Belle's Bountiful Boobs

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Blessed with big breasts, she enjoys and shares them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Sharing   Incest   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Hispanic Male   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

Yeah, they were big hangers, alright. And they were soft and sagged and flopped around if unrestrained. They were a nuisance, sometimes, but sure were fun when an appreciative guy got his hands, mouth, dick, or any other body part up against them. And that happened pretty often.

Belle had no shortage of male admirers since puberty arrived at age 12. She needed D cups at 13 and her mother put her on birth control not long after, remembering her own urges at that age. Belle actually stayed a virgin far longer than you might expect, giving blow and tit jobs to horny admirers. Her first regular after school babysitting job was the right opportunity to learn about fucking from an experienced older man. She considered that training one of the greatest gifts of her life and still bedded him once or twice a year as a thank you.

For her 21st birthday she gave herself the gift of tubal ligation, figuring if she ever wanted kids there were plenty to be adopted. She ate healthy and worked out regularly. Only 5’3”, her hips and waist were normally proportioned. She kept her dark red hair shoulder length and her matching crotch carpet medium trimmed.

She was 45 now and had been through two marriages and countless affairs. One-night stands happened but were pretty rare. Good advice from her mother and her male mentor helped her pick better bedmates throughout her life. She strongly preferred getting to know the person inside the body before sharing hers. And, in return, she expected to be treated as a person and not a sex toy to stick a dick in.

Husband number one was just too immature, and got controlling and jealous when he realized that she wasn’t going to limit sex to him like he had assumed. The turning point was a spring break when they went to Florida with a male friend who had a car. They shared a tent at a campground by the ocean. It wasn’t long before she persuaded her husband that the friend deserved a thank you for the ride, considering they didn’t even have money for gas. Well, she gave the friend lots of “thank yous”. He was a better fuck and they did it everywhere and often. The friend had to insist that Belle give her husband some pussy so his dick could recover.

At night she’d sleep between them and screw whoever got hard. She even banged the friend several times in the back seat of the car as they were driving home. Even though she promised to not fuck the friend again, the marriage didn’t last long after that. It taught her another valuable lesson: don’t let any guy into your pussy until he clearly realizes he’s not going to be the only visitor. BTW, after the divorce the friend became a long-term sex buddy ... he was a good fuck, after all.

Ten years later husband number two was ok with her conditions and even helped set up swaps and sex parties. His career required him to move away and she wouldn’t, so they parted but were still married and remained good friends. They regularly vacationed together at an adult nudist resort they both liked. There were a number of regulars there who showed their appreciation of her tits just the way she preferred. Her husband never minded waiting his turn if he could watch and play too. A few had attractive wives as well. Belle could enjoy them as much as her husband did.

Tonight she was having dinner with Raymundo, a man fifteen years her junior, who was a great cook. About once a week he invited her for dinner. And it wasn’t all Latino food either. Cooking was his hobby and he loved showing off for her. Their dinner dates often started with a tit or blow job to take the edge off since he wasn’t getting pussy from anyone else. Belle would follow his directions in the kitchen to help finish preparing the meal. They often enjoyed an after-dinner drink to let the meal settle and then got into dessert.

Belle stripped and lounged on Raymundo’s bed. She dabbed some wild fruit jam on her big areolae and her pussy. “Time for some sweets, my love,” she called out.

It was partly for fun and partly to disguise the taste of the semen her boss had put there after work. She hadn’t had an opportunity to do more than wipe her labia off after their quickie. Raymundo still noticed because he was used to seconds from this hottie anyway. He’d tasted plenty of fresh cum in her twat and he knew her proclivities. That had been especially the case when his cousin had visited and repeatedly enjoyed Belle’s carnal hospitality. He’d loved watching the hot action, then taking his turns.

It was a game they often played so, when he slipped into her silky pussy he commented, “Feels like your boss got you ready for me today.” He marveled that a cunt that had taken on SO much cock and cum over the years could feel as good as, or better than, much younger women he had screwed. He figured she must take good care of it, or maybe it was all the exercise it got? Whatever the reason, he was glad to get his share.

“You’re right again,” Belle replied. “And you are going to get me warmed up for my youngest brother who’s visiting tonight. He likes my pussy real wet and I told him you were one of the best at doing that.”

