The Emotional State of Virginia ( Revised )

by Victor E

Copyright© 2017 by Victor E

Sex Story: High school freshman, Virginia M. is pledging a sorority but is sent to a be college fraternity house for her initiation. The 14-year-old carries with her instructions from the sorority along with Virginia's signed consent form. The pledge is only aware of a few limits and safeguards which have been placed on her ordeal. Otherwise, she has no idea of what will happen.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Humiliation   Spanking   Orgy   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   .

Many things were very different some 20 years or so ago. You could carry shampoo containers on an airline flight, your cordless phone was huge and did not take photos or videos, social networking meant drinks after a round of golf or a telephone tree to let everyone know when the next PTA meeting would be held. In Toronto, Canada in 1997, when and where this story takes place, the age of consent was 14; that is, a youth that old could legally consent to having sex with an adult ( some exceptions, of course, such as with parent or sibling, or a person in a position of power or trust, like a teacher or doctor.)

So, in late September 1997 when Virginia had just turned 14, she knew high school sorority initiations, while banned by the school board, were, nonetheless absolutely legal for a girl her age. As a freshman she felt she needed to establish her reputation as a ‘game-girl’ in order to win the approval and support of the nastiest, most influential and socially desirable bitches at Rosedale High.

So one warm evening in September, Virginia have her way down University Avenue to the address printed on the large manila envelope she was holding. Atop the envelope the first line read ‘ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA’, below that was printed ‘SORORITY PLEDGE INSTRUCTIONS’, the third line gave the address to which Virginia was now making her way.

When she reached the assigned location just before 9 o’clock, she found an old Victorian style three-story home with a wooden plaque affixed to the wall beside the front door. The plaque read: TAU IOTA TAU FRATERNITY HOUSE. Virginia’s eyes widened and slowly teared. She was to be initiated, not by sorority sisters from her high school, but by college boys, frat rats from a fraternity noted for throwing riotous keggers and toga parties.

“What have I gotten myself into?” she wondered. The pledge orders to which Virginia had agreed and in fact sworn to were simple. Go to the address assigned, hand over the envelope to whoever answers the door, and then do exactly as she’s told.

She knew that inside the manila envelope there were six smaller envelopes, each containing instructions for various stages of Virginia’s high school initiation. They were simply labelled A.B.C.D.E. and F and were to be opened, read and carried out in that order at specified times throughout the night. As well, there was an introductory letter spelling out the initiation rules and limits. That was the only letter Virginia had been allowed to see. The six envelopes with pledging details remained sealed and Virginia had not seen them.

Virginia was breathing heavily and could almost smell her sweat and other naughty body odors as she approached the porch. Was it fear, doubt, or just uncertainty that made her tremble as she rang the doorbell? Or was it something else? She knew she was to remain silent throughout her ordeal and trust in her chosen pledge initiators to carry out the initiation within the limits written in the introductory letter. Those limits being:

1 Nothing illegal may be forced upon the pledge, 2 The pledge’s virginity must remain intact, 3 No lasting physical harm is to be done to the pledge, 4 All embarrassing pledge tasks are to be done only in private or, if in a public area, only under cover of darkness. 5.No photo or video camera recording of the events are permitted.

Virginia, having seen this Intro-letter, had signed and dated a consent form included in the text. It had stated “ I, Virginia, having attained the age of fourteen years, do swear that I willingly consent and submit to all tasks demanded of me this day and for 24 hours thereafter if such demands fall within the five conditions as outlined above.”

So Virginia felt safe, assuming the frat boys followed the instructions within these stated limits. She knew the purpose of school initiations was to push pledges to their limits of endurance through nudity, sexual humiliation, spanking and paddling and being generally grossed out. But she also knew it could be a lot of fun for pledges and initiators alike.

The boy who answered the door looked to be about 19 or 20. He had a puzzled look on his face and was perhaps wondering what a little girl was going out so late. He seemed hesitant as he offered Virginia a typical greeting to a silent stranger at the door, “ Hello. May I help you?” To which Virginia simply nodded and handed him the manila envelope the front of which the lad read with furrowed brow on a puzzled face. Then he grinned, as he sized the girl up and down, noting her developing figure within a tight blouse, short skirt and red high-heel shoes which belied her apparently youthful age.

“You’d better come in,” said Ted, who now introduced himself and waited for a similar response from the young, yet rather sexy looking, girl in the doorway. Virginia entered and was immediately struck by the noise blaring from the front room and a clamber coming from the kitchen down a long hallway. It was nine o’clock on a Saturday and the eight frat residents were refreshing drinks, getting more cold ones and unhealthy snacks as the hockey game was between periods. Don Cherry was murdering the English language while insulting Swedes on the television broadcast.

Ted had already opened the manila envelope and had read the introductory letter. The TV was muted but still on as he introduced his roommates to their guest.

