Black Clan

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man from an ancient clan leaves to seek advanced learning. The clan is considered the most deadly of all clans and peoples from earth and the young man is a lesser master. When asked to protect a girl he accepts and ends up facing assassins that had once been from his clan. Only they are not his clan and not as skilled as a lesser master.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

The Black clan has been around since before humans left earth. We are farmers and fishermen, shopkeepers and merchants. We are also one of the most deadly clans in the human race. For thousands of years we have refined our martial skills. From elder to baby we all learn the art but it has never been something we used for gain or sold.

My name is Samuel Black and I am the youngest son of a farmer and grandson to the clan master. From the time I could walk I have learned the art. By the time I was fifteen I was a lesser master and had a few thousand years experience in sim time practicing it. The land close to my family was taken, not that I really wanted to be a farmer.

I wanted to be a merchant or run a business where I traveled. I studied the imperial aid lists and applied for a four year scholarship grant. I did not specify a school but listed a dozen in six different systems. What I got was a military academy on a new colony world, it was only a few centuries old.

At least it had the classes I wanted and the emperor’s grant paid for everything. My father was silent but accepted my choice. Mother was different, I was the first of her children leaving not just the area but the planet. She clung to me and cried about losing her baby. I was sixteen and shouldered the two homemade duffles when I left.

I managed to catch several rides that got me to the port. From there I found tickets waiting. I slept in the port for two days before taking a shuttle up to a cargo ship. The colony was Sailou and it took three transfers to reach it. I rode down in the ship’s cargo shuttle. I carried my duffles and went to check the terminal.

I had a listed contact number and had to wait eight hours for someone from the school to arrive. They took me back and by the time we arrived it was the middle of the night. I was assigned a room and then issued uniforms. I slept a few hours and woke to someone pounding on doors and music from a speaker.

I got up and dressed in the exercise clothes they had given me. I left and followed other kids outside. The exercises were strange and simple. They pulled all newer kids to one area for instruction in martial arts. I looked at the instructor dressed in black with his head and face covered like he was an ancient ninja.

I stayed quiet as more instructors arrived and began trying to push and force kids to do katas. I turned and started away and one moved towards me, “hold it cadet.”

I turned and he shifted his stance, “all cadets will learn martial arts.”

I glanced at everyone watching, “my name is Samuel Black and...”

He stepped and struck but I turned and shifted. One hand snapped out and caught his. I twisted and yanked and he went flying and crashed to the ground. I looked at him as he lay still and then rolled to his feet, “as I was saying. My name is Samuel Black of the Black clan and I am a master.”

He was moving to me and hesitated before looking at the one dressed all in black. He was moving towards me too, “a master?”

I bowed my head, “since last year.”

He stopped in front of me, “you will be tested and...”

I sighed, “I will exercise and practice my own art. Do not test me until you are a master.”

I began to turn and swayed and bent and one hand came up. The ninja was kicking and my hand caught the foot and I twisted and yanked. I rolled and he screamed as his legs were pulled apart and he hit the ground. I came to my feet and moved towards him, “the next time I will hurt you.”

He was curled up and I walked away. I wore the uniform and ignored the silly chest pounding and orders. My classes were in finance and business. I ignored the ones they tried to force me to take. I was required to learn to use a rifle and pistol. They seemed almost simple but I enjoyed firing them on the range.

A month and the instructors ignored me in the mornings unless one wished to spar. I used a neural net and a sim to help me learn and did my evening exercises alone. It was a year before my life changed. I had stayed at the school over the break and continued to take classes. The empire was in a major dispute with a rogue republic over the colony.

The republic of Porter was claiming Sailou through unregistered citizen votes. Both were in talks but independent groups for both sides began to carry arms. I was using the starcomm and studying the independent system markets. The new term had started and new cadets were arriving. I turned as instructor Harris knocked on my open door.

He bowed and turned, “Samuel this is Pepper Riley. The headmaster has received a request to partner her up with an older student that would be capable of protecting and defending her.”

I blinked and looked at the girl. She was maybe sixteen and very pretty, “sure.”

He gestured and she pulled a travel float into the room. I was stunned as he walked away and closed the door and she looked around, “you are ... sleeping here?”

She smirked, “more than sleeping.”

I blushed as she looked at me and then started to unpack. I watched her for a few minutes and then spoke, “so why did your father think you need protection?”

She stretched and stripped off her top and the breast band, “the nuts are getting crazy. He supports the emperor and a few people have made threats. There are even reports of the republic sending soldiers out of uniform. Dad said they could sterilize the population and bring in their own people.”

I stared at her breasts and she came closer and took a hand and put it on one, “you can play with them.”

I cupped her breast, “get me started and I will be pumping sperm into you for hours.”

She grinned, “sounds fun.”

I loved the feel of her breasts and rubbed the nipples. I kneaded them and caressed down her hips as I turned and she fumbled to open my pants. I stood and pushed and backed her to the bed. Right now all I cared about was fucking her and planting my cock. She sat and then laid back and pushed her pants and panties down.

She lifted her legs and pulled her pants and panties all the way off as I opened and pushed my pants down. I caught her legs while they were in the air and knelt. I looked at her bare and bald pussy and leaned forward. I licked and pushed my tongue into her and she shivered. I began to flick and wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit.