She knew his thoughts and love to get him riled up again after his first cum dump by teasing him about enjoying a pussy that had been filled by more than a hundred hard dicks and painted with thousands of sperm spurts planting billions of the little wigglers right where he was playing.

Belle rarely spent the night with Raymundo although when his cousin was there she’d arrange to bang their brown dicks to impotence even if it took all night, which it often did.

Getting the hot shots of male cream deep inside was an import part of screwing for Belle. All the good hormones and other stuff could soak in through her vaginal tissues and keep her ready for the next eager pleasure shaft. And it was always extra nice if one man’s juice could serve as lubricant for the next penetrator, like with Raymundo.

Belle didn’t fuck in the missionary position very often since her soft tits would flop off to either side and not be as accessible for play as everyone liked. It was much better if she rode or did doggy so they hung down for easy availability. Spooning on their sides was good for long copulations. One of the best was being fucked from behind while hanging her big bags over two other guys who were head to head, each one having mouth and hands full of a mammary. Then rotating positions after the guy inside delivered his pearly gift. He could then enjoy a boob while recovering for his next turn. Her pussy stayed full of cock and cum and she’d usually get two deposits from each guy that way.

Her boss was married, like many of the men who enjoyed her body. Belle had ethics though. If a guy was getting enough at home, she wouldn’t open the playpen. Tom was in his sixties with an invalid wife. This time Belle actually got the spouse’s permission before adding him to her welcome-cock list. He was rationed to twice a week, usually right after the office closed. Once a month she would go home with him so his wife could watch her husband getting laid, and play with Belle’s boobs herself during the coupling.

Belle thought about the different guys she fucked. Some, like her boss, were happy to get no-strings-attached pussy but didn’t want to know that others were too. That kind could get possessive. Then there were the guys like Raymundo and her husband who liked how sexy she was, got turned on knowing about and even watching her with other sex partners, and appreciated sloppy seconds. She figured that the first kind of guy must be insecure and much preferred the latter type.

One very special one was a longtime partner, a middle aged divorced guy who paid for a weekend stay at a luxury resort for her with each of his sons when they “came of age” and needed proper training. That had been great fun, bringing back memories of her own youth as she enjoyed their eagerness and constant erections. She’d had to take a day off work to recover, and put off the dad for a few days. He was anxious to hear all the stories and watch the videos as he pumped his own pecker in where his sons had recently been. Two were initiated already and there was one more weekend to schedule in a few more months ... and they were twins! After that Dad was hinting about a family gang bang.

When she was younger she might have five or six men on a “string” with varying schedules so she could enjoy anywhere from two to five “riders” a day. She was busier with life now so two or three regulars were enough. And there would always be “bonus dicks” like Raymundo’s cousin or a visiting brother or some other guest to keep things from getting too routine.

It was, of course, great fun to get like-minded guys together for games. She was especially fond of Raymundo. His brown pecker looked so good against her pale skin. Perhaps he could get vacation time to go to the adult resort when she met her husband there the next time. She’d invited her busty younger sister Terri too. Besides, Terri’s husband was a prick, and not in the better meaning of the word. Belle also knew that her sister envied her lifestyle so it was time to let her find out firsthand. To get Terri started, Belle would share her own guys and introduce her to some others that were good fucks. Maybe Terri would dump her husband and move closer after finding out what she was missing.

But that was in the future. Right now she was on her way to Brent’s place to get her new tablet computer. He’d ordered it for her and was moving all her personal stuff from her old notebook. He was a nerdy and not very good looking guy, a bit overweight but nice. About a year ago she got his cherry in return for some technical help and, in a fit of kindness, had worked on his social and sexual skills to the point where he had found himself a nerd girlfriend to screw. Belle figured he’d like a piece of her voluptuous body in return for this favor. His girlfriend was small all over and Belle wondered how she took his long and thick dong. She’d love to watch that happen but couldn’t figure out how to ask.

Brent was thrilled as usual to show her all the new stuff on the tablet. He declined, as usual, when she offered to pay for his technical help. He asked, shyly, “I do have a favor to ask of you though.”

