Mission Work: Bob's Perspective

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: This is the same story as Chapter 1 of Mission Work, but written from a different perspective-that of the mission organizer. It hints at the possible contents of a 3rd Chapter for Mission Work. This story is low on dialogue and some is directly duplicated from Mission Work.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Slut Wife   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Double Penetration   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Clergy   Small Breasts   .

I run a mission organization that coordinates volunteers for short- and long-term projects helping orphanages, clinics, and schools in 3rd world countries. Our office is located in a small town next to a conservative Bible College and Seminary. It is a great location because our operating costs are low, there are many students who want to go on mission projects, and we make contacts with future pastors who can steer project volunteers and, more importantly, donors our way once they are established in their churches.

Last year I was looking to hire an Assistant who would work closely with me in setting up mission projects. We had been growing enough that it was becoming harder for me to handle all of the planning details and correspondence while also doing all of the site preparation work necessary to assure meaningful experiences for all the volunteers. I was looking for a recent graduate who would like to stay in the area for a few more years. A professor recommended a 19-year old student who was recently married. I wouldn’t have considered someone so young, or with so little education, if the professor’s recommendation hadn’t been so strong.

Despite the fact that it was a conservative Christian college, most of the new students were anxious to escape their strict upbringing. The younger women were just as wild and worldly as girls at any state college. Sherri was different. She had been raised more strictly and more sheltered than most of her classmates, but instead of rebelling, Sherri clung firmly to those values.

While I was strongly impressed by Sherri’s spirituality, her looks didn’t hurt either. She had beautiful blonde hair. Her light freckles would have been hidden by makeup, if she ever wore any. Her simple beauty fit perfectly with her conservative dress. She would portray the perfect image for our mission organization when donors visited the office.

But that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to hire her. With all my travel, I don’t have much time for relationships and I have developed an addiction to porn. Not exactly the most Christian act, but I always justified it to myself that it wasn’t nearly as bad as fornication and if I wasn’t travelling all the time on Christian projects, I would have time for a wife and wouldn’t need porn. But if I’m honest with myself, that doesn’t explain my growing fetish for young teens.

This fetish is what also attracted me to Sherri. Her naivety was refreshing. And no one would guess that she was really 19. With her petite frame, A-cup breasts, and lack of makeup she could have passed for being in Junior High far more easily than College. I wasn’t hoping to seduce her, I just liked the idea of having a cute, very young looking girl working in the office whenever I was around.

The position had a great deal of responsibility for a 19-year-old. Sherri would have to basically run the organization whenever I was away, which was becoming a much greater portion of the time. Her hard work quickly had her doing far more than I had expected an assistant could do.

Within 6 months, Sherri had the operation running so smoothly that key donors and members of the Board had noticed. At the board meeting, it was suggested that Sherri should go into the field for a few weeks in order to understand our mission even better. Board members felt that it would increase her commitment to the job and help her expand her role. Sherri and I were both excited. Sherri realized it was a great opportunity for her and it would certainly help her husband make even more contacts within the church as he would be looking for a job as a pastor in a couple of years.

I was excited about the idea too, for very different reasons. I thought about some areas in Africa where I had contacts among the rebels. I could stage an incident where soldiers would stop our vehicle and strip search Sherri. I would get a chance to see her naked, maybe even arrange for a few pictures, and neither Sherri, nor anyone else, would ever suspect my involvement. I hadn’t even suggested to anyone that Sherri go into the field. All I needed to do was guide Sherri to select the right trip.

Manipulating Sherri turned out to be easier than I thought.

“The biggest needs are in Africa, which is why I make so many trips there. But I think we should find something more civilized and safer for you to visit.”

Sherri immediately balked, insisting that she needed to go where the need was the greatest if she were really going to experience what their mission was all about. I tried to hide my enthusiasm.

“At least talk to your husband about it before making any final decision.”

I made sure the trip was booked before Sherri could have any second thoughts, not realizing that she wouldn’t have any once her decision was made. The first several days in Africa were uneventful. The stop by rebel soldiers had been arranged for the 3rd day of the trip.

Just outside of town, we ran into a armed check-point. The soldiers, as is so often the case, were all young boys with the exception of one middle-aged officer. The boys were younger, in fact, than Sherri. They knew that they were going to be stopping this vehicle and strip searching a church lady, but they had no idea that she would be so young and attractive. They made a search of the vehicle for show, quickly searched me, and turned their attention to Sherri.

“Undress” the soldier ordered.

Sherri hesitated. The only man who had ever seen her naked before was her husband. Now these complete strangers would see her body. As Sherri considered the soldiers seeing her body, she realized that her boss would see her too. That idea embarrassed her even more. She was taking too long to undress until the older officer pulled his knife.

“Either take off your clothes now, or I will cut them off of you.”

Sherri tried to hide herself as she undressed. She didn’t notice that several soldiers were using phones to film her. She wouldn’t know until much later that one of those phones was mine. She was a little surprised that the soldiers were allowing her to mostly hide her private parts and thought to herself that maybe this won’t be too bad.

