And That's How I Had Four Sisters

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2017 by just-this-guy

Sex Story: The story of how I had four sisters (duh!)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   .

Katie, my naked 16-year old girlfriend climbed on top of me. We were on her twin bed in her bedroom alone in her house. We had sex for the first time less than a week ago and I had been on top each time and Katie wanted to be on top this time. I just wanted my hard penis inside her warm sensual pussy again so I’m pretty sure I was agreeable to any position. I thought I only thought about sex before I had sex but now that I had sex I really only thought about sex so yes any position.

My sweet lover with straight dark brown hair grabbed my dick and once again positioned so she could sink down on it but once again it slipped forward. She looked frustrated. I just smiled up at her because this foreplay felt good and I knew in time I’d be inside her wet heat.

She lined my penis up again, pulled her hand away, and pushed down. My cock slipped behind. “Dammit!” she shouted.

“It’s okay,” I encouraged. “It feels good.”

“Arrgh!” she complained.

“Let me show you,” another voice said.

Katie whipped her head around as I looked over too. The voice was from her 17-year old sister Karly.

“What are you doing here?” Katie exclaimed with wide eyes.

“It’s not like you guys were quiet.”

Karly abruptly grabbed Katie’s arm and pulled her off the bed.

“What... ?” Katie protested as she tumbled to the floor.

Oh, by the way Karly was also naked. She looked very much like my naked Katie but with a thinner waist so a better hourglass figure.

Karly climbed on top of me, grabbed my penis, and didn’t pull her hand away until I started to slip inside her pussy. I groaned as I entered her warmth.

“Hey guy!” she smiled down at me.

“Why are you doing this?” Katie said from where she sat on the floor.

“I just wanted to show you how to fuck on top.”

I didn’t know if that was the truth or not. I was in Karly’s pussy so I didn’t care about truth. My brain was heat locked on the hotness of being inside pussy. It was impossible to have other thoughts.

She began to move on me and I reached up to grab a handful of hanging tits to ... uh ... to compare to the feel of Katie’s tits ... but Karly slapped my hands down so I kept them by my sides and savored her motion.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “Your dick has a little curve or something that rubs me in the perfect way.”

At least that’s what I think she said. I admit I’m not very cognizant of anything being said during sex.

Karly leaned forward so now her face and especially her tits were close to my face and I really had to resist not to grab a hold of those lovely pale orbs.

“Oh god!” she moaned loudly which both startled and excited me. She was getting off on my cock while I was building up for a release.

“What are you doing?” came a new voice. “Isn’t that your boyfriend?”

“Yes,” replied Katie sadly.

“His dick feels amazing,” panted Karly.

Katie said, “She says it has a curve or something.”

“Don’t you know?” asked Kelsey, the oldest sister and newest person to join the room. She was 18.

“It was going to be my first time on top but Karly pulled me off him.”

“I was showing her how to do it on top,” Karly gasped.

“She broke up with her boyfriend two months ago,” said Kelsey. “She’s horny.”

“She should get her own boyfriend!” Katie protested.

“Ooohhhh!” Karly moaned out so loud that it killed all conversation.

I panted heavily and met Karly’s motion with my own up thrusts. She worked my penis not only with up and down motion but side to side like a master technician.

I couldn’t hold back not that I wanted to and it was also Karly’s time. She trembled and her pussy quivered and when I ejaculated my initial release she sank fully down on me and then I spurted the entirety of my cum load in multiple jerking throbs into her incredible pussy.

“Wow!” she gasped softly and gave me a soft kiss on my chin. “You have a really nice dick.”

“Thanks,” I panted. If I was coherent I might have said something clever like “Anytime” or ... well when you just fucked your girlfriend’s sister in front of your girlfriend I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is. Hey Siri! What do you say when you had sex with your girlfriend’s sister while she watched? Yea, doesn’t work.

“Ok, get off. Let me give his dick a try.” These words were uttered by Kelsey.

Karly slid off me and I looked over at Kelsey. As she undressed my cock returned to a hardened upright state. I was about to have sex with Kelsey too!

Kelsey was as adept at sliding down on my penis as Karly. She climbed on top of me and encased my penis in her warm wet pussy in one continuous motion. Being inside a pussy sure felt like the natural state for my cock!

My eyes were drawn to Kelsey’s tits. She was bigger than my girlfriend Katie or sister Karly. My hands instinctively rose to grab them and this time I was not rebuffed. Kelsey even leaned forward so I could get a fuller grip. I squeezed and used my thumbs on her already erect nipples.

She did small circular movements and the occasional slow all the way up so only my cock head was inside her and then slow motion back down. It felt like she was experimenting or testing or ... ok, I didn’t really care! It just felt good!

She gradually slid up then came back down while gently pushing forward. “Ohhhhh!” she responded. “You’re right. There’s something about his dick.”

“Told you,” Karly snootily replied.

Kelsey looked down at me while continuing her pleasing motion. “How did Katie get such a good boyfriend?”

“Ummm,” I gasped in response which I admit doesn’t really answer the question because “ummm” in this situation means “I really enjoy having sex with you right now and please continue doing exactly what you’re doing”.

However my cock stimulated Kelsey’s pussy was having the same corresponding effect on me just like it did with Karly earlier. Did that really happen only a few minutes ago? Probably. Time stands still during ecstasy.

“Oh god!” she moaned loudly enough to startle me and cause me to drop my hands. I looked up into her face outlined by long dark hair. The three truly looked like sisters. Kelsey grabbed my hands and placed them on the sides of her tits then really began to move on my penis. Kelsey’s moans increased, not in volume but in intensity and length. I hung on to her swaying tits.

“Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes,” she gasped heavily.

Her motion and the sounds of her excitement pushed me toward my release. Kelsey did all the work and I simply lay there and enjoyed the pleasures of her efforts. She was highly accomplished.

“Oh, god, yes, yes, yesssssss!” she cried out.

Her pussy rhythmically convulsed around my penis and that’s all it took to finish me. I responded with my own rhythmic convulsions and released my cum up into her. Kelsey collapsed down on to me forcing my hands away but now I felt the pleasure of her tits against my chest.

“Wow!” she said almost like a whisper. “That was good.”

“Yea” was all my sex-overloaded brain could cleverly come up with.

“Would it be okay if I try?” It was an entirely new voice.

“Sure, why not?” said Karly.

“He’s my boyfriend!” protested Katie.

“Let her having some fun too,” countered Kelsey.

That new voice? The youngest of the four sisters, Kaylee, age 15. Same face and build of her sisters but shorter dark hair only to the chin line

“But...” said Katie.

“You get to have him all the time,” interrupted Karly.

“Though you may need to share him from now on,” said Kelsey.

Katie didn’t look happy.

I was not happy. Not because Katie wasn’t happy. I was happy because I envisioned even more sex.

Kelsey got off me. I glanced between all four sisters trying to determine what decision was about to transpire.

“I haven’t done it before,” said Kaylee.

“See!” expounded Katie in perfect elaboration of her reasoning.

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