Bronze Warrior

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Once an elite soldier that refused a dark master he was turned into a statue. Changed back and awakened he finds the world both different and the same. Offered a change to serve those that truly need him he accepts. Now starts out alone to hunt bandits and thieves using the ancient skills and training he learned.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

At the age of three I was taken from my mother. I was taught to walk, run and fight. I was taught the spear and sword, the knife and dagger. I learned to use slings or bows and all of that before I was even ten. By eighteen I could hold my own against any or all the weapon masters. That was when the purges and assassinations began and the king and nobles fled.

I was with a new company of warriors called the Bronze Warriors. It was because our chain and scale armor was the color of bronze even though it was something else. The captain contracted with the new leader of the country. His name was Amburst the mage and that was what he was.

I did not know what he planned until it was to late. He needed sacrifices and was going to use the people. I refused to help and there was a fight before I left eight men dead on the ground including the captain and his weapon master. I collected my things and started to leave and only made it as far as the castle gate.

I screamed in agony as my body began to shift and change. When it stopped I stood with my bow over my shoulder, a spear in my left hand and my long sword over my right shoulder. I do not know how many ages I stood as a statue. Day followed day and year followed year. The bronze warriors were killed to the last man and so was the dark mage.

Many millennium passed before a wizard found the bronze statue in a market square. He walked around it and shook his head before he gestured and it lifted and followed him. First he cleaned it and then set it in front of his wagon and drew symbols around it. My vison cleared and I spun to face the wizard when he stopped chanting.

I froze and slowly looked around, “where is this place and why have you brought me?”

The wizard smiled and turned to a house wagon, “this is Panorsa and where I found you.”

I looked at his wagon and then around once more before I followed him. He sat in a comfortable chair and gestured to another, “sit warrior.”

I let my pack slip off my shoulder and set it down. Next was the bow and then I sat and looked at the wizard. He nodded, “it has been a long time since you were enspelled.”

I waited and he sighed, “times have changed warrior.”

He gestured to the tent door, “of course the ruler could use your skill to fight raiders that have been robbing merchants outside the city.”

He looked at the door, “I can send you to him if you prefer.”

I stood at a chance to fight and find my way, “as in real raiders and thieves?”

He nodded, “as in real.”

I bowed, “that I would do.”

I bent to grab my pack and bow and then followed a bright speck of light through the streets. They were like nothing I had ever seen before and so were the strange objects. When I reached the gate into a Keep two soldiers were guarding it. They looked at each other and then moved to challenge me.

They looked at my spear and one cleared his throat, “your business?”

I bowed, “I am Kent Saris of the ... I would see your ruler to seek out the raiders outside your city.”

The other one grinned, “by yourself?”

They looked at each other once and the first to speak turned, “CORPORAL!”

A moment and a stocky man strode out, “what now?”

They gestured to me, “this one wants to see his majesty about fighting the raiders and thieves.”

The man looked at me carefully before he turned, “send him in.”

Their king was clean, fit and had a keen eye. He looked into my eyes when I spoke and then accepted my offer. He sent me to a captain who sent me to another man that looked overworked. He looked at me and snorted, “the last batch of raiders were seen along the north road five leagues outside the city.”

He showed me a map, “you bring them back or their bodies and I will pay a gold piece for each. See this mark just beyond the eastern gate?”

I nodded and he looked at me, “that is one of the king’s sheriff stations. You can stay there since no one wants to be a forester with the raiders around.”

I looked at the mark before I turned for the door, “thank you.”

I did not tell him I had a few silver coins. I left and walked the streets to the east. When I entered a market it was busy with merchants yelling. I was almost across when a large man began to curse a girl. She wore a chain collar and barely any clothes. He threw her into a stall and stalked after her and lifted his hand to strike again.

I had turned aside and strode to them and caught the arm. He jerked and spun as his other hand reached for a dagger. My hand holding the spear snapped out and into his head. He staggered back and I let his arm go and slugged him. He crashed into the side of the stall and I caught his shirt and threw him out and into the area between stalls, “try me.”

He staggered and turned as his eyes narrowed, “the bitch is my property!”

I shifted and set my pack and then the bow and quiver on a counter, “you want to strike a girl?”

He looked around as I moved to him and started to back away, “I do not want to fight you.”

I smiled but it did not reach my eyes as I slapped him, “you are a coward.”

He rocked back and yanked out his dagger and I spun the spear and slammed it into the wall of a stall, “you wish to fight with knives?”

I released the spear and pulled my long knife, “very well.”

His eyes widened as his face paled and he stammered, “I...”

He dropped the dagger as I moved towards him and went to his knees, “mercy!”