The thought had barely finished forming in her head when two soldiers grabbed her arms and put her on full display to the group. After a short period of standing in front of the group, the two boys at her side grabbed her legs and lifted her off of the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest, but much wider apart. Now the only thing hiding her privates from these boys was the wispy blonde hair around her pussy. With her legs spread as wide as they were, nothing was particularly hidden. While they held her in this exposed position, the officer performed a bare-fingered cavity search. He spit on his fingers to give them a little lubrication and then slowly inserted one finger deep inside Sherri’s cunt. He worked it around thoroughly and then added a second finger and continued the process.

The officer took the initiative to extend Sherri’s search beyond what he and I had planned. I didn’t complain. After he finished searching Sherri’s cunt, he called each boy over, one at a time, and coached him through the process of searching a girl’s cunt. The boys didn’t need any encouragement to repeat his thorough search of her pussy.

I watched as Sherri’s cunt lips swelled. Her pink lips stood out against her pale white body and blonde hairs. I could tell that Sherri’s body was betraying her; her puffy lips were glistening in the sun. It looked like she was pushing her hips towards the boys’ fingers; but perhaps it was just my fantasy taking hold. Sherri was fortunate that she was so well lubricated, as the officer shoved his finger into her ass using only her cunt juices for lubricant.

Once the search was completed, Sherri is allowed to dress and the officer “warns” me that we should return to the hotel. There is fighting ahead and even if we aren’t hurt in any battles, a young girl could be hurt badly if a group of soldiers fresh out of battle saw an opportunity to sate their inflamed passions.

We returned to the hotel, I figured that I would be putting Sherri on a flight home the next day. She surprised me when she insisted on staying.

“I can’t ask you to go through that again.”

“It wasn’t that humiliating, and besides, the women we are here to evangelize have to endure that and more. How can we convince people that Christianity offers a better way if I turn tail and run after the slightest inconvenience.”

“But it could be far worse tomorrow if we push onward. You could be raped, possibly even gang raped. You can’t risk your safety like that.”

“What I can’t do is ignore God’s call. I’m called to be here, to help these people. My safety is a minor concern compared to their salvation.”

A part of me wanted to talk Sherri into leaving, but another part was already planning her black gang rape. All it will take is one phone call when I return to my room.

The next morning, Sherri and I make it to the next village just fine. We visit both the orphanage and the clinic that our organization supports. We discuss the need to add a school and to expand the orphanage. On the drive back to the hotel, Sherri is excitedly discussing plans for meeting the needs of the village and doesn’t notice that we are approaching another road block.

Even as we stop, Sherri is unafraid. She thinks she knows what to expect as she exits the Range Rover.


Sherri doesn’t hesitate this time.

“The sooner I start, the sooner it will be over” Sherri thought to herself.

She took off her clothes and placed them on the tailgate of the truck. She faced the three young soldiers without hiding her body.

“Up there” the soldier points to the truck’s tailgate.

Sherri walked over to the tailgate and laid back. She bent her knees and placed her feet flat on the tailgate. This spread her legs wide enough for the cavity search she knew was coming next.

“White girls always need lard” says the first soldier as he reaches into the cab of the truck.

Sherri still thinks this will just be a cavity search until she sees the soldier rubbing lard on his massive black cock. The only time she has ever seen a cock close to this size, it was attached to a horse in the field. She had heard the expression “hung like a horse” before, but she had no idea that it could ever be literal.

Before Sherri could move, the other two soldiers grabbed her legs and held her down. The soldier with the giant, lard-covered cock slid between her legs and pressed the monster against her opening. Her pussy fought against the girth of the invader, refusing to accept his head into her canal. The soldier continued to press his cock forward, pushing her lips deeper into her body. It didn’t take long before his relentless pressure, and generous amount of lard, overcame the resistance and entered her cunt. I watched in awe as the giant black cock stretched her tiny cunt. When he withdrew, I noticed a little blood drip from Sherri’s cunt. The massive girth must have stretched her so much that there was a little tearing. It was like Sherri was losing her virginity all over again. But this massive cock kept going deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Sherri was screaming in pain long before he buried that 16” cock hilt deep. I’m ashamed to say that her painful screams turned me on almost as much the site of her tiny cunt being ripped wide open. I was surprised by how quickly her body adjusted.

Her screams subsided and were replaced by groans of pleasure. She tilted her hips and spread her legs further so that he could reach even deeper inside. I could see her stomach bulge as his dick filled her. I watched her body tense up as an orgasm approached. Her look was a combination of surprise and confusion. I learned later that this was her first orgasm. Her body clamped tight on the dick inside her, the muscles of her cunt milking the cock, desperately begging it to cum in her womb. But the young soldier wasn’t ready. He continued his relentless pounding of her pussy.

The first orgasm may have surprised her; the second one rocked her whole body. She felt his cock throb and the forceful spurts of cum deep inside her. He pulled out his dick and strings of cum followed his dick before falling back onto Sherri’s thighs.

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