by Pixy

Copyright© 2018 by Pixy

Young Adult Sex Story: Teen boy, teen girl, alone in a bedroom- what could possibly happen next...

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Laura snuggled into the body at her side; arms encircled her, pulling her close. It felt good. It felt REALLY good. Almost as good as the preceding sex had felt. Almost. She lifted her head, searching for lips, for a kiss. She found both. She teased the tongue with hers. They both giggled, he squeezed her tighter against him. She felt him harden.


He playfully bit at the end of her nose. “Well, how can you blame me with such a hotty lying next to me. Not just lying, but nakedly lying!”

She couldn’t help herself and blushed “Stop it!” she pinched one of his nipples.”

“Never!” he retaliated by slipping a hand between her legs and sliding a finger along her pussy lips, coating his finger in their joint cum. She felt herself respond to the touch.

“Stop it! We don’t have time!” She tried to force his hand away, she couldn’t.

“Let’s make time.” He started to kiss her neck, little soft caresses.

“Stop it! You are worse than a dog in heat!” Laura, laughing, rolled out of his clutches, and the bed, to thump onto the floor. She grabbed her bra and pants from the floor, stepping away from the bed to give herself peace from his wandering hands as she dressed. “Don’t look! You know how I don’t like you looking.”

“I can’t help it,” he said truthfully. He watched from his bed, cock hard and stounding proud, as she stepped into her pants, her back to him. Her bra followed, her slim fingers deftly hooking the clasp together, running a finger under the shoulder straps to even out the twists.

She turned back to face him “Stop it will you! I asked you not to look.” She slipped on her blouse, laughing as he twitched his stomach muscles, making his hard cock dance. She bent over to pick up her school skirt.

He appreciated how her panties hugged her bum as she bent over, the hem of her blouse rising enough to reveal all. “Mmmmm, do that again...” he asked. Laura tutted and sighed as she stepped into her skirt, manoeuvring it into place.

“Go have a wank or something.”

He shrugged. “I can’t help it that you are as sexy putting on clothes as you are at taking them off. Besides, why have a wank when you have the real thing in front of you...”. He rose from the bed.

“Ahh, ahh! No!” She tried to dance out of his reach but wasn’t fast enough. He pulled her close, wrapped his arms round her waist. His mouth went to her neck again. He knew most of her buttons and was relentlessly pressing them all. She felt a hand dip lower, knew where it was going. She was unsurprised when it slipped up under her school skirt and started to lightly push against her sex. She felt her body respond. “Just no, okay?” She whispered. His fingertips eased themselves under her pants and teased her lips, lightly caressing the sensitive skin around her little nub. He lightly bit the edge of her ear.

“I want you.” He whispered.

So did she, “Oh, okay then...”

Quick as flash upon hearing her admition, he pulled her round to face his bed. Her panties fell to the floor, helped on their way by his hand. He moved her feet apart with one of his own and bent her over. She felt his hardness against her thighs as he lifted her skirt and then he was in her. There was no pause to saviour the moment like earlier as he immediately started thrusting hard and quick. Her hair fell over her head, dangling down in front of her face like a curtain. From this angle, there was not a lot to see, her bare legs from thigh down, her pants on the floor, his hairy legs behind hers, the view of their joining hidden by the folds of her skirt.

The angle, the restriction of her view, the frantic and beastial nature of their coupling, just seemed to heighten her arousal, rather than diminish it. It wasn’t a great orgasm as orgasms went, but it was one, and one was better than none. She heard him laugh as he felt the increase in the wetness between her legs along with the tell-tale little whimper. “It’s not funny!” She growled when she got her breath back. His hands moved to her hips and he roughly pulled her back onto his forward thrusts. She knew by the action that he was close, he always got rough just before he came.

“Mmmm, fuck yeah!” He accompanied his orgasm with a couple of hard thrusts, before stopping and just letting his cock plug her.

“I REALLY need to go!” Laura pointed out “Your mum will be home any minute now!”

He sighed and stepped back, slipping out of her. “Mmm, that was good; you really are hot as fuck you know...”

“Thanks” She replied drily as she removed a tissue form the box at the side of the bed, reaching up under her skirt to wipe her pussy. “Do you really have to watch? Can’t a girl wipe her fanny in peace?”

“Show me it.”