I looked at him in disgust and shoved my knife back into the sheath. I pulled my purse and dropped a silver, “the girl is mine now. If I see you raise a hand to another I will cut it off.”

He started, “a single silver?”

I smiled as I thought of how long I must have been enchanted, “I think you might find it worth more than you think.”

His eyes went to the coin and then he frowned. I spun and yanked my spear out as I went to collect my things. I looked at the frightened girl, “come along you.”

She bobbed her head and moved out and I shouldered my pack and started walking. I could hear her steps and the people whispering. A minute and we were leaving the market and I saw the gate down the street. I glanced back at the girl, “I am Kent.”

She was looking at the cobblestones and nodded and then hesitated, “Cari master.”

I slowed and looked at her, “Kent.”

She looked up and at me before she nodded, “Kent.”

I started walking again, “first we have to find the king’s sheriff station and then we can look for food.”

She whispered, “you are a sheriff?”

I looked back and then slowed and gestured for her to walk beside me, “I am a warrior. I was hired to hunt the raiders.”

Her eyes widened, “none dare fight them.”

I snorted as we went through the gate with guards watching us, “I will do more than fight them.”

She looked at me before looking down. A minute and I saw the building and stable yard for a king’s building. At least it looked like it and when I pushed open the door no one was around. On one wall was the king’s crest and I went to look around. We found the unused kitchen and the bathing and sleeping rooms.

I left my pack, bow, quiver and spear and led Cari out. We returned to the market only long enough to buy what we needed for dinner. When we return to the house I started the fire in the stove and helped her prepare the food. When it was almost ready I went to pump water into a water heater in the bathing room and started the fire.

We ate and then I led her to the sleeping room. I stripped and she began to tremble as I took her clothes off. I caught her hand and pulled her out and to the bathing room, “it is important to bath often. It will make you feel better and you will not get sick as often.”

I began to fill two tubs and gestured for her to step into one. I searched the cabinets and found drying rags. I added the hot water until the tubs were warm but not to hot. I sat and leaned back and began to wash. It was a moment before Cari began to move and wash. I glanced at her a few minutes later and she had a smile.

I took my time and soaked before I stood. I stepped out and dried and looked at her. She stood slowly and I checked her hair, “wash your hair again and maybe soak a little longer.”

I gestured to the drying rag, “you can dry off and come to the common room when you finish.”

She looked down and I tilted her chin, “relax.”

She searched my eyes before she nodded and I walked out. I moved things around in the common room, lit candles and thought. If she was going to stay I needed to teach her how to protect herself. It was awhile before she came in and I stood and walked to her. I pulled her to the center and ignored her trembling as I began to teach her how to stretch.

After awhile she was not flinching at every touch and I began a few exercises. From there I started basic strikes, kicks and throws. It was a couple of hours before I went through the stretches again, “I did this naked because you do not have the right clothes ... well and I wanted to see you.”

She looked at me quickly and then smiled. I looked at the dark windows before I led her back to the bathing room to wash. After that we made the bed and put the candles out. I laid back and sighed and felt her still trembling, “girl if it frightens you, face it until you do not fear it.”

I did not know what she would do but a few moments later I felt her hand around my manhood. She shifted and stroked and caressed and rubbed. I groaned and shivered and she stopped moving. She shifted and moved to straddle me and then lifted and held my cock. She pressed down and wiggled and then shoved.

I felt her extremely tight pussy as my cock bent painfully. Suddenly she was sitting and my cock was up inside her. She jerked and I caught her as she screamed and struggled. I pulled her down and held her and rubbed her back, “now that was brave and very painful.”

She sobbed and shifted while her extremely tight pussy constantly clenched. I kissed her softly, “wait and relax. They say it takes awhile for the pain to stop.”

She still kept shifting and squirming and I continued to rub her back. I do not know how long it was before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed as she moaned. I looked at her and she shifted forward and pushed back, “mmmm!”

I grinned and lifted my hips, “yes.”

She gasped and pushed back and down, “ooohhhh!”

Before I knew it she was rocking forward and shoving back. My cock was sliding through her pussy and she was moaning and shaking. Each time I was all the way inside her she would kiss me and her pussy would squeeze. Several minutes and she spasmed and jerked and yelled, “aaaahhhh!”

I thrust up and held her hips as I gushed seed into her. She twisted and rubbed her pussy on me but I held her as I spurted more until I was done. I rolled until she was under me and gave her a kiss, “thank you.”

She was breathing hard but smiled. I pulled out and laid beside her and cupped a breast, “tomorrow we can wait and go through the market on our way to the north. You need Woman’s Herb and something to reduce the swelling and soreness.”

