Bobo's Balls

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Gentle giant is an amazing stud for my wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   .

I knew Bobo from high school a few years ago. He was a gentle giant kind of guy. 6 foot 6, big and strong, but nice as can be. Our paths crossed a couple of weeks ago and I invited him over for dinner. My wife Matty didn’t have a job and she liked company but didn’t have many opportunities to meet new people.

We’d had a good time, going quite a way through a case of beer during and after dinner so it was smart to put him up on the living room floor.

Early the next morning Matty went to take a piss in our small place which meant that she had to go through the main room. When she came back she grabbed for my dick and whispered, “He’s got a HUGE one!”

“I know from locker room. How do you know? Did you fuck him?” Saying that made my tallywhacker twitch and I know she felt it.

“No, silly! The covers came off and it was up against his belly, I guess with a morning woodie. I just had to look. And his balls are huge too.”

Now I knew she’d seen and felt a few dicks before mine but I didn’t know whose. In the two years we’d been wed the subject never came up since we were having a lot of fun just fucking whenever we could. I’d had a few brief sex relationships but nothing very memorable. Mostly sluts who put out easy.

Matty took to fucking like a duck to water when we started dating. Not immediately like a slut but soon enough to keep me real interested. I was in love, or maybe “in lust” but asked her to marry me and here we are.

As soon as we fed Bobo breakfast and shooed him out the door she was all over me. She usually wouldn’t let me out of her “crotch trap” until she knew I couldn’t get firm enough to be useful any longer, but this time she made me eat her swampy puss until I could fuck it one more time. It was Saturday and she stayed naked to entice more of my cock asap.

Her fucking seemed more intense for a while, not that it ever wasn’t, and she did ask a couple of times if Bobo would visiting again. I told her I’d ask him if she wanted and she nodded, grinning.

A few weeks later I saw him again and asked if he’d like some more homemade food. He lit up and Friday night was set. She tried to hide it but Matty was hot as hell when she heard the news. I took the afternoon off and she screwed me to a limp willy before he arrived. Neither one of us said anything but the sexual tension was there.

Bobo and I went through quite a bit of beer at dinner and then watching a ball game. When he got up to take a piss he was a bit unsteady. Matty had not been drinking, I noticed. She jumped up and told Bobo she’d better help him, to make sure he hit the toilet so she didn’t have a mess to clean up. He grinned and followed her. I heard a long piss because they left the door open and his pants were bulging when he returned. Matty’s face was real pink and she was grinning at me. I smiled back, my crotch starting to tingle.

My wife had a skirt on and she flashed me some pussy shots when she could. Even through her light fur I could see it was pink and wet. Me and Bobo kept on drinking until the game was over. Then I made a move that Matty maybe wasn’t expecting. “Hey Bobo, you getting any?”

He turned to look at me, oblivious to Matty’s presence, “No. All the women I know are married or in a serious relationship, or they’re too ugly to fuck. I ain’t had any pussy in a while.”

I continued, “Do you think one guy can fuck a woman until she says she’s had enough?”

He thought for a minute, “I had that happen once and she was even married. Why are you askin?”

I could see Matty with her hand between her legs, rubbing away behind him. “It’s like this, Bobo. I ain’t never been able to do that to my hot wife and I’d like to see if once she could get all she could handle. We fucked a lot before you came and I know she wants more. Could you help out?”

Bobo stood up, his crotch sticking out, “I’d be honored to help. I need to piss again first though. Where’s that good helper?”

She was on the spot instantly and took him to the bathroom. He was too hard to bend down to the toilet so she aimed him into the shower and he made it all yellow. I was watching from the doorway and she flashed adoring looks at me as she held that big log.

When they headed for the bed she whispered to me, “Wait a bit before you watch like I know you want to. We both might be a bit shy until we get going.”

Just hearing the noises as they fooled around and then the bed thumping was the most erotic thing of my life. I’d never heard moans and squeals like that from Matty. I stroked my rigid rod in rhythm outside the door until I couldn’t stand it any longer and slipped in quietly.

That picture is forever seared in my memory. My 5 foot 2 honey on top of the big guy. His cock was so big as she was riding him that it filled the whole space between her thighs. His balls, the size of big chicken eggs, hung all the way to the bed. I moved around to see his big hands completely cupping her not-tiny tits. She glanced at me briefly, totally into her fucking.

She said to him, “I’m getting tired. You on top.” When she rose off him I gauged that big hunk of man-meat. It had to be at least half again as long as mine and as big around as my wrist. Yet she’d taken all of it. Shit! Talk about making a guy feel inadequate. But she’d never complained. Would she now?

When he slid that monster into her twat it seemed to take forever to hit bottom. She couldn’t put her legs around him so she just spread them. Her eyes were closed and I noticed she didn’t kiss him. This was just raw lust. She looked over at me briefly and threw me a quick kiss, then closed her eyes again as he began slow stroking.

There weren’t too many in-and-outs before his balls, which were gently slapping her ass, tightened up and he grunted a half-dozen times. Matty’s eyes flew open and she shook with an orgasm as he shot a lot of sperm into her depths. She wouldn’t look at me so I left them alone.

A half hour later I was sipping on a beer when Bobo came out to piss. He muttered, “Go fuck her. She wants you too.” I walked in, hard for the whole time and she smiled over her tits and belly. Het cunt was red, swollen, and oozing cum. I just knelt between her legs and slid in. Hot, wet, and little friction. She put her legs around me and tried to clamp down with her internal muscles. That helped a bit but it was my mind, not her pussy, that got my load mixing with his, especially when she said, “He’s cum in me three times already and doesn’t seem tired. This is amazing and I love you for it.”

When I pulled out Bobo was back and big. As I watched, he flipped her on her hands and knees then slid in from behind. He took a couple of strokes, his massive balls swinging and then turned to me, “Get under her chest and make them nice tittles feel good while she’s fucking.”

I did and her noises went up a notch. She pulled me up to kiss her and then I went back to her tits. She kept cumming between the two of us and he shot another load. Then I realized that she wasn’t on birth control because she wanted a kid. I damn near lost my hardon so I pulled up to her ear, “I hope this is a safe day!” She whispered back, “It is. Tell you later.”

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