Chalk Down Farm

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2017 by Benjamin J Conrad

Coming of Age Story: Tucked away in the Hampshire Downs, family life has thrived - untill now. A bitter/sweet tale with a twist.

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   .

Chalk Down was the smallest farm in the Meon Valley.

This was partly due to the ancient chalk quarry that bordered our top field, forming a natural barrier. They reckoned that it’s location would’ve been a site for ancient cave dwellers.

The farm had been in Pa’s family for generations; he’d married Mam who’d lived in the village.

Although Chalk Down was not big enough for grazing livestock it could accommodate a few horses alongside producing some grain and ground crops but local folk regarded us as dirt poor.

First Jean, then myself and Pearl were born and raised at the farm and I think it’s fair to say we were three attractive looking kids.

Our childhood pass-times outside of school were the horses and the old cave at the chalk-pit. The cave was ours; a place to lose ourselves from the world; exploring the cave; and exploring each other. Jean invented a sex game which she called, ‘In Hospital’. It consisted of exploring each other on the pretence of being a doctor or nurse. Pearl was mostly a shy bystander at the time.

Later it progressed into ‘Love, Kiss Dare or Promise’ in which Jean lost her virginity to me.

But little else had disturbed our lives on the farm - until Jean had started work that day at the factory in the nearby town Petersfield ~

“You can’t wear them jeans on your first day at your new job Jean!” exclaimed Mam as we all stood around the kitchen holding mugs of tea.

“It’s a factory job Mam, you can wear what you like; anyway they’re styled with a zip up the side see! Their all the go in jive clubs!

I laughed, “ Clanfield suddenly gota a jive club then Jeany!”

“Oh well, they’ll probably put you into an overall when you get there anyway.” replied Mam, then out in the yard the cockerel began crowing over his broody hens again.

Mam continued, “And if our Pearl don’t get down those stairs real soon she’ll really be late for school; are you going in today Don?”

“No time for school Mam, Pa needs the two acre done while the sun’s still on it; he reckons it’ll rain tomorrow.”

“You’ll never get your English “O” level like that Donny!” teased Jean as she stood by the by the yard door waiting for me. She looked especially attractive; all poshed-up for her first job. We’d had sex in the cave recently; I’d shot my load in her for the first time.

“No he won’t”, said Mam, “Our Pearl will get it before he ever will”

“Are you taking me now Donny or what?” said Jean petulantly.

“Yea, come on then Jean!” I said and as I passed her she put her arm up on my shoulder and with a pout pleaded, “Would you lift me through the yard Don?”

“Christ, what did your last servant die of!” I jibbed, cupping her bum in my arm and lifting her cleanly up. Her arms went round my neck.

Then I carried her through the white chalk mud of the yard that she was so eager to avoid spoiling her black jive shoes. Her eyes danced with mine as she murmured, “I’ll reward you in the cave this evening, OK Donny?”

“I might demand more than a prize!” I said, dumping her into the truck and she squealed with glee.

Getting behind the wheel, I released the handbrake to get the truck rolling down the yard before letting-in the the clutch to jerk the engine alive. Hens flapped in all directions as I gunned the motor with glee, causing Jean more laughter.

Dad was down by the gate scowling: the old khaki army jacket he lived in, so pickled in oil and muck that it had become waterproof. It was turned-up at the collar, giving him the appearance of the hero in ‘Ice Cold in Alex’ that had been on at the cinema recently.

Jean and I both laughed spontaneously and as I pulled up alongside of him he issued an instruction,

“Before you start on that field Don, stop off at Harris’s and pick up a posting drill; OK.”

He gave one of his grimaces to Jean that conveyed a kindly blessing before turning back to the his task.

I drove off, up Whitedirt Lane towards Clanfield where Jean was meeting the works bus that would take her on to the factory.

I was nearly fifteen then and Jeany was sixteen and sexy.

Her job meant Jean had entered the outside world.

Her appearance changed; her hair in a pony-tail that she constantly brushed and flicked.

She also began losing interest in the horse-riding that we’d always shared together.

Before long she was talking about her wonderful new boyfriend at the factory.

Jonny Myles was twenty years old; he looked like Robert Mitcham and had a fast motorbike!

“Yea ... a big cock too!” I thought sourly.

I was jealous of course; I was losing Jean, who I had always thought of as mine.

Jean now spent all her time out and about with Jonny and her horse-riding became a thing of the past; her fine gelding Temple, left grazing in the meadow.

But young Pearl found her sister’s romance so exciting, “Oh your so lucky Jean! How did you meet him? How tall is he? Have you kissed him yet?” Pearl enthused over it all with Jeany; but I felt left out in the cold.

