by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Being an agent is hard enough. When those that send you decide you are more expendable than the information they sent you for it becomes deadly. First the wet team killed my team but I escaped and then when I called my handler he sends me into a trap. That is when the rules go away and it is time to act alone.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

I have been an imperial black ops agent for five years. I was considered very capable and mostly my record and missions were classified. The mission was simple, infiltrate the Micha Federation military complex and steal classified fleet intel files. There were four of us, Samuel Knols who was our comms and hack. He would get me in the door.

Next was Alex Parry, he was security and surveillance. He would monitor the security systems and the vid cameras we planted to watch my back. Last was Mike Sanders, he was my backup and our retrieval if we needed a way out. I was the ghost and infiltrator, I was the spy that would actually enter the complex and steal what we were after.

The trip to the federation central system took a month and we arrived separately. I leased a place in a busy sky building within sight of our target. Three days and we were all here and began to gather what we needed. A week and the surveillance was up and running and the encrypted comms set.

Samuel hacked the fleet personal data net and put a file in with my name and bio scan. After that it was easy to enter the fleet base to get the proper idents and orders to the military complex. Getting in the first time allowed me to link so Samuel could backstop my clearance. From there I was able to go into more secure areas.

I was a star sailor with no real rank. They used me to run errands and to be a clerk. Everything was going smoothly as I worked my way up the ranks. Finally I was accessing areas for admirals and generals and federation agency directors. A month after we arrived I slipped into the secure comp room.

I could not use a link and had to do this myself. I put together a data drive and plugged it into the screen and used the password from an admiral. I could not just copy files and pulled them up to view. I used the data drive and copied everything that the screen showed. Since I was not copying from the system it did not record it.

Finally I logged off and unplugged and then took the drive apart. I walked out as if I was supposed to be there. I spent another three hours working as a clerk before I left with a crowd of others. I had sent the completed signal and was sure Samuel had sent it on. When I got to the apartment he grinned, “they are waiting for a download.”

I put the drive together and handed it to him, “copy it first and then send it.”

I looked around, “where is Alex and Mike?”

He moved to his comp, “Alex went to check a vid camera and I have not heard from Mike.”

Somehow that seemed wrong and I went to the surveillance station and sat. I tried to pull up the hidden vid on Mike but it only showed dirty water. I hesitated as I pulled up the vid for Alex, “wait on sending the data.”

The vid on Alex looked straight up at the sky and did not move. I turned and stood and moved to Samuel, “anything on their secure comms?”

I was thinking of federation intelligence security. He shook his head as he pulled out a small data cube, “one copy coming...”

The window pinged and he jerked and I dove into him and took him to the floor. A dozen more pings and rounds ripped into the walls. I checked Samuel but the round had exploded through his head. I took the cube still in his hand and reached up to hit the escape key on his comp. I rolled and crawled to the door as almost every electronic in the apartment melted.

That included the drive I had given him. I leaped up and yanked the door open and stepped out. I stayed to the side of the hall as I moved to the emergency slide. I could not take the lift or the stairs and the slide was another option. From a emergency closet I pulled a grav gun and kept going.

At the emergency slide I swung in and began dropping and rolled onto my back and aimed up and back. I watched the floor numbers and when I saw the second floor I fired. The grav gun slowed and stopped me and pulled me up to the opening. I twisted and worked to lift the flap and crawl out.

I tucking the grav gun away and headed to the west side of the building. I looked around when I reached the end apartment and then used an illegal key card. It unlocked the door and I pushed it open and slipped in. I listened and silently closed the door. So far the apartment was quiet as I started through it.

I slowed in the common area when I saw the restraints and bondage equipment. I looked at it carefully and then listened hard. The restraints were not standard sex toys and neither was the equipment. I opened a door into a bedroom that should have a window facing an alley. I looked at a naked teenager restrained on the bed.

From the look she was or had been drugged and used. She was probably on a viral drug that made her want sex and or neural conditioned. I sighed and shook my head as I moved to the bed, “you are going to get yourself killed.”

I undid the restraints as she humped and asked me to fuck her. I pulled her up and off the bed and then removed the sheet. I wrapped her and pulled her to the window. I looked out and down and then up and both ways. Kill teams would already be in the building and watchers should be around the building.

I looked across and then down below the window at a grav linked extender I had placed after we got here. They were developed to help cross narrow spaces like on glaciers or crevasses in the mountains. I looked at the girl and opened the window. I lifted the extender and switched on the grav and focused on the window across the alley.

When a tiny green light came on I caught and lifted the girl to my shoulder. I moved out on the extender on my knees. I pushed a small slide and the extender slowly moved out and then across the alley. I looked down at the ground and then towards both ends of the alley. When we reached the window I searched and found the way to unlock and open it.

The room was empty but smelled of sex and worse. I kept the girl on my shoulder as I walked through the apartment. It was empty and vacant and I peeked out the door. I set the girl down and she reached for my pants and rubbed my cock, “please?”

I shook my head as I fended her off and pulled her out and after me, “wait.”

I went to the far side of the building and then down the stairs. On the ground floor I pulled the girl after me to a side door and peeked out. I pulled her out and across to another door and went through that building. When we came out I turned and led the way down a side street. We crossed and went into a parking area.

It was not one the team had set up in but I had my own back up plans and had a vehicle. I reached the vehicle and unlocked and opened the door and the girl rubbed my cock again, “please?”