She nodded and turned to put her head on my shoulder. I woke to the hint of light in the window. I shifted and woke Cari and led her to the bathing room to wash and clean up. After that we dressed and she left with me. I left my pack but took the bow, quiver and spear. Merchants were just arriving to open their stalls and I bought what we needed from a young woman.

We waited for Cari to take some before leaving. The streets were not busy and it was not long before we reached the north gate. I picked wild onions and berries beside the road as we walked. I let Cari walk with the spear while I strung the bow. It was afternoon and we were in an area of fields and small patches of trees.

I saw movement ahead and glanced around, “see the bushes in the corner of the field?”

She nodded and I gestured, “go wait there.”

She looked at me and then around but moved to do as I told her. A hundred paces from the trees I stopped and put an arrow to the string. A minute and suddenly a dozen men were charging out of the trees on war horses. Two archers ran out and I pulled the bow back, aimed and fired. While the arrow was still in the air I pulled another arrow and fired again.

The horsemen blocked their view and they did not want to risk hitting them. I did not care if I hit one and after the second arrow I pulled another. Now I fired at the man on the leading horse as the two archers went down with arrows in their chests. I killed two horsemen before the horses reached me and I waved and yelled which made the horse scream and rear.

The man riding it clung to its back as I tossed the bow and pulled my sword. I slashed to the right and through the arm of a man swinging a long horse sword. He screamed as it was cut off and I moved right behind his horse and slid a lance up on the left. I cut back along the lance as the horse continued to charge and cut into the arm and then the side of the man.

I spun as he twisted and fell and brought my sword around and along another one. The man tried to twist the blade and pull back but the tip of mine took his hand. I moved left and leaped as I cut across. The man jumping his horse towards me still had his sword up and back and tried to lean away and turn.

My sword cut through his shoulder and almost took the arm. He screamed as he fell off the far side of the horse. I landed and ran and leaped again and plunged my sword into a man as I landed on the back of his horse. I grabbed and yanked him to the side as I tore my sword free. I hopped and moved forward and used my knees to command the horse to spin left.

I kicked it with both heels and it screamed and leaped forward and into two horses. I cut down and right into the neck of one man and rolled off on that side. I landed on my feet and turned and ran and leaped as I brought my sword down. It took the other rider in the back and he twisted and fell as I dropped and lost my sword.

I pulled my knife and dagger and turned and threw the dagger. It slammed into the throat of one man charging me and I shifted the knife and flipped it. I threw as the last two yanked their horses and kicked them. The knife struck into one’s back and he twisted and fell and I moved to where I had tossed my bow.

I swept it up and pulled an arrow and aimed as the last man raced away. I fired and the arrow went through his spine and halfway out his chest. I looked around before going to retrieve my knife and dagger and then my sword. Next I made sure all the screaming men were dead and went to catch the horses.

I called for Cari and went to collect the archers and the men that were further away. I tied two men on each horse and took their belt pouches. In the woods we found their camp and even pack horses. That night we washed in a creek and exercised and slept under the trees. We rode back in the morning with the dead men tied to the horses.

It was just after noon that we arrived. The gate guards looked at us and everyone turned to stare as we went passed. Word spread faster than us and when we rode up to the Keep the king was waiting. He grinned as he looked at the men and checked each. He gestured to another man, “fourteen gold.”

I untied each man and dumped them on the ground, “anywhere else your majesty?”

He slapped my arm, “east twenty leagues away along the Meadows road. At the first fork there are reports of bandits. They hide or run if they see my soldiers.”

I nodded, “I will hunt them.”

I turned to lead horses away, I would keep four and sell the others and almost everything we had taken from the men. I had weapons to teach Cari with now and would find or buy light armor for her. First I led the horses back to the sheriff’s house and unsaddled them and brushed them down.

I looked at the weapons and selected a long knife and dagger. The swords were all to long and heavy. I left two pack horses and two saddle horses and led the rest with the weapons tied on one. In the market area beside the gate was the area for beasts. Cari watched as I bargained and sold the horses.

We carried the weapons to the other market and sold them. I looked at what the smith had and then at Cari and nodded to a shorter slim sword, “I would see that one.”

He grinned as he took it down and moved to the counter. I gestured and Cari moved closer and I put it into her hand. I adjusted the grip and turned her, “swing it and lunge like you are striking something.”

She hesitated and then did as I told her. I watched and finally nodded and turned to the smith, “I will take it if you have the sheath.”

He nodded and turned and bent to pull one out from under a bench. We got clothes, food, rations, more herbs and feed for the horses. We checked and fed the horses and then went inside. I started the fire in the stove and then we went out to bring in wood. We cooked dinner and then started a fire for the bath water.

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