The first time Jonny brought her home on his motorbike, I saw it was a Bonneville!

The bike that was every lads dream; a thing of power and beauty; and Jonny was an impressive looking chap too. Tall dark and handsome; he really was!

Yet I found myself getting on surprisingly well with him; talking about the Triumph Bonneville. In no time I was also under his magical spell.

Later that summer Jonny Miles took me for a ride on the Bonneville along the Hogs Back Road; built by the Romans; long and strait.

I’d had only a shirt on. We reached such a terrible speed that I almost lost my grip around his waist. All I registered was the scream of the engine and my eyes streaming in the freezing slipstream.

As we pulled up in the farmyard where the girls had been awaiting our return and Jonny declared that coming down the hill we’d ‘done the ton’ 100 mph!

Pearl came up to me all agog; asked me what it had been like. Suddenly I realised how attractive she’d become.

Approaching fourteen her figure had formed and her lips were quite luscious. I tried to be casual, “ It’s like I expected, very fast and bloody dangerous Pearl.”

“Ask him if he would just ride me up Whitedirt Lane Don?” she implored with her hand on me.

But I’d already lost Jeany to the lure of the Bonneville and right now I was resisting an urge to take hold of Pearl and kiss her. ~ ~

That summer Pearl took over Jean’s horse Temple, being stronger than her pony and now it was we two who rode the chalk downs together.

It forged an intimacy between us; as it had between Jeany and I; but Pearl was a more sexually cautious girl.

One hot day we rode out to an isolated lake where we rested the mounts and lay sunning ourselves on the bank,

“It’s really lovely here! I could quite enjoy a dip if I had something to change into Donny.”

“Oh don’t be a prude Pearl! There’s only the Ravens to see you!”

So Pearl shyly shed her jodhpurs, and waded carefully into the shining water.

She was in up to her thighs; being careful not to wet her panties. “Come on in Donny; it’s lovely!”

She didn’t realise it but she looked ravishing; her loose fair hair at her neck her deep-blue eyes sparkling invitingly.

In a show of bravado I stripped off and ran in; skinny-dipping around her.

She squealed in delight at my antics and made back for the bank with me following. Drying off together my erection caused her to blush.

“That’s how I feel about you now Pearl; I’ve wanted you for a while now.”

“I’ve wanted you too.” she murmured.

We embraced and necked some; my cock between her naked thighs; I felt her shudder with excitement and our tongues twisted like snakes. I was ready to fuck her but suddenly she wrenched away and pulled on her jodhpurs.

Pearl had managed to remain a virgin.


We were getting into winter and I recall it being a Sunday afternoon that Jean had come in from being out all day with Jonny Myles.

As I came in from the barn she was into a bad argument with Pa. The tension was awful. The row then reached shouting level and Mam was openly crying.

The old man was also distressed over the argument that was taking place.

Pearl looked to me; I saw she needed to escape from the tension of it all so I led her away to the stable where we saddled up and rode out onto the Downs.

Eventually we stopped to rest the horses. We were miles from anywhere and suddenly we embraced and our kissing was passionate.

That was the first time we’d fucked; but we’d both known it was going to happen sooner or later. ~

On our return to the farm, Mam broke the story to us.

Jean and Jonny wanted to get married and set up on their own.

Dad insisted she was too young and refused to consent to a marriage before she was eighteen. Jeany had packed a few things and left with Jonny Miles on the motor-bike.

This was an event that changed our lives at Chalk Down Farm.

They did get married while Jean was still sixteen although we never saw the actual wedding; just a photo of them outside the Registry Office in Petersfield.

Dad had said attending the service would have condoned it.

They got a bed-sit flat with a shared bathroom that was near the factory.

We never saw them together again at the farm.

Jean and Jonny and the Bonneville were gone.

I took over Jean’s room at the farm as it was more spacious than mine.

Much of her own stuff had been left behind and seeing it all around me was a sad sight.

On the window-sill was the old clay pot that she always claimed she’d found in the cave ~

I was sixteen when I abandoned school to work along side the old man at Chalk Down Farm.

There no thought of a wage, just working through the seasons, which the old man said got into your blood.

He was a stoic figure with that Ice Cold in Alex attitude; refusing ever to admit defeat. He felt the farm was there to be mastered. We worked well together. We didn’t speak a great deal until we got into the pub at the end of the day.

On Sunday’s we’d drink like fish in the village pub until they chucked us out; then we’d trudge or tramp up through the chalk pit and down into Chalk Down Farm. We’d crash into the kitchen with laughter; mother always shouted to us from the parlour where she was listening to the radio, “It’s in the oven!” It made us choke with laughter. And we’d wolf down the meal in the kitchen; then sleep it all off in the parlour with Mam...

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