I sighed as I looked around and finally turned and put her on the seat on her hands and knees. I moved the seat and looked at her pussy and rubbed it. I opened my pants and shoved into her and she pushed back, “mmmm!”

I held her hips as I began to fuck her firmly. Her pussy was tight and kept clenching. A minute and she was rocking back and forth. I continued to fuck her firmly and reached down to rub her clit. She gasped and shook and shoved back, “aaaahhhh!”

Several minutes and she was spasming and I shoved into her and gushed sperm. She jerked and wiggled and her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out, “that is enough for now. Sit down.”

I closed the door and started around the vehicle and fixed my pants. I got in and looked at her sitting back with her legs apart while she fingered her pussy. I started the vehicle and headed for the exit. Ten minutes and we were a long way from the building. I was trying to think of what to do and where to go.

The girl turned and reached for my pants and I sighed and opened them, “I hope the drugs wear off soon.”

She pulled out my cock and started to suck and bob her head. Thirty minutes later I had her strapped in and was stopping. I got out and walked into a store and shopped for rations. I bought a new comm and a sleep aid and left and drove away. On the edge of the city I stopped in a small wooded area.

The girl was finally asleep and I used the comm and made a starcomm call. A minute and a man answered, “you have not uploaded the files.”

I looked out at the woods, “we were compromised. My team has been terminated and from what I can tell it was not from federation intelligence security. They would have come in heavy.”

He growled, “send the files and use your emergency extraction.”

I looked at the comm as I thought of the covert strikes that took my people out, “it is encrypted and locked on a storage drive.”

He hissed, “fine I will arrange for a pick up.”

A minute and he was back, “go to Danders Game shop in the Mariana Mall. Give the drive to the man behind the counter and then use your emergency extraction. He will arrange for it to be decrypted and sent.”

I glanced at the girl as she shifted, “I thought we did not have anyone in the system.”

He was silent before answering, “turn over the drive and get out.”

I snorted, “if you are setting me up I will come for you.”

He disconnected and I removed the battery and tossed it out. I drove away and headed back into the city, “something smells.”

I went to a public tram station and locked the doors. I went the storage area and opened a locker I had rented. I pulled out a bag and walked away and returned to the car. I looked at the federation credit pads and the weapon, holster and spare magazines. There were also a couple of document counterfeiting machines.

I shook my head and started driving. The room I rented was at the port hostel. I put on the holster and harness for the spare magazines. I looked at the girl as she stretched, “awake?”

She smiled and laid back and spread her legs, “I am Vixen.”

I grinned and sat beside her and reached out to finger her, “Edward. You were taken and...”

She humped and shivered, “trained to fuck.”

I smiled and bent to give her a kiss, “want to call your family?”

She shook her head, “I was a run a way.”

I nodded and turned to get something from the shopping bag. I turned with a sombulance and put it around her neck, “when I get back I will fuck you nice and deep.”

She grinned, “good, I love to fuck.”

I sighed as I turned on the sombulance and she sagged to the bed. I stood and left and used public transportation to get to the mall. I watched the news but so far there was no mention of me or my team. I walked the mall and went past the game shop and picked up two watchers. I waited until a crowd entered and slipped in with them.

The shop was busy as I looked at the clerks and helpers. Only one man was behind the counter and I moved to him, “I have a package that needs to go out.”

He smiled and leaned forward but I saw the way his body reacted. Out of the corner of my eye I also saw one of the watchers move. The man held out his hand, “I can get it sent to where it is supposed to go.”

I looked towards the back as a women in a long coat entered. I looked at him and smiled, “you are making a very big mistake.”

He blinked, “mistake?”

I pulled the pistol and turned as I brought it up. The woman was lifting a pistol from under the coat and I fired into her head twice and spun. The man was yanking a long barreled pistol up from under the counter and I shot him twice in the chest and once in the head. I shifted as people screamed and tried to run out of the shop.

I aimed and between moments I had a clear shot at one of the watchers who was aiming at me with a rifle. I fired several times and he went down and I spun and walked to the back door while changing the magazine, “back stabbing bastard.”

Now I knew it was my own people trying to kill me. They wanted the data files and us dead which meant someone had listed us as expendable. I put the pistol away as I left the shop and walked through the back halls. When I heard running feet I pulled the pistol again just as two men came around a corner.

I brought up the pistol and put a round through the head of one and several into the chest of the other. I kept walking and put a round in his head as I walked past. I changed magazine again and went through another door and walked through a shop. I left the mall and walked away as sirens screamed towards it.

I made my way back to the hostel and looked at the girl on the bed. I was not going to try my emergency extraction since our control had kept telling me too. I looked at the federation credits and grinned as I used the room comm. I had memorized a lot of things since we got here. Mike had a black market contact and I called her and arranged for two sets of idents.

I took two vid images and sent them with bio scans. She set the time and I set the place we would meet. Two hours and I moved away from a flashing sign and crossed a street. The woman looked very old but I was sure it was a disguise. I checked the idents and then paid her with federation credits sheets.

Another two hours and I had a travel float with two cases. Both had clothes in our size and I checked Vixen before I dressed her and lifted her to the top of the cases. It was not uncommon to see women or children sleeping on travel floats while being pulled through a starport. I used federation credits sheets and paid for a shuttle up to the station.

Vixen was in a seat and just waking when we arrived. She looked around and then at the slim wrap dress she was wearing. She looked at me and I gave her a kiss, “when we get to the station hostel.”

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