“What! No! Fuck off you perv.”

He reached down and picked up her panties, “Show me.”

“Fuck off!” She said, laughing “Give me my knickers back.”

He held her pants out of her reach. “Nope. Show me.”

“For the love of god ... Fine.” She stepped back and raised her skirt, showing him her pussy.

“Mmm, Beautiful” He handed over her pants, which she quickly stepped into. She threw the sodden tissue into his bin, finished dressing and grabbed her bag and raced from his room and house.

Laura was only three houses away when she spotted his mother’s car coming along the road. She was on the phone, hand to her ear, other hand leaving the steering wheel to punctuate the air in tandem to whatever she was saying into the mobile phone. Laura dipped her head and turned her body away slightly, but it looked like his mother was barely paying attention to the road in front, let alone pedestrians on the pavement.

“Fuck that was close. Too close.” Muttered Laura. A few houses later she opened the gate to her own house. Her own mother was already home and busy with the preparation of the evening meal. Laura stuck her head into the kitchen and waved at her mum, who waved a wooden spoon back in reply.

The climb up the stairs was painful. He had really given her pussy a pounding this time. She dumped her bag and coat in the corner and looked out a change of clothes. She really needed a shower.

The water was warm and she luxuriated in the flow, running the previous few hours back in her mind, feeling her body respond. She slipped a hand between her thighs, wondering if she could eke out a third cheeky orgasm. The sharp pain that greeted her hopeful fingers made her wince and whip her hand back. “Okay, that’s a no.” She muttered, cursing him for his roughness, and then smiling at the knowledge that it was his desire for her that caused it in the first place.

She turned off the water and stepped from the shower, rubbing her body with a towel, using caution and a fair degree of tenderness around her well pounded pussy. She wrapped her hair in another towel and dressed in clean underwear, a pair of leggings, t-shirt and sweatshirt.

Later on, after tea, she slipped out to pop next door to chat with her best friend.

Elle looked up from her bed as Laura entered her room, hair still slightly damp.

“Budge up!” Ordered Laura as she slid onto the bed, her friend moving over as told.

Elle arched an eyebrow at Laura as she noticed the wince and the gingerly way Laura climbed onto the bed “You’ve been with him again haven’t you?”

“What? No idea what you are on about. What makes you think I have?” Laura put on her best innocent expression.

Elle gave her a flat stare. “Hmm let me think, is it the way you are walking as though you have just been soundly rodgered?. Or maybe that glow of ‘just-fuckedness’ plastered all over your face. Or possibly that innocent ‘butter-wouldn’t melt-in-my-mouth’ tone you always use when you are lying?”

“Okay! Okay! Spoilsport!” Laura stuck her tongue out at her friend.

“Eurgh! Put that away! I have no idea where that tongue has been tonight!” They both burst into gales of laughter. Laura wincing at the pain the laughter caused below. Elle gave her a concerned look.

“You okay?”

“Hmm? Yeah I’m fine.”

“You don’t look so fine from here.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I shouldn’t have allowed him a second go.”

“He fucked you TWICE!!!”

“SHHHH!!! For fucks sake keep your voice down!” Laura looked nervously towards the door, and placed a hand jokingly across Elle’s mouth. Elle batted it away.

“Eurgh! Keep that hand away from me, no idea where or what it’s been doing!”

“You already said that about my tongue. And yes, I know where and what both have been doing...” She over-exaggerated a wink at her friend. They both burst into laughter.

Elle rolled onto her side, propped her head up on her hand and stared at Laura intensely, scrutinising her face.

“What? You look ... worried.” Queried Laura.

Elle didn’t reply right away. “I’m just concerned for you. I don’t want him thinking you are his own personal fuck toy.”

“Oh, I don’t mind...”

Elle punched her lightly in the side. “I’m being serious you cunt.”

Laura smiled. “I know. But it WAS fucking awesome. I even came both times...”

“Oh Jesus wept.” Elle slumped back onto her bed. Laura snaked the fingers of one hand into Elle’s and they lay on Elle’s bed, hand in hand in silence.



“Am I going to see less of you now?”

“What! Hell no! Sisters for ever, remember.” She squeezed Elle’s hand tightly. There was another companionable silence. “Well, maybe just a little less...”

