Down Memory Lane

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Incest Sex Story: As with much of my work, this in praise of older women, not the busty hot blondes everywhere. A young man enjoys his elderly widowed Grandmother and then his Mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Farming   Mother   Son   Grand Parent   .

Two days into my college summer I went to stay with my grandparents near Bishopstoke, Hampshire. Grandpa would go to the fields where he would spend the day working. Normally, I would holiday in Desborough Road, Eastleigh with my older brother, Herbert. Two weekends before college was out, I had been at Herbert’s house when he and his wife Julie, went to Tescos. My town friends Rupe and Monty had come by and picked me up in Monty’s Ford Prefect to go to the new mall at The Bargate, Southampton.

When we got there and parked, not easy, with the increasing traffic, Rupe for some stupid reason stole a pack of silk underwear in John Lewis. We didn’t know he would do it but apparently he had history. We had not discussed it. But as things go, he was arrested and Monty and I were handcuffed and taken to the police department as well. We got a royal grilling from the police and questioned about whether we had ever stole anything. We said no and told the truth. The cops said they were keeping Monty’s car until Rupe was released. We were forced to sit in the chair until Monty’s mum came to get him and my brother Herbert came to get me. We were given warnings and told not to re-enter the shop for a year.

The fact that we knew nothing about Rupe’s intended theft meant nothing to Herbert. He called my Grandparents that Saturday morning and they picked up my Mum who lived down the lane. Within an hour, they came and got me. I was grounded for the summer, which was two weeks away, hence the visit to my grand parents. They took me back to the outskirts of Fair Oak – 5 miles from anyone, where I was to spend the summer, fucking cool!!!! Back then, in 1962, you couldn’t get pussy in the country because when you visited a girl, her parents allowed you to sit in the front room while they sat there listening and talking to you.

When you did get some pussy, it was quick, up against the house, or out in the field and you fucked like a rabbit – real fast, so you didn’t get caught and ballocked by her father. Most times I just stole top shelf magazines like Fiesta and Readers Wives etc to wank.

Monday rolled around and I was told I had to help Grandma around the house. That morning she was doing her usual thing, washing, cleaning and making apple and plum preserves to sell to town folk at the Farmers Market, a big monthly event. I told Grandma I had planned to go fishing down the Itchen, where I would typically spend at least three hours. She seemed happy with that. As I got halfway through the pasture, I remembered that I had left my new hooks in the one bathroom, on top of the shelf. I’d been sorting the hooks out the previous night, Grandma occupying most of the kitchen table. I turned around and headed back. When I walked up the back steps and into the kitchen, I saw Grandma was staring out of the window at the horse pasture nearest the farm house, a dreamy happy look on her face.

She was leaning over and the front of her dress and apron was up around her waist. Grandma was working the tip of her finger slowly around in her vagina, watching Barabba, the stud horse, fucking a mare no more than 20 feet away, at the edge of the fence, near the house. I stood there amazed, saying nothing, just watching. The 62 year old, scrawny, agile and tough old woman looked marvellous from my view, not seeing detail but guessing she was slowly working the tips of her finger in and out, around the folds and over the lips of her pussy. I must have stood there for five minutes, afraid to move, afraid to walk backwards and ease away, afraid to say anything. Bear in mind I had never had sight of a near naked female before, relying on the magazines.

Her big white cotton drawers were around her ankles. Her pale skin seemed to shine as she started to wiggle her arse in unison with her fingertip. My cock hardened, staring at her and at Barabba’s long dick beyond her through the ancient windows invading the mare’s winking pink pussy. I stood there, staring and Grandma laid her head down onto her left arm. Moving closer, sideways to her, my Nike trainers soft on the flag stone floor, I could tell her eyes were closed as she ran the finger in and out of her pussy, then she would make a circle around it, then run her finger lengthwise across it – really, really slow. Her breathing was different, seeming she was taking gulps of air. I took a few steps closer and was within three feet of her, smelling her mature pussy as the breeze wafted the sensual rich odours through the air.

