest Brother

by Harlan Paramore

Copyright© 2018 by Harlan Paramore

Incest Sex Story: Gabe sleeps in his father's bed, with his older brother. So when he wakes up to the sensation of a tongue in his ass, he isn't sure which of them is getting him ready for another fucking.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Were animal   Incest   Son   Brother   Father   Rough   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Hairy   .

I usually slept in my father’s bed with my father and older brother, so when I woke to the feeling of a strong wet tongue probing my hole I wasn’t sure which of them it was.

It wasn’t an unusual way for me to wake up; both of them loved my ass and loved to wake me with their fingers, tongues, or even cocks.

Before I opened my eyes I challenged myself to figure out which of them it was. Lately, Ford had been growing his beard long like our dad’s, which made it harder to tell. The tickling of that beard hair on my inner thighs felt amazing though.

Both of their tongues were large and strong, so it was hard to tell which one was penetrating me. Whoever it was, they were doing a great job- I moaned, giving away that I was awake.

Then I realized that the face pressed up between my ass cheeks was too narrow to be my father’s. I opened my eyes and saw my father’s smiling face next to me. I was right; it was my brother tonguing my hole.

I smiled back at my father. “Good morning, dad.”

“Good morning, Gabe. How did you sleep?”

“I always sleep good with your cum inside me.”

He chuckled and stroked the side of my face gently with his big hand. “That’s my boy.”

Ford withdrew his face from my ass and shifted up to lay himself on my back. He lined up his groin with my ass and leaning in to kiss my neck. I could feel his rock-hard morning erection pushed in my crack.

“Good morning, little brother,” he said, grinding his cock against me.

“Good morning, Ford. Want to put that inside me?”

“Seems like a good way to start the day.” He reached down to wiggle the head of his cock against my hole. I was still slick and wet from last night’s fucking, still carrying the loads of both my brother and father. I pushed my ass up against him, inviting him in.

Ford slid gently but steadily into me. I could feel every inch of that beautiful thick cock opening me up, slick with last night’s loads. I moaned loudly.

Dad gave me a pat on the back. “That’s my little slut. You like your brother’s cock inside you, don’t you?”

“I love it, daddy. I want yours too.” I reached down and found his hard, erect dick with my hand. I stroked it gently. “Feed it to me, please?”

He shifted up to the head of the bed, and positioned himself in front of my face. Looking up at him was amazing; his big, strong, hairy body loomed in front of me. My father had grown a bit of a belly in the last few years; I loved rubbing it. He smiled down at me through that long, thick beard.

I licked and stroked dad’s cock, and played with his round, heavy, low-hanging balls. The smell of my dad’s crotch was nice and musky, and having my face there was making me even more horny.

I took my dad’s cock in my mouth. I loved that taste so much; no one’s dick tasted quite like his. As my brother started thrusting in and out of me, I sucked hungrily on my dad’s beautiful cock and reached up to play with his chest.

Like dad said, I was a slut. I loved having cocks inside me, and getting spitroasted by my father and brothers was one of my favourites.

I felt Ford’s hand on the back of my head, pushing me firmly down. I opened my throat and swallowed dad’s cock. He moaned as my nose buried in his tangle of curly hair. Ford held my head there while he pounded my ass. I could feel the hairy, muscular body of my brother slamming into mine. Ford could be rough; he knew just how I liked it.

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