A Woodland Encounter

by Sors68

Copyright© 2017 by Sors68

Fiction Sex Story: A young woman is walking in a woodland park when she suddenly needs to find a private place to pee. What happens next changes her whole outlook on life in general and her sexual life in particular.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Fiction   Bestiality   Cream Pie   First   .

Authors Note: I was cleaning out some of my old floppy storage and most stuff was way out of date and useless, but I found several 3 ½ inch floppy’s with stories on them. They were all in the Bestiality category, but I figured they were worth looking at even still. I still had an old tower that still worked and had a 3 ½ floppy drive and it still worked. Shall wonders never cease? Anyway this is just one of several that I have saved for posterity. These stories are kind of short so I hope all you beast fans like them. I had to do a lot of editing to make them readable as I wrote these back in the 70s. So things might be a little dated. Here goes and enjoy:


I was taking a nature walk in Prospect Park, which is some two hundred acres of woodland, with nature trails and a few clearings where they have picnic tables and a stone grill by them. It was the first part of June and up here in Northwest Pennsylvania it is just getting warm and it was a nice day in the lower 70s. I wanted to get some exercise and there was this one trail that wasn’t too long and should have had some nice scenery and a lot of the wild flowers would be blooming.

I guess I had walked about a half mile into the woods when I felt a pressing need to tinkle. The restrooms were still about another quarter mile away in either direction so I had to decide if I dared to go off the path and squat near a tree to relieve my pressing problem.

I had only seen one other person walking out as I came on to this trail and they hadn’t see anyone either. I looked around and neither saw nor heard anyone or anything other than the birds and squirrels in the trees. I hadn’t even heard any rabbits or other ground animals. I guess they were quiet with people walking around. I finally spied a spot that was not too far off the path, but looked like a good place to stop. I looked for poison ivy, oak, and sumac, but there was none in this particular area. I had been in 4-H back when I was in my teens and I knew I could recognize any of the dangerous plants that grow around here.

I was also prepared and had a couple of Kleenex in my pocket of my slacks. I worked my way over to the spot I had picked and looked around again but my bladder was really screaming at me now.

I lowered my slacks and panties, squatted down and pulled my pants down and out of the way then kind of pushed my rear in the air so my stream would go back and not splash my shoes and legs. Oh the relief, I sighed and had just wiped good and was about to stand up when I felt a very cold something touch my ass. I fell forward on my head trapping my hands in my slacks and panties. I looked between my legs and saw dog paws. It appeared to be a collie. His cold nose nudged my butt crack again and then jumped on top of me with his front paws. Then I saw something that would have sent me screaming in terror if I could only move. I saw a shiny red pointed dog prick pointed at me and then I felt the slimy pointed head probing around back there hitting my ass and then near my vagina. I screamed out hoping to scare the animal, but all his hopping around had finally speared my pussy and he thrust into me so hard I was again forced to have my head bent looking at his prick and his hairy sheath banging against my body.

His initial assault was tentative but when his cock was firmly entrenched into my vagina, he found a new gear and although his rear legs were hopping all over the place, his dick was slamming into and out of me at a furious rate. When a man is really into it and slamming his cock into you at his best speed he is like a snail compared to this dog. Then I saw something that really scare the living daylights out of me. His knot started growing and slamming into me. At first it wouldn’t go in. It only bounced off my inner lips and then I felt this tremendous pressure and the knot slid inside me and swelled even more.

At that moment I was no longer being raped by a dog, I was enraptured with a dog and I was suddenly coming like I had never come before. It was a massive orgasm that raged throughout my whole body. I felt on fire inside my cunt as the collie squired his doggy cum. It burned and I now noticed that his whole organ was hot. This was many degrees hotter than any man that ever been inside me. And his cum was hotter still that his cock. I was frozen in time, I could do nothing except cum and cum I did for the next five minutes I experienced one long orgasm after another and then he stopped squirting and tried to pull out, but it wouldn’t budge. WE were truly knotted together. When tried to move his cock would touch somewhere in my vaginal canal and it would send shockwaves throughout my body. And when he tried to pull out the knot would stretch my lips and pull on my clitoris and I would get another electric jolt through me. I must have come for close to half an hour before his knot deflated enough for him to pull out.

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