A thousand thoughts went through my head as I watched. I wanted to say something, I wanted to leave the room and go fishing, I wanted to take my dick out and wank. Then I wanted to fuck her too, just ram it up from the back into her slack, old, musky smelling pussy. I didn’t know the smell of an excited woman and never equated it with my 100 pound Grandma, who had salt and pepper hair that she either wore hanging down or wrapped in a roll style around her head. She was of Italian/Polish mix and her olive coloured skin was so lovely as her withered arse wiggled in the window light that I guess I forgot the respect that was due a Grandma. She was mumbling, “Ooh, I need a cock Joshua, I need a cock in me.’

My Grandpa’s name, the sight and the smell was too much for me. I thought about the days when I had peeped under her skirt crawling innocently under the dining table and stared at the crotch of her snow white panties while she served an enormous dinner for the family, and any other female too. I thought about the times when she had caught me looking, and snickered quietly to me ‘something’s going to bite you if you keep that up,’ then would grin. I thought about the times, usually Grandpa’s birthday, when she had no knickers on and I would stare at her pussy, get a hard on and then sneak off to the bathroom and wank.

Often those times, when I got back and went back below the family legs gathered which was the norm, she would smile and sometimes close her legs, having allowed me enough of a view to get lustful urges. I fantasised about her moving around the house some nights with just panties and a bra on, as Grandpa lay back in their bedroom snoring, being drunk off the brandy snifter as they called it, every night, never fucking her ... did he? I hadn’t a clue.

That morning in the kitchen, I decided to do it. All reasoning went to the wind, maybe the fresh country air made me heady ... I pulled out my cock and dropped my pants. The pre-cum on the helmet of my cock was wet. I sidled right up to Grandma, my trainers soundless, crouched low and ‘wham,’ stuck my cock in, surprisingly hitting the bulls eye. She jumped, straightening up, grabbing the window cill and turning around all in one motion. “Ted! what?” I didn’t say anything. I grabbed her hips and closed my eyes, fucking her slowly from the back.

Grandma didn’t say anything else. She leaned forward on the window cill, laying her head onto her arms, Barabba had done his duty, the outdoor action ceasing. She started to wiggle her arse as she pushed back toward me mumbling, “Ooooh, yes, naughty, shouldn’t ... OOooo.” Inch by inch, I got deeper into my very old Grandmother, running my finger across her clit as I slowly, gently went back and forth satisfying my incestual lust. After I hit the limit of her shallow, slack, wet pussy, Grandma turned around and whispered, ‘Too rough Ted. Easy boy, let me lie down.’ I pulled out, my erect, glistening cock slapping my belly hard. Grandma rose up, picked up her panties from the floor and grabbed my hand. Quickly we went to her neatly made bed. She pulled back the sheets and placed a pillow on the floor as I stood behind her, finger fucking her and fondling her breasts.

Grandma untied the apron and unbuttoned her dress, dropping them to the floor. She told me to take off everything as she unbuttoned her brassiere. Damn lovely, I thought as her snow white, flabby old tits drooped down near her waist. Her nipples were pale pink, massive. I stripped in seconds, my big dick standing straight up, her dried cum that coated it had turned into white dandruff like flakes. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her, grabbing my dick, laying back and aiming it at her hole, as I stooped.

Grandma’s right hand continued to hold my dick, keeping me steady to the pace she wanted. Her left hand remained on my chest holding me back somewhat. For a good while, Grandma never looked up. She was looking at about half of my dick go in and out of her slowly as she rolled her pussy lips aside to meet my slow thrusting. She was looking at the action as her red/grey pussy lips gripped my dick. On the in thrust, her lips disappeared into her pussy.

On my outward pulls, the lips showed up again, wrapped around my dick. Grandma started rubbing her left nipple. I leaned over and moved her hand putting her tit into my mouth and sucking on the nipple as my left hand rubbed circles around her right nipple. Then Grandma pulled me on top of her as she lay down, her legs dangling off the side of the bed. She started kissing me, tonguing like she was obsessed, taking deep breaths as I started to fuck her deeper and harder.

