Harold's Bitch

by Sors68

Copyright© 2017 by Sors68

Erotica Sex Story: You may remember Sheila Broadhead from "A Woodland Encounter". Well she's back and looking for a dog of her own.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Bestiality   .

Authors Note: I was cleaning out some of my old floppy storage and most stuff was way out of date and useless, but I found several 3 ½ inch floppy’s with stories on them. They were all in the Bestiality category, but I figured they were worth looking at even still. I still had an old tower that still worked and had a 3 ½ floppy drive and it still worked. Shall wonders never cease? Anyway this is just one of several that I have saved for posterity. These stories are kind of short so I hope all you beast fans like them. I had to do a lot of editing to make them readable as I wrote these back in the 70s. So things might be a little dated. Here goes and enjoy:


Hi, I’m Shelia Broadhead and I hope you have read my first story about how I was assaulted and raped in Prospect Park in early June of this year. Well I’m back with another tale, this time I am searching for a dog for my very own.

Since my encounter in the park I have had sex with two different men that I know but don’t work with. It was with just a couple of guys that I have had relations with before. I am back to square one again. Men just don’t compare with a good dog fuck. I have tried the humane society, but they neuter all animals before you can even get them out of the shelter, even if they were just going to euthanize them that day. I was sorely disappointed, but I started looking around for a farm dog or something like a puppy farm to get a non neutered dog. Once neutered they no longer care for sex and I didn’t need one like that.

I finally found a farm that raised dogs and other animals like goats, pigs, horses, and sheep. Once I talked face to face with the woman owner of the farm, I realized that she raised sex partners for men and women. She also rented out animals by the hour and had private enclosures in her large barn just for that part of her business. I was amazed the scope of her business. She said that she even put her business on the bulletin boards that were on the internet now. She was getting orders from pet from as far away as Buffalo, Erie, and Cleveland.

She asked me what I was looking for and since I had already hit up all the animal shelters in a fifty mile radius I knew I wanted a short haired dog with a decent sized cock and one not overly large, so I could still somewhat control him.

She said, “I have three that I think you would like. Ralph is a doberman, Harold is a Weimaraner, and George is a Rottweiler. I’ll call each of them here and you can see which one likes you best and which one you like best.”

She called out to Ralph and a sleek black dog with some rust colored markings came a running up to her and rolled over to be scratched on his belly. She rubbed his belly for a bit and then rubbed his sheath and I could see his pointy, pink prick start to come out. She stopped after about four or five inches came out and it went back inside. She introduced me to Ralph. He came to me, smelled my hand, then licked the back, and then she had me turn my hand over and he licked the palm. She said that was a dog’s was of saying hello to a stranger. Now other dogs they would sniff their butt to see if they knew the scent from their scat around the area.

Ralph was a very nice dog and he seemed to like me ok. But then she had Ralph sit by her and called George. George was this beautiful black and rust colored dog colored much like Ralph, but this dog was much beefier and looked stronger. She introduced us and we went through the hand sniffing and licking. He seemed skittish around me so she called him to her and called for Harold. That is when I saw this grey sleek dog cane around the corner of the barn that looked like he could run and run all day. He came up to her and immediately came to me and sniffed my hand and licked both top and palm. Then he sat in front of me and lifted his right front paw. I reached down and shook his paw and I think a bond was formed that very minute.

Alice the farm lady said, “I think we have a winner. Harold has never taken to anyone like that before. The question is; do you like him?”

“Oh yes, I love him already. I’m ready to see if he likes me enough to have sex with me.”

“Shelia look down, I think you will find your answer to that.”

Sure enough when I looked down to the ground I saw a huge dark pink cock about six inches long sticking out of Harold’s sheath. It seemed to already be dripping fluid. I asked Alice, How much is Harold?”

“I probably could ask for any price and you would pay it, but since Harold is so taken with you I’ll give you a family discount, for you $700.00.”

“Will you take a check from a local bank?”

“Of course, I have your phone number and your address on the check so no problem.”

That is how I met and bought Harold, my lover and my companion.

I stopped at the farm supply place and picked up some food that Alice recommended for Harold and I got him two bowls for food and water and a dog pillow. Not that I really expected him to sleep on it except when I was at work, but he may just find the bed a better place to lay down.

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