“Bitch! I knew it!” They burst back into laughter

It was Laura’s turn to roll onto her side to face her friend. “He might be the first between my legs, but you WERE my first kiss.”

“I was wasn’t I,” Agreed Elle. “But you must have improved somewhat, because you were fucking shite!” They laughed some more, then Laura moved her head over and gently kissed her friend on the lips. Elle opened her mouth and Laura slipped her tongue in. They tongue battled for a few seconds before parting in laughter.

“Well?” Demanded Laura

Elle playfully licked her lips, whilst she considered. “A definite improvement, granted, but then you have had a lot of practice over the last few weeks, I bet...”

“Huh! Thanks a lot! You are just jealous.” She looked at her friend slyly “If you only knew what else was in my mouth a few hours ago!”

“WHAT! That’s disgusting!!!” Elle grabbed the pillow from under her head and repeatedly smacked Laura over the face with it. There then followed a 10 minute pillow fight, interspersed with a lot of hilarity. Eventually, exhausted they lay back down on the bed, saying nothing as they regained their breath.

“Have you really?” Asked Elle.

“Have I really what?”

“You know?”

“Know what?”

“Stop playing coy with me! You know what?”

“Not really, it could be a lot of things...”

“Look at me,” they turned to face each other “Have you really sucked him?” Laura didn’t reply and tried to keep her face expressionless, “You have, haven’t you! Laura you’re such a slut!”

Laura put on her best posh voice. “A lady does not discuss her dalliances out with of the bed chamber...”

In reply, Elle grabbed one of Laura’s nipples’ and twisted.

“Ouch ya fucker!” She pushed Elles’ hand away, rubbing her sore nipple.

“You deserve that you bitch, now tell all or I will give you a matching pair...”

Elle grabbed and covered her breasts defensively with her hands “Okay, okay! No more nipple tweaks!”

“Come on, I want all the details.”

“It wasn’t earlier tonight,” She confessed “it was a couple of days ago, at lunchtime. We were in the school library, cause, well, you know, no-one ever goes there at lunchtime and the librarian spends all her time either on Twitter or on Facebook...”

“I don’t care about her; get on with the juicy bits!”

“Where is your sense of drama? Oh all right. We had gone in there because it’s always quiet”

“I already know that! Skip to the interesting bit”

“Jeesh! Will you shut up and let me get on with it, or this will take all night. We were in the corner, you know the one with the French books, having a little, errr, kiss and cuddle...”

“Oooeer, missus.”

“Shut-it!, anyway, he just says “I’m fucking hard” or something, then just gets it out there and then. Like, what was I supposed to do! I told him to put it away, and he said he couldn’t, it was too hard. And I have to admit, he did have a point, it was going no-where...”

“So you just stuck it in your mouth?”

“What! Fuck no! Well not at first anyway ... He said the only way it was going to go down, was if he came. The fucker wanted me to sit on it, in the Library! Can you imagine the shit-storm I would be in, if that miserable cunt of a librarian came round the corner and saw me riding him for all I was worth?”

They laughed together.

“So what did you do then?”

“I said I would give him a hand job, get him off that way. I have to admit, I like playing with it anyway, “Laura paused to laugh “So there we were, on that couch near the window overlooking the playing fields, my hand round his cock wanking him, his hand up my skirt and down my tights, getting rather intimate- if you know what I mean, and then he says it was getting rather sore, and he needed a bit of lube. It did look a bit red and raw. He told me to lick his head, get it wet, that he was near to coming anyway and the pain was stopping him coming. I was a bit nervous, terrified really, to be honest, I just wanted him to cum, so he could put his cock away before we were caught. Seriously Elle, I was absolutely terrified and horny in equal measure, that twat with his fingers, if he had not asked and just taken me, I doubt I would have stopped him...”

“Go on...” Elle’s voice had turned husky.

“Well, I was, panicking, not thinking straight, “Laura felt her face turn a bright shade of red. Recalling the memory was bringing those feelings of shame and arousal back, “And I just bent over and...”


“Licked it.”

“Holy fuck. You really licked it?”

Laura nodded her head, “I went to withdraw and said “More”, so I did.”

“What did it taste like?”

“Nothing really, tasteless. It felt a little like when your tongue touches another tongue, smooth, slimy, but not slimy, if that makes sense.”

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