She shivered and began to lift her hips. It did not take her long to jerk and spasm while wailing, “aaaahhhh!”

As I sucked on her clit and squeezed it between my lips she twisted and pushed my face away. I moved up and over her while pushing her onto her back. My knees spread her legs and I slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She clutched my sides and squirmed as I buried my cock, “ooohhhh!”

The feel was incredible and I began to press and relax. Her pussy clenched and she shuddered and lifted her hips. A minute and I was pulling back and fucking her with long strokes. Her pussy was slippery so it was not clinging to my cock. Several minutes and I was using deep thrusts and she was writhing around under me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up until she was convulsing. Her eyes rolled up and her pussy was constantly gripping my cock. I shoved into her and held her as I gushed and spewed a torrent of sperm. She jerked and wiggled and clutched me as warm cum was pumped into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed, “very nice.”

She was panting and giggled, “awesome.”

I went back to my desk and checked the starcomm before I turned to look at her, “want me to show you around?”

She shook her head and rolled to her knees, “I want another fuck and then you can show me around.”

I looked at her leaking pussy before I shut off the starcomm and moved towards her. I fucked her twice and then washed her pussy and we got dressed. I led her around the academy and showed her where everything was. Instructors and older students nodded to me and moved out of our way which made her look at me.

That night it was hours before we went to sleep. The next morning we were up, washed and dressed in exercise clothes. I walked beside her as older students walked calmly and newer students ran. The exercises were simple and I stayed with her and did my own. The bell rang and new students or those with no training were sent to the side.

I ignored the instructors who looked at me strangely. I could feel someone watching ... stalking. I pulled Pepper out of line and started backing to a corner of tall walls. She was looking at me as I felt more stalking us, “what is it?”

One of the instructors started towards me and I spun and my hand snapped out. I caught a small dagger and let my spin continue to turn me. The dagger spun in my hand as I caught Pepper and yanked her behind me, “you stalk like little girls!”

We were still moving to the corner and I shifted and the dagger vanished when I threw as a slight blur appeared. I smiled as I felt the body fall, “not even trained enough to do this without camo suits!”

The instructors were pulling the other kids away and one was using a comm when he staggered and went down. I knew the patterns and one hand snapped out to catch another small dagger. I slid aside and the dagger flashed out to the left and another body went to the ground. Alarms started going off and I bent and twisted while yanking Pepper down.

Dozens of darts went over us and hit the wall and I came up and stepped. I kicked out and down and a man screamed as I broke his leg at the knee. I went down with him and my hands seem to glide through the air. I came up and back to cover Pepper but with three throwing daggers.

One went left and high and vanished in the neck of a man just appearing at the top of the wall. I went left and more daggers and spikes slammed into the wall and I threw another dagger. This time the man screamed as it hit him in the groan. Suddenly instructors and security were rushing out wearing thermal scan glasses.

I felt the attackers as they fled and relaxed. I looked at the small dagger in my hand and then the tiny symbols etched into the steel. I frowned and rubbed it before I looked around and turned to pull Pepper up, “you okay?”

She glared, “what the hell were you doing!”

I moved forward and knelt, I felt and then pull the camo cloth from a dead man’s face. She gasped and I checked him carefully before I moved to the next. I waved to security as I removed a second camo cloth face covering. I looked at the dead man and then stood and caught Pepper’s hand, “why would anyone send assassins for you?”

I looked at the two security officers when they reached us and pointed out where bodies were. I pulled her down the wall and to the distant doors. She was very quiet until I pulled her into our room and spun her to face me, “speak.”

She bit her lip, “dad is a merchant but he has strong ties to the emperor. Very strong ties to the emperor. He thought I would be safe here.”

I looked at the dagger and moved to my desk, “we need to shower and dress.”

I used the starcomm and had a long wait before an older man appeared in the holo. He looked at me and waited and I held up the dagger and the tiny symbols. His eyes looked and then carefully studied it before he looked at me, “the Black Sand clan. They are a mixed clan that sells their skill to any with the right price.”

I shifted, “they use our crest.”

He nodded, “it is shameful but they were once part of our clan many ages ago.”

He looked down and then at me, “ these ... beings do not have our training or skill but they can still kill. For whatever reason they have chosen to face you. You are not yet a senior clan master Samuel but it is time for you to prepare for war. Let them know who they face. You are more than skilled enough or I would not have approved your leaving.”

The clan master disconnected and I turned to see Pepper still standing there. I stood and pulled her to our fresher and stripped her. She looked at me, “what did he mean let them know who they face?”

I caressed and felt her body, “I am Samuel Black of the Black clan, master Samuel Black.”

I washed her and then myself and she got dressed and cleaned up. By then someone was announcing classes and directions and ... I dressed carefully in a black outfit but not in a school uniform. On the upper left chest was a crest with symbols in silver. I wore a pistol, long knives, small daggers and double ended diamond shaped throwing spikes.

When we left the room students were wearing sidearms and some even had unpowered body armor. They stayed together in groups and I led Pepper through them to her first class. I stepped in and looked around before letting her find a seat. I used my comp and stood against the wall while linking to the school classes.

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