“Guys, it looks like a high school sorority has sent us this little girl as a Saturday Night Live stunt. Come on, guys quiet down and let me read you their letter. “ Ted shouted as his frat-bros whooped and hollered with wolf whistles and leering grins.

“We get to initiate this girl tonight! Now, she may not look it, but she’s just 14 years old and...” Some moans and groans from the crowd as someone yelled “ Get her out of here ... she’s just a kid! But Ted continued, “ Listen up, all of you. According to this letter, she’s not jail-bait. And we get to have her do some interesting stuff ... Like take off all her clothes!”

“I think this is trouble with a capital ‘T’, Ted” whined one of the younger lads. But an older fraternity brother in his second year of law-school, begged to differ.

“Technically, if she really is 14 years old, she can consent to anything that’s otherwise legal” said Al, the law student. “ But we must be sure she is not under duress and...”

He didn’t get a chance to finish his thought as Ted joined in, “Actually, she’s already agreed. Isn’t that right, Virginia?” he said turning to the young girl who shrugged her shoulders but also nodded her head in agreement. That’s when Ted read the Intro letter ijn full to his frat housemates:

Dear TIT fraternity members, Please do our high school sorority, Alpha Sigma Sigma, a favor and help initiate this young pledge. Our pledge programs call for extreme humiliation BUT must be carried within the limits and rules set out below.

( Ted then read out the five limiting conditions as well as the fact that detailed instructions were contained in the six smaller envelopes labelled A to F) The closing paragraph hinted at what naughty things Virginia might be made to perform by saying that the girl was attired in old clothes which she would not mind losing except for her high heels.”

The letter also noted that ‘lasting physical harm’ did not preclude soreness if that lasted no longer than nine hours of the pledge period. The enclosed six smaller envelopes were to be opened only at the time designated on the front of each. The intro-letter had attached to it Virginia’s sworn declaration of consent, which Al examined carefully before smiling and telling his mates that, essentially, they had carte blanche as long as they stuck to those file rules

So, although the TV still showed the second period of play, the really interesting game was about to begin as Ted and the rest of the guys went into the kitchen leaving Virginia on her own and out of earshot. The lads opened the first envelope which read follows: ‘A’ PLEDGES MUST PRESENT IN RED HIGH HEEL SHOES - 9 O’CLOCK


Inside the envelope was just one brief paragraph which explained Virginia’s first task.

‘What this means is that throughout her pledge time, Virginia is to be clad in only her high heel shoes. She must be otherwise buck naked starting, that is totally naked except for the shoes and so that means no covering up at any time. This should be done in a humiliating way. Also, she must not have access to any of her other clothing. You have an hour to embarrass her before opening Envelope ‘B’ at 10 pm. ‘

Ted read this aloud in front of Virginia and he smiled as he saw her blushing. Maybe the sorority hadn’t been entirely forthcoming about the young virgin’s initiation fate. “This could prove most interesting.’ the frat-fellow mused. He and the others conferred for about ten minutes in the kitchen which greatly heightened Virginia’s anxiety and curiosity. When the lads returned to the TV room two of the guys grabbed Virginia by the arms and escorted her out the back door and into the middle of the fenced-in yard. The back porch light gave come illumination, but Ted had brought along a flashlight to give him and his mates a better look at the girl’s blushing cheeks, to make sure she was sufficiently embarrassed.

The other guys joined them in a few minutes with a metal wastepaper basket, some lighter fluid, matches and a five inch long pair of scissors. Virginia maintained complete silence as Ted, who was the Fraternity chapter’s president, instructed her.

“Virginia, please remove your shoes and take these scissors and remove your blouse by first snipping off the buttons ... Good, now this is trickier, slice your blouse from below the collar to the left sleeve all the way to the cuff ... That’s right...”

Virginia cut the cotton fabric easily and the left side dropped down revealing half of her B-Cup bra. The right side cutting maneuver did the same as the front of her blouse dropped.

“Now reach behind you and start slicing your blouse in back for ten inches or so ... Good. Stop and reach behind you and cut upwards until the blouse falls off completely.”

This was not quite as easy, but she managed. Now only her bra covered her on top, but snipping the straps and pulling ( as per instruction ) removed it so her bare breasts were on view to one and all. Topless, Virginia shivered a bit in the cool night air. Her skirt was not secured by a belt and so with one long sheering move, she was able to strip down to just her panties as the torn skirt lay at her feet.

“And now I’d like you to take your time,” said Ted “ first snipping the gusset of your panties and then cutting vertical slices from the bottom to the waist band of your underpants.”

This felt silly to Virginia, but she complied in silence and then, on orders from Ted, snipped off the waistband and her final covering fell to the ground. She stood totally unclothed, but not quite completely uncovered, as Ted was quick to point out.

“Oh dear,” tsk-tsk said Ted jokingly, “ Your sorority instructions say you must be buck naked with no covering, and yet here you stand with a covering over a most vital part of your anatomy.”