My legs were shaking as I fucked her. I eased her onto the bed completely, placing her in the middle of it. She had her arms around my neck, holding me close as she pushed her tongue into my mouth, moaning. I was about to cum when she started blowing her breath into my mouth, moaning. “Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” she gasped. I felt her shudder and her pussy suddenly got wetter. She had cum. She broke the kiss and looked longingly into my eyes, smiling and looking down at my plunging cock. I placed my hands beneath her arse, now thrusting deeper and faster into her slack old minge as she started gasping. ‘Oh yes. Ahh, yeah. Yes baby.’ She moaned again, grabbed my arse and pulled me closer in. I came, pushing into her and she closed her eyes and started rocking her pudenda high into my pubes. She came again and I felt it as her pussy clamped down on my dick. I kept on fucking her, remaining hard. Grandma opened her eyes, my sweaty body dripping onto her.

“Change positions Ted. Me on top,” Grandma said firmly. We flipped around and Grandma sat up, riding up and down on my dick. I was holding her tits, alternating them in my mouth and finally placed both nipples inside my mouth and sucked. She was going ape shit! She was so juicy that cum ran from her pussy all over my pubic hair, down my arse and onto the bed. I grabbed her arse, squeezing it, helping her to ride me as my as I refused to let one of her nipples leave my mouth. She had not been on top of me more than five minutes when she froze and closed her eyes, her body shivering. For the first time in my life I heard her cuss.

“Aaaw Shit! Damn, that feels so good in my pussy!” she said over and over and then collapsed onto my chest, breathing hard. I flipped her over, laying her onto her back and I got up. I was overwhelmed by the sight of her ancient, wrinkled, sexy body, her scent and my young hormones that I went down on her and started licking her pussy. Initially she seemed to push me away, then Grandma raised her head, gave a surprised look, an evil expectant grin then started pulling the top of my head. Her other arm lay beneath her head, giving her enough elevation to see me licking her.

She came again instantly. I continued, licking her, sucking and pulling on the fat labia and her erect clitoris. Grandma had cum more than six times in less than two hours. My cock was aching to get back inside her. I remounted her and started to fuck like a man trying to get his wife pregnant. Grandma laid there, her eyes closed and her hand behind my head, pulling me ever on. After two or three minutes, I came again, this time, collapsing onto her.

A cool breeze blew through the window, touching our sweat covered bodies as we laid there, kissing, grinning and rubbing one another. After a while, we got up, took the sheets off the bed and she washed them in an aluminium tub, with Borax soap. We hung them out to dry and she put new ones on the bed. We then went about our chores. It was about 3 pm when we sat down for a cup of tea at the dinner table chatting. All I could think of was fucking again.

I knelt down and lifted her dress, pulled her panties, not bloomers, to the side and stuck my tongue into her pussy. Grandma freaked, pulling back. “Hey junior, what? You haven’t had enough of an old biddy?” “Shit no Grandma. It’s OK. You’re lovely and sexy, just let me do it for a little while.” As I licked Grandma’s already wet pussy she started to cum immediately. Twisting the chair round I pulled her cruelly onto the solid unforgiving floor where I licked and sucked on her pussy, the fat, deep lips quivering as she climaxed over and over. I rose up slightly, pulled out my cock again and stabbed it in her wet pussy. She grabbed me around the shoulders, pulling me into her staring into my eyes, just staring. I kissed her and she had the look of love and affection in her eyes.

She was fucking with passion now, saying nothing, just giving little grunts. I started fucking her harder, kissing so hard our combined spit curdled in my mouth. Luckily she had all her own teeth. I came again and soaked in her. We got up, me helping her creaking old body off the hard floor, washed off and she changed dress and panties because those were wet with cum now. We talked. Grandma had never had her pussy licked before, hence her earlier reticence. She told me Grandpa was her only experience of men since she was 15. She had never sucked a dick either. Nor did she know anything about vibrators, which my mother used.

Over the next three weeks it continued just like that. Come rain or shine, Grandpa was up and out by 8 am. He didn’t come home until it was almost dark, not knowing or suspecting anything, but she had a quiet smile all the time. After eating dinner, he’d sit there in the lounge read the daily newspaper or listen to the radio. By 9 p.m. or so, he’d be fucked up from drinking his brandy, he’d tumble into bed and snore through the night. For that reason he had the rear bedroom, overlooking the barn where he kept some of his best whiskey hidden in a secret floor.

