Haley's Two Husbands

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Woman leads a challenging but never boring double life with two men.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Pregnancy   Water Sports   Nudism   .

It was a changeover day again. Haley woke Tony with the cock sucking he loved. She swung her leg over him and hummed as the long shaft filled her. He loved the visual and tactile memory of her bouncing tits when she was on top. Emptying his balls deep inside her would have to last him two weeks.

He’d board a helicopter shuttle later this morning to the oil platform he was assigned to. Returning on that same shuttle would be Terry, finished with his shift. Haley knew to rest before he arrived home late afternoon because he was always hornier than hell. His sexual energy was wonderfully satisfying but could tire her out as their bodies reconnected in mutual pleasure.

The next two weeks would be busy, both in bed and out. Terry was an extrovert, who needed to make up for his social isolation with friends while Tony was an introvert and not so bothered by it and focused more on her.

This was an unusual situation perhaps. The two guys had become friends in the third grade. Haley lived nearby and was a tomboy so the trio did lots of stuff together. They played doctor and later began doing teenage activities as a threesome. Not sexual yet. Parents figured they were “safe” with the ratio of boys to girl. Not quite. When puberty arrived, they learned and practiced oral sex. On Haley’s seventeenth birthday Terry got a six pack of beer and a blanket and they went to a farm pond he knew about.

They enjoyed some tipsy skinny dipping and things got hotter. Haley had removed her hymen with toys long before so Tony was able to penetrate her vagina easily while Terry put his hard one in her familiar mouth. The guys were a team so Tony gallantly withdrew in order that Haley could feel Terry’s organ this first time too. He pounded hard and spurted the first semen to flow inside her. Tony reentered and brought their shared woman to her first cock-induced orgasm as he added his seed.

From then on Haley screwed them separately and rarely on the same day. Birthdays were the exception. Tony usually “made love” while Terry liked to fuck hard. That made for some nice variety. She noticed that their peckers were about the same length and thickness, but Tony’s curved left and Terry’s curved right so she could tell the difference even if no other part of bodies were touching. Terry was left-handed and that’s the hand he jacked off with.

With their different interests, Haley was exposed to sports (Terry was a star football player) and intellectual pursuits (Tony was valedictorian). Between the two she was pretty well rounded. She could be social or studious.

She went to the Senior Prom with Terry who loved to dance. Tony was waiting in the hotel room which he had decorated with candles and scents and other romantic things that Terry wouldn’t have even thought about.

The next morning her mother asked if she’d had a good time with Terry. Haley looked her in the eye and replied, “And Tony too.” Mom smiled and said, “I’ve suspected as much for a long time,” and never mentioned it again.

The guys got jobs in the oil industry working the offshore rigs. It paid really good money which Tony needed to save for college. Terry was going to buy boy toys with his money. Since Haley demanded to move with them they rented a secluded house on the outskirts of Houston. That’s when Haley’s double life began.

With their different personalities and separate work times, there was no reason for all three to have the same set of friends. Three simple matching wedding bands were purchased and they simply passed as married, which in a practical sense they were.

Haley sometimes felt that she was a bit schizophrenic. Although she had a number of her own interests such as volunteering and gardening, because of the guys’ widely differing styles there were completely different sets of acquaintances. Whenever paths crossed, the “other guy” would be introduced as her brother. The two pairings didn’t discuss what happened in the other half of her life unless it affected them directly.

Now that Terry was “in residence” the motorcycle would come out of the garage and they’d go party. She told him not to repeat what had happened three weeks ago. They’d gone on a ride with three other couples that they’d done things with before. After dinner Terry rented a suite at a beachside motel. Between booze and some good weed she’d gotten real high and three new guys got between her legs in the night-long orgy. She’d fucked them as hard as they’d fucked her. Part of it was the wickedness of feeling different dicks, and part of it was watching Terry banging the other three women. It was something she’d never experienced before.

She thought Terry acted real familiar around these folks. Her suspicions were confirmed when she went out on the balcony with one of the other chicks to get some fresh air. The gal asked her, “Having a good time? I hope so. The guys have been after Terry to have you come to our parties for a while. He owed them a bunch of pussy.” She went back in and repaid some more of the debt and he didn’t get any of her pussy for the next 48 hours. She was mad and sore.

When Tony was on “shore leave” they had a completely different set of friends. They attended a UU church and met some couples who were adventurous in a more intellectual way. There was a couple about their age who liked to talk about sex. The topics could range from the historical to the kinky. Tony had introduced her to on-line porn, both erotic stories and videos. They had fun talking about and trying out new things.

After getting some time to emotionally process the gang bang, Haley realized that she had basically enjoyed it. The newness of the other guys who were turned on by her body was a real ego kick. The wicked feelings as they got intimate with her and spurted their seed inside her pussy was deliciously erotic. She now often talked about polyandry and Tony figured she was referring to their current setup. She asked if he was curious about how sex would be with another woman as they had read about. He got hard when she talked about it. But he wasn’t so outgoing that he’d seek it out. She had no doubt he’d plunge right in if a pussy was presented to him though.