Virginia’s brow furrowed in confusion. She looked genuinely puzzled.

Ted noted this and explained, “ You have some pubic fuzz on your pussy mound and darker hairs above. This will not do. Fred, go get some shaving cream and my razor, please. We need to make out little pledge absolutely nude.”

Virginia blushed deep red as she was made to shave herself in such a manner as to show every bit of her sex. After about ten minutes and very careful inspection, she was deemed to be buck naked. However, removing her clothes was just the start of her total clothing disposal...

Ted told her to take the scissors and squat on the ground with her legs spread wide apart. Then, with each item of clothing held between he legs, she was to take them one at a time and cut them into ribbons and toss the tattered cloth strips into the metal wastepaper can. This took about ten minutes and, when completed, one of the lads squirted lighter fluid into the metal basket and Ted handed Virginia the matches.

“You must destroy all your clothes except your shoes.” Said Ted. “ You’ve already cut your clothes up, but now you must burn them too. Go ahead, do it.”

Virginia did and watched them burn for five minutes before one of the guys declared them to be nothing but ashes and ready for disposal. Wearing only her high heel shoes, Virginia was escorted some seven blocks carrying the wastepaper basket full of her clothes’ ashes. On Ted’s orders, she crouched down and poured the contents into a sewer grate to the sound of the TIT frat rats whoops and applause.

Ted told Virginia to take her time walking back to the frat house. That was a good idea as it turned out, for she wasn’t used to wearing high heels. Her balance was further impeded by Ted’s order that she put her hands atop her head and keep them up to make sure her tits and pussy were visible to anyone walking or driving by. The lads walked on the other side of the road to keep an eye on their fledgling pledge to make sure she was safe and to make sure she kept her hands above her head and was totally exposed. The second envelope read as follows: ‘B’: PLEDGE SLUTS LIKE LEATHER - 10 O’CLOCK

Once again, the note gave details explaining this part of the initiation and was just one paragraph long.

“Virginia will wear nothing but her red leather high heel shoes tonight, but other leather will wear away at her bare buttock cheeks and other naughty parts of her body. Each slap on her butt must sound like a thunder clap. But you may strike with less force on her pussy mound. The number of strokes and what positions or circumstances in she gets them is entirely up to you, but do try to make it as humiliating as possible. She may be disciplined throughout the night. But make sure her butt is burning before you open Envelope ‘C’ at the stroke of midnight.

This they read in the kitchen. But when they returned to the living room, all they told Virginia was that her sorority insisted on her being strapped, whipped and spanked whenever, wherever and however much as we might want. Also, that they took this to mean her bare buttocks should be kept red all night with periodic punishment.

Virginia, once again, thought to herself, “ What have I gotten myself into? ‘ But she did not voice this worry and remained silent, just nodding to show she understood and agreed to submit in silence.

Her first strapping took about 15 minutes as all the guys wanted a whack at her bubble-butt with special care to have the young girl take a variety of strained and lewd positions, all exposing her newly shaven pussy mound and/or open pussy lips which their belts often struck as much as her butt cheeks.

These discipline tasks became more FUNishment than punishment as Virginia was shared by the eight fellows, going over their laps for spank/wank handling. Her newly shaven pussy mound was slapped a lot, but the boys’ fingers delved deeper to tap on her clitoris. The 14-year-old’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she went from seat to seat, chair to sofa, and lap to lap as the boys continued to watch the next period of play, hockey play as well as nookie play. And he boys were glad that Virginia wasn’t on her period.

When her buttocks were livid and burning from this first strapping / lapping session, Ted had her stand in a corner of the den with her hands atop her head, facing the wall with her nose touching the corner where the two walls met. Also he had her stand on her tip-toes while he and his frat-mates retired once more to the kitchen to read the next envelope’s instructions. The hockey post-game show was over and it was nearly midnight.


Ted smirked as he read the short note aloud. He conferred with Al to make sure some ideas he had would still be legal. Al grinned and told his friends that Virginia’s signature of consent had sealed her fate any what Ted had in mind would stand up in a court of law. The ‘C’ envolope’s directions had left a very wide loophole and the boys knew just how to fill it ... and with what ... and with how many. The note read:

“Virginia’s virginity is not to be breached. No man’s cock may enter her vagina. BUT that does not preclude other sex-toys entering her. Just make sure her virginity is technically spared, but please make it as humiliating as possible. This part of her initiation may take some time. You have until 4 a.m. At that time you may open Envelope marked ‘D’ - 4 am”

The guys spoke in hushed whispers for several minutes before returning to the den to read the note to Virginia whose eyes began to tear and whose lips started to quiver. She was thinking, but not saying,” OMG, my virginity only technically spared and it’s to be as humiliating as possible! What could that mean to these horny guys? What have I gotten myself into!”

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