Grandma and I went at it like rabbits throughout the summer, at least twice a day into the night, after all the visitors had gone and Grandpa was snoring asleep, knocked cold, dead to the world from the brandy he had to have every evening.

When college started in September when the crops had been harvested, we would shag each morning, and evenings we would do it again. Her stamina matched mine. She had been deprived for so long and I was just a randy youth she could trust and was clean, with a hard cock available all the time. Then one night in October, we’d shagged and when we finished, I walked back to our house which was 100 metres or so away on a lane. I forgot to wash before I left. Mum was sitting alone as usual, my dad was in prison for selling something called illicit photographs from the Netherlands, listening to the Archers on radio. I walked in and all was normal until Mum walked past aiming for the kitchen, stopped and stepped back to me, sniffing my shirt collar. “Where have you been?” “Just with Grandma just chatting,” I answered, mostly the truth “You sure? you smell sort of different ... nice.” She went out and returned with a puzzled look on her face, sitting knitting and staring at me wide eyed. We chatted, the radio music muted and I realised Mum had smelled pussy on me. She knew what she smelled, I mean I had gobbled Grandma previously. Knowing Mum had smelled sex on me upset me a little bit. But I was tired and had a bath, partly to be out of her sight and puzzlement. The hot water relaxed me and I went to my room and lay down. Mum was listening to the News now when I popped down to saw good night. She had changed while I bathed, wearing her typical bed time wear, an all enveloping peach coloured cotton robe. I said goodnight and slept soundly. The next morning bacon, eggs and hash browns and lashings of tea of course, were waiting on the table.

What was strange was that Mum walked around the house this morning differently though, only in her bra and panties. She’s 37 and what I would say comfortably built. Lots of her wobbled but it was all shapely. Her white brassiere was nicely filled and a bit overloaded. Her belly with the scar of having me by Caesarean was rotund and cuddly looking, I have to say I got an instant hard on and sitting at the table, trying not to look at her body, just her face. She got dressed in front of me as we chatted. She was attending some formal meeting in town, just remembering before I sat down for breakfast, but dishing up my meal in her undies. When she pulled on her brown stockings, I sat amazed, only having seen photographs of film stars and glamour models preform that masterly act. Just looking at her body and the way she pulled those stockings up, over her sexy legs, then clipping the three suspenders to the darker edge round the top, gave me a view of her hairy bush poking out the side of her white panties with that gorgeous lacey panel at the front. Finally fully dressed, two inch high court shoes on and happy with her appearance in a mirror, for the first time I can remember, she came to me and kissed me on the lips and said she’d see me later. Excited wasn’t the word to describe a strange feeling. I got dressed and headed toward Grandma’s house, knowing she would be waiting for me to fuck her before I went to college.

Grandma was in the front rrom, rocking in her chair and asked me to sit down. We chatted and she told me that Mum had told her and Grandpa about the smell of pussy she had detected on me last night and how unusual it was, not knowing any girls I was friendly with. Grandma blamed herself, saying she had not washed up after we fucked that morning. So that evening, her scent was strong.

Grandma told me that Grandpa would want to speak with me after he came home that evening. He would talk to me about girls, safe sex as it was back then – sticking a gob of petroleum jelly as deep as you could into the girl’s pussy, then pushing it deep so it kept the sperm from penetrating. Grandma also told me to say if I was pressured to say it to Grandpa, that I had screwed little Marcia Harper, who had a reputation for giving up pussy. I agreed I would. We went upstairs, then Grandma laid back on the bed and I ate her pussy, then fucked her as I was accustomed. Afterwards we cleaned up and a trifle late I went to college.

True as clock work, what Grandma said would happen, did happen. That evening before Mum came home, Grandpa called at our place, telling me Grandma was cooking dinner, asking me to walk with him. We walked, chatted innocently and then sat in the barn as he told me about the birds and bees. I told him I had fucked Marcia Harper and he laughed and laughed, telling me he knew I was a man now. We went back into the house, where Mum had joined us as she did on occasion and Grandpa seemed too relaxed and got high. He was drinking brandy like there was no tomorrow.

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