Bill and Barbara, a couple they knew from church, thought that camping at a nude resort would be fun. Haley had never camped or run around nude in front of strangers. Tony and the other couple had camped though, but not like this!

The foursome took advantage of a weekday special at a lake near Houston. Bill had a big tent and the other gear they needed. Off they went for three days and nights in the buff.

The campground wasn’t very busy which was alright with the beginners. They waited until the tent was up and undressed inside, more from conditioning than anything else. With towels around their waists they headed for the beach. They tried not to gawk at the variety of bodies swimming and lounging near the water. Barbara and Haley were already topless which kept Bill and Tony’s eyes busy and then the visual menu got a lot bigger. They sat with their towels still on their waists trying to figure out how to hide their hard-ons. They should have gotten laid in the tent before making this trek. The gals were smirking at their discomfort but their nipples were hard. They’d been eyeing the many swinging peckers and balls.

The gals made a production of dropping their towels in front of the other gal’s guy and turned to go to the water. Tony tried to cover his erection and threw his towel on shore when the water got close to his crotch. Bill did the same.

Haley was a slim blond with firm high b-cup tits with protruding nipples. Her bush was sparse and well-trimmed so her flowerlike vaginal lips were quite noticeable. Barbara had big mommy tits and a rounded tummy above a dark and profuse bush that hid her private parts although she was yet to be a mother. She kept her dark hair cut fairly short.

Once in the water the male inflation was reduced but then the horseplay started. Body contact brought the good ole boners back to full attention. Haley spooned behind Tony, reached around and gave him a quick but effective hand job. Barbara recognized the white stuff floating to the surface and took care of Bill the same way. Walking back to their beach chairs was easier now.

They visited with some other campers at the big campfire that happened every evening and retired to their tent. Being naked with another couple out in public was interesting, but in the confines of a tent it was much more sexual. It was warm so no one even put a sheet over themselves. The foam mattresses were only separated by a few feet. It was pretty dark but you could hear sounds and see shapes as the couples tried to discreetly couple. Tony was spooned behind Haley and moving as gently as could and still get the job done. A pussy fart broke the silence and everybody laughed in relief.

Barb said, “Hell we all want to screw so let’s just go at it like at home!” There was enough light that you could watch the other couple a bit and knew you were being watched. That was a turn on too. In the morning the couples took turns going to the showers so the others could have a good private fuck.

The guys watched the girls play doubles badminton and they were watched playing dodgeball with four other guys. In all cases parts were a-flying to the spectators’ delight. More swimming, some sunning where the other partner was asked to apply the sunscreen, chasing around in the paddleboats, and some walks on the trails. This was a family campground so Haley got the biggest kick out of watching little kids running around having fun. They would nonchalantly go the edge of the beach and take a piss when they needed to. The little girls didn’t always squat down. Some would just spread their legs wide and let it flow. She wanted so badly to do that too but was content to wade out and let it go in the water.

Haley asked Tony if he enjoyed putting the lotion on Barbara. Of course, he did. How did he feel about doing even more intimate things with her? Of course he would if she, Haley, was OK with it. She pointed out that he had been OK with Terry being fully intimate with her for a long time so fair was fair.

She was starting to get that delicious wicked feeling when she went to the big group shower with Barbara. There were two teenage boys already there and, seeing woman flesh, they stayed a bit longer. She made sure they were facing her and spread her legs wider before letting go a bladder full of pee. Their peckers began to fill but before they did they were able to create golden arches for her amusement.

Barbara was laughing. She walked over to the boys and asked them if they had time to play a bit. Big nods. While Haley served as lookout, Barbara sucked the boy she’d chosen close to ejaculation then hand-jobbed him on her tits. The lookout was real distracted. She made him sit on the shower floor then pissed all over his dick and balls. She really wanted him to rinse his cum off her big tits but he was empty. Maybe another time.

Haley was amazed at her friend’s behavior but very turned on by it. They switched roles and she had her fun with the other young boy too. Everyone needed a final rinse-off shower. The four exchanged smiles the rest of the visit.

On the way back to the tent Barbara said, “I had an urge to have both those young hard cocks shoot their sperm inside me. Is that wicked?”

Haley replied, “You’re damned right it is, and very natural too. I’ve had that feeling myself.” She asked Barbara the same question she’d asked Tony earlier. Barbara replied that they’d talked a lot about it but never found a good couple BEFORE. Emphasis duly noted. Haley said, “Let’s simply switch beds while we have a drink and visit and see where it goes.” Barbara agreed.

When they’d served everyone an adult beverage of choice, they plopped down next to the other guy. Tony suspected this was coming but Bill was surprised. He looked across at Barbara next to Tony. She smiled, raised her glass and said, “Enjoy!”

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