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Sex Story: Everything often goes ape shit, in this case a boy's study takes in a hole new meaning as his mother and step sister find out

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Sixteen year old Mica Ackroyd had a dilemma, he had a video essay on human relation to monkeys due in three days and so far he hadn’t had a single good idea. Then all of a sudden he had a brainstorm and picked up the phone and called his buddy Bryan Wall. Bryan answered. “Hey mate this is Mica. I called to see if I could borrow your orangutan Jasper for a video essay I have to do?” Mica asked. “You know for biology?” “Hey no problemo mate but you better come get him now because my Mum’s making me get rid of him.” “How come?’ Mica asked.

“I don’t know she just all at once got a bug up her arse, too much trouble and cleaning you know and said he had to go.” Bryan answered with a sad tone in his voice. “I’ll be there in half an hour, see you,” Mica said. Half an hour later Mica returned home with Jasper securing him in the garage. Jasper was actually bigger than Mica about the size of Clyde the orangutan from the Eastwood movie “Any Which Way But Loose” but he was very tame and followed the youth’s lead without a problem.

After getting Jasper settled in Mica entered the house for his video camera. That’s when he realised he hadn’t completed his housekeeping chores, helping his hard working, business executive mother, the remain was a bit of local shopping and left. Meanwhile his Mum Irma arrived home, made some phone calls then went up to her room to change and dress down for the evening. She had just stepped from the shower, gathering her clothing and seeing the soiled pair of plain white briefs, realising she was about to start her period, hopefully her last, she was 49 and decided to put in a tampon to avoid ruining another pair of panties. “Oh shit!” she thought out loud, when she found the box empty. If she had thought and also known Mica was at the shop she could have called his cell phone and told him to buy a packets of Tampax. Then she remembered the box she kept in a backpack with the camping gear.

Irma slipped on her short terry cloth robe and went to the garage, not seeing Jasper when she entered the cluttered big double garage which although without vehicles, hers on the drive way, was very full of unused furniture, filing cabinets, garden stuff. The Orangutan remained quiet as he watched the new human in his presence. She found the backpack buried under a lot of the other gear on a shelf over the industrial sized washer and dryer, bought by the clubs for when she used to do the laundry for a football team of Mica’s and netball team of her step daughter and yoga club for herself. She wondered why her shit lily livered husband did shit like that and left it, noting a large dung pile strangely steaming on the floor across the garage, ignoring it as she stood on her tip toes and tried to fish the tampons out of the bag.

When she finally got a hold of the tampon box, she fumbled with it, stupidly dropping it onto the violently shaking machine in the last zone of the laundry dry. “Ballocks,” she mumbled as she got on her hands and knees so she could crawl into the gap to retrieve the tampons, her knee length white robe riding up over her arse as she did.

Irma never saw it coming and never had a chance to avoid it. No sooner did she feel Jasper’s hands on her waist, than she felt his cock forcing its way into her unprotected and unprepared cunt. She tried to back out of the corner she found herself trapped in, but that only forced more of the ape’s cock into her twat. She froze, thinking there was an uninvited intruder on the premises “Help help!” She yelled, but there was no one to hear her. She could feel the tissue of her vaginal walls tear as Jasper continued to plough into her until she was completely impaled on four very very thick inches of monkey dick. He didn’t waste any time before he began to hammer her. She was Laddy in one sense because monkey’s don’t have long penis’ but Jasper’s was abnormal being two inches thick. It had to happen that Irma wasn’t blessed with a large vulva and had refused any more children because it hurt and she didn’t want a surgical birth.

“Bloody hell that’s thick, leave me alone!” She screamed. Jasper didn’t care about that however and continued to pound his monkey meat into her. “Hee hee” He shrieked as he hammered her twat. Slowly Irma became aware that she had began to move in unison with the animal and not only that she become moist. It had been over a year since her husband had last fucked her because of her recalcitrant attitude and she had a lot of issues, not least having objects stuck up her cunt. She was not attractive. Mousey brown straight hair and brown deeply hooded eyes, 36B sadly sagging tits, a pear shaped butt.

However her saving grace with the family and community was that she made more money as an investment banker than he did as a civil contractor. Starting to feel that what was happening after the initial shock felt remarkably good - she just wished she could see his face, or he would at least say something instead of those stupid noises, then maybe she would recognize his voice. She wondered who she might know, had access to the residence, that would try something as dangerous as this and had a cock this potent.

Irma couldn’t believe she was thinking of a cock being wonderful, deciding they were horrid things months back. “Damn he has a lot of pubic hair.” She thought as he pulled her back hard against his body. “Bet he’s got one of those hairy backs too ... uurrghhh!” She had never had this kind of almost animal brute sex before. No man, in her limited, highly educated, serious history had ever just taken her like this one had. Then a blinding orgasm rocked her body.