Belle, figuring he wanted some pussy, replied, “Sure, I’d like it too.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean exactly that but something a bit different. You’ve met Sally, my girlfriend. She made me tell her about you and how you taught me. She wants to watch us together and maybe learn some new things herself. Like me, she is very inquisitive.”

Belle was surprised but managed to ask “When?”

“Do you have time now? She’s waiting in my bedroom.” And she was indeed, already naked under the sheet. Belle and Brent quickly stripped and joined her.

Without asking, Sally reached out to cup the massive mammaries when they got within reach. She held and hefted and squeezed the big orbs, clearly fascinated with how different they were than her own chest bumps with nipples. “I don’t think I’m lesbian but I’d really like to suck on them.”

Belle smiled, “Honey, when we’re naked, anything goes that doesn’t get a ‘NO!’. Enjoy. You’re certainly not the first woman to want to try them.” She caressed Sally’s slightly rounded chest and pinched her prominent nipples as Brent applied some lubricant to Sally’s pussy and then his rod, and slowly slipped it in her. After a few minutes, Belle said, “I wanted to see how that big pecker fits into you. Hell, he fills my big old cunt.”

Belle moved around and could see a much-stretched pussy taking all of the huge hardon. Brent said, “It took us a while until she stretched in both dimensions. If you look at her lower belly, you can see it bulge and shrink as I go in and out.” Damned if it didn’t!

After a short time, Sally pulled away from her lover and said, “Enough about me. Now I want to see how you fuck my guy.”

With practiced ease, Belle straddled his waist and embedded the big prong easily inside her. Brent’s hands automatically went to the swinging fun bags and pulled them to his lips and face. Sally was fascinated as Belle demonstrated hip and Kegel actions for the young woman who touched where they were joined to feel what was happening. After they climaxed together and Belle rolled off onto her back, Sally dove for her crotch and tasted the combined juices. Belle held her head there until she got another orgasm.

Sally asked Belle, “The only other cock I’ve had was a lot smaller. Will I still enjoy guys who aren’t so big?”

Belle replied, “If you work on those muscles you felt me using then you sure will. Brent is exceptional but I have several lovers of more average size who really know how to use their tools. I’d be glad to invite you to one of my sex parties if you’re interested.”

Looking at Brent, the young woman said, “You bet your fucking ass I am! I like Brent a lot but my curiosity is pretty strong too. I see Brent checking out other women, so I’d bet he feels the same way. I don’t want to lose him but I’d like to explore sex more and I hope we do it together.” Brent nodded sheepishly.

Belle referred Sally to an online reference about Kegel muscle exercises and added, “Weekend after next my little sister, who is actually twice your age, will be visiting without her husband. I’ve planned some sex-ed for her and you two would fit right in, so to speak.” The pair brightened and nodded eagerly. “I’ll give you more details when we work them out but plan to stay the weekend with me.”

The next ten days went quickly. Sally practiced cunt squeezing Brent’s big middle finger both before and after she fucked him. They both talked and thought about little else, wondering what would really happen.

Friday evening finally arrived and the young couple were at Belle’s doorstep, carrying a small suitcase (they’d been advised that few clothes would be worn) and gifts of food and beverages. The door was opened by Belle who was displaying her big greeters in their hanging glory. She introduced them to her equally naked, but not quite equally endowed, sister, Terri. Raymundo and Tony, an older neighbor, were enjoying drinks and had their tubular party favors, still soft, on display as well.

“Ok guys, get naked,” came the orders from the hostess. The newcomers weren’t used to nudity in groups and went into a bedroom to disrobe. Belle came in and tried to get them more at ease. They eased into the kitchen and got some strong drinks and took a couple of slugs before venturing out into the gathering room. Belle introduced them and wrote everybody’s first name just under their neck in a washable marker. That got some laughs.

Brent was taken to meet Terri and had trouble resisting talking to her chest which was nearly the equal of Belle’s. His erection was complimented by Terri who couldn’t resist giving it a few caresses. Sally was soon chatting with Tony who was her grandfather’s age, and the nicely brown Raymundo. She’d never seen either kind of man naked before but noticed her pussy getting wet.

Tony had lots of experience and was far from shy. He finally mentioned that he’d always wondered what a slim girl like Sally would be like in bed. She didn’t know how to respond to that even though she was wondering if a guy his age could even DO sex. Raymundo picked up on the opening and said he also wondered how a small girl could take the size of man meat that Brent had, pointing to her boyfriend. Brent was at full glory talking to Terri and Belle. The latter was stroking his rampant rod to show it to her sister.

Sally’s young libido hit overdrive when her drink hit bottom. She looked at her two male conversationalists and said, “I think we all have stuff we want to find out about. Show me where a bed is.” Raymundo led them to the guest room where Sally jumped on the bed, laid on her back, and said, “Who’s going to eat me? And who do I get to suck first?” A coin flip got a 70-year-old cock in her mouth and a brown face in her crotch.

Raymundo was bigger than Tony but not as big as Brent so when he got her real wet and open he slid all the way in on the first stroke. Sally squealed the best she could around Tony’s mouth filler, and timed her sucks with the pecker pumping she was getting. This was great! She’d never been in a bed with TWO men at the same time before. The nice brown cock spurted hot cream in her pussy and the guys changed places. Damn! A second hard cock so soon! She loved it. Her pussy couldn’t tell that the latest penetrator was so old. It just felt good. He knew how to make her really enjoy his being in there, that’s for sure. Soon his hot juice joined the earlier deposit. Wow, she’d just doubled her number of lifetime sex partners.

Sally hit the john to pee and drain her cunt before rejoining the group. It was obvious that her boyfriend and Terri had screwed, and probably Belle had gotten some hard cock too. Sally went to Brent and kissed him, “I think you are enjoying this party as much as I am.” He nodded, a bit dazed.

The young woman told Belle, “I’d like my own man for a while.”

Belle nodded and said, “It’s Terri’s turn to be double teamed. I doubt she’s ever done that.” Younger sister shook her head and grabbed the hands of the two guys who’d just laid Sally and towed them to the bedroom. Belle made herself a drink and went from room to room to watch.

Sally didn’t have to taste the leftover juices on Brent’s pecker for very long before he was ready for action again. She stared him in the eye as her slippery slot slid slowly down his big banger. “Do you like the feeling of a well fucked pussy?” she cooed. He gave several short jabs to get in deeper. “There’s a lot of sperm in there and it’s not yours,” she taunted. He pushed again. “But that’s ok, isn’t it? You are squeezing it all out with your big dick. And there are other cocks sliding in the juice you left in Terri.” Brent groaned and his cock pulsed as he shot his seed into his hot girlfriend. She shuddered with a strong orgasm, magnified by the awareness of how much fucking she’d done in such a short time.

Sounds of sex were getting louder and louder from the other bedroom. Terri was getting wild from the attentions of two skilled lovers. Having such unaccustomed treats as a mouth on each nipple, a dick to suck while she was being expertly eaten, and tag team fucking that seemed to go on and on, producing multiple orgasms she didn’t even realize she was capable of, made for one excited woman. Her experience was pretty limited. She’d had a few high school backseat bangs before meeting her husband. Just screwing in a bed made him seem like a better lover but he was a minute man who never got beyond that. She’d had one mediocre affair a couple of months ago, and talked to her experienced sister about the whole situation. That’s why she was here, being an adulterous slut and loving every cock stroke of it.

After Terri’s double-barreled fuck, Belle put everyone on rotation, changing bed partners every two hours so the guys would have recovery time. This made for more leisurely and thorough lovemaking and a chance to get to know each other as persons. Breakfast turned into brunch. Sally and Terri didn’t want to stop to eat. Reluctantly the participants put their clothes on and went out to breakfast and then on with their lives.

Sally and Brent’s sex changed. They both had a better appreciation of their partner and became closer. They didn’t talk about that night until the following weekend, even though it was obvious they were both thinking about it when they frequently joined bodies. They’d done all their “other” fucking in adjacent rooms. They could hear the screwing sounds, and felt the “strange” juices when they were together again, but next time, and they both agreed there would be a next time, they were ready to watch each other with other partners. Showing Brent how her skinny body could turn guys on got real important to Sally.

Terri wasn’t sure she wanted to go home but she didn’t want to chuck her marriage either. For the rest of the week she fucked Raymundo and Tony and a couple of other guys Belle knew. Brent stopped by the morning she left to give her a big dicked quickie. She cried as she left but the sisters had cooked up a plan.

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