The climax had been so intense she had nearly passed out and still he hammered her cunt. “I’m going to divorce that arse hole I’m married to and marry this ape of a man,” she told herself. “OK mate, you’ve raped me you filthy dirty bastard, but I like it now. Please talk to me!” She begTed, hardly believing how she could use such crude language, as yet another climax coursed through her. “Eee! Eee! Eee!” Was all Jasper had to say.

Finally Irma felt herself being filled with more cum than any man had ever pumped into her ... in her limited experience, she had only fucked three men in her whole life. So what did she know? Maybe they were supposed to cum in bucketfuls like this and she had just been cheated in the past. The idea that sex was suppose to be this good made her feel she had been cheated her whole adult life. She wanted to be fucked like this from now on, and was just going to have to find a way to keep this guy for herself. At last Jasper backed away and Irma was able to work her way out of the corner and turn. “Oh my god no ... noooooo!” She screamed as she stood there bug-eyed, open mouthed staring at big hairy, sort of grinning Jasper and his shrinking pink, small flaccidity, not knowing what to do or what to think.

At that precise moment, Mica returned from the shop and walked directly into the garage, concerned about Jasper, entering un-noticed, but intrigued by strange sounds within. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. Sitting atop the now silent, enormous hotel style washing machine with his hands behind his head, leaning against the wall with his legs spread wide, sat Jasper. Mica wouldn’t have thought much about that if his Mum hadn’t been crouching between his legs, sucking Jasper’s cock.

Silently he reached for his device and switched it to record. Mica had never really thought of his Mum in a sexual way but watching her gobble the primate’s dick changed that quickly. Adding to the novelty of the circumstances, her flabby arse looked sort of inviting as he’d never seen it bare before. Her robe was in dis array to one side and her shit hole peeped out amongst a mass of brown hair and her could see what looked like two flabby lips beyond. His cock swelled and began to throb as he watched her swallow nearly half of the fat dick with each bob of her head. He was amazed she could take so much of the ape’s chubby cock into her small cultured mouth

Mica stood in astounded silence, continuing to record, Jasper ignoring him, as his Mum climbed onto the washer and proceeded to squat down, back to the ape, on the monstrous thick cock. Then she gasped as Jasper reached under her armpits and grabbed her shoulders jerking her down hard. “Oh yes that’s it fill me up!” she screamed as his cock thrust inside her. She looked like a jockey riding for the finishing line as she bounced on Jasper who wore a goofy grin and continued to make jungle sounds but Irma’s face was one of true bliss. Mica stood gob smacked in the shadows as his Mum had at least three climax’s before she began to run out of puff but Jasper wasn’t ready yet so he grabbed her by the waist and began using her like a little fuck puppet. Irma looked more like a wet dish rag however by the time Jasper shot his load, flooding her middle aged minge and when he released his hold on her, Irma slid free and crumpled to the floor her legs spread wide, the robe nearly off her shoulders. Mica was amazed at her tits, the big fat dark brown bulbs of her nipples surprising him, having only seen porn videos of stunning Caucasian girls.

Mica moved in for a close-up and the camera caught in vivid detail the primate’s spunk as it seeped from her gaping cunt and puddled on the floor. Through the view finder Mica could see his Mum’s closed eyes, the twisTed grin on her face, her lank, matted hair and her sweat drenched body. The microphone could pick up the low throaty moans and gasped breathing. Mica had realised he had just shot a video of total satisfaction and bestiality. He slouched reluctantly forward

Irma’s eyes blinked open and grew wide with surprise, seeing her son videoing her. “Hi Mum guess what you’re going to have to do to get this deleTed?” he snickered. “I’ll be waiting for you in my room.” Mica taunted giving his Mum’s droopy left tit a squeeze before going into the house. Irma, speechless but not in the least ashamed, had a pretty good idea what Mica was going to want, but she’d entered a whole new world of sexual pleasure and she didn’t mind in the least. She was curious to know how big Mica’s dick was, that made that very noticeable bulge in his pants and what woman wouldn’t want to snuggle against that rock hard young body, seeing him in a totally new light. Besides - any woman who could fuck an ape could certainly fuck her own son she mused feeling slutty yet desirable. She also knew she couldn’t let that video fall into the hands of her husband or he would be the one suing her for divorce and the grounds would be monkey fucking. God would that be embarrassing.

Later that day, Irma, after resting, took her time preparing herself before joining Mica, knowing it was important to pacify him. She bathed and washed her hair, applied her usual minimal make-up and dabbed on some nice smelling deodorant, not having scents and perfumes. Then she wrapped a towel around herself, stepped into her one inch heel carpet slippers and walked down the hall to her son’s room. Mica’s cock sprang to attention at the mere sight of his Mum. She looked so hot standing there in just a towel.

“Let’s get one thing straight Mica. I’m here because I want to try some of that cock I saw bulging in the garage and don’t give a shit what you do with that camera as long as your father doesn’t see it. OK?.” Irma stated as she perched on his bed and immediately grabbed her son’s cock. “My pussy is really tender right now so you’ll have to settle